Take Up Your Arrow!


Take Up The Arrow



Our Circle Asked White Feather this question..


Trance Circle 7th Jan 2007.


Is there any other advice that you can give us at this moment in time to help ourselves or mankind to gain the most benefit from?


Small steps small steps, you are taking small steps, and we are well pleased with the steps taken so far. Do not run before you can walk.

 We have aimed an arrow, and it has fell in the correct place at each of your feet. It is up to you as individuals to take up the arrow and use it wisely….

We cannot determine how you live your lives. For you all have free will.

But we would ask, that as individuals, your intent, your view on life be reviewed and looked at in a different light to what you have perhaps done so in the past.

 Think not of just yourselves, but act selflessly.

Think of others and go forward. .. The Human race needs your love..

This little group of openhearted souls, eventually, we say eventually. Do not run, do not run. Will have its result. Will have its proof, Will bring that proof to the world as a whole.. How and when it will happen how is not for you not know.


For if we were to tell you the truth in essence now, you would run in the forests and hide.


 So we say take up the arrow, aim it well, you are not just a hunter.. You are gathering all to you, all that is important at this time. Are you not gathering knowledge to your selves?

 We are.

Are you not finding doors opening that you thought were closed? .. Stand firm, stand tall, aim straight, pull back your bow and let go. And know that where that arrow falls it is meant to be.  You are all meant to be.  At that place at that moment in time.

Fear not where it takes, but know deep within your own hearts the truth, feel it embrace it. …. For the door to our realm are about to open. And with it glad tidings we bring. For the world at this moment needs the truth.

All of you are experiencing what you are thinking is the truth. You perceive all of these things differently, each and every one of you perceive differently. We perceive things from the truths.


Thank you friend for allowing us to put the questions.


The Earth plane at this time ..is altering, as you know. The threads that you weave now as we have stated before will be woven into a larger blanket. ..

This will envelope those who wish to embrace that truth and knowledge..

You will not embrace all my friends. For all will turn and take their eyes away from truths love and light.

Many will wish to follow darker paths…

This is why we in our realm find it a necessity to intervene and we use the word intervene lightly, for we are not allowed to change free will of mankind.

 But we wish to help, to show him the error of thought and place him once again upon the paths of righteousness.


 This is no mean feet friends. This is serious business.


 You have all been chosen you all agreed to be chosen .Now is the time of your own truth where you stand tall and move one step forward into your own light.

Do so without fear friends, be not like our vehicle and shiver.


Thank you White feather. We thank you for allowing our questions to be asked, and for the answers we have received.


The Vehicle he referred to was myself, as I still was not comfortable in Trance state at that time. I first published this back in 2009 I now no longer sit for trance-work, but I do feel our Native American brothers close often in my Spiritual Work. 

I have added this entry now, as I feel many of us are now taking up our Arrows, and waking up to the truth that is surrounding us. Our Eyes are being opened to what is happening around our Globe.. 

Great hardships surround many places and people..

It is time for us all to search out the truth of our world, and follow our instincts and share once again our hearts with each other. We need to bring balance back. We need to align again with Nature and learn to help one another by sharing and caring for one another.

I have added a link Here to a new page I have added about the Hopi Prophecies 

Question, Seek out Truth, and Embrace Peace.


Sue Dreamwalker

Messages from Spirit Communicators.

Circle of Light


Honor the Sacred.
Honor the Earth, our Mother.
Honor the Elders.
Honor all with whom we share the Earth:-
Four-leggeds, two-leggeds, winged ones,
Swimmers, crawlers, plant and rock people.
Walk in balance and beauty.

~Native American Elder~

As promised I said I would post more upon the subject of Dolphins, and spirit communication.. These excepts were taken from  my own Spiritual Circle from  a Trance communication when we had a Q and A session.in 2007. The Communicator was a Native American Indian, And I channelled his answers during a Trance Session, as our group had many questions to put forward.

One such question touched upon the animal Kingdom.

Q.  It is regarding our animal kingdom; Can we actually tune into those vibrations from the animals. And can we learn lessons from them, through connecting one’s mind and one’s aura to the animals? Can we seek peace in doing this?

A.  You can learn many many lessons from the animal kingdom. The animal kingdom has chosen also to embark upon its own evolution within the earth’s realm. They have their own spirit, for they are spirit. The animals can communicate to each other. You can also communicate to the animals through the thought process. If you develop those thought processes and attune them to those of the animal kingdom. The animal kingdom has come to learn the human element of the earth. Also many lessons. The animals will help you to feel compassion to feel love. They also to make you feel gratitude, for do they not lay down their lives in order that you feed from them?

They come to this plane of existence knowing full well their destiny. But many of your animal kingdom, are also at this time feeling the vibration of the earth. For they are more in tune with the earths vibration than any human spirit.

And some of your animal kingdom is electing to leave this planet. Be aware, be aware and take notice. For not only the animals of the land. But also the aquatic life will also leave this earth plane. The whales have been persecuted, so have your dolphin.. They sing their songs in lament, and they weep.

But they are loyal, like most animals that you come into contact with; in regard to your, what you call your ‘pets’.

So too the aquatic life is there for a purpose. You do not see, you cannot understand within the limitations of your own human mind at this moment in time the results of what the animal kingdom do. But let me tell you, that when the whale sings and the dolphin cries, they do not just communicate to each other, they create a vibration of sound. That’s seals itself around your earth plane. It is helping to heal the Earth. And once they have done their job, they will elect to leave. Be aware, be aware……..

More questions were asked by our group members on different subjects, then R of our group asked.

Q. Ron: could I take you back to the question of the animals leaving the Earth. You said that when the whales and the dolphins had done their job and they had put their protective barrier of sound around the planet, or I might have misunderstood that. But that’s how I understood the statement. They would leave the earth. Did you mean as a complete species? Or as individuals?

A.  No brother, many of the dolphin and of the whale, many of your whales in your past were persecuted, were they not? They were yes. Many of your dolphins now, are they not dying needlessly? Absolutely,

The remaining dolphin the remaining whales have a specific purpose to do. Not just to exist within the ocean as a species of whale or dolphin, and to carry out their aquatic life. But like as souls they have come to this plane for a purpose. Whether they realise that purpose or not. Do you understand? And that purpose for many of the dolphin is with their creation of their clicks and sonar, and the whales with their sonar song is to help create a web around the plane of your earth. In order to heighten your vibration of your earth plane.

This has been going on not just in your lifetime. Do you understand? Yes I do. And it will continue in not just your lifetime but in the futures lifetime. We speak not just in time, as you know it. But as when the earth and her vibration will change. For then, for then my friend their job will be done. Do you understand now? Yes I do. It’s just that it breaks my heart that we have persecuted such beautiful species that are here specifically to help us and…….

My friends, my friend, you as a species do not just persecute the animal kingdom. You persecute each other. I know. And we from our realm have, and I as a soul, have also been upon that path of persecution. But we progress, we learn. We lift up our hearts to the light. And we learn. Mankind my friend has to learn. And you as a group upon this plane of existence, like many more likeminded souls, at this moment in time upon your earth. Are helping to bring about that change that is needed. You cannot see it, you cannot sense it. You may feel it so slightly. But that change my friends will come. And you are, and be thankful for that you are part of it.

We salute you. For we cannot do it by ourselves from our realm. You within this group are warriors of light. Go forward with love, with truth in your hearts. And hold your heads up high, and speak that truth.

Do not let not no man put you down for what you believe to be true.

For your standing firm in your beliefs will enable you to go forward in your own progression. But not only in your own progression, you are also helping the progression of mankind as a species. This is on going my friends, on going.

Does that answer your question? (Yes it does thank you.)

Q. Group member K: ok my question is this. How do we go about, I may phrase this wrong. How do we spread the light into the world as individuals and as a group? What is the best way forward? I don’t like to preach to people I feel it’s wrong, preaching.

A. That is an easy question to answer friend. To spread the light to people as an individual is to be true to one’s self.

Go out and speak only the truth. Do not judge, do not criticise another for an action, for you cannot understand why that individual is creating that action at that moment in time.

So do not judge another. Feel peace in your heart brother, and love. These are things that are simply said. But sometimes the simplest things as I believe we over heard you say earlier, are the hardest things to do. Yes.

Be simple. Keep it simple. I try to be simple ( Group chuckled).

Smile my friend smile; create with that smile that love that is felt deep within your heart. For you have a pure heart. Let it shine. And as you let it out, and let it shine, so you will find that those around you will also see that light within your own heart. And will shine back at you.

You will come across brother, many upon that path who would like to extinguish that light. That goes for all within this circle.

For believe me wherever there is two or three lights are gathered together, there is one light lurking a darker shade always lurks within the corner, ready to pounce.

It is the way of positive and negatives my friends. It is a Universal law that there has to be the opposites in order for each to exist. But we say my friend Light prevails. It will prevail over your Earth, but the dark side, the negative side, will always be in pursuit. Keep your joy and love in your heart.And that is how you spread the light. Has that answered your question?

Perfectly thank you.

It is my belief that this Grid around our Earth is now being activated in various places around our World.. The Dolphins have played a part in that activation as have the Whales..For all of us are playing our parts in helping our Earth Mother and ourselves Evolve and move into that Higher Vibration and embrace the ‘Light’

Many of our Dolphin are now electing to leave this planet.. Some say its because their Sonar is being affected by the magnetic forces around our planet altering… What ever it is, we have to agree that Changes are taking place around our planet which is affecting our aquatic and bird life.  Just follow some of these links to see just how many are leaving in the beginning of this year alone.Thanks go out to The Extinction Protocol on WordPress for all these links..And I have only touched upon a few.. 




Keep searching and seeking and Living from your hearts and understand that there is More to this Earth than the Human Race and our Material existence..


Humankind has not woven the web of life.
We are but one thread within it.
Whatever we do to the web, we do to ourselves.
All things are bound together.
All things connect.
~ Chief Seattle, 1854 ~

© Sue Dreamwalker – 2012 All rights reserved.

Weekend Away with Spirit

How can I convey a weekend full of wonderful light as I met old friends from previous gatherings of like minded individuals whose aim is working for the Spirit World to bring illumination and understanding into this realm of existence,  to prove that there is no death.. that we are All of us Spirit first and foremost.

PhotobucketHow can I express the joy and delight of listening to those departed souls who lived their lives as you and I going through their own experiences of living within the human form, and recounting their transition into that next vibration as they shared their stories of what awaits every soul.

Where do I start in telling you of the unconditional love of Spirit as they endeavour to communicate to us our lost ways, when much of humanity has Exited God Out with his EGOtistical ways

What can I write to convince my readers that those across the divide are trying their hardest to reawaken that Spirit within as we remember from whence we came and where we return.

How can I convey that all I’ve been writing about has been confirmed by Spirit to be Truth.. That our World is changing- rapidly so now, and that within our life time Money will cease to have value, And that much more chaos will be felt before we find our Spirituality again as a race of Human Beings..

And how throughout all of this they ask us to Trust in its process and not add our Fear to an already Out of Balanced world where Fear has been a key force in holding the Human Spirit down. As they ask us to love each other more and care..

How do I make all of you see that each of us are agreed to be here at this time of Great Change. We came to Free ourselves from the constraints we’ve created as we fell from our intended pathway of experiencing this wonderful Planet, this Living Library called Earth.

How do I tell you the excitement of of hearing from my own Father today who has been in the spirit world from 1998. He brought evidence through direct voice of a cockney boy Daniel. who relayed his message.. Letting me know to the exact time I called the Dr the night he took his transition .. 

He also brought evidence of his illness,and a memory only I remembered and which had been a family joke for many years when I was a small child. My Dad had taken me on a bus journey into a small town near our village and along the route ran a railway track, back then there were stream trains, and Dad said to me, I was 5 years old at the time.. “Look there’s a Chew Chew….” I apparently look at my father and said “ Daddy that’s not a chew chew .. Its a Train’… and the people on the Bus started to laugh… He told me that story over and over when I grew up saying I had made him feel so small that day with my grown up talk and his baby talk.. Smile  Today, he came through and said to Daniel, tell her about the Chew Chew train…. .. my heart leapt and tears sprang for this confirmed everything.. He also told me of his tobacco box he kept odd screws and bits of things in And a photo album that was battered which I have of his. And he said “ Girl, you will be alright, you will be fine Girl” those words to me are everything..

After a whole weekend workshop from 10am to 5-30pm and two evenings of talks and demo’s I more than tired, But so full up with love…and so very blessed to have witnessed the wonderful Physical Mediumistic Skills of Scott Milligan again both in Deep Trance and with Ectoplasm, as direct voice was used along with the construction of the voice box external to the medium whereby those from Spirit can blend their energies and speak in their Earth voice once again. We heard the Voice of Judy Garland who has been perfecting her skill at using the voice box as she sang with her pure voice for 5minutes in a range which is enabling the voice box to be developed so that soon loved ones who have passed to spirit can come and talk directly with sitters in the séance room…

My thanks go out to all those who helped bring our two worlds together this weekend,

And I shall be around to visit all my friends sometime soon during the next week.. Please have patience with me..

Love and Light to you all.. Sue Dreamwalker


Man And Beast.


“If all the beasts were gone,
men would die
from a great loneliness of spirit,
for whatever happens to the beasts
also happens to the man.
All things are connected.
Whatever befalls the Earth
befalls the sons of the Earth.”

― Chief Seattle .


I was looking back through some of my achieves I wrote down from transcripts from recordings  of my trance sessions way back in 2007. And came across this excerpt  today of when a regular communicator White Feather came to talk to our Group through myself. He spoke of many things but this jumped out at me today.

“You can learn many many lessons from the animal kingdom. The animal kingdom has chosen also to embark upon its own evolution within the earth realm. They have their own spirit, for they are spirit. The animals can communicate to each other. You can also communicate to the animals through the thought process. If you develop those thought processes and attune them to those of the animal kingdom. The animal kingdom has come to learn the human element of the earth. Also many lessons. The animals will help you to feel compassion to feel love. They also to make you feel gratitude, for do they not lay down their lives in order that you feed from them?

They come to this plane of existence knowing full well their destiny. But many of your animal kingdom, are also at this time feeling the vibration of the earth. For they are more in tune with the earths vibration than any human spirit.

And some of your animal kingdom is electing to leave this planet. Be aware, be aware and take notice. For not only the animals of the land. But also the aquatic life will also leave this earth plane. The whales have been persecuted, so have your dolphin.. They sing their songs in lament, and they weep.

But they are loyal, like most animals that you come into contact with; in regard to your, what you call your ‘pets’.

So too the aquatic life is there for a purpose. You do not see, you cannot understand within the limitations of you’re your own human mind at this moment in time the results of what the animal kingdom do. But let me tell you, that when the whale sings and the dolphin cries, they do not just communicate to each other, they create a vibration of sound. That’s seals itself around your earth plane. It is helping to heal the Earth. And once they have done their job, they will elect to leave. Be aware, be aware.”

Is it any wonder our Wild life is electing to vacate this planet given that we have polluted its oceans,waterways and skies putting great wounds in the landscape, leaving huge scars as we rip great swaths of Forests tearing up our Mother Earth and destroying habitats and putting many of our animal species on the endangered list .

We need to understand how we are destroying our Environment. 

Our Native American Indian Brothers have long known that we need to honour our Earth and Animal Kingdom and have foretold many things which have come to pass as truth in their Prophecies.

Our Animals upon this planet are part of our Family. They are more in tune with our Earth Mother, and link into her vibration..I have been told and know that our Whales and Dolphins are  helping to hold Earth’s Vibration, and use the vibration of sound not only to communicate, but to heal…. As some humans have had the privilege of knowing .   

Indigenous Native American Prophecy Pt 3 by MadRazorRay.

I hope you will follow a few of the links I have placed here,

I also ask that you send our your thoughts/Prayers to those Family members of ours who cant speak for themselves..

As we Humans systematically Destroy Our World.. 

For we are ALL ONE ..  

© Sue Dreamwalker – 2012 All rights reserved.

A True Story from 2008 Re-Post


A True Story..

Many years ago, I was privileged to sit as a guest in a physical phenomena circle. Of a renowned physical Medium. Where upon I witnessed the materialization of the Spirit Form, from the world of Spirit.

I was privileged to shake hands with a man named Walter Stewart Stinson who was the spirit helper of the Medium. He had been in the world of spirit at that time for just over 80 years..He had died in 1911 in a railway accident.. His hand was warm and full of life, his grip was firm and strong, and as solid as any handshake I had experienced upon the Earth plane.

Walter spoke in the broad drawl of his American Boston accent and was full of charm, and he definitely had an eye for the ladies when alive, and he hadn’t changed as he paid the ladies in the circle his compliments.

I had sat in various circles of physical phenomena witnessing various manifestations from spirit hands being formed from ectoplasm, to hearing the crackling of an old gent’s voice as he projected his voice box into ectoplasm contained within a trumpet shaped device to enable him to speak directly to his grieving daughter . Such has been my experiences as a Spiritual Medium. As well as linking with my own guides to deliver messages from the Spirit world to enable their love ones move on or to help see them through their earthy problems.

And now I have come full circle, and for several years I have run my own Spiritual Development/Awareness circle, helping to bring out those gifts that lay dormant in many of us, helping those who wish to develop these gifts, by training them how to reach out to the Spirit world that many upon our Earth plane still doubt the existence of, and yet whom all wish to go heaven when they die.

I wish to tell you a story of a young woman… A girl called Jane.. Jane came to talk to our group.. Jane was dead.. But came to talk to us via me, as I went into a Trance state… She was also seen in an overshadowing and sketched by our Artist Medium in our group.

I want to tell you a story of Jane’s Heaven..And a Story she told to us.


Jane was a young girl who when alive lived in Wales in the U.K. She came and spoke with the soft lilt of the Welsh accent and first introduced herself to the group with a beautiful singing voice. She told us of a place of beauty where she resided now in the spirit kingdom and of her life when on the Earth plane.

She spoke of the period of time she lived with long dresses and bonnets, her father was a pastor they lived in a rundown rectory with leaking roof, she spoke of the poor of that time, and how she would go out with her mother with baskets of food and try to help those in their parish. She told us of how her Mother had got sick and passed over, and how she was scared of her father who was a man of God, but whose ‘wrath’ he preached and feared.

Jane told us the day when she too became ill and passed at a young age, she never married, and how she joined her mother in the Spirit realm.. She described the cottage that her mother lived in on the spirit realm, she said that her mother had built that cottage, by her love and deeds, the group were told how beautiful it was, an how her Mother had now moved on to higher level, but she still came to visit her.

Jane was asked by the group members of my circle, what she did to pass the time in the spirit realm, She told us of her tutor, and how she was learning all the time, she told us that she helped to make the flowers bloom..

Jane described how in the spirit realm where she resided there was no decay as on the Earth, she said the flowers were a creation of love. And that the colours were so beautiful and different from those upon Earth. And went on to say how she tended the flowers in peoples gardens, helping them bloom, she said she sang to them and loved them and in return the flowers opened their blossoms responding to the vibrations she and others gave them. And they would change their colours according to mood and surroundings.

She was also chosen with others to go down the valley as she described it.. For she reminded us that ‘In our Fathers House are many mansions’.. [many levels] and each of us reside at the level we have attained for ourselves. For Like attracts like.

Jane told us of a time she and her tutor and friends went down the valley into the ‘Mists’ where those souls who were not happy lived.. In this place it was cold, and dank. People were suspicious of each other, and their dwellings reflected the conditions of their hearts and minds.They were sparse hovels, with no furnishings. They were grey and damp shacks, and people would fear, be full of anger, bitterness and hatred of one another.

It was part of her job, to seek out those who wished to change their ways, who showed remorse, or who asked for help, and it was her job to help them back up the valley into the light and love of the place where she resided upon her level of existence.

Jane spoke of an old gent, whose home was a hovel, she said he was a very lonely Grumpy old man, and he were full of bitterness. When he was alive he would shout at the children on his street, telling them to clear off, he wouldn’t spend his money, and would hoard his things, and he hated his life. But most of all she said he was just lonely. His dwelling place he had built for himself reflected this. For Jane said that we each built our own piece of heaven, with the things we bring with us.. All the grumpy old man had brought with him were sadness and bitterness, emptiness and hate. So his surroundings reflected his heart and Soul.

Jane told the group that over a period of time she gained the old man’s trust, and as he started to like Jane so his heart expanded too, he came further out of the mist, His dwelling place began to improve, he noticed that he now had furnishings within his cottage, until the day came he moved from the misty place at the bottom of the valley and he emerged to live in his own beautiful cottage, surrounded by flowers and meadows and orchards.

The group laughed as they were told he sometimes still wished he was still deaf, as Jane sang her songs to him. But he now could see how his bitterness and hate, had twisted his thoughts and so coloured his surroundings.


We were taught that day, that when we take our final journey, we cannot pack our suitcase full of our possessions, we take not our houses, cars jewellery or money.. It matters not what we have gained in power or privileged life style..

What we take with us simply is what we have within our hearts.. our love, our compassion, or our hate or bitterness.

What have you got packed in your suitcase, for your final journey?

Christmas Tree Séance

As most of you know by now I often join workshops and physical mediumship séances. For a number of years now I have sat as a guest in Scott Milligan’s Physical Circles in various venues around the UK.

Today Sunday18th Dec 2011, I was privileged to join Scott again in his end of the year Séance in which we were asked to bring a small toy each (ones with no batteries ) for Spirit Children .. We wrapped them up in the séance room  and placed them around a very small tree in the centre of the circle..  there were 18 of us in the circle… I took a small tambourine, others had taken soft toys, squeaky ones and one  present was a tin of that spray string in a can.

The Séance was an end of the year thank you to the spirit world and was a special opportunity to those who had supported Scott in his previous workshops to join together in the special Christmas Tree Séance which would allow those children in spirit to come forward  to play with the toys.. And donations were going to one of Scott’s Charities he supports that of The Teenage Cancer Trust

For those unfamiliar on how this is achieved  this is done by the use of Ectoplasm   information can be found on the net about this, … I ask for those who maybe sceptical to listen to a testimony given about another Great Medium  David Thomson who Scott actually started out as sitting for in the UK before David emigrated to Australia.. David was scientifically tested and a link here can be found on  YouTube about those tests..

Getting back to today, we spent a wonderful 2 hours together and were rewarded as several Spirit Children used the ectoplasm at the same time as their hands were felt on sitters knees.. as they ripped open presents and proceeded to shake and rattle them around the room, I was squirted with spray string as one came up behind us and I was covered in string..There was none stop laughter all around. as these children had such fun.  

There are always strict rules for those attending the circles, we are all searched, no shoes or jewellery, this is to ensure no one can say their has been an Apport, or throw things out of pockets etc.  This was all done as we held each others hands around the circle and those on the end of the circle next to the cabinet  placed both hands on the person next to them. and Scott was securely tied in a secure wooden chair with four plastic ties to hands and feet held around the chair to other ties, The ties were checked by independent sitters and the end of the ties were cut off at angles and the ends were asked to be kept by different sitters until after the séance.

Messages were brought through from relatives in the spirit world with evidence known only to the sitters receiving the messages, showing proof of survival of Life After Death…

Scott was lifted still tied to the chair out of the cabinet several feet into the centre of the circle at the end of the séance by spirit  and the four ties were then asked to be matched up to his still tied limbs before he was released so as to prove Scott hadn’t moved from his chair..

We sang and we laughed so much our tummies ached along with our jaws from smiling so much… Another wonderful experience that will last along while with me as being one of those rare and special memories I have witnessed as we join in love and light with the spirit world.

I have been very privileged in  my life to see several brilliant Physical mediums… Bill Meadows is one and Stuart Alexander  is another.. I have for over the past 20 years sat in different physical circles of development and  know as a platform medium myself that Life is Eternal. but Séances like these shows even those who need to see it to believe it that there is Life After Life…

I just had to share my day with you .. Smile  




The Top Video you can I have discovered only view on YouTube.. Maybe this Video of Greg Braden will help you  understand how we are all connected.

What most of us on this planet forget is that we are Spiritual Beings experiencing a physical experience here on Earth.

This Earth is a place of total Free Will, and this sense of disconnection  with each other is the Basis of much of the Negativity that has evolved within our societies over aeons of time. As we build up mistrust and jealousies and hatred and greed. As we have been led to strive for power and control and possessions.And those in control try to keep our mass consciousness from rising to think for ourselves.   

At this time on this planet over the last few decades in fact, we are going through the greatest shift in consciousness that has ever been.  It is time when we  shall have to gather together in remembrance of our connection with ‘ALL That is’ Whereby our Consciousness will expand and grasp the opportunity to Unite and express their Spiritual self within their physical experience.. As we are now being asked to broaden  our awareness to see that we are more than the physical body. That our Minds and our memory will soon shift as we learn to let go of ego and fear..

Our collective Consciousness has needed to go through some adjustments to sort of realign or recalibrate its frequencies in order for this shift to take place..this adjustment started way back 1960’s and many ‘Light-workers’ I was amazed to find out on Earth agreed to move forward in their work of enlightenment  as waves of dimensional  energy entered the Earths Matrix around 1992, which was amazing as it was the early 90’s when I began my own explorations and journey within the Spiritual Realms and teachings..

Now for those who are not familiar with any of this you will think what the  heck is this woman talking about… well, as you know I communicate and on occasions receive messages from Spirit. They all are saying the same type of thing… That this Earth plane is going through a Shift in its vibration to align within the Cosmic Universe from the 3rd/ 4th Dimensions which is the Visible world, of our bodies and emotions and the tangible space of thought in which we send out and manifest into the physical world, this dimension also contains our perception of TIME,and our memory stored in order to ‘know things’. And is going to change to the 5th/6th dimension  which is the World of Light where through a higher wisdom of Love, peace and harmony.. Which is what as Light workers we are striving to attain..

Many of you may have noted and commented that TIME seems to be speeding up? well it is… in a sense, for as we vibrate at a higher rate or frequency so our perceptions change..

I read recently that the final adjustments were completed in February 2011 and everything that has disconnected us from that Higher divine nature and creative love force of the universe will have to be dissolved and  be eradicated. This means moving the Dark, dense energy of fear which the Controlling systems of Ego which govern our planet such as wealth and power,will start to dissolve away. 

We are already seeing  the change as people start to unite against oppression such as we have seen in North Africa.  Compassion is being brought to the fore with disasters around our globe also.

Revelations are exposing those in governments and the tabloids as the walls of deceit and lies are being broken down.

The Debts in which Nations find themselves, as Banks go bust, and we will find that the Material way of living will alter as the wealth of nations will be no longer paramount, for global changes will transform our way of life to be structured on survival and working with nature again, rather than the material possessions we all aspire to collect. 

Many are Feeling the vibrational changes, as they become forgetful, day dream, as they feel they are loosing the plot…. Some may even be thinking I have lost the Plot! lol…. I read that these are temporary symptoms only.. Arrgh thank goodness for that!

The Earth too is going through her own changes in her geographical transformation. as she realigns her own energies.. Our Earth Mother is a living breathing Conscious planet and she is challenging us to look at how we treat her, and ALL life forms on this planet as we look at how we have treated her and abused her over the centuries.

We have to understand that we are all interrelated All of us affecting each other.  The Collective consciousness is being altered around the entire world as old systems will fail while new and enlightened ones will replace them.

How can you help!.. Simply live from your Heart! and listen to its voice and believe in yourself and all will fall into place.. ..

© Sue Dreamwalker – 2011 All rights reserved.


Past Life Regression. Part 1.



It’s strange how events play out in one’s life. Have any of you when perhaps meeting someone for the first time take an instant dislike or it may be that you only just have met and yet you feel you’ve known them your whole life? This could be due to our Aura’s feeling balanced as theirs and our energy interacted or repels like a magnet. Or it could be due to a memory locked inside us from past lives. Or have any of you ever been to a location you have never visited before and yet it felt very familiar, or you were able to describe what was around the next bend, never having been there?

After visiting a friend’s space this week and seeing the graphics of Galleon Ships, it nudged a memory within me which took me many years in overcoming. As a past life memory came to the fore once again..

My Friend Androgoth suggested my readers may be interested and to be honest I was reluctant to share, as it reveals a part of a past life I was far from proud of the things I did.. But then as synchronicity seemed to nudge me again today in my email box I got my ‘Daily Om’ email in which its title was ‘Memories of the Soul’ the subject! Past life regression! no less.. So here I sit and write upon what started out as a simple experiment many years ago with my Best Friend who was also a Medium, sadly now no longer with us .. As we set about talking each other down into an altered states to recall past life memory.

Now the reason I wanted to be regressed was that I had at that time very bad Reynaud’s disease.

http://www.raynauds.org.uk/ Plus you can see pictures here on this site, and my hands got that bad too.

This caused me severe pain in my hands as I lost the circulation in all my fingers and I felt the cause of my hand trouble was seated in the past. Yes I know I’m strange, but many books have been written upon this subject and the effects of past life traumas can manifest in lots of different ways in the present through physical problems, phobias, fears etc and past life regression has proven to many seeking help that once the past life trauma is faced the present ailment can be relieved, so this was my intention when my friend and I worked upon each other this way.

Off I went the first week we tried this, and I found myself within a Vision where I was walking alongside a wagon. The wagon was like those you saw in the western movies. I was a young woman wearing a long grey dress with shawl wrapped around my shoulders and a bonnet upon my head. I can’t say for definite where we were, except I felt it was America, the weather had turned cold and It was snowing.. We were I think trying to travel across a vast distance and we had travelled along way already. We had small shrubs in the wagon their roots wrapped in sacking I knew they were important.. I know I was so very sad, and when I was asked to look at why I was sad, I saw myself holding a lifeless baby which had died and had been buried out on the trail. I couldn’t look at the man who was riding up front in the wagon, I knew however that he was also the cause of my misery and pain, I don’t know if he was a husband or what, just that he was dressed in Black and stern and cruel, and I didn’t want to be there any more..

I saw myself walk off one night in the snow, full of grief just clutching the shawl around me which had been the babies shawl and walking off into the snow storm, where I think I froze to death..

Now this made sense at the time as Reynaud’s is a condition where by cold temperatures trigger the symptoms as it cuts the blood supply to the extremities.. So I thought this must be the reason.. and we worked upon releasing this past life recall.. But my symptoms seemed to get worse not better.. So we tried again maybe a month later..


This time the Vision was different in the fact that I no longer felt myself within my friends home on her couch but I was literally elsewhere, with sounds and smells that were so strong…

I was a man maybe in my early twenties, and I knew I was in Cornwall.. When my friend spoke to me I even answered her in the Cornish dialect with broad accent. I would drink more than my fare share of Ale and one night got really drunk.. I remember looking down at my footwear and seeing pointed shoes with buckle and leggings.. I felt as if I could read and write I wasn’t just a street waif. I remembered wandering along a jetty harbour after that I woke up on board a sailing vessel.. I think the term used is Shanghaied.. I had never been on board a sailing ship before and when I woke I knew I protested vigorously that I shouldn’t be there. And was violently sea-sick. But the ship was full of roughens and I was there to make up the ship’s crew and was put to work.. I soon learned the penalties for not complying with orders much to my cost..

The Ship set sail and I found out it was on a Slaver- where we went to collect African slaves to bring back to sell on land.. Once the vessel landed, Villages were raided and slaves were unceremoniously packed liked sardines below decks chained to bunks that were stacked on top of each other. Now in my vision I also received the stench of this prison where these poor people who once were going about their family lives were ripped from their homes, men murdered who fought to protect their families, and where Woman and children were raped and abused..

If you can imagine the horror of finding yourself being captured with men who didn’t speak your language and being ripped away from your homeland to find yourself imprisoned on a sailing vessel with no sanitation, your bunks were where you stayed. I saw these horrors and smelt the stench of it….

I was put in charge of handing out rations to some of these slaves and emptying the swill buckets that could be reached. I caught the eye of a very beautiful girl, Her eyes were so wide and deep I can still see them now.. ( and this I think held much emotion in my poem Large Brown Eyes ) Her hair was short and I kind of developed a soft spot for this young girl who may have been only 14 to 16 yrs old.. So I would slip her extra rations, such that they were mostly dried biscuit type things as I recalled This went on for a few weeks. Until I was caught..

I was held up in front of the Crew who were not best pleased as I had been giving some of their rations to the slaves, But it was the girl I was caught giving food to.. So the crew thought they would have a little sport.. Saying the penalty for this was to have your hand chopped off.. But I could save myself if I did the deed to the girl.. If I didn’t I would be thrown overboard anyway..

So to save my own neck I did the deed and severed this young girls wrists who was then thrown still alive into the ocean.

I came too very distressed and wished I had never part taken in the regression as the guilt and visions even the smells stayed with me for many weeks after wards, and still my hands were very bad even going from one room to the next as the temperature fluctuated sent them into a Reynaud’s attacks seemed to worsen more.

It was several months later when I finally admitted to my friend how still deeply disturbed I was, we tried a deep mediation exercise where my friend called upon the Spirit World for assistance…

I will tell you what happens to me in my next post..

© Sue Dreamwalker – 2011 All rights reserved.

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