My World~ Our Mother



My World, Our Mother


I sit within my own space looking out at upon the world

And what I see upsets me, as events unfurl.

Strong that I am, for I came to be part of the ALL

I play my role, even though that part is small.

I try to spread a little light along the rugged road

And open up our thoughts to lighten up the load

But sometimes I can’t shake the disappointments of our Earth

And others need to remind me, of my inner self and worth

The division between the nations, the wars, the suffering

Help me put into perceptive my own minds meanderings

One thing I know for certain, is that united we must stand

And not let our differences stop us from reaching out our hands

In helping fellow beings as events begin to unfold

And let them know we care, so reach out to them and hold.

For alone we think we stand, and yet many see their plight

And awaken to the knowledge of our Earth’s daily fight

Spread Peace to each other, don’t get caught up within the Fear

And light will illuminate the darkness as Earth she sheds a tear

For she is another victim, who now shouts out in pain

And her only voice is thunder, lightning, earthquakes, rain.

So join your hands together and repeat these words with me

We Bless you Mother Earth, and thank you gracefully

I sit now in my space, sending prayers out to the world

And ask that I be stronger, as I watch events unfurl.



©  Sue Dreamwalker  201 6 All rights reserved.

As we send out our thoughts throughout the world for healing and for Peace, I thought you may like to join in a Global Meditation which is to take place on the 17th January with Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, join him in a One World One Meditation

 On this date He will ‘lead an online meditation where thousands across the globe will start the New Year by meditating for global peace. The event will be streamed over Facebook from 8 PM IST onwards and will be open to all.’

I am not on FB, but Nihar kindly supplied me with the Links Below. 

Times are 6:30 PST~ 14:30 GMT ~20:00 IST on the 17th January 2016

Love And Blessings


Our Responsibility~ Gaia Meditations

The Healing Begins: ~Responsibility~


My art of a past dream Click picture to read the dream.

…….‘Our Free Will had been part of our demise, and yet it would be our ‘Free Will’ which would help heal Mother Gaia. And each were responsible for our thoughts and actions……..”


During one of the woman’s meditations with our Earth Mother, she had mentally asked about the ‘disease of mankind’ of his greed and how among such beauty had man chose his present path. Which had led to such pollution, destruction of habitats and species, and how can individuals help to change the world for the better?


The woman had sat focused upon the flame of a candle and the light of it showed her the beauty and purity of the Earth as it evolved. She saw how each of the species had chosen to be seeded and how those higher beings within creation had a master plan. She saw the whole Universe breathe in and breathe out, as the vibration of creation moved as one. She saw the atoms spinning and was made to understand that each atom within its space was connected to the next.. And if one moved one atom then all other atoms had to move for one affected all, and that all were vibration.

Her vision then took her through her own body showing her the cells within her that died and were replaced.. Nothing was lost. The woman realised that she too was her own Universe forever being created a new. She felt the same, and yet her body was never the same for it was constantly changing… Renewing, Replenishing, Transforming..

She was shown how her thoughts through the years had created the blockages within her system.. The vortexes of light within her spinning chakras in some area’s now lacked the life force they should have. She understood how through the years this had affected her energies. Amplifying her unworthiness, and her fear of rejection, affecting her  lack of self love. Her  thoughts within creating her energy body.. All came in a flash within her mind.

She was shown we were far from alone, and that we were still being guided and watched over, and that we each hold the ‘Key’ within us to help our Earth Mother. Our Free Will had been part of our demise, and yet it would be our ‘Free Will’ which would help heal Mother Gaia. And each were responsible for our thoughts and actions..

Sing your Song for the Trees of the Earth

Sing your Song for the Trees of the Earth

She was taken up high out of her body to sit in space above the blue planet. She was permitted to see the many Ley lines of energy that girthed the planet. She saw how some were strong while others were weakened and others appeared broken, disconnected, lifeless lines that although visible had no energy running through them.

The woman saw how many souls were still Earth bound, trapped within the perpetual cycles of Attachments of Desires, Greed, Guilt, Anger, Grief, held entrapped, held prisoners by the very same thing that had given them Freedom of choice.. ‘Freewill’… Each soul/Cell weighed down in the density of matter affecting the whole of consciousness, which in turn fed thoughts within the creation of reality. As around and around they span..

Yet she saw too how change was spreading as more now were asking questions, and seeking answers from both science and their governments. No longer were people readily in acceptance of control, ‘Free-will’ was dictating the need of responsibility which was accelerating humanities desire for harmony.

Acceleration was now a tangible feeling as Time it’s self seemed to spin ever faster and yet confusion was still within many as the energies tossed them around creating a feeling of anticipation yet it held so much fear, for many still had not awoken to themselves. And could not trust their intuitive inner Being.

More Meditations to follow. 



Listening within the Heart of Gaia~ Part Two


A favourite woodland walk

For days the woman was slightly dazed, floating around trying to verbalise her thoughts, yet each time she sat down to write nothing would come.

In the meantime our Earth Mother Gaia was speaking; she blew her thoughts through the creaking of branches that snapped beneath her breath. Her tears fell so hard upon the hilltops, that her storm was given  the name of Storm Desmond   Her tears filled the rivers which broke their banks to touch more lives with her sorrow… It seemed our Earth Mother knew not when to stop her tears as so much fell in one place .She broke bridges, roads and many hearts that day..

But  the Earth Mother’s plan although not clear to many brought our yet more ‘Compassion’ that was so lacking upon this stiff upper lip Island that once had conquered an Empire.. She was teaching us through compassion and showing us how much attachment we put upon all we possess, that within the blink of an eye can be taken.. 

The Woman looked deeper at her Earth Mother as she felt the weight of Gaia’s task.. The woman walked in nature in silence taking note of how the seasons were changing. The wind was so warm for December and spring bulbs were already pushing their way through the earth some already in bloom


Bulbs in my garden last year.. But I have seen daffodils out already in bloom.. So warm Gaia’s breath right now..


The woman listened to Gaia and sat in long silent meditations seeking the words that would not come.  She told her friends she needed time to think and would visit them by the magic of technology only to find many were feeling the same as she, as the energies spread out to ripple around the world..

She was amazed at the synchronicities of thought, telling them she would explain her own soon.. Old friends upon the web of magic got in touch, one leaving her a gift of a meditation.. She knew this was not by chance..

So she sat that afternoon and went deeper within the magical visions of the mediation and went to bed that evening feeling fine.. Yet she awoke with a fire that scorched her dry throat, glancing at the clock which said 3:33…  So painful she could hardly swallow. For 3 days she nursed herself with herbs and tinctures knowing her body was now releasing that which had been held within her throat chakra for so long… She coughed and spluttered gasping for breath as her thoughts began to unravel that which had been tangled and strangling her voice like the ‘Yarn’ in the poem  Unravelled Yarn   which had spoke so clearly to her heart a few days prior.. 

The Woman is healing from within and has more to share from her insights given, she knows her journey is joined by many Sisters and Brothers who are also feeling the Shift that is gathering momentum..

And she gives thanks for their hearts in standing by her side..

In Love and Gratitude

More to follow Soon  


Everyone is Looking Outside themselves..

Below is part of a post I wrote in 2012, I was searching through my archives today as I re-read the words I had written.  The original  Full post and it’s theme is HERE with more interesting comments ..Below is an edited version of my thoughts as I picked out a few paragraphs..

Wishing you all a Peaceful Beautiful week as I send you all of my Love and Gratitude … Sue x 

We are all of us right now looking for something, whether it is peace or our fortunes, we are all of us searching for something,………….

We have all seen events around our world, where anger and bloodshed has spilled out onto the streets in various conflicts which now affect different parts of the world. And we have seen how quickly this can spread…

So those who have been following my blog will also know how much importance I have put into thinking Positive thoughts and putting Positive energy out there, for like a pebble in a pool of water it will spread out through our Collective Consciousness  just the same.. An example of that is how suddenly an event can cause an emotional response within us. Causing Anger, Sadness, Happiness, Elation, etc.

“We have to understand we are all one family.. When one member of one’s family is ill, it has an effect upon the rest of the family..In turn each person’s health is affected by the environment, community, society the whole world.. We all of us get to use our feelings and emotions as we use them to either feel strongly about global issues such as climate changes, famine, poverty and so on..adding our energy of greed, anger, hatred, guilt, sorrow or joy… it all adds to the mix.. Our family is sick, as we see many Nations now falling ill… So too our World is Sick.. she is being poisoned.

If we can change , the world can change..


“When we get a virus within our bodies our immune system kicks in to defend it.. We have to understand that we have become the Virus upon this planet.. WE are the ones destroying our environment.. We are the Cancer that is eating away at her..

When we can change our own values of living. And learn that we are ALL of us connected… The more we start and live in love and from our hearts instead of in Fear and anger, we will then start to see a world that works towards harmony and Peace..

It all starts with Self, as we begin to heal ourselves from within.. letting go of those emotions which affect our health and affect our world. We need to let go of Greed, Hate, Power and Control. 

To heal the world we have to see we are the community, we are the society we are the nation.. Once we change the way we think and perceive and behave.. We change the World…”

Everyone is looking outside of themselves for solutions!

May we all find LOVE in our hearts and begin to share it. 

© Sue Dreamwalker – 2012-2015

The Storm

The Storm

Outside my window the wind does rage

Roaring her might like a lion who is caged 

She pushes with strength against the bars of the trees

Tossing her head in the dance  of the leaves


Down comes the rain in torrents she bleeds

As she shouts out her anger she screeches and pleads

To all who will listen and all who will learn

When you mess with nature your fingers get burned


Finding her voice she gathers her strength

She spins in her vortex, unwinding her length

Crossing the ocean, whipping up spray

Teaching respect, the Earth Mother Way


Like children being scolded her breath as the lash

She gives us a beating to keep to the path

She dishes out medicine we find hard to swallow

Destroying possessions and the greed of tomorrow


She’ll teach us with Air, she’ll teach us with flood

She’ll shake us awake and spill of our blood

Her balance upset, unstable she’s become

Mankind will learn, her lessons have begun 

©  Sue Dreamwalker  2015

All around the world we are now seeing unprecedented storms of gathering magnitude. At the moment we have Abigail  sweeping the UK. The brunt of the storm hitting Scotland. But here in the Midlands the winds have been fierce with branches from trees falling and slates from roofs falling.

The above poem I wrote while listening to the wind as she battered our windows.. 

Wishing you a Peaceful weekend,

and stay safe where ever you may be..

Love and Blessings



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