A World of Taboo.

Today I sat out in the sun enjoying the Sun and Peacefulness of my garden, as Summer graced my day… I am always sending out my gratitude and thanks to the Universe for all I have in my life.

Many around our world are not so fortunate, and my thoughts turned to all those Nations  caught up with wars as innocents die, while just as many turn a blind eye.

I thought of those in other places, where they starve for lack of food and water..And my thoughts too went to the recent insane shootings in the USA. This world has so much turmoil and conflict. And yet here I was surrounded by Peace!..

I thought how many young children are having to fend for themselves as they are orphaned or abandoned around our world, their plights go unheard and unnoticed. And my heart wept in silent tears for all the Children of our World.. So out came my note book and pen… as I wrote this poem today.. As I thought how lucky we are…. and how many Children of our world Suffer.. And all of them need our Love..

The Time for Children

Mellow days lasing in the Sun

With gentle breeze Summer’s just begun

With meadow fields, and flowers wild

I sit with memories of a child.

Climbing hills and running fast

A childhood day forever lasts

Of tastes and smells and smiles of glee

If only a child we all could be.

To see the Earth with eyes anew

And trust the world not to be taboo

Where danger lurks around every bend

I wish the Universe a child could send

To show us where our race went wrong,

And bring back the Spirit of innocence song

Where children laughed and were unafraid

To respect and care throughout our days

But sadly we seem to have lost our way

Where no one listens to words we say

Respect is forfeited only for Gold

And Human life is bought and sold

And as mellow as my day is here in the Sun

I know of others sorrow because of the Gun

As innocent blood is spilled on ground

While my heart weeps in the silence of sound

Where are our hearts? Where have they gone?

What happened to our Children that grew up with Gun?

Enjoy every moment before it’s too late

Teach only love and let go of the hate

Remember the Children they are our Future too

And all are special including you

So nurture our Children and show them the way

Teach them to Love, and respect everyday

So as they grow older they won’t be so sad,

Knowing life dealt them harshness in a world that turned bad.

And someday they may sit and reflect as I do

On a World full of love instead of taboo.

© Sue Dreamwalker – 2012 All rights reserved.

This is a Charity I support. Save the Children They need our Help and love.. Our Children are our future..

Sue Dreamwalker

The Sun, Our life-Giver~The Light

“Three things cannot be long hidden,

The Sun, The Moon, and the Truth”

~Buddha ~

Most people would say that the United Kingdom is renown for the rain, But never in my life time have I seen so much drop all at once in what appears tropical storms of torrential rain.

To say Summer has been more or less none existent is an understatement, with rainfall in June doubling that of pervious records. Here our crops are rotting due to the excessive rain water and flooded fields. And many places are being flooded, not only here but all around the world we are seeing these extremes in weather patterns.. And my thoughts go out to all those affected by such storms who have lost lives, homes and livelihoods.  

What ever the reason, here in the UK we haven’t seen much of the Sun recently.. only through the clouds,Until the beginning of this week, where it now blazes brightly in the sky..  But even when it was raining so heavy I have felt the Sun’s affects none the less.. For there has also been a lot of Solar Activity with massive Solar Flares reaching out their high energy particles into space, over the last few months especially. In fact some of these have been hitting our Earths atmosphere causing Geo-magnetic storms.

Usually the Earths own magnetosphere shields us from the most harmful effects , but for the last couple of years NASA, and other web-sites have been showing us how those Solar Flares have disrupted satellites and can knock out Electricity grids.   But what isn’t being discussed are the affects the Suns’ solar activity has upon our own energy and nervous systems.

Now many of us associate the Moon with various mood swings as it affects us.. If it can pull our tides back and forth.. We being water based, is it any wonder we too are pulled back and forth within our emotions.. So what effects do you think the Sun has upon the planet being so much more powerful. So what affects has the Sun got upon us?

Well researchers are now collecting data together and many are agreeing that the Solar activity during solar storms can affect our mental and emotional well-being. 

Our Universe is made up of electro-magnetic pulses, So too do we have electro-magnetic fields, which you can see through our Aura’s you can see some of our Auric energy in photos Here, And as the Solar flares put the Earths own magnetic fields under pressure, so do ours come under pressure as our Emotions change when the solar storms affects our brainwaves.. This affects our Pineal gland, our spiritual connection to our Psychic abilities an intuition, and regulates our melatonin production, which is sensitive to the magnetic fields.. When this is affected it sends our signals a bit haywire and so our emotions are all over the place.

I know from my own perspective and that of others who are aware of these solar flares and their influences upon our energy bodies . We have been going through our own personal changes and challenges. With many ups and downs..

Solar activity is bringing forward our subconscious fears and is shaking us up.. Some are releasing and letting go, while others cling to their addictions what ever it is we are experiencing we are all of us aware we are going through some sort of inner conflict as we search and try to make sense of our feelings. And our sixth sense tells us that our Weather patterns and some of our Human behaviours are not normal. As we see many doing Crazy insane things around our world.

The symptoms can be varied, from being extremely tired, achy, hot, with a brain that felt like its on fire.. With moods going from feeling happy, silly, sad, or mad within minutes. Heather Carlini of the Carlini Institute for Therapy and Research and Transpersonal Education has much to say upon the Solar Flares Symptoms Here

To read more of what Heather Carlini has to say about how the Solar Flares have an affect upon the Human Biological system you can read more Here The connection is also linked with the strong storms, winds, and Earthquake and volcanic activity which seems stronger after Solar activity.

From my own perspective, I know I have been feeling the effects and experiencing some of these symptoms, And I do believe as the solar energy is pulsing through our minds bodies and spirits, it is allowing new coding of our DNA to be opened, which is waking us up to our Freedoms .. We are seeing this happen around the world as those who have long been suppressed are seeking their liberty. And many are starting to question the establishment and those in control.

The Sun is in fact helping us clear out the Negative from our lives, This can often be a painful journey, as we try to adjust and clear out those emotions which we have carried with us for so long.

We need to be gentle with ourselves, and go within to ask our higher self to help us clear out that which we no longer need, as we rid ourselves of those things we rattle  our cages. It is surprising just what we hold within our stored memory banks, which we can also carry over from one lifetime to another..

What are your thoughts upon the Solar Flares?

Is this the first time you have heard about the connection?

And if not,, what symptoms have you been experiencing lately?

“Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for “fair use” for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favour of fair use.”

© Sue Dreamwalker – 2012 All rights reserved.

Strength, Bears, and Pastels Drawings.

I have long known that one of my Power Animals is that of the Bear.

Bears to me a special and it breaks my heart to see them hunted..

Below are two Bears I drew in Pastels, Both were given as presents to those I love as Birthdays Presents. 

For those who are interested in Animal Totems, here are a few things about The Bear that you may like to know. Some of their Traits are… 

Be Strong!

Trust your creative Expression

Look Inward to your Soul’s Den to find answers.

Qualities of the Bear Totem. can be found here and here.

Brown Bear

Polar Bear

Did you know that the Polar Bear’s hairs are hollow transparent tubes? and that is why the bears are white. Each hair acts like a solar heater, transmitting the weak sunlight directly to the skin.  Polar Bears are increasingly becoming under threat.. especially as global warming is melting the ice-caps To find out more click onto WWF Polar Bears

I hope you enjoyed viewing the Bears as much as I did creating them.

And to finish here are a wonderful couple of Quotes


"When all the dangerous cliffs are fenced off, all the trees that might fall on people are cut down, all of the insects that bite have been poisoned … and all of the grizzlies are dead because they are occasionally dangerous, the wilderness will not be made safe. Rather, the safety will have destroyed the wilderness."

– R. Yorke Edwards (Canadian environmentalist)


"The fate of bears in many areas of the world will be decided in the next 10-20 years. The future of several species is in serious doubt. The elimination of bears from 50-75% of their historic range has already occurred and the remaining range will decrease unless serious efforts are focused on bear conservation."

– Dr. Chris Servheen, biologist (1990 Report on the Status of Bears)


Sue Dreamwalker


Treat the Earth and Each other Well.

Proverb Native American.

It is through awareness and understanding that humanity can purify the individual and collective hearts and minds, necessary components to bring about peace on this planet. The great purification spoken about in Native American prophecy can be as kind and gentle as humanity wishes it to be. We can either wake up and do the internal work on ourselves, manifesting peace…or continue harbouring the fear and anger, manifesting war.

Mankind cannot become healthy unless there is the realization that we’re ill and, as a species, we are very, very sick…having spread the cancers of fear and anger that we carry within our collective conscious, manifesting these diseases in our outer world for all to see. Our outer world is but a mirror of our inner world. And, we are a world of pretenders, a great majority ignoring the pain brought about by unjustness in the world in which we live.

Most often, we deal with what we see and hear through apathy and anesthetizing ourselves with our addictions and burying our heads saying it’s not our problem.. But what is happening to our world is everyone’s concern.. As we see each day the way this world is falling apart at the seams. Even the weather is now reflecting back its own chaos, as our Seasons are becoming also mixed and confused. 

Perhaps the time has come to silence the drums of wars raging within as I see daily more and more people in anger, by diligently working on ourselves. I know I have been trying to work on my inner Spirit more and more as I come through my own tunnels of confusion and darkness..

Peace within is the only path to peace without.

The vibrations of war enslave not only individual souls but the collective soul of humanity as well.

When we start to unpeel the onion of truth, we will realize that this is only the beginning. Be prepared to have this onion of truth make you cry. Part of the tears will come because of the realization of how we have allowed ourselves to be duped by the illusions that have passed (and continue to pass) for truth for so long!

It is time now to awaken to those truths.. and find once again that peace we should all of us be sharing.. Do not allow yourselves to get swept within the emotional tides of Fear.. Share your love and your heart, be compassionate, and sharing, giving and caring.. These are the values society has traded in for gain and profit.. Power and control..

Its time as a collective to take our power back, and show others empathy, and caring, and become again united in that common goal of love..

And become as One.

And Live in Peace and Love..



"In early days we were close to nature. We judged time, weather conditions, and many things by the elements–the good earth, the blue sky, the flying of geese, and the changing winds.

We looked to these for guidance and answers. Our prayers and thanksgiving were said to the four winds–to the East, from whence the new day was born; to the South, which sent the warm breeze which gave a feeling of comfort; to the West, which ended the day and brought rest; and to the North, the Mother of winter whose sharp air awakened a time of preparation for the long days ahead.

We lived by God’s hand through nature and evaluated the changing winds to tell us or warn us of what was ahead.
Today we are again evaluating the changing winds. May we be strong in spirit and equal to our Fathers of another day in reading the signs accurately and interpreting them wisely.

May Wah-Kon-Tah, the Great Spirit, look down upon us, guide us, inspire us, and give us courage and wisdom. Above all, may He look down upon us and be pleased."

Above. Unknown Speaker addressing the National Congress of American Indians in the mid 1960’s

© Sue Dreamwalker – 2012 All rights reserved.

The Scars No One Sees..


This Post is a Repost I wrote in 2009, I was searching through my Achives as I was looking for inspiration.. and had forgotten I had written this post..
Today Many people are still Dealing with hurts of all kinds.. Working as I do to help support individuals live more independent Lives within the community, I come across many who are vulnerable and insecure..
We all of us go through life at one time or another, holding onto our hurts and wounds, and I have been no different.. I wrote this piece I think way back then to help me deal with my own hurts and wounds that I thought I had long since let go of, but like many shadows we carry, they often jump back out at us from those deep dark wells we hide within..
I will leave you now to read what I posted back in 2009, Oh and by the way.. The acupuncture is still ongoing for me, around every 3 weeks.. And its made a huge difference also to my well-being. I can definitely recommend it . .. Sue

Dealing with Hurt

Many of us are hurting; dealing with pain is a fact that affects almost all of our lives to some degree. Since the hurt we feel may be a part of the experiences that have touched us most deeply, we are often loathed to let it go.It is sometimes easier to keep our pain at our sides, where it acts as a shield that shelters us from others and gives us an identity—that of victim—from which we can draw bitter strength.

I was victim of feeling that my mother didn’t love me, She didn’t speak to me for 10 yrs,, And here I am still, 3 yrs after her passing, still holding onto that pain.. I realised on Monday when I went to have some acupuncture in the first course of treatment to try to help ease my own pains of living with Fibromyalgia.. FMS… I found myself in the consultation period telling the therapist about past illness and major events that I could recall in my life from childhood, And again and again the pain of my mother’s rejection hit home..

I work with individuals who have learning difficulties, and some of these people have led horrendous childhoods.. They too hold onto hurt, and perhaps can’t express that hurt as you or I.. And so they see and think differently from you or I.. Where you and I would express our thoughts with our words.. Some lash out with their fists, as that is all they were dealt when they were children.

However, pain’s universality can also empower us to use our hurt to help others heal. Since no pain is any greater or more profound than any other, what you feel can give you the ability to help bring about the recovery of individuals whose hurts are both similar to and vastly different from your own.. You can channel your pain into transformative and healing love that aids you in helping individuals on a one-to-one basis and spreading a tide of curative energy throughout the world… I try to do that with individuals I work with.. So you can then imagine my own hurt when I got assaulted by one of these individuals this week.. And once again I became a Victim..

But I needed to know that this experience also showed me something else, it gave me a sign.. It showed me that procedures within my workplace need to be re-evaluated,But it showed me once again how in a split second, Lives can be altered forever.. and it made me realise as I was comforting another service user who was upset by the attack on me, that there are many ways to use the hurt you feel to help others.

Your pain gives you a unique insight into the minds of people who have experienced trauma and heartache. You can draw from the wellspring of strength that allowed you to emerge on the other side of a painful experience and pass that strength to individuals still suffering from their wounds. You may be able to council individuals in need by showing them the coping methods that have helped you survive or simply by offering sympathy. A kinship can develop that allows you to relate more closely with those you are trying to aid and comfort.

Helping others can help your own heart grow stronger. In channelling your pain into compassionate service and watching others successfully recover, you may feel a sense of self-worth and optimism. To reach out to others can be the best way to declare to yourself and the world that your pain didn’t defeat you, and in fact it helped you heal. We are never given more than we can cope with, And with it comes our lessons upon our pathway.

The acupuncture was sharp, the assault hurt, but I realised that the pain I still carry is not be seen, But it’s still doing its damage.. FMS… Face My Self?.. I need to once again look in the mirror, and Let It GO…


Illuminating Blogger Award


Illuminating Blogger Award

Thank you to Michelle over at Dogkisses Blog  for awarding me this Illuminating Blogger Award.

This wonderful award you can give to any fellow blogger who in your opinion has an Illuminating and Informative Blog.

Dogkisses Blog is very informative has lots of Doggy Tales and is now full of Green Healing Therapy .. 

So thank you to Michelle for nominating Dreamwalker’s Sanctuary for this award.

To accept this award you need to thank the person who nominated you,

Include a courtesy link back to the official award site (http://foodstoriesblog.com/illuminating-blogger-award/) in your blog post. Lots of good food stories to be found here.

Share One Random thing about myself— Hummm that comes later so keep reading!..

Select at least five other bloggers that you enjoy reading their illuminating, informative posts and nominate them for the award.

Notify your nominees by leaving a comment on their blog, including a link to the award site (http://foodstoriesblog.com/illuminating-blogger-award/).

Now I have read many Informative blogs and Many Illuminating ones and to narrow them down to 5 is near enough impossible.. So Please those whose Blogs I have not mentioned here please do not be disappointed or offended. The Blogs that I have chosen are because to me they do Illuminate and give Love and light and Bring about that Feel good Facture .. And  some also teach us that Life is not always a bed of roses…  All things which this world needs right now.. as we awaken up to ourselves and what is needed to sort out our way of living and the way of the world.. and what needs to change in it, and how we can change ourselves. For it all starts with Self!..

We need Love and Lightness, but we also need to see the damage we do to our world .. Each of us now are starting to see we are sharing many emotional journeys as we ‘Feel’ the collective pain of others and the Earth’s own pain  as well as sharing the ‘Joy’.. of Laughter and Light..

The 5 blogs I nominate are these

Taste of Life by Sabina ~ Sabina’s posts are always uplifting as she shows us all we can overcome the obstacle’s life many throw our way. I love Sabina’s attitude to life.. And I always come away Smiling and nodding my head in agreement.. Thank you Sabina,

Creatingreciprocity  Although I have to admit, I do not visit Creating-reciprocity’s Blog as often as I should, when I do, I am always amazed at the different subject matter that is posted here.. I always come away feeling that my own lot in life is very blessed, as CR posts are focused on how we can live together in better harmony.. As they bring to our attention those who’s lot in life is not always so blessed. Sometimes Life is not all roses, but full of thorns for many..Thank you for enlightening us CR. 

Learning from Dogs. Is a delightful Blog, and its Author Paul set out to show us how we can all of us learn from Dogs.. His passion like many of us are our concerns at this time of Earth Changes, the climate and its effects and how our various governing bodies and scientific communities are dealing with that change, and how we all need to be aware of its affects upon us all including our animal kingdoms.. Paul and his wife also look after a menagerie of animals, including 11 dogs, many of them rescue dogs, 6 Cats,  and 4 Chickens .. And he still has time to post every day!. Well done Paul..

CatForsley.Me  Cat has become a wonderful inspiration  to me, as she shows how she has overcome her own obstacles, as she inspires others in her bright bubbly uplifting way of sheer joy and invigorating youthfulness.. Life is for living, and Cat’s poems and beautiful creative composition of Music and Songs she performs and sings have brought me nothing but joy. As she shares her thoughts on Life and Love, and shares and gives her heart to all who drop by..Love you Cat.. 

Zendictive  Zendictive, is just that, addictive, Arts Posts are  about Zen enlightenment. His Zen stories inspire, uplift and are a sheer joy to read. I just wish I had more hours in my day to do them all justice. His posts combine the philosophy of Zen with a ending Moral to the short Story.. If only we could all apply this way of living to our daily lives, what a world we would have created.. But its not too late to start, so drop on by. Thank you Art for sharing your wisdom.. 

I could have named ALL of my regular visitors here.. But I thought long and hard over the choices and hope I have given you a selection to choose from in both Illuminating and enlightening Blogs to visit. 

Now. for that all elusive One Random thing about myself???.. I have thought long and hard as to what would be of interest to my readers..

~ I spent 29 years working in various Textile Trades in Factories.. and  I counted out that for 18 of those years the rooms I worked in were windowless.. at 8 hours a Day most days ~ I missed a lot of Daylight..~ 

So  Go out and Enjoy Nature ~ I Do

Thank you again Michelle for this wonderful Award I have finally got there!!!.

Sue Dreamwalker





Colours are all around us.

Nature’s Colours

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Colours are all around us, but do we really see.

We take every thing for granted, and act so seriously

Have you ever stopped to think, if the world was black and white.

Close your eyes for a minute think! What if you had no sight?

Never to see a tree full with shades of green.

Never to know the blues of skies and ocean seas.

Come with me on a journey, back to nature and discover

Open your eyes see afresh a world full of colour.

Collecting sacks of yellow is our busy bumblebee.

Making lots of honey in his hide amongst the trees.

Surrounded by the flowers, whose colours are so bold?

Colours of a rainbow, now there’s your pot of gold.

Rose red, primrose yellow, oranges and apples green.

Tell me, who created all these lovely scenes.

Dazzling bright, smoothly blending, colours of the spectrum.

Every colour you can imagine is Gods almighty emblem.

Eagles circling with effortless ease, around a snow capped mountain

Reflecting sunlight upon a lake. Cascading like a fountain.

Wildlife in our forests before they cut the trees,

Tiger, Bear, and Panda and swinging Chimpanzees

Icecaps snowy beauty of Seal and Polar Bear,

Icebergs that comes crashing in the warming sunny glare.

The fish deep in the ocean, the salmon in the stream.

All full of beauty, much better than any dream.

So when you next open up your eyes.

Look and SEE you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

At the beauty, which surrounds us, and it’s absolutely free.

For which I pray to thank our Creator, most gratefully.

© Sue Dreamwalker – 2012 All rights reserved.

Ocean Break..

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An Ocean Break was required by the sea.. It gave me space and set my mind free,


I walked on the Sand and climbed up the cliffs, with wind in my hair the sea air uplifts..


I wanted to fly like the bird on the wing, Instead I just watched as the men did their thing… 


They flew over cliff soaring high like a gull. Excitement for all it sure wasn’t dull. 


Seafaring rides with pirates and crew, People who rode were numbered a few.


Higher up the coast was a wonderful sight. Where Seagulls did nest and were in constant flight.


The Lighthouse stood guard  on the edge of the cliff, and warned the sailors not to go adrift.

The East Coast of England.

Bridlington, And Flamborough Head Lighthouse

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