Awards for 2014 With Gratitude.

Thank you to Kim over at  For this wonderful Award   Thank you for this Wonderful Team Membership Readership Award..



Oawritingspoempaintings for 3 awards in one. given me in March Many thanks for these wonderful awards OAWPP…

They are the Lighthouse Award


Next is The  Very Inspiring Blogger Award


Followed by the Awesome Blossom Award


Thank you most kindly OAWPP..

Thank you to Beverly for my second nomination of The WordPress Family Award.. Thank you goes to Pioneering Spirit for this award


A big thank you to oawritingspoemspaintings for my Versatile Blogger Award for 2014

versatile-blogger-wordpress ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

~oooOOOooo ~

Last Award for 2013

As we leave behind this Year of 2013 I want to share a final award with you which I was awarded some time ago by a dear blogging friend Lois.  If you haven’t already visited Living Simply Free, then I strongly suggest you do, you will be delighted and captivated in how you can recycle, and live more simply with the many ideas and links Lois shares as she brings us ways in living more eco friendly lives with her unique blend of posts.. So thank you Lois for this wonderful award ,I am very honoured to receive this  wonderful Award of Peace and Justice from Lois atLiving Simply Free  And thank you to Barbara Mattio for creating it.. image There are rules for this award as like with most, but these rules are a bit different. They are as follows: 1. Recipients should frequently write about Peace, Justice, Love — the goodness in the world, or putting goodness in the world. 2. Recipients may also frequently call attention to the bigotry or racism that happens in the world. 3. Link back to whoever nominated you and, since this is about goodness, politely thank them. 4. Spread the love to whomever and however many you believe deserve it!” 5. Sharing ONE video to show feelings on Peace and Justice, Click the Blue Link PLEASE TRY AND PASS THIS VIDEO ALONG ALSO!! It’s called, “A MESSAGE FOR ALL HUMANITY by Charlie Chaplin” and speaks from the past but is relevant now.  As we move from 2013 into another New Year, I would like to share the Video below with you all for my own contribution..  As the Film says Pay it Forward,  This is what the world needs, as we think of others rather than ourselves… I want to share this award with some amazing people who I think Pay it Forward and who stand for Peace and Justice in their thoughts, lives, and blog posts..  Its been very difficult to choose from the Very many I support, and for those not mentioned, I love each and everyone of your blogs but I will just let these blogs  posts speak for themselves as I try to acquaint you with some new blogs perhaps you have not visited before.  

I wish I could share even more heartfelt blogs that I visit who bring Peace and a sense of Justice to this often troubled world, there are many out there.. These are just five of the blogs of many who grace my blog list with their inspiration as they share their hearts…

I hope you will visit them as I say thank you as I nominate the following  5 blogs for their contribution as I give them the chance to pass this wonderful award along to those whom they think fitting to receive it..

Congratulations to the following..  Joss shows us not only her compassionate skills through her wonderful Poetic verses, but she is a true Worker of the Light..  Thank you Joss for sharing your heart and inspiration with us..  Shakti’s  wonderful posts always make us think as we go around our busy modern day lives . He never fails to make me think ever deeper into how we can help create a better way to bring harmony and peace to our future world..  I so admire Shree, or should that be Dr Shree, as she shares  not only her quality time with us at WP but also her wonderful thoughts and findings through her heart and sharing of thoughts of philosophy  via various teachers who offer wisdom along with her humour..  Miro is a Warrior whose words really do offer Wisdom… I hope you go read them he shows us through his volumes of verse he has published as books not only his strength, but Grace, and Patience and more..…  And I am sure you will be inspired by his words. Dilip’s Blog is another delight and its purpose is to spread inspiration and and Joy on interests of what is important in life… I hope you will go along and visit..


Awards 2013 

sunshine-award  boty-1starboty-2star  I just have to say thank you for three more awards which some have sat patiently waiting while others flew in only recently.. I have still a very special award which I will share later with you, As I perhaps need to post this on its own…  You may have to bare with me on letting you all know who has been nominated. And you will have to forgive the length of this post also but I thought I would try to do them all in one post. I so dislike this next bit of having to choose.. But I am going to try this time and stick with the rules, so while some of you will be delighted others may be disappointed. No slight intended, for ALL your blogs bring me Joy and light up my life as I read your many topics and posts. Ok so here goes ! Smile   sunshine-award Thank you to oawritingspoemspaintings For this generous nomination back in October. Its taken until now to gather my thoughts together and pass them on..  So the rules of this award are the following: 1) Use the logo above in the post. 2) Link to whoever nominated you. 3) Write ten pieces of information about yourself. 4) Nominate ten fellow bloggers “who positively and creatively inspire others in the blogsphere.” 5) Leave a comment on the nominees’ blogs to tell them of the award.

  • OK ten things you would think would be easy.. lets see,
  • 1, I failed my11plus exam aged 11.
  • 2, that same year I won a village art prize for my painting of a biblical scene. 
  • 3, I learned to ride a horse aged 12, but still never learnt how to ride a bicycle.
  • 4,I didn’t learn to swim until the age of 13.
  • 5,  I left school age Fifteen.
  • 6,  I started Work one week after leaving school in a Textile factory, where I stayed until  I got married and left the area.
  • 7, I sang in the school Choir, and got a music prize when I was in my last year at school..
  • 8, I am the eldest of 5 siblings.
  • 9, I used to make my own dresses, skirts, blouses, and my daughters dresses when she was very young.
  • 10,I believe if we put our mind to it, we can achieve and do anything, I have learnt how to sew, knit, crochet, paint, decorate, garden, cook and master a computer, all through trial and error… There is no such word as can’t if you try!

Nominees Are..

  1. For bringing Sunshine and humour among his News items he shares of events around the world. Shaun Scottish humour  smiles through his pain, And I thank Shaun for other award nominations which have been past on.
  2. David’s blog writings have a spiritual twists and his beautiful writings and poems are truly inspiring as they ask you to think beyond the self..
  3. at Mirrors of Encounters. Julien helps us wake us up to ourselves as his often short one liners make us think deeper into the meaning of our lives as we look at our reflections!
  4. Dr Rex uses her blog to post her thoughts and reblog posts with topics we should all be concerned with.
  5.  Here you will find many insightful posts about Zen Buddhism along with his own photo’s
  6. Jack you will love.. His blog line says ‘Try even if you fail, but never fail to try.. Jacks unique blog brings you not only the Australian Sunshine, but his smile and posts light up my days I am sure they will light up yours.
  7. always brings Sunshine with her wonderful art and music.. check out her blog and allow the Sunshine in
  8. Debs art is unique as she gifts us with her digital art creations which leave many a smile upon my face.. You will not come away without a smile I promise you.
  9. Mark whose posts bring upliftment and insights  about his own Spiritual journey with many enlightening posts.

10. Lizzie is another artist with creative flare, she links her artwork with soul messages… a must see blog and those who feel creative can join in the fun.. Link to this award Keep Scrolling more to come


Thank you to Shaun for the first of these Blog awards over at

boty-1star The rules for this Award are 1-Select the blog(s) you think deserve the Blog Of The Year 2013 Award. 2-Write a blog post and tell us about the blog(s) you have chosen- there are no minimum or maximum number of blogs required- and ‘present’ the blog(s) with their award. 3-Let the blog(s) that you have chosen know that you have given them this award and share the instructions with them- (please don’t alter the instructions or the badges!) 4-Come over and say hello to the originator of the Blog Of The Year 2013 Award via this link: 5-You can now also join the Blog Of The Year Award Facebook Page. Click the link here: Share your blog posts with an even wider audience! 6-And as a winner of the award- please add a link back to the blog that presented you with this award-and then proudly display the award on your blog- and start collecting stars!

So There are a few Blogs I enjoy which I think deserve award which are the following. I have picked out 5 for Blog of the Year Award….. But I could have picked out many more… If time would Allow I would mention you all as I love each and every blog I visit…

Thank YOU! for Making my 2013 such an enjoyable year..  


  1.  I have chosen Lois’s blog of the year because it is so full of great finds and eco friendly saving ideas, as she recycles some amazing finds as she restores what other have thrown away.. Her Friday Favourites is a must see on its own as she brings together interesting’s ideas and posts links she has visited over the week..  Lois you deserve this Blog of the Year 2013  As you inspire us to live simply respecting Nature and our environment.
  2. Christy’s Poetic Parfait is a blog well worth the visit. She has recently published a book of her poems Called  Pathways to Illumination.  Christy is a special Lady ..
  3. Maryrose’s poetry has to be read to understand her unique ability in capturing our Imagination and Magical wisdom of connection to the Universe, Love, and Nature.. I go there to unwind as I read her beautiful words..
  4. Eric’s Blog was a wonderful find, even though I have not followed him for long, his inspiring posts realign us to what really matters in life..
  5.  Zendictive is full of Wisdom, I have been fortunate in following some wise and wonderful Zen stories here upon my friend blog..

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ boty-1starAnd  Lastly Thank you to Mike from Eye Dancers  for his award too on Blog of the Year award which means I have collected 2  nominations and so 2 stars and can now proudly show this award.  Mike site is a site devoted to the Young Adult sci-fi/fantasy novel The Eye-Dancers. Thank you Mike for allowing me to now pick up Two Stars… The above rules apply…. and I am going to pass onto 3 more wonderful Blogs. Link to award:

  1. Rumpy, is  an Alaskan Malamute. And his Mum/Mom/Jen does some fantastic work with animal rescue and is committed to animal welfare. Rumpy lives with DeDe , and June Buggie the Cat who can be very vocal…. So I would love you to go visit them and give them your support…
  2. Gislinde is my special German Friend, she has been following me and I her for some time, and you will be delighted with her wonderful and colourful blog…
  3.  Extinction Protocol keeps us informed with the many environmental things which are happening around our world.. Such as Volcanic activities, weather and other informative information..

So Thank you so much to those who have nominated Me.. And enjoy your Day and weekend…

Much Love and Gratitude

~And Thank you for reading~



The Sisterhood of the World Blogger Award.


This lovely award has been sitting patiently along with others still in the pipe line.. So please bare with me on the acceptance of others However I felt impelled to accept this award simply because I so wanted to pass it on to other sisters bloggers out there..

So  a big thank you Dr Rex  over at It is What it Is Blog.. for nominating me.. The Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award

So guys, I am sorry this one is not for you, but we are seeing the Divine Feminine is awakening us to connect, and I have met some very inspiring Females here on WordPress and wish to thank them for their inspiration and love and connection with Dreamwalker’s Sanctuary and their contribution here.

I always bend the Rules slightly! and for me I have difficulty in choosing only a 10-12 sisters from the many who grace my pages and whom I enjoy reading their posts.. And even though some may come and go, its good to know so many of us are now linking in our common thoughts as we bring awareness and share our experiences..

So thank you to all my Sisters out there, those I have met and those yet to meet..And so my sisters should you click onto my post and see your name among the list Please take up the award and pass it along to others… And if I have missed you out, then my apologies and make yourselves known again,here and I will add your blog url..

Love and Blessings



1. Provide a link and thank the blogger who nominated you for this award. 2. Answer ten questions. 3. Nominated 10-12  blogs that you find a joy to read. 4. Provide links to these nominated blogs and kindly let the recipients know they have been nominated. ( this may take a while ) 5. Include the award logo within your blog post.~~Ten questions to be answered~~

1. Your favourite colour …. I love all colours and I really has to think about this and could come up with none in particular, so  really haven’t one as I wear all colours!  And ALL colours are beautiful and I am thankful for seeing them. 

2. Your favourite animal … Easy, Cats, both small and Large, but love all four legged , all of nature..

3. Your favourite non-alcoholic drink …. Water!.

4. Facebook or Twitter ….. Neither I am not on either! 

5. Your favourite pattern ….. The Spiral click to see why!

6. Do you prefer getting or giving presents? Giving of course

7. Your favourite number …   11, and Number 1, as I see 111 a lot! do you? and its in my birthday being born on the 1st..

8. Your favourite day of the week … Any day I get to have a ME day of relaxing is a favourite day

9. Your favourite flower …. Oh I have so many favourites, but I love snow-drops the first flowers to push through the hard earth to show the signs of spring, and Daffodils to bring the Sunshine into our lives after the long winter.

10. What is your passion? …. Writing, poetry, and sharing my thoughts with others. So Blogging is a Passion.. and wanting to create more art work, which I am working on.

So those Divine Feminine beings Thank you for your connection and may your lights go on sharing love and Healing in all the work you do Many thanks from my heart to yours and in no particular order

Links. of Award. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ anniversary-1x It is now 3 years since I transferred my Blog over to WordPress. My Anniversary Date being October 2nd,and during that time I have met the most wonderful people here at WP..  It has been a wonderful privilege in getting to know so many people from all walks of life around the world.  Among my oldest friends of whom I had known previously on Windows Live Spaces also transferred their blogs at around the same time, as Windows Spaces was closing its doors on our blogs,. These are Aussie Emu aka Ian, Eddie Two Hawks, Europa IceWolf  ^.^ Sweeties Space, Andro, Prenin, Sheila’s Space, Lady Jude Eclipse, Darkworks Entertainments, Pen Pusher  Kenny2dogs and others.. wordpressfam1 Now I know some of the above do not accept awards, and to be honest although its  a great honour to receive them, I am always at a loss as who I should choose to accept them, because I do not wish to offend other who are left out when I follow the rules, because all have become like Family here on WP who visit and comment upon my posts, I know how time consuming commenting on every post is, and I do appreciate them all greatly . I  Know I too neglect some posts   but I do try to read as many that are delivered into my email box as if possible in the time I allow, as as my WP family,is forever increasing.. Over the last few weeks I have received several awards which I am getting around to Accepting, Which I thank those who thought to award me most kindly. Recently I started following a blog by Dr Rex who kindly presented me with this award made byShaun at PrayingforonedayWho created the award and wording in red below.. “This is an award for everyone who is part of the “Word Press Family” I start this award on the basis that the Word Press family has taken me in, and showed me love and a caring side only Word Press can. The way people take a second to be nice, to answer a question and not make things a competition amazes me here. I know I have been given many awards, but I wanted to leave my own legacy on here by creating my own award, as many have done before. This represents “Family” we never meet, but are there for us as family. It is my honour to start this award.” Shaun’s Rules: 1. Ping back to the person who gave you the Award 2. Display the Award 3. Display the text in Red as I want people to know why I made it. 4. Nominate 10 people you look to as almost Family here on Word Press” Well Sorry Shaun to break some of your rules already, but because I couldn’t possibly choose just 10.  So I have created my own rule for this particular Post award on my blog,, Sorry!   New Rule: So if you have commented upon Dreamwalker’s Posts in the Last 15 posts listed below, then you have picked up the  WordPress Family award created by Shaun.. Big thanks goes to Shaun

So are you Eligible? Did you comment upon the list below? YES!

Well Congratulations! to my WordPress Family!

I appreciate you All And I appreciate all who read and click the Like buttons and those who subscribe via email who I know also read.

Each of my followers are appreciated


1In Jail for trying to save the Arctic from Oil Drilling.

2Bound By the Cord.

3 Awaken People from your Sleep!

4 Cleansing~ Energising and Listening to your Heart

5 Peace And Freedom.

6 Petitions Do Help! ~Friday Facts

7 Nature Heals

8 I know you Care

9 Connecting to Earth~Grow your Own

10International Peace Day

11 A Big Thank You to you ALL.

12Friday Facts ~ What has happened to our Hearts?

13How Can I help bring World Peace?

14No Words Today

15 My Finished Mandala

Many Thanks, Love and Blessings Sue ~Dreamwalker

Sources : of awards ~~~~~~ Versatile Blogger Award

Thank you to Renee at Renee Just Turtle Flight

for nominating me for the Versatile Blogger Award…October 2011.

Versatile Blogger Award

Also to Tricia at Angel Land Canada

for nominating me for the Versatile Blogger Award Oct 2011

Nikki's 2011 Halloween Event

Halloween Event 2011 From Nikki

Thank you To Nikki for this wonderful Graphic.

Also Many thanks in 2011 for those who gave me these awards. Thank you to all of you over 2011 here on Word-Press that have made my experience here so rewarding. Thank you all of you who have commented here upon my blog in 2011, I appreciate each and every drum beat you added, for it goes out far and wide into the Universe as we spread our ripples of Friendship and opinions back and forth. To name separate individuals would mean I have to name you all, and by the time you read to the bottom of the list I’m sure your attention span would certainly have gone into Hyper Space.. Smile But I would like to Thank all of you for making my first year on Word-Press wonderful, I transferred my whole blog over via Windows Live Spaces as theirs no longer operated, Some friends I lost, but many New ones I have gained, and I thank you all of you for keeping my Blog alive and Me on my toes as I struggle some days to keep up with all of your most interesting posts.. Know that I will eventually get around to you, and hey, don’t be shy either, I would love a comment even if you may not always agree with my views and thoughts.. to be the same mind would make for a very dull world.. I have to thanks all of those who have given me awards over the last few months.. Some of you have taken the trouble to give me various awards and although I accepted two Versatile Blogger Awards and followed them through, I have also declined a few others..To all of you who offered me awards Thank you from the bottom of my heart.. But I graciously declined due to Time So Many Thanks again to ——-

The Liebster Blog Award x2

♡ The Tale Of My Heart ♡ Thank you for the

Tale of My Heart award I much appreciated that you thought of me.. Your Blog is one of beauty and Love.. Many thanks for thinking of me..

Also to David, thank you too for the Liebster Blog award .. David’s blog is full of channelled insights and beautiful Hanukah The Scribe

The Versatile Blogger x 3

Thank you to Franchesca Aviva in her artistic Blog The Devil Beneath’ For her nomination of the Versatile Blogger..Thank you Franchesca Also to Learning From Dogs to Paul for his nomination His Blog is so very interesting not only on his love of our four legged friends but for his own versatile way of reporting interesting facts that we all should be taking heed of.. His Blogs take us deeper into understanding our reality and how we should be thinking deeper into saving our planet .. Also for this award I must thank pointsthruprose for her nomination of this award Pointsthruprose Blog is a beautiful collection of various artists works in both art and poetry and is well worth a visit.

The Candle Lighter Award Thank you now to Warrior Poet Wisdom for his nomination of the Candle Lighter Award made by Kate Kresse .. The Warrior Poets blog is a treat to read as his inspirational poems send us a message of Truth and Light.. Many thanks for this Award and nominating me Miro… Thank you All of you once again for All of these wonderful Awards, I accept the honour of them most graciously, that you thought to give them to me… And while an award swells the heart and the ego, I give you Great Thanks for all of them, but due to time commitments and a slow PC.. I accept them to keep in my heart, but will not be following any more awards through… As much as they would mean for me to display… I will however add this post to my Pages on the awards Page, with Much love and Gratitude.. May you all Have a wonderful 2012.. I intend to start and Blog on different topics that for some may open doors of knowledge while others may wish to close them.. I do however Thank each and everyone of you who visits here.. And would like to wish you all a Very Happy and United 2012 ~May Peace be in each of your hearts, And May you all walk in Harmony.. Sue ~Dreamwalker —————————————————————————————————– Wow, what a beginning to a New Year, with 3 more Awards all coming in on the same week.. I have to say Many thanks to you all who have nominated me for various awards. While I have been blogging.. I am greatly appreciative of you considering me for such wonderful awards, but I must shelve them within my pages for now.. Before accepting.. But Many Thanks for to the following image First May I say a Big thank you to a fellow sister of Spirit Raven of Leyla at Road To Ravenwood for her nomination of the Versatile Blogger award If you visit Ravens Blog you will be delighted by her humour and sensitivity and you will never fail to visit without coming away with a smile. Congratulations Raven for receiving this wonderful award. image Secondly I thank Christyb of Poets Parfaitfor her nomination of this prestigious award, I haven’t known Christyb for very long, but Christyb is a young freelance writer and Blogger, who is refreshing to read, and she well deserves this award.. image And Thirdly, Many thanks to Becca, who well deserves her own Candle Lighter Award, over on On Dragonfly Wings With Buttercup Tea Becca writes beautiful Haiku poetry, a gift she does extremely well. So please give her a visit.. Thank you again to all of you for thinking of me, I can’t tell you how thrilled these awards have made me feel when they landed upon my blog.. Love and Gratitude to ALL of you who have thought my Blog worthy of an award.. I very much appreciate your thoughtfulness.. Love and Gratitude.. Sue~ Dreamwalker ImageI am honoured to receive so many wonderful and beautiful awards, I Have a Few catch me ups here to say thank you thank Varungenius who back in March of this year awarded me this Inspiring Blog Award.Varun’s blog is about being an optimist and believing life is what we believe it to be. So go along to his blog and see life from his  point of view. You will not be disappointed Sorry Varun its taken me forever to get around to acknowledging your award.    I have to say a Big thank you to Sam373 for awarding me this Very Inspiring Blogger Award in July. Sam’s poems are deep in thought .. Thank you Sam, Its an honour to be thought of this way.   Then there is Anilraheja’s most gracious gifts of a Sunshine award and the One Lovely Blog Award.. you need to go and read the most beautiful Spiritual insights posted there… A family which have come through much but know they have been extremely Blessed through the inspired writings they are receiving … You have to go and read their story. And to Dontchawannadream for nominating me the Sunshine Award , Cha is an amazing portrait artist whose stunning portraits of famous people you cannot fail to recognise is  just brilliant along with her grasp of many languages. Thank you Cha.. Then there is Cat Forsley with her wonderful New Blog of Fervour and passion-features-cat-forsley-c2a9Forever where I was featured in her Passion Feature a great honour as I was her first interviewee Cat is an extremely talented lady who is a wonderful Songwriter and Musician you can go see her other wonderful site  She is just full of energy and Light!  Smile A huge thank you Cat for being such a good friend.. And you know I am sure there are others I have missed who have dropped off awards here an there over the year, if I happen to have forgotten one of yours then my apologies… I am saving these on my Awards Page, for those who wish to visit some amazing people who have nominated me for various awards since I started my blog world here at WordPress. Many Thanks to all of you .. All I ask my readers is to go visit some of these wonderful people.. Now I need to get to grips with some writing for a future post that I was inspired to write which I scribbled down during the middle of the night.. Love and Blessings  Sue

Awards 2012

Thank you to all of the following awards which have been bestowed upon me over 2012.. I am always delighted when I receive an award, but often fail to follow them through … So this post is to thank all those who thought my own Blog worthy of a mention… And If I missed any awards given then please forgive me, as I sometimes forget where they were left! Smile  I would like to thank you all so much for reading and Commenting upon Dreamwalker’s Sanctuary… I have been extremely surprised this last year how many comments have been made, and extremely touched by the warmth of your responses. I would just also like to take this opportunity as we start another Brand New Year here in Blog Land to say How much I appreciate all your visits and your views.. Thank you too to All New Followers, many who quietly follow I very much appreciate your clicking the like Button to my posts Smile  In no particular Order… I would like to thank Mommasmoneymatters for her Best Followers Award… I’m afraid I come in the category of her not so frequent visitors. But if you have not yet paid Red a visit then you are in for a treat of intellectual humour and advice. Red is One lovely lady.     Thank you to The Blazing Trail, for honouring me with Two awards First The Addictive Blog Award… Again another wonderful blog full of inspiration and stories…   The second award from The Blazing Trail was this Tell Me about yourself Award.. Many thanks for both. Smile   Next thank you for Iamforchange… thank you for awarding me the Blog of the YeaBlog of the Year Award 1 star jpegr Award..If you visit you are also in for a treat of inspirational reading and poetry .  Blog of the Year Award 1 star jpeg Also my thanks go to out also to Renee Just Turtle Flight for another Blog of 2012 The Year Award  Renee writes the most beautiful poetry along with her own creative art styles Blog of the Year Award 1 star jpeg And then to Becca over at On Dragonfly Wings with Buttercup Tea for her award in the same category of Blogger of 2012 the year Award  Becca poetry is in the Haiku style.and like Renee’s a pleasure to visit. And Last but definitely not least. Thank you to Ronnie at MorrisTownMemos for her nomination, although I cant produce an award image as I’m uncertain as to which it was but the award page you can find here.  You can find some very interesting True Stories over there with a Twist!

Many thanks for all of these Wonderful Awards nominations….

Love and gratitude.. And thank you for your continued support 


14 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Visionkeeper
    Jan 17, 2012 @ 16:39:48

    Hey DW…I am adding you to yet another blogger award 🙂 The Genuine Blogger Award. It won’t allow me to put the picture here so you can copy off my site when I get it on there. There is nothing to do for this award. I just am going to list my nominated websites on my blog…Keep it up and keep the light flowing!!!! VK



    • Sue Dreamwalker
      Jan 17, 2012 @ 21:34:45

      Hi VisionKeeper, Wow… thank you again, I am overwhelmed at the moment with these wonderful gifts of awards, I will be around to view tomorrow now, I have a list of blogs I need to visit.. Yours Im itching to get to read 🙂



  2. Jo Bryant
    Dec 12, 2012 @ 22:55:52

    An award for you…but just wanted to let you know…I think you deserve them all personally…but you choose:



  3. The Eye-Dancers
    Nov 27, 2013 @ 21:09:29

    Hi Sue! I hope you don’t mind a blog award.:) Please click here for more info: Thanks so much! You have a beautiful site! –Mike



    • Sue Dreamwalker
      Nov 29, 2013 @ 14:23:27

      Hi Mike, I am honoured, especially for taking the time to come and comment too.. Good to see you here 😀 Thank you most kindly for the honour of this award and I will be by shortly…And thank you for the compliment of my blog. 🙂



  4. prayingforoneday
    Dec 17, 2013 @ 19:53:02

    Please accept the The Dragon Loyalty Award
    If you already have it put “Awarded x2” below the image
    I would be delighted if you could accept.



  5. Hunt FOR Truth
    Jul 09, 2014 @ 13:25:53

    Sue; I am sharing some appreciation and recognition today
    No requirements attached… Peace and joy is all ~ Eric

    PS I believe awards ought be given only – without any requirement… I have a few that have a requirement yet to share. This one came without conditions to me… the best – and I appreciate you… so,hoping you have a blessed week – because it takes me about that long or longer to get around the blogosphere these days. Love ya.



    • Sue Dreamwalker
      Jul 14, 2014 @ 17:14:13

      Dear Eric, thank you my friend, I appreciate your most generous nomination of this award… I apologise I am only just acknowledging it as I have been absent from WP for a while.. Many thanks to you…

      I have been on line here at WP for 3 hours already and only half way through my comments and repaying the courtesy 🙂
      Blessings Sue



      • Eric
        Jul 26, 2014 @ 19:53:49

        We do the bet we can. I do recall that in past years of blogging that I actually thought I was busy – and really I wasn’t accomplishing much nor replying as much and so on… so, now I just prioritize better and lots more is happening. Probably in a couple of years I’ll think all this wasn’t so much – hey, glad I have you and all my WP friends here. So, grateful is what I think about and its all good.
        The best gets better and that is the new best. 🙂 no apologies required -I appreciate that you give me feedback and so on.
        Blessings Sue…
        ~ Eric



  6. litebeing
    Aug 30, 2014 @ 03:07:39

    In honor of Ajay, please celebrate Xmas in August:



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Dates Dreamwalker Beat Her Drum

February 2023

Free E-Book to download.

Part Two E-book of True Awakening Experiences, complied by Barbara Franklin and WordPress Friends.


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