Peace And Freedom.



Peace it the place I dwell..

Up in the mountains… casting a spell

Of tranquil bliss, where Eagles soar

Away from man’s roar..

Peace is the heart of natures Bliss

A rivers tears and dewdrop kiss

A leaf that floats across the sky

The smell of Earth, I ask her why

I feel her lonely heartbeat score…

I close my eyes……I feel Peace.. And More…

Peace is the quiet breath in early morn

When one opens your eyes to early dawn

When shadows no longer hold the dark

But when Peace is filled in Dawns red Heart..

Listen to the song of early light

When birds rise bringing their delight

Into a Day they worry not how to survive

But they Sing their joy as on wings they dive

Peace is the closed eyelids of a babies sleep

A mother’s love in whose arms she keeps

them tight and safe within slumbered dreams

I close my eyes…. I feel Peace … And More….

Peace is the sweep of artists brush

As colours create the mountain hush

As clouds roll by on heavens sky

Peace is the shooting star that falls from high

But the best of these is as you close your eyes

As you hear the silence of your inward sighs

Listen now to the Peace within

as your mind is emptied of cutter and din

For I close my eyes ….

I feel Peace….

And More……………………..

By Sue Dreamwalker

Wishing you all a Peaceful Week

As I searched for a suitable photo I remembered something I watched which took my breath away..

I hope you enjoy the accompanying Video as much as I did..

Escape ~ A Short Story.

Something a Little Different for some Light reading.

Cosmic Waves


She ran bare foot in the darkness digging her soles into the soft grainy sand.

It was pitch black, not even the Moon lit her pathway. Her breath came in short sharp bursts matching her steps. The path she knew by memory got steeper, as deeper her feet dug into the shifting sands.

Pebbles now dug into her feet, she altered her position getting her bearings until the softness of sand was under foot again as she felt the small clumps of grass brush her legs, she knew now she was on the right track.

She needed to run faster for they were behind her, She knew she hadn’t long as she heard the noise of the engines behind her as around 50 yards to her right through the trees was the old road. The convoy was behind her gaining speed..

Her feet now were covering the hardened earth as higher and higher she climbed, half running, scrambling over unseen obstacles.

She saw the outline of trees to her left and dived amongst them as the beam of light shone in front of her. The motorcycle with the uniformed rider drove past her hiding place at speed, kicking up the sand and dust in his wake.

She counted to Ten, took another deep breath and set of running again higher and steeper, every step taking the breath from her lungs

But she knew she couldn’t stop, for the Wagons were coming.

She was alert with all her senses coming into play, as she ran through the darkness, relying on her awareness of memory of the trail and her sense of touch as well as her sixth sense that instinctively kicked in.

Her heart beat loudly in her ears as the sweat oozed from every pore. The noise from the wagons now droned behind her, she had to get to the top, and then she knew she would be safe. But as hard as she ran the steeper and harder it became and it slowed her progress.

The searchlight from the lead wagon was switched on, its beam shot a line through the trees behind her. She had to stick to the path for a while longer yet, to detour now into the unknown forest would be fatal

Her limbs ached as her lungs wanted to explode as the pain of running so fast and hard overwhelmed her.

She gritted her teeth in her determination as she dug her feet deeper into the moving slope, knowing her feet were bleeding, she focused on her climb as the sand bank slipped beneath her steps. Her instincts told her she hadn’t much further to go and she would be safe..

“ Keep going, keep going” she told herself, until she felt the blast of the ocean breeze hit her face. The wind hit her, blowing her hair back from where it has stuck upon her sweat laden brow, waking her senses. She breathed in deep gulping at the cold sea air as she heard the crashing waves below.

The wagons of war roared louder behind her and she knew it was now or never to put her faith to the test.

The Moon surfaced from behind the clouds casting some light upon her path. She was there, right on the edge.. She stopped. Knowing there was no way back.

She looked behind to see the head lights had stopped where the road had ran out. Torch light now was seen blinking up and down the track she’d just climbed as the soldiers followed her path.

She knew she could do it.. She just needed faith.

She smiled as the Moon sprinkled her light upon the scene. Showing her standing on the edge of the cliff, with the ocean waves crashing beneath her.

She took a deep breath as she raised her arms skyward as in some ritual.

She gave herself the command..


as she launched herself off the cliff face. Falling down and down, and then… she flew, up and up, feeling the wind beneath her, she was free, and she was flying home..

She had always known she could fly in the face of danger, she soared through the dark sky, leaving everything behind her. Her gaze was now on the Horizon, she saw the Light in the distance as she headed for it..

“ I am coming Home”

were her last thoughts ..

© Sue Dreamwalker – 2012 All rights reserved.

Based upon one of my many Dreams recently, I am always Flying in my Dreams, Does anyone else have flying dreams?

Spinning Threads



Spinning Threads

I’m spinning a spiral of threads to catch the light
And each one I weave brings new insights
Many years in this cocoon I’ve been caught
But soon my wings will fly fearing nought
For the life that I led has been transformed
All will be revealed in this New Dawn

Freedoms at last as we all escape
Flex your wings don’t hesitate.
We shake off the shell of the cocoons grasp
To become that which we are at last
For once more we return to that from which we came
As this is the finish, the End of the Game

A mortal serpent coiled in its ring
To spiral on out to leap up and Sting
Look to the skies for your answers lie their
Which were always within you so do not despair.
To unlock the spiral hold light in your eye
Let go of illusion be ready to fly.

For this world that we know will soon spin a web
To stop all the hatred that’s killing her dead.
To combat the Fear spin your own nest
Out of love and forgiveness just trying your best
Help up your neighbour don’t be selfish or mean
For the chaos around you is soon to be seen

Believe not the powers but follow your hearts
For WE spin the web and make a new start
Free your Mind of the indoctrinate thought
Break free from the shell in which you are caught
And embrace the threads of goodness and Peace
And Help Mother Earth and ourselves to release

A new Dawn is coming be ready be brave.
For your web of thoughts will set a new stage
And we are the people with one common theme
So live from the heart and follow your dreams.



© Sue Dreamwalker  2011 All rights reserved.


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