Our Point of Power is NOW!


What are the Universal Laws?

Everything in the Universe reflects Divine Law or Order, without laws in our society everything would be chaos, and so too the Universe has its own laws.

These laws govern all planes of existence, and provide order in the universe and keep things running in perfect order. All these laws are interrelated. When you learn to look at these laws you will then begin to understand their importance in our lives.

No one can escape these laws of the universe; I hope to show you a little about some of these laws, starting with Energy.



In order for you to understand how the laws work, firstly you must acknowledge that we are all particles of energy, In Human form yes, but energy none the less.

Once you understand the principle of energy and how it works, we then can start to see how the universal laws also work.

For you must first realise that everything is energy, and energy moves in a circular fashion, for example, Look at our planets, and star systems, all are moving in an orbit, a spiral , the Earth is constantly moving around the Sun every 365 days, notice that all the planets move in this fashion.

Next look to the Earth’s Magnetic field, these magnetic fields also move in a circular motion.  And finally look through your microscopes and on a microscopic level if you were to see your own cell tissue through a high powered microscope you would see electrons spinning around the nucleus of atoms also in a circular fashion.

Taking this to an even more microcosmic level, we would be seen as nothing more a whirling mass of energy, seeing ourselves in our true forms, as energy beings of Light. Emitting sounds that are inaudible to the human ears and our electromagnetic fields would be spinning around us in a circular fashion and our Aura’s would be shining brilliant.

Where is this leading? ..


And if we are energy beings of Light, and if energy moves in circles, then we are also the generators and creators of all that occur within our lives, And in the words of the Master Jesus who once said.


And many of us have heard the saying:-


So if everything in the Universe is energy, and the principle of Physics says that energy can neither be created nor can it be destroyed, Energy can only be transformed from one energy to another.

Everything in the Universe is energy including ourselves; this means we are all connected within the sea of energy.  The Ascended Masters called it the ‘God Force’ or Golden Liquid Light. This God force is the Prana, the Chi that holds everything together in this Universe.  

And if we understand now that everything is energy, and energy moves in circles, this brings me to the next point which is


We are a mass of energy and it is our Spirit and consciousness that moves that energy, In terms of energy, we are the sum total of four forms,





This shows that we were all…CREATED EQUAL. For what we say think and feel and do in each moment sends out a frequency of energy into the Universe, that comes back to us to create our realities.  It is our consciousness that drives this energy, and we programme this consciousness by the messages we send out to each other. But remember that energy is energy, and it will follow the least course of resistance.(( Remember my Blog Train of thought!)) Therefore when we focus of the results we want, our energies will support us in obtaining those results, and this is a metaphysical law.




And we have seen that because energy moves in circles, ‘What goes around comes around’.


Now since we are now responsible for creating our own reality and since we now understand that all energy moves in circles, from what point in Time do we originate our reality? Where do we begin? There is only one such answer.


What we do with each moment in time creates our own destiny. For those who have read ‘The Secret’ you will now understand that we each of us can Manifest our own Destiny, and if we wish to have a brighter better world, we must each of us start with ourselves. And change our own thought patterns.  This is why I do not watch the news and the negative energy generated.  Each time we replay a negative thought within our minds on a regular basis, we are in fact drawing more of the same towards us, thoughts like these rob us of our Dreams and weaken us, ‘Like attracts Like’ but I will leave the ‘Law of Attraction’ for another day..

The world seems at this moment to be in turmoil, but we are all constantly bombarded with the negative from the media, so is this not the seeds we have sown?


What are your Thoughts?..

A Repost from one of my Posts in 2008. .. Look out for more Universal Laws in the Future 

© Sue Dreamwalker  – 2012 All rights reserved.


Be At One with Yourself~A Poem


Be at One with yourself

Be at one with the world

Be at One with Nature

And see your life unfurl

Close your eyes and imagine

The beginnings of a New Earth,

And Open your eyes to your beauty

Breathe in and give Birth.


For you are One and part of the Whole

Not a separate Unit , but a Beautiful Soul

United within the One Divine love

And part of that cosmic hub.

Share your love along with your Light

And Rejoice in Gratitude

Use your sight

To see a world in Beauty and Grace


You are stronger than you think you know

Spread a little Love where ever you go

Shower your peace and sprinkle your heart

Into the rivers of life send a ripple a spark

Be Calm, knowing all is well

Keep breathing in Peace for inside it dwells


Know you are where you are meant to be

Open your eyes

Come on now See

For we are ONE and it’s time to Unite

Stop all your hating, and judging and strife

Find your heart and clear out your mind

Seek out yourself

And Wisdom you’ll find


Let go of torments and allow the Joy in

Come on now people

It’s time to begin

Be One with yourself

Be One with the world

Be One with nature

And Let the Universe Spin

For the Spiral is turning and

Peace will Win..

© Sue Dreamwalker – 2012 All rights reserved.


Storm Clouds on our Horizon

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Yesterday we had one Huge Thunderstorm.. The sky turned black and heavens opened with torrential rain..Often a storm will creep up upon us as the dark clouds gather in the distance, it isn’t until we look up that we realise the rain is about to fall. We had been enthralled in our work in the allotments when we looked up to see in the distance the mist of rain falling across the valley as the dark clouds had gathered unnoticed as we made our hasty retreat into the garden shed.. 


So too in life often we do not see the changes that are around us. 

The same laws that govern the growth of plants oversee our own internal and external changes. We observe, and wonder, tilling the soil of our lives, planting seeds, and tending them.

Sometimes the hard part is knowing when to stop and let go, handing it over to the universe. Usually this happens by way of distraction or disruption, our attention being called away to other more pressing concerns. And it is often at these times, when we are not looking, in the silence of nature’s embrace, that the miracle of change happens.Just as we hadn’t noticed our Sunflowers had started to bloom yesterday until we looked up to see two beautiful heads in bloom.

Sometimes we have relatively short attention spans, and we can easily lose track of time. We may worry about a seedling in a pot with our constant attention and watering for several weeks only to find ourselves enjoying the blooms it offers and wondering when that happened, and how we didn’t notice it.

Nature, on the other hand, has infinite patience and stays with a thing all the way through its life. This doesn’t mean that our efforts play no part in the miracle of change—they do. It’s just that they are one small part of the picture that finally results in the flowering of a plant, or our shifted awareness.. Its often we do not realise that those Dark Clouds which gathered did so for a purpose as they allowed us to let go of a situation or soften our hearts along the way…We have to remember all that happens is only One part of the Picture.. as we gather together the pieces of our Puzzle in this jig-saw of Life.. 

I dug out this poem I posted way back in 2007, It maybe that Dark Clouds are surrounded quite a few people and places right now.. But I know they are there for a purpose and after every storm we see a clearing in the air.. Those storms too in life are sometimes needed so that we can see a brighter new day … I hope you enjoy my poem ‘Dark Clouds’..as I hope for a Brighter New Day in the Lives of All in this World..   


Dark Clouds 

Dark clouds may be overhead.

And with them some rain may be shed.

The wind blows, and the air becomes chill

And all becomes silence, all is still


A flash of light, Heavens brilliant might

The dance of power, day turns to night.

An angry roar roles across the sky

As the storm takes hold, while passing by.


The raindrops fall, slow at first.

Then the Heavens open with torrential burst.

A few streaks of bright white light

But it’s not too long before it’s lost its might.


And as the thunder echoes in the distance

The bird’s start singing, awaking from the silence.

The clouds drift by revealing skies of blue.

And all is well in the misty hue.


And so in life, we have our troubles

When lightning strikes and anger bubbles.

But we ride the storm, even though there’s pain

For we know that soon the sun replaces the rain.


And in the brightness of a clear blue day,

We look back at the storms that passed our way.

The storms of life are here for a purpose,

To strengthen our love and bring with it tolerance.

You’ll never be sure when a storm might give rise.

So make the most of the sunny bright skies.


© Sue Dreamwalker  – 2012 All rights reserved.


Escape ~ A Short Story.

Something a Little Different for some Light reading.

Cosmic Waves


She ran bare foot in the darkness digging her soles into the soft grainy sand.

It was pitch black, not even the Moon lit her pathway. Her breath came in short sharp bursts matching her steps. The path she knew by memory got steeper, as deeper her feet dug into the shifting sands.

Pebbles now dug into her feet, she altered her position getting her bearings until the softness of sand was under foot again as she felt the small clumps of grass brush her legs, she knew now she was on the right track.

She needed to run faster for they were behind her, She knew she hadn’t long as she heard the noise of the engines behind her as around 50 yards to her right through the trees was the old road. The convoy was behind her gaining speed..

Her feet now were covering the hardened earth as higher and higher she climbed, half running, scrambling over unseen obstacles.

She saw the outline of trees to her left and dived amongst them as the beam of light shone in front of her. The motorcycle with the uniformed rider drove past her hiding place at speed, kicking up the sand and dust in his wake.

She counted to Ten, took another deep breath and set of running again higher and steeper, every step taking the breath from her lungs

But she knew she couldn’t stop, for the Wagons were coming.

She was alert with all her senses coming into play, as she ran through the darkness, relying on her awareness of memory of the trail and her sense of touch as well as her sixth sense that instinctively kicked in.

Her heart beat loudly in her ears as the sweat oozed from every pore. The noise from the wagons now droned behind her, she had to get to the top, and then she knew she would be safe. But as hard as she ran the steeper and harder it became and it slowed her progress.

The searchlight from the lead wagon was switched on, its beam shot a line through the trees behind her. She had to stick to the path for a while longer yet, to detour now into the unknown forest would be fatal

Her limbs ached as her lungs wanted to explode as the pain of running so fast and hard overwhelmed her.

She gritted her teeth in her determination as she dug her feet deeper into the moving slope, knowing her feet were bleeding, she focused on her climb as the sand bank slipped beneath her steps. Her instincts told her she hadn’t much further to go and she would be safe..

“ Keep going, keep going” she told herself, until she felt the blast of the ocean breeze hit her face. The wind hit her, blowing her hair back from where it has stuck upon her sweat laden brow, waking her senses. She breathed in deep gulping at the cold sea air as she heard the crashing waves below.

The wagons of war roared louder behind her and she knew it was now or never to put her faith to the test.

The Moon surfaced from behind the clouds casting some light upon her path. She was there, right on the edge.. She stopped. Knowing there was no way back.

She looked behind to see the head lights had stopped where the road had ran out. Torch light now was seen blinking up and down the track she’d just climbed as the soldiers followed her path.

She knew she could do it.. She just needed faith.

She smiled as the Moon sprinkled her light upon the scene. Showing her standing on the edge of the cliff, with the ocean waves crashing beneath her.

She took a deep breath as she raised her arms skyward as in some ritual.

She gave herself the command..


as she launched herself off the cliff face. Falling down and down, and then… she flew, up and up, feeling the wind beneath her, she was free, and she was flying home..

She had always known she could fly in the face of danger, she soared through the dark sky, leaving everything behind her. Her gaze was now on the Horizon, she saw the Light in the distance as she headed for it..

“ I am coming Home”

were her last thoughts ..

© Sue Dreamwalker – 2012 All rights reserved.

Based upon one of my many Dreams recently, I am always Flying in my Dreams, Does anyone else have flying dreams?

Happiness is a State of Being

Below is a Poem I wrote last night, as I couldn’t sleep.. It reflected my day as  looked out into my Garden as I looked at the wonderful rainbow colours of flowers. They filled my heart as I took in a deep breathe . I woke up with these Words repeating over and over in my mind, and Just had to reach for my journal to write them down.

The words I heard were this one sentence. ” HAPPINESS IS A STATE OF BEING ” and so the Poem was Born.. 

Happiness is a state of being

Look around at what I’m seeing

Shapes and colours of every hue

Natures Garden just for you


Happiness is a state of mind

You needn’t look far in you want to find

A scent of perfume rare and grand

Just simply breathe in where you stand


Happiness is within every flower

Growing perfect hour by hour

Just being the best they can be

That’s Natures Gift for you and me


Happiness is the buzz of Bee

For without its work we wouldn’t see

Nature’s treasures multiply

We need its Buzz within our sky


Happiness lay in the drops of rain

To quench the land and life sustain

Happiness lay in the rays of the Sun

For without its warmth no life would be spun


Happiness cannot be bought or sold

Its right here for ALL to behold

Happiness is searched for high and low

And yet it’s around you watch it grow


Happiness is a state of BEING

When will you be thankful for all you’re seeing?

Earth is our Garden of Eden our paradise home

WAKE UP People to your HAPPINESS Zone.


© Sue Dreamwalker – 2012 All rights reserved.

Thank you Eddie Two Hawks for your Inspiration

Healing Starts With Ourselves


Everything in nature vibrates, The ocean with the tides, Our heartbeats, pulses, our brain waves.

Have you tried reducing your heart rate?.. I remember doing it unintentionally. I went for a hospital appointed a couple of years ago, and was very stressed. So I sat in the waiting room. And decided to slow my breathing as if going into a meditation. The trouble was, the nurse came along, took my blood pressure and nearly had a fit, saying her machine must be wrong, as my blood pressure was so low.Ooooops!

Mothers  also use the vibrational sound of their voices to sooth their children singing lullabies.

I had purchased a set of audiotapes of Deepak Chopra’s ‘Magical Mind Magical Body’ well explained on how Mind and body connects Here. In it was some Ayurveda techniques too. I think I was a Vita? Having done the test in the book! any how it recommended singing the vowel sounds..

I remember driving to work in the late 90’s singing the vowels. A.E.I.O.U. Singing , well if you could call it that, probably sounded like a ‘cat in pain’…  But at least no one can hear you…… Just get a few strange looks at traffic lights Lol. A Great place to learn about how Sound Vibration and why Mantras and music is the Key to our awakening our vibration is Here 

The Human body is a great conductor for sound, as at least 70% is made up of water.

Even modern medicine uses sound-waves to break up Kidney and gallstones. I believe they call the machine a ‘Lithotriper’ I suppose in basic principle it is much like the Opera singer who uses her voice, matching the same sound wave vibration of the glass, building the pitch to shatter it.

A few years ago I had Ultra Sound on a painful shoulder in which sound was set at a pitch higher than we can hear which is projected into the muscles to help relieve pain.

The Earth is made up of Vibration.. Every thing in it vibrates at different speeds.. If a scientist was to magnify a million times objects around your room for example. you would see that Nothing is solid. And that all objects are moving with spaces between them. A wooden chair is virating at one level, a metal spoon at another.. Remember the man who made the spoons bend?>..  I’m trying to but his name has gone for the moment.. hee hee.. Maybe i have a bigger space in my brain than I thought hee hee….

Arrgh yes Uri Geller

If you magnified a tree, a flower or a rock.. all would reveal energy particles moving rapidly in the space.. And All of us has this same energy. All are connected.. The Universe, You and I… every living creature, every living thing, whether you think a rock is inanimate and dead, well think again.. Those who believe in crystal healing will understand that the properties and energies given out by crystals help balance that energy field around and through ourselves.

Those who go to StoneHenge will feel the energy around the stone circles and those who sit with their back against a tree will feel the energy of the tree and the wood.

Why do you suppose we feel much better when we have been near water..

What atrracts us to places surrounded by water?

The Energy…

For water is another Healing force which I’ve spoken on before..


And what about flowers.. How many of us ‘talk’ to our flowers and plants and see the results?.. Because all around us is this unseen energy that binds us all together..

Now our thoughts are also a very Powerful energy source.. and Like radio waves are contantly being transmitted around our globe…

If any of you understand the laws of the Universe.. then you will know that one of them is the LAW OF ATTRACTION. And the LAW of VIBRATION I wrote about in 2008 here What we think is what we create.. What goes around.. comes around… what we do unto others we ultimately do unto ourselves…Because we are all connected.. All of us..


So when we want to change the way the world is.. the only way to do that is to change ourselves..

If all of us did acts of kindess.

If all of us cared..

If all of us stopped judging others…

IF Only….

IF we only changed one thing it would be a start..

If we smiled at a stranger,

If we cared about our youth….

If we respected each other…

If we stopped fearing….


So go on, start and change the World today..


It all starts with SELF.

And as you can perhaps tell, I am feeling pretty Good today!  

Love and Blessings

© Sue Dreamwalker  – 2o12All rights reserved. 

Revamped from a post I did in 2008

Hardwick Hall~ An Afternoons Walk

Ordinary riches can be stolen, real riches cannot. In your soul are infinitely precious things that cannot be taken from you.

~Oscar Wilde ~

I thought for a change you could share a walk I took Thursday afternoon. It has been some years since we visited this place and to say its only a 20 minute drive away we were surprised at the changes and improvements made, as the National Trust has injected much into its upkeep for public viewing with the help of lottery funding. I will share a little of our English Heritage with you this morning. So I hope you all enjoy your walk with me into our Historic Places around Great Britain, 


Hardwick Hall  was created by the formidable Bess of Hardwick

File:Elizabeth Talbot, Countess of Shrewsbury from NPG.jpg

in the late 1500’s, She was said to be the richest woman in England after Queen Elizabeth I. Bess was married four times and she was also a gifted needlewoman who worked on some of the famous tapestries which hang and are preserved today.

Hardwick Hall is still a working Farm and around the grounds are some wonderful walks which take you down to the lower parklands where a series of small ponds in tiers are full of fish and wonderful water lilies.


  I took pictures of the view and of a wonderful Field in the distance which I managed to magnify with my camera full of poppies.


I always find that a walk clears the head, and when you get such  wonderful weather as this week has been after the terrible Summer of rain here in the UK, you have to make the most of your garden and free time to enjoy the countryside and fresh air.

The Hall itself is surrounded by a terrace row of Cottages, which house tenants and labourers  of Hardwick Hall.


It brought home once again the vast differences in the Rich and Wealthy of those bygone days as the Hall is lavishly styled with a great Hall and furnishings Many more images can be found here, as now the Hall is also used for Wedding Venues.

Below are more photos of my afternoon walk. I hope you enjoyed a little History Lesson too..

But out of all of these wonderful trappings of Human Riches, we still come with nothing and leave with only that which we have in our hearts..

While Bess left a legacy of Bricks and Mortar and furnishings. It still all past to the state, as it remained in her family until the 1956 when it was handed over to Her Majesty’s Treasury in Lieu of Estate Duty.. As the Wealthy Have a Huge  amount of Death Tax Duty to pay. Hardwick Hall was handed over to the Treasury to pay off this  Tax debt. And it was then handed over to the National Trust in 1959.

Many Dukes and Duchesses have nearly lost their stately homes to pay these extraordinary High Death Taxes, Chatsworth House another grand Stately home, a place close to my heart as I used to live only a few miles from it when growing up and spent much time walking in its grounds. This wonderful Stately Home  nearly fell foul to  death duty taxes also, but due to opening its doors to the public it has become a success story in its own right Thanks to the previous Duke and Duchesses who turned it around so they didn’t loose everything.

As a foot note here Hardwick Hall was used in the Filming of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Pt1 and Pt2, in the Scenes of Malfoy Manor. And Chatsworth house is the setting for that wonderful

 Film The Duchess with Keira Knightley fame as Georgina  Cavendish the Duchess of Devonshire.

Here are more of my photo’s Forgive the repetition of some, but somehow the thumbnails got added to the slide show.. Wishing you all a Sunny Relaxing Weekend. And to end with, here is another Great Quote from Red Cloud.


” I am poor and naked, but I am the chief of the nation. We do not want riches but we do want to train our children right. Riches would do us no good. We could not take them with us to the other world. We do not want riches. We want peace and love.”
— Red Cloud


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Everyone is Looking!

We are all of us right now looking for something, whether it is peace, or our fortunes, we are all of us searching for something. It occurred to me today as I posted a reply to a post on Learning from Dogs to an excellent post called  Changing the Person: Me!  that we are all of us Looking for something.

In my reply I found myself on a roll as I found myself on my familiar soap box of saying that I agreed, Change comes from within.. something I am sure we all know needs to happen, but often we do not see the connection with the rest of the world.. For many see our own journeys as being separate and personal.

And yet the more I thought about what I had wrote, the more I wanted to express to others just how connected we ALL are within our Consciousness..

Many do not comprehend how consciousness works, even I am in ore at just how our experiences are interlaced but I will give it a go at explaining in simple terms…as I perceive it to be.. ( and even my own thoughts have been influenced along my journey by indoctrinated thoughts  I have encountered as have your own ) never forget that. This is why I think we search so hard to find the Truth of Life and Reality.

Our normal waking life is full of awareness, we think, and feel, and experience, we aspire, we dream, and have wants and needs. We perceive life through our awareness of ourselves and how others see us. We can be influences in those perceptions by others opinions, as we can feel good or bad about ourselves.. As we grow up perhaps feeling shy, confidant etc. So too we are influenced in our learning as we go through our schooling as we learn our history as we begin to gather to us our sets of beliefs of how this world was formed, and what roles we have played in it throughout history.

These are what can be called our Ego awareness, as our lives are shaped by those outer trappings of wanting and aspiring to be better, brighter, as we put ourselves into those different labels which are so familiar in our society and world, And  this is what separates us as we put limits upon ourselves within our various boxes .. 

But if you understand there is Ego, there is also Soul Consciousness, this is where our being senses we are something more than mere flesh and blood.. We are more than our bodies. This is the place where we use our intuition, where we search and can find peace within, and know beyond doubt that we are connected within to something far greater, which is the Divine Consciousness or God Consciousness what ever you wish to call the Divine Spirit of everything. It matters not what religion we believe in, for we agree there is Something far greater which has Divine Love and complete perfection within the Matrix of all life, which many choose to call God.

We have all seen events around our world, where anger has spilled out onto the streets in various conflicts which now affect different parts of the world. And we have seen how quickly this can spread… So those who have been following my blog will also know how much importance I have put into thinking Positive thoughts and putting Positive energy out there, for like a pebble in a pool of water it will spread out though our Collective Consciousness  just the same.. An example of that is how suddenly an event can cause an emotional response within us. Causing Anger, Sadness, Happiness, Elation, etc.

Today our World has become so engrossed in progress in technology and wealth we have forgotten our main provider.. In our race for Progress we have forgotten the People.. We have not only neglected each other and ourselves, we have neglected our Earth Mother..

I said on my comment reply

“We have to understand we are all one family.. When one member of one’s family is ill, it has an effect upon the rest of the family..In turn each person’s health is affected by the environment, community, society the whole world.. We all of us get to use our feelings and emotions as we use them to either feel strongly about global issues such as climate changes, famine, poverty and so on..adding our energy of greed, anger, hatred, guilt, sorrow or joy… it all adds to the mix.. Our family is sick, as we see many Nations now falling ill… So too our World is Sick.. she is being poisoned.

The only way to truly change our world is to first change ourselves.

If we can change , the world can change..

It is our sacred undertaking to re-connect with nature and start to heal ourselves and our planet..”

Everyone is looking at Climate Change, and not seeing the connection to ourselves.. I also said within my comment.

“When we get a virus within our bodies our immune system kicks in to defend it.. We have to understand that we have become the Virus upon this planet.. WE are the ones destroying our environment.. We are the Cancer that is eating away at her..

When we can change our own values of living. And learn that we are ALL of us connected… The more we start and live in love and from our hearts instead of in Fear and anger, we will then start to see a world that works towards harmony and Peace..

It all starts with Self, as we begin to heal ourselves from within.. letting go of those emotions which affect our health and affect our world. We need to let go of Greed, Hate, Power and Control.  To heal the world we have to see we are the community, we are the society we are the nation.. Once we change the way we think and perceive and behave.. We change the World…”

Everyone is looking outside of themselves for solutions!

Look no further than yourselves!…

And Change from within!

© Sue Dreamwalker – 2012 All rights reserved.

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