Hanging by a Thread

The world Hanging by a Thread

Life hangs on a thread in the web we weave

Open up your eyes do not be deceived

Our World, our Rock, our Ocean of Life

Is in dire need, facing great strife


Look around you, can you not see?

The pollution, the extinctions, it’s not just me

Who cries for the Forests, the Oceans, and Birds

And laments for the wild beasts long lost herds


Look Up! Be aware, please wake up

Stop burying your heads in your coffee cups

It’s time to STOP! Take stock and account

For our actions of choice is paramount


We worried about ‘The End’ in 2012

We have witnessed nothing yet as we destroy ourselves

Fukushima a time-bomb ticking

The calendar for the future, is our conscience pricking?


What mess are we leaving our Children to come?

Who would have thought Man could be so dumb

His desire of Greed will be the end of the line

As his species too will shrivel and decline.


What goes around comes around, So True

Do you think this Cycle does not apply to you?

Well listen well and think on this

As the Oceans Boil and the Mountains Hiss


Because all is a cycle and all do connect

What we do unto others the World too reflects

So clean up your act, conserve and retrain

The way that you live, honour your domain


Pick up your litter, recycle your waste

Honour our Mother-Gaia awaits

Show her respect; get rid of your sprays

Lengthen your lives by altering your ways


The scales now tip as we hang by a thread

Please heed my words of what I’ve just said

The time is right NOW! You can no longer ignore

That Nature’s Power will devour Man’s flaws


He thinks he’s so mighty, he travels in Space

Yet he destroys his own planet and the Human Race

Nature is patient, and Nature will renew

The poison man brought that killed him off too


And the Cycle begins for another Billion years

As the Earth starts anew forgetting Mans tears

Is this what you want, Is this what you seek?

Then be responsible for your actions


By Sue

© Sue Dreamwalker – 2013 All rights reserved.

While I try to remain positive, sometimes you have to shout out at the world to wake up to what we are doing to ourselves,

Fukushima has been on my mind recently and with good reason. as the Government in the U.K. gave permission for the go ahead of building of a Massive Nuclear Plant in Hinkley Point. Protests are underway!and they have my support. 

My poem speaks my Heart.

Wake Up People and help wake up your neighbours to what we are doing to our Planet of Choice!

Thank you for reading, and I leave you with these Two Videos. The longer one has more disturbing information. 

Beyond Tragic and Beyond Urgent !
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Ocean’s Breath

Ocean Sands

The Ocean is calling as I walk on the beach

My breath in the waves as inward I reach

I dive to the depths where the silence is cold

Its here we discover more secrets untold.


I look to the sand and the footprints of mine

The billions of grains each formed over time

Each rock made perfect, smoothed and so round

Washed back and forth forming sandy soft ground


I think of the deserts and mountainous dunes

And wonder the eons of ocean wave plumes

Those droplets of water that rise with the Sun

My mind dives in further when the planet was begun


The Star Sun that brings us life and its light

The Moon up above whom lights up our night

Everything perfect, each creature in place

I breathe in still deeper, expelling mind waste


I let go of worries, I let go of Fear

Diving yet deeper I taste the salt tears

They stream down my face and run into the Sea

For everything is perfect as I breathe into ME


For I AM the Ocean and I AM the Sky

And each grain of sand is made up of I

We roll back and forth feeling currents and calm

Each of us moulded, I lifted my palm


I scoop up the sand, as it falls in the breeze

Each found their place and level with ease

I took one more breath as I surfaced from deep

As the waves crashed ashore, my heart it did leap


And that’s why the Ocean to each one it calls

For we’re grains of sand and yet are part of the ALL

At One now I stood as I walked on my way

Giving thanks to the Ocean and her teachings this day


So next when you visit and see the waves tides

Be sure to breathe deep and match her heart cries

Breathe in and out to her rhythmic wave senses

Let her take you within as she clears and she cleanses.

© Sue Dreamwalker – 2013 All rights reserved.

I wrote this on my short break, I love just closing my eyes listening to the sounds of the Ocean and Seagulls cries and measuring my breath to that of the waves..

More pictures to follow shortly

And Have a Great Start to the Week

Love and Peace


Escape ~ A Short Story.

Something a Little Different for some Light reading.

Cosmic Waves


She ran bare foot in the darkness digging her soles into the soft grainy sand.

It was pitch black, not even the Moon lit her pathway. Her breath came in short sharp bursts matching her steps. The path she knew by memory got steeper, as deeper her feet dug into the shifting sands.

Pebbles now dug into her feet, she altered her position getting her bearings until the softness of sand was under foot again as she felt the small clumps of grass brush her legs, she knew now she was on the right track.

She needed to run faster for they were behind her, She knew she hadn’t long as she heard the noise of the engines behind her as around 50 yards to her right through the trees was the old road. The convoy was behind her gaining speed..

Her feet now were covering the hardened earth as higher and higher she climbed, half running, scrambling over unseen obstacles.

She saw the outline of trees to her left and dived amongst them as the beam of light shone in front of her. The motorcycle with the uniformed rider drove past her hiding place at speed, kicking up the sand and dust in his wake.

She counted to Ten, took another deep breath and set of running again higher and steeper, every step taking the breath from her lungs

But she knew she couldn’t stop, for the Wagons were coming.

She was alert with all her senses coming into play, as she ran through the darkness, relying on her awareness of memory of the trail and her sense of touch as well as her sixth sense that instinctively kicked in.

Her heart beat loudly in her ears as the sweat oozed from every pore. The noise from the wagons now droned behind her, she had to get to the top, and then she knew she would be safe. But as hard as she ran the steeper and harder it became and it slowed her progress.

The searchlight from the lead wagon was switched on, its beam shot a line through the trees behind her. She had to stick to the path for a while longer yet, to detour now into the unknown forest would be fatal

Her limbs ached as her lungs wanted to explode as the pain of running so fast and hard overwhelmed her.

She gritted her teeth in her determination as she dug her feet deeper into the moving slope, knowing her feet were bleeding, she focused on her climb as the sand bank slipped beneath her steps. Her instincts told her she hadn’t much further to go and she would be safe..

“ Keep going, keep going” she told herself, until she felt the blast of the ocean breeze hit her face. The wind hit her, blowing her hair back from where it has stuck upon her sweat laden brow, waking her senses. She breathed in deep gulping at the cold sea air as she heard the crashing waves below.

The wagons of war roared louder behind her and she knew it was now or never to put her faith to the test.

The Moon surfaced from behind the clouds casting some light upon her path. She was there, right on the edge.. She stopped. Knowing there was no way back.

She looked behind to see the head lights had stopped where the road had ran out. Torch light now was seen blinking up and down the track she’d just climbed as the soldiers followed her path.

She knew she could do it.. She just needed faith.

She smiled as the Moon sprinkled her light upon the scene. Showing her standing on the edge of the cliff, with the ocean waves crashing beneath her.

She took a deep breath as she raised her arms skyward as in some ritual.

She gave herself the command..


as she launched herself off the cliff face. Falling down and down, and then… she flew, up and up, feeling the wind beneath her, she was free, and she was flying home..

She had always known she could fly in the face of danger, she soared through the dark sky, leaving everything behind her. Her gaze was now on the Horizon, she saw the Light in the distance as she headed for it..

“ I am coming Home”

were her last thoughts ..

© Sue Dreamwalker – 2012 All rights reserved.

Based upon one of my many Dreams recently, I am always Flying in my Dreams, Does anyone else have flying dreams?

Colours are all around us.

Nature’s Colours

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Colours are all around us, but do we really see.

We take every thing for granted, and act so seriously

Have you ever stopped to think, if the world was black and white.

Close your eyes for a minute think! What if you had no sight?

Never to see a tree full with shades of green.

Never to know the blues of skies and ocean seas.

Come with me on a journey, back to nature and discover

Open your eyes see afresh a world full of colour.

Collecting sacks of yellow is our busy bumblebee.

Making lots of honey in his hide amongst the trees.

Surrounded by the flowers, whose colours are so bold?

Colours of a rainbow, now there’s your pot of gold.

Rose red, primrose yellow, oranges and apples green.

Tell me, who created all these lovely scenes.

Dazzling bright, smoothly blending, colours of the spectrum.

Every colour you can imagine is Gods almighty emblem.

Eagles circling with effortless ease, around a snow capped mountain

Reflecting sunlight upon a lake. Cascading like a fountain.

Wildlife in our forests before they cut the trees,

Tiger, Bear, and Panda and swinging Chimpanzees

Icecaps snowy beauty of Seal and Polar Bear,

Icebergs that comes crashing in the warming sunny glare.

The fish deep in the ocean, the salmon in the stream.

All full of beauty, much better than any dream.

So when you next open up your eyes.

Look and SEE you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

At the beauty, which surrounds us, and it’s absolutely free.

For which I pray to thank our Creator, most gratefully.

© Sue Dreamwalker – 2012 All rights reserved.

Shifting Sands..


Having had a few days relaxing by the Ocean it was nice to just chill and watch the waves roll onto the shore as I sat on the beach looking out to sea.

Often we forget to have any ‘Me’ time, and I have to say I enjoyed a whole day just doing nothing, but reading, watching the ocean and the Sky and absorbing that wonderful refreshing air only the ocean can give us.. Nothing compares with that fragrance of Sea Salt in the air as I let the breeze wash over me cleansing my spirit as I let go of everyday problems..

I never go far without my journal and I was soon inspired to write a verse. and I took a photo which I’ve uploaded here which I think captures the poem which I wrote while looking out at this scene..

It isn’t long before Nature reclaims back, as you can see the sand had crept up these steps.. Out in the distance is the Wind-Farms.. A local man we spoke too complained bitterly of his view being spoiled.. While I said I would sooner have Wind farms than  a nuclear power station upon my doorstep…He turned his grumbling onto some other topic.. Some times that’s just the way of some people they have to Grumble about something.. And they Don’t Like Change.. But like the Sands as the wind shifts them, we have to understand that everything changes, nothing stays the same for ever.. And we need to embrace Change or we become stagnant and static..

I watched as the fishing boat trawled up and down most of the morning and I wondered what it was fishing as the gulls swooped in its wake.

I know I hauled in some Sea Energy that day.. 

And it was a Great Catch of the Day.


 Shifting Sands

Shifting Sands.

How do you capture the scene of your eyes?

As fishermen travel under blue skies

How do you capture the ebb and flow?

As the ocean speaks and you want time to go slow

How do you capture the cry of a gull?

As they swoop on down casting shadows so dull

How do you capture the sand as it drifts?

As it moves on the wind as it constantly shifts

How do you capture the smell of sea air

As to the horizon you sit and stare

How do you capture the sun on your skin?

As you sit on the shore and breathe everything in

How do you capture the beauty of this earth?

As you breathe in her essence and feel her worth

How do you Capture the Scene of your Eyes?

I write down these words with inward sighs.

© Sue Dreamwalker – 2011 All rights reserved.


Save These Dolphins


This post I have to share with all of my subscribers as I have received an email from ‘The Avazz Team’ to be found here if you want information about them, They help to organise petitions around the world where there is Crisis, and have helped save many from their plights.  http://www.avaaz.org/en/

Dolphins have always been close to my heart.. Intelligent, playful and a species that is fast under attack in many ways being caught up in fishing nets etc and drowning.. Whales and Dolphins have a role to play upon this Earth, with their Song and Sonar which for some reading this may think nonsense, but I have long known their importance upon this Earth and its heart breaking when I read about their deaths and the way mankind treats  all our aquatic life..

This Pod of Dolphins were swimming peacefully in Solomon Islands  when they were captured by nets which trapped 25 Wild Dolphins.. They were Caught to be used in a Luxury Resort of World Sentosa as they want a new attraction..

They are now locked in pens, apparently starved of food.  For wild Dolphins this must be torture and as the email states, not only because their freedom has been curtailed, but because their powerful Sonar bounces off the walls. Many captive Dolphins die young from stress induced illnesses.

It is estimated that if World Sentosa if successful in keeping the Dolphins then at least half could die within the first two years and it could legitimise the banned practice of capturing  Wild Dolphins. which could open up all sorts of flood gates.. 

Resorts World  had to abandon its plans for a whale shark exhibit  because of a huge outcry which threated their reputation 2 yrs ago So help me help them..

All you have to do is follow the Link and Sign the Petition I have belonged to Avazz  for a number of years and they really do make a difference with our help.. in helping people in Crisis and our Animal Kingdom that cannot speak up for itself. 

So Thank you and please help Save these Sad Dolphins.  


Sign now and forward this to everyone:


Thank you Sue Dreamwalker

Ocean of Love


Our Love is like an Ocean as deep as it can be

Waves crashing to the shore, I love you, can’t you see

The spray of salty droplets like diamonds on your skin

The rhythm of your breathing as I sigh and let you in

Caressing every curvature, hugging coastline sand

Melting sandcastles, built by your own hand

Your name I write over and over on the shore

Surrounded by the shells that you found which I adore

The Sun is welcoming us as we enjoy another day.

We laugh and we frolic, among the waves and spray

We move with the tide that has its ebb and flow

And I dive with the Dolphin, as in ecstasy let go..

The whale too will sing you my lover’s tune

As we float among the stars by the light of Silver Moon

So remember well my love, as you watch the waves at play

For my love is like the Ocean and its sent to you this day..

Dedicated to Currie, I hope you soon find some Romance in your life my dear friend..

© Sue Dreamwalker 2011 All rights reserved.

Flying over Rainbows and Diving into the Ocean of Life


Rainbow Spirals.

Lifting my thoughts through the misty grey
I close my eyes breathing in this day
I watch as the leaves whip up and swirl
Caught in the wind as they scatter and hurl.

I sigh inwards as outwards I gaze
Projecting my thoughts through the grey misty haze
A sky so sullen as it cries yet more tears
As my thought they go backwards through Aeons of years

To the time when I knew you and you held me so tight
When the skies held such promise of love and pure light
I remember it well when thought worked its best
Where within crystals caverns we roamed with the rest.

Deep in the vale we spun threads with our minds
Where beauty and nature lived free with mankind
We flew over rainbows and dived in the sea
Creating a window in creativity

Our lights danced with the fire flies that glow in the night
And your love held me warm as I bathed in your light
And now as I plummet back down to this earth
As the negative seas wash us before our rebirth

I hold out my heart as you grasp tight its beat
For my love is united as once more we greet
You followed me down past the spiral of stars
As you hurtled past Venus and flew over Mars

For such was a love no time could hold back
For now I’m home and there is nothing I lack
For your Light is the pure pleasure I seek
At last in our rapture no slave to the meek

We spin now together in the foam of the swell
And our ocean runs deep as forever we dwell
Returning to Light in the consciousness heart
Forever together never to part.


We can overcome anything in life by the power of our thought to over come the hurdles in life. All we need is to use our minds, and live from the Heart, And know we are All loved.. And to remember we all need to love ourselves a little more.


©Sue Dreamwalker 2011 All rights reserved.


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