Truth Page~ Climate Engineering and More

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This page is set up to enlighten you to some of the Truths of what is happening on our planet..

The first video is all about Geo-Engineering… 

New:This next video is showing you how the figures of Global Warming are being tampered with, and evidence from some renowned Scientists showing their research is showing cooling down are not being published. Evidence is now emerging figures of cooling are being altered to look like warming.. And some Scientists are saying we are heading for another Mini Ice Age.. Which happens around every 400 years…… It is approximately  400 yrs since our last one apparently. 

 ( The above video was Censored and removed )

We are not only being poisoned from above, but from within..Look at the GMO Monsanto. Now what about Radiation?… Look at Fukushima and how Cancer’s are on the increase… Spend 10 minutes of your time to educate yourself about what is happening as they are released into our atmosphere…


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  1. D.G.Kaye
    Mar 16, 2015 @ 15:27:45

    Thanks for directing me to this important post Sue. Once again, none of this is new to me. And once again, people aren’t fairly informed of the repercussions of all the harm that is done to our environment and food. It’s a daily war trying to stay healthy and avoid the so many foods we ingest, in order to stay uncontaminated. People have to learn to be their own best advocates and stay informed for their own greater good. The greedy corporations are not looking out for our best interests, just as our politicians aren’t either. It seems the almighty dollar has trumped humanity. ❤

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    • Sue Dreamwalker
      Mar 16, 2015 @ 15:35:12

      Thank you Deb for taking a look and yes I knew from our conversation you were no stranger to the ‘Truth’ …
      I hope soon we open our eyes wider to that Truth and see the links of the $ and £’s Sterling along with Banks etc and the Big Boys who rule through profit…
      But all we maybe can lead a horse to water.. But it is up to the horse to drink..
      And so many just do not care one way or the other.. So closed have they become to the reality of the World..

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    Nov 20, 2015 @ 10:03:13

    So many thanks for the link you suggested,dear Sue!I’ve watched all the videos and visited the added links concerning the nighmarish situation after Fukushima nuclear event.Extreme and life-threating climate change,and as Mrs Wigington said:”I am not an alarmist,but we should all know what’s happening above our heads.The genetically modified foods is another hot issue and we don’t really know what we’re eating 😦 I reckon that new generations will be badly affected by what is happening around and above us as new diseases and any kind of abnormalitiies will come up and make them suffer.As for the vaccines and especially the new ones that we don’t really know all the side-effects,is another horrible situation.Do they experiment on our children and not only?There are 4 doctors in my family who are really against certain vaccines for reasons that most of us ignore.Keep cultivating your blessed allotments and your garden,at least,you know what your eat,the sprays above might reach your products down,but they don’t modify them genetically.Take care,my good friend 🙂 Doda xxx

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    • Sue Dreamwalker
      Nov 20, 2015 @ 14:24:43

      Thank you Doda for viewing the above.. The threat of disease is already here Doda.. In China, there is a superbug that no known antibiotics can cure.. Because in China they have been giving healthy animals a concoction of antibiotics as a preventative to disease, which people have been injesting. We both know when you take too many antibiotics it reduces the immune system..
      Vaccines, especially I get concerned about, especially the amount they are giving young children these days, and have my own granddaughters welfare at heart in this.. I do not think enough parents are aware, and just trust the medical profession which dishes them out. It says something if 4 Dr’s in your family see there are no need for some Vaccines.. Yes some are beneficial I will grant you.. I agree with you, many of us are Guinea Pigs.. It will be in 10 to 15 yrs from now when children will perhaps show signs from todays experimentation, especially with the Food we eat..
      Yes we watch what we eat, and try to grow most of our own foods, wash it well, for yes the atmosphere also is polluting.. But we do not spray.. and buy good seeds which I am in the process of saving each year.. For now many seeds are also treated… Crazy..

      Thank you again Doda… I very much appreciate your input here.. And our thoughts often coincide within our thinking.. 🙂 Love Sue xx

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      • DG MARYOGA
        Nov 21, 2015 @ 03:07:25

        Ditto !!! I do appreciate that you directed me here and we exchanged extra info and our viewpoints on Vaccines.Some doctors are well-paid to promote them,seemingly,they have forgotten the Hippocratic Oath they took …
        As for the plants and seeds,I’ve a weakness for old seeds,which when collected,they give new fruits and vegetables again.The plants they sell are hybrids as you know and “treated” and it’s so upsetting that their seeds never grow again and you have to buy new plants every year.Here in Greece,some people keep special sites where they organise meetings once or twice a year to exchange the old seeds they have and which are completely analtered and untouched.I have tomato,green pepper and aubergine seeds in my hands now and I am so happy and proud.I give them away to some other friends and we all try to save what has remained pure.Thank you so much for generously responding to my comment.We seem to be on the same wavelength … Love to you ❤ Doda xxx

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        • Sue Dreamwalker
          Nov 21, 2015 @ 12:07:33

          Yes I save my tomato seeds too Doda, If we all could be as aware, it wouldn’t take long to help heal our world and ourselves in the process.. I am so pleased we are on the same page within much of our thinking.. 🙂 Hugs right back ❤

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          • DG MARYOGA
            Nov 24, 2015 @ 10:41:39

            Well, it means that they are the old “untreated” tomato seeds.Great,and they taste delicious!Don’t they?Do you have similar sites on the Internet in the UK ?Your posts bring a great awareness … 🙂 ❤ xxx

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            • Sue Dreamwalker
              Nov 24, 2015 @ 12:38:21

              If you mean do I have any more sites? I have this, my gardening blog and one on blogger.. which is called Dreamwalker’s Thoughts.. you can find it on the Gavatar link page.. but I am afraid I neglect that one the most… I must post something on their soon.. 🙂 its been many months since I last posted there. 🙂 And thank you for the compliment Doda.. It is still surprising how many are not aware!..
              Love to you my friend xxx

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    Nov 26, 2015 @ 03:15:56

    I meant on the Internet in the UK,not you personally.Here,there are sites where they call people to exchange the old “untreated seeds”.They meet once or twice a year and exchange the (precious seeds).You have tomato seeds you said,so you give them and you take other seeds of plants you don’t have.All is free of charge.
    Love to you too,sweet friend Sue 🙂 xxx

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  4. itsacrazycatladything
    Apr 25, 2017 @ 19:57:41

    Thank you for sharing Sue. The first video left me speechless, I had no idea! What the hell are we doing to our planet, have we gone mad? This is just plain crazy.

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  5. michnavs
    Jun 21, 2019 @ 05:54:24

    Thank you for sharing all these again Sue…it has been our concern for the longest time but unfortunately many are still not aware of its effects and has not even taken any single act to help.

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    • Sue Dreamwalker
      Jun 21, 2019 @ 18:17:15

      Hi Dear Mich, many thanks for browsing my pages and I am so pleased you too are well aware of the consequences some of this information here on this page means to our future.. Many thanks again and Much love ❤

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