Cyril’s Woo…. June: The Heat is Rising!

  Hello my Fine Feathered Friends… It’s Wooo…. Time..

 I do so hope you have enjoyed all the Joys that May have brought you.. I see that Dreamwalker took you on a walk in the bluebell wood a while back, now that is one of my favourite places to fly… June is promising to be full of surprises as the heat rises as we watch the Transition of New Growth.

Leaves of every shade and shape. All unique, just like you are.

 Lots of Blossoms Blooming in May, and as those leaves and petals have unfurled, so too we shall see more colourful moments unfurling within your human world.  I am sure some more unravelling of the webs, which have been holding you humans trapped within the many lines of distraction, destruction and deceptions to date… Argh… I see the D’s are out in force this month.. Maybe we are on track for D-Day.. and No that is not, D- for Doom… but D… for Decision time though  you will perhaps be told by your msm that D-Day has arrived. 

It is Time for All to Bloom to their full potential.
Dream it into BE-ing

If you want any advice from this Old Owl, I would say focus upon your Dreams… Another D world, which holds more power than you realise..

Stand Tall. and Strong.

It is now time for you as Humans to decide your future… What kind of a future do you wish your future to be?… Timelines are what you yourselves create!… Now there is a lot we could Discuss and Debate about time.. That is something perhaps Dreamwalker can go into later. I know she has been spending Time on her creations, and she has missed being here with all of you.  

But in order to manifest a reality one has to first Think it into BE-ing.. I know Dreamwalker has spoken upon this subject for years. For that which you focus your intentions upon the most, even if it’s what you DON’T want to happen, if you focus more on your Don’t wants… Guess what ?… you attract it by the laws of attraction into your orbit..
So my fine feathered friends….  My Tweet-ta-woo this month of June is focus your intentions on the kind of world you DO want..  Create it first, by focusing in on your intentions, then bring in Actions of creating that which you Dream of.  It doesn’t happen on it’s own.. YOU have to create it, and that often takes patience, hard work and time.

Setting your Intentions to Grow. All starts from the Seeds we first sow.

Watch your thoughts, remember, that which you water will grow! Create the kind of world you want your children and grandchildren to grow up in freedom to BE.. Letting go of the perpetual Fear you are being taught, as you Trust your Inner Intuition more, that GUT feeling that will guide you into right Action.

So set your Intentions, spend time out in nature, for you are all, whether you realise it or not, at a choice point right now… And when you decide to create a different pathway for yourselves, the rewards are great.

Order out of Chaos. We need to reconnect back to our roots. Mother Earth

Lots of releasing of the Old Systems is going to be evident this month and the sooner Humans learn to let the past go, as you depart from the Matrix which has entrapped you, then the sooner you will attract into BE-ing that which you have focused your attention upon.. So beware dear Humans what you wish for, remember what you Think is what you create..

Some need shelter and support to survive, while others hold strong and upright alone. Working together means we also have to weed out that which no longer serves.

You are all of you activating Light into the Earth, and as you do so, more shall be aware of the shadows, for as more light is cast, so more shadow will creep out to be exposed.  Remember to Live in love, from your hearts, as you hold compassion for others whose Light is still to shine.

Food for thought. as well as our stomachs

Now We Owls like to keep our food fresh… And we rely on the supply being there for us to catch. Now if I were a Human right now, I would make sure your supplies are stored a few weeks in advance, It is just Wise to prepare your store cupboards with staples, especially if you have a brood to feed.  Don’t flap and fly yourselves ragged when those places you get your food or your paper currencies from no longer want to serve, be prepared for the Unexpected. And you will not be surprised.

Strawberries in abundance yet to ripen, For thou shalt eat the labour of thy hands: Happy shalt thou be, and it shall be well with thee. : Psalm 128:2

 Remember All things are Transitionary.

 As you can see Dreamwalker has been busy along with her hubby, and isn’t concerned or focusing in, on any Doom and Gloom, What will be, will Be, and she says the Universe has Got this New Earth well in hand. Dreamwalker has learnt to LIVE in the NOW and is enjoying bringing into BE-ing her creative Reality.. And she says she is going to try catching up with you in the next couple of days.

So, Tweet-ta-Woo! For Now my fine feathered friends.. See you next Month for my next Woo….

Love and Hugs Cyril.    💖🦉💖  

Choices in Healing Our Hearts.

There are many words I would like to share, thoughts and visions that are expressed here go someway in explaining the deeper layers of what is unravelling here on Earth at this time in Gaia’s and our transformation.
I had been so busy in the world of Nature I had totally forgotten it was Earth Day yesterday 22nd April… For I have honoured Earth Day many times here in this Sanctuary.

How do we help heal our Earth?

We can honour Gaia, by honouring ourselves…

Deep down many of us who are silently watching, holding too, that deeper knowing, deep within our being, seeing things are not adding up in the world….  Healing begins when we dive deeper within our own hearts, as we let go of our fears and stop blaming and shaming, but take a good hard look in the mirror to see what WE, myself included,  that all of us are projecting out into the world and what is being mirrored right back.. Healing begins when we actively start to focus on not what is wrong in our world. We all can find faults. But we begin healing when we find solutions both within ourselves, and in our outer world. We then begin to manifest that which we focus upon…

The Healing Begins: ~Responsibility~

…….‘Our Free Will had been part of our demise, and yet it would be our ‘Free Will’ which would help heal Mother Gaia and ultimately help Free ourselves.……..”

During one of the woman’s meditations with our Earth Mother, she had mentally asked about the ‘disease of mankind’ of his greed and how among such beauty had man chose his present path. Which had led to such pollution, destruction of habitats and species, and how can individuals help to change the world for the better?


The woman had sat focused upon the flame of a candle and the light of it showed her the beauty and purity of the Earth as it evolved. She saw how each of the species had chosen to be seeded and how those higher beings within creation had a master plan.

She saw the whole Universe breathe in and breathe out, as the vibration of creation moved as one. She saw the atoms spinning and was made to understand that each atom within its space was connected to the next.. And if one moved one atom, then all other atoms had to move for one affected all, and that all were vibration.

She was shown how her DNA had been taken and fused and altered from its original intention. And she saw how those missing strands which had been taken, now trapped her within this Matrix by beings who long ago conquered this system for their own ends. 

Her vision then took her through her own body showing her the cells within her that died and were replaced.. Nothing was lost. The woman realised that she too was her own Universe forever being created a new. She felt the same, and yet her body was never the same for it was constantly changing constantly evolving… Renewing, Replenishing, Transforming.. She instinctively knew she could manipulate every living cell within her being if so desired. But we had lost this knowledge of BEing, as our programming had been tampered with.   

She was shown how her thoughts through the years had created the blockages within her system.. The vortexes of light within her spinning chakras in some area’s now lacked the life force they should have. She understood how through the years this had affected her energies. Amplifying her  fears, affecting her  lack of self-love. Her  thoughts within, creating her energy body, causing illness and disease .. All came in a flash within her mind.

She was shown we were far from alone, and that we were still being guided and watched over, and that we each hold the ‘Key’ within us to help our Earth Mother. Our Free Will had been part of our demise, and yet it would be our ‘Free Will’ which would help heal Mother Gaia and ultimately Free ourselves . And each were responsible for our thoughts and actions..

Sing your Song for the Trees of the Earth
Sing your Song for the Trees of the Earth It seems many are under attack right now. 

She was taken up high out of her body to sit in space above the blue planet. She was permitted to see the many Ley lines of energy which was a girth around the planet. She saw how some were strong while others had weakened and others appeared broken, disconnected, lifeless lines that although visible had no energy running through them. She saw how many military bases were now positioned along these ley lines and power points. Everything is revealed to those who open their eyes. 

The woman saw how many souls were still Earth bound, trapped within the perpetual cycles of Attachments of Desires, Greed, Guilt, Anger, Grief, held entrapped, held prisoners by the very same thing that had given them Freedom of choice.. ‘Freewill’…

Each soul/Cell weighed down in the density of matter affecting the whole of consciousness, which in turn fed thoughts within the creation of reality. As around and around they span..

Yet she saw too how change was spreading as more now were asking questions, and seeking answers from both science and their governments. No longer are people readily in acceptance of control, ‘Free-will’ was dictating the need of responsibility which was accelerating humanities desire for harmony and Unity. 

Acceleration was now a tangible feeling as Time it’s self seemed to spin ever faster and yet confusion was still within many as the energies tossed them around, creating a feeling of anticipation, yet at the same time it held so much fear, for many still had not awoken to themselves. For they could not trust their own intuitive inner Being. Many not even daring to Look, to see what they may find… They still looked outwardly to others to be Told what to do, and how to think!.

The Woman now knew it was TIME… Time to take responsibility.. Time to Speak her Truth as she perceived it to be, understanding that many held their versions of the Truth within them. And collectively when all pieces of that truth came together, no one could deny that truth, because they too  would just know it to be True. 

 All we need, is to trust in the LOVE within.

And share it with one another, 



  This is a resurrected post from the past. which has been tweaked. 


Altering The System From Within.

My Time this next week is going to be busy with time spent in nature. So I thought to repost this old poem, which I originally posted in 2016.. Amazing how our older poems and writings seem even more relevant today.

Each of us as Humans live within our boxes

Looking at a world in which it locks us

Conforming and oppressing, feeling victimized

Not seeing the bigger picture yet to be realised

Court room whispers of judgement.
Court room whispers of judgement. Inveraray Jail~Scotland

So many of us shout about the wrong ‘out there’

While many do not understand or seem to care

That to alter ‘The System’ so many shout is wrong

We need to re-programme our thinking, letting LOVE be our song


If the system ‘out there’ isn’t working anymore

It’s our job to create a new one, let your Mind be the door

For we ALL hold the keys to turn the ‘Light’ on in our hearts

We just need to reach within as we UNITE to do our part.


To break down the barriers of injustice and suppression

We need to go ‘Within’ to look at our own expression

For it’s our limited beliefs which Keep us in those boxes

So let us break old programming which traps and locks us.


Every piece of The System out there which is causing Pain

Was first created ‘within’ by our thoughts within OUR brains.

Creating from ‘within’ to our ‘outward’ reality

When we open our hearts to love we will cease to be causalities


So as we see the breakdowns of systems around our world

It’s because another has awoken allowing love to unfurl

So don’t get stuck within the energy of ‘Fight’

Create a New System- Open your hearts to the Light.


If we gave up the internal Battle, of Need, Mine and Want

To embrace a different dialog of UNITY to flaunt

To know we’re not fragmented but are segments of the Whole

As we Remember at Last- We are heavenly celestial Souls.

By  (c) Sue Dreamwalker

The above poem I wrote in 2016 as the Universe thought to teach another lesson in Letting go at that time.. As my computer had to be repaired and was swiped back to factory settings as a new hard drive was installed.. Thankfully I saved my poems elsewhere..

I thought to add this old post to some of the photo’s I took within the old Prison I visited in Scotland some years back at Inveraray Jail

The Jails story can be found HERE

Cyril’s Woo – April Showers and Seeds of Truth.


Hello my fine feathered Friends, how have you all faired this last month?

I hope you have all navigated through the Month of March as those who have eyes to see, SEE that which has to transpire as the New Earth is dug over.

My creator has been planting her seeds, and the allotment is all set for receiving them as soon as the ground is warmer. April 1st, April Fool’s Day is here, and today my friends I want to share a few quotes with you that We have both been browsing though.

Garden work consists much more in uprooting weeds than in planting a seed. This applies also to teaching.”

— Frank Auerbach

What you are going to witness in April, is what may appear to be more uprooting, but as every gardener knows, we need to enrich the soil with some good manure.. And you may well find yourselves having to discern which is which, when the seeds of truth are planted.

More knowledge will come to the fore in April,  and with it you will need to steady your Wings as the wind may well catch you off balance….. But…..

“If we do not plant knowledge when young, it will give us no shade when we are old.”

— Lord Chesterfield..

And it is way past time now for more Knowledge to Spring forth and be planted for new growth to grow and reshape the World to enrich young minds.
What ever seems to be occurring in your outer world.. Hold onto your feathers!, use your common sense, Look not to the media to but to the hearts of yourselves and your community.. Not all that the media presents is the Truth… You are only seeing the Tip of the Iceberg, in current affairs….
You have to learn to Look! deeper into the Matrix of Illusion..
Remember to hold Compassion as you help others learn to flex their Wings, who are just learning to fly..

“Flying starts from the ground. The more grounded you are, the higher you fly.”

J.R. Rim.

So Here is my Woo for the Month of April..  

  Owls Hoot, While Cats Pounce. 

What can the owl know to impart to a human mind
Patience first and foremost is a lesson you will find.
To catch a vole, one needs to see its trail
Of where it has been, to catch it by its tail.

The Owl’s its patience was rewarded handsomely at last.
For while the owl was waiting, a Lonely cat strolled past
A rat did poke his head out and the cat was there to strike
 The owl did hoot for joy, on this the hunter’s night

You will See before you, the hunters lay their trap
Only to find themselves entrapped, by the 'Lion King', the Cat.
The Owl sits in on his perch watching from his space
As Squires and High officialdom are shown to fall from Grace

Feathers and fur will fly, as the hunters appear to win
As Shrieks and Howls will make,... one almighty din.
April will sort out the Fearless from the Fools
As we all embark upon our Mission, within our New Earth School 

My Creator who often disappears, from your public View
 With colour to paint the canvas, she tries to create anew
She sits within the silence, as the Clock of time is heard
And before an hour has past, she creates a magic bird

Feathers one by one, do magically appear
With eyes so big and knowing, wisely like the seer
Gathering information as she sits upon her bough
As painter and owl merge together, within the moment of now.

So the magic owl did teach, as the brush did pick up speed
That the vermin would be flushed out, as she did plant her seeds. 
 So the Owl and the Pussy Cat, a team together, did make
 As poems were written about them, as their adventures they did take.

Their wisdom and stealth would take their prey by surprise 
And both would be tucked in sleep, as the cock crowed the morning rise.
Here ends my Woo for April, as the Showers of Truth will fall
You will need all your powers of discernment, for we are in it for the long haul.

By Cyril. 
© Created by Sue Dreamwalker 

The Painting in Acrylics I did from watching an online Tutorial..

🦉Happy Creating! Love Cyril 🦉

💖Much LOVE💖

Ancient Wisdom- Inner Vision- Awakening!

Ancient Wisdom

Reaching out across the skies

I call to you, you hear my cries

A Breath I take, I breathe in deep

My soul to you I give to keep


A meadow soft with daisy chains

A land of dreams to keep me sane

Of mirrored lakes and Forests grow

Where seeds are words to plant and sow


Rise and fall are states of mind

And Happiness to Seek and Find

As memories surface, embracing self

With words of wisdom likes books on shelf


Dreams remembered friendships forged

A land of plenty where greed has gorged

United thoughts of change to start

And love is ruler of empty hearts


My arrow cast my aim is high

As ancient wisdom gives a sigh

Freeing man of burdens heavy

Chains are cut, let’s hold on steady


A place of Peace where thought is pure

A land of bliss no pain endured

So close your eyes and come and see

As Ancient Wisdom wakes you and me..

By Dreamwalker.

This poem I first published here in 2010. 

This last week I swapped my computer time to bring out my paint brushes, and new canvas to start painting in Acrylics again. Which I didn’t realise had been 10 months since I did some serious painting.. A painting I will share with you soon.. This poem above I thought to share again, as I have been envisioning a world free from corruption and hate, to one of Unity and Love. Sometimes you just have to sit in your own quiet space and gather your inner vision of creation, to sit in solitude, as you pull in the Peace, as you breathe it into your inner BE-ing.

Mad March is almost done, and it brings with it at the end, a ‘Tower Moment’ of Revelations. Hold onto your Inner Peace, as things unfold around us which may make us all for a time feel unsettled and insecure. Know all is transitionary, and it is how we each of us Navigate our own personal reactions and energies, will enable us to swiftly move through these unprecedented times of change.
Remember, to have faith, and hold no fear!.

These Changes which will affect us all, but ultimately lead us to a more harmonious brighter future..

I will leave you will Pam Gregory’s Latest update, and her wisdom for the coming days ahead as we enter April.

I am closing comments for this post, as I wish to spend more time this week on my art and I need to catch up with all of you at some point this week.. I hope you find time to listen to Pam, as she speaks of upcoming energies within our society and world, as the Truth is revealed which will have knock-on effects for all of us.
As Pam says… Hold JOY in your hearts, do not give Fear the Power to control you. The Tower Moment has to occur as the old Matrix crumbles.

💖Much Love to you All💖

First One, Then Two.. Then A Million or Two..

This past couple of weeks we have had a mish-mash of weather here in England, from snow, sleet, icy rain, frost, wind, to brilliant blue skies and sunshine.
I too have been feeling a little like the weather, a mish-mash of emotions and feelings as we who are sensitive navigate through these both turbulent, yet necessary transformative energies.

Knowing that in order for us to evolve to where we wish to be, that we have to clear out the debris both from our own emotional bodies, as well as clearing out the darkness of those lower vibrations from around this planet.

As the snow fell, flake by flake, I was reminded how each individual flake, just like ourselves are uniquely formed… Each perfect.. Each special, and Each of us holding our own vibrational pattern in which we are created.

I was reminded, how easily that vulnerable snow flake can melt and vanish, as it makes its way down from above to be blown by the wind, not knowing where it is going to land… Just like ourselves, who often feel inadequate and frustrated as we see events unfold around us.

I watched, as one, then two, then a million or two snowflakes landed on the ground, uniting together to form a blanket, holding their form, holding their shape, and creating something solid to be built and walked upon, as I watched children play, as they rolled snowballs bigger and bigger building snowmen.

And I was reminded by the silent whispers of a higher mind, how when we each join our hearts, ideas, and visions of a brighter new world, uniting in a common cause, how much stronger we too become..

The time is coming where we will need our inner strength to not be blown sideward by the winds of change, that may make us feel isolated and separate from each other..

The Time is coming when we who are each unique, need to hold faith in our own ‘Knowing’. And that we who volunteered to come here on earth at this time, did so, knowing that we would be needed to help create a solid foundation for a brighter, more harmonious, beautiful future to unfold..

I am witnessing many new ideas springing forth from many sources, I am witnessing many initiatives in cultivating and growing of food as people re-connect to the land by growing vegetables, becoming more self reliant. I am witnessing more home schooling projects. and Earth School projects… And its wonderful to see what is now Springing forth from Grass-roots up..

Never lose sight of that vision you have for our future, for the Light of our individual hearts, just like the snow flakes, shows up the darkest shadows. We first have to think it into being, and then bring it into action, before it manifests.

So dear friends.. envision a beautiful Spring… with many new colours of illumination that will propel us forward in love and light.. Hold those visions, then make it happen. 💖

The Snow Flake

There it came out from the sky

Fluttering softly, gentle as a sigh

First one, then two,

Then a million or too

Each one unique in pattern and form

Together they joined so perfectly

A Blanket so thick, building silently.

Children awoke with glee in their eyes

Gathering up their winter surprise

Adults too went walking afar

To place their feet upon Virgin Stars

Sunlight glistened on crystallised ice

Breath on wind, the feeling was nice

Red rosy cheeks, as icy winds felt

While dogs jumped in air catching balls that did melt.

Imprints of boots with sledges in tow

Trudging up hills, to slide and let go

Magical, glistening, sparkling pure white

A world it transformed, and all overnight.

And it all began with a flake or two

A carpet of white, just waiting for you

Winter wonderland, embrace and partake

In the beautiful gift of a humble Snow Flake..

© Sue Dreamwalker  2010-2023 All rights reserved.

I wrote this poem way back.. But I thought to resurrect it again, with some added photo’s my sister took last week. Capturing the Robin in the tree and the Duck below.

My sister whom I love dearly, is in need of prayers as she is envisioning her future without Leukaemia.

💖Love and Blessings to you all.. 💖

Be as the Snowdrop

Life for many is fraught with struggle.

As within life’s games, we constantly juggle

To hold together our Pride and our Falls

As separate BE-ings we feel closed in our four walls.

Each upon their journeys, each story unique

We get but a glimpse as into each heart we peek

We know not the struggles, others have led

Until  you’ve walked in their shoes, or lived in their heads

So, as we each walk our paths, through a Forest of Thought

Remember to be gentle with others who are distraught

For the Time is coming, and it will not be long

To be there for each other, to keep us all strong.

So, Remember the Snowdrop, so delicate and pure

Who pushes through hard earth, the storms to endure

We each are unique, and hold our own special Light

Together we are many who are winning this fight

So, my friends, do not go down a path of Fear

For the Negative agenda is all about tears

Remember YOU are here for this MISSION to bring in LIGHT

Each are like Snowdrops pushing through with TRUTHS Might

We all hold our shadows

For this is a battle, as we Illuminate the Dark

So, hold no fear, for we are Beacons, creating Sparks!

As our UNITY grows, WE hold LOVE, from Above  

Our Future World is ONE, in which we create with Love

LOVE Binds us, and we each need to share

As we treat each other with Kindness and Care

Be Not afraid of New Narratives to be Given

For NOW! is the Time, as we create NEW EARTH’S HEAVEN!

© By~Sue Dreamwalker  

Dear friends, the poem you see, I conceived today. It’s important we each stay grounded and centred in our Hearts, following our inner guidance, use your Discernment at all times

If things seem to overwhelm you, do like I do, ask for guidance, and re-connect back into our Earth Mother’s heart space… Focus not on the Narrative, but in the creations, you wish to manifest. Love Conquers Fear..

The above photos of snowdrops were taken on a recent walk, and the snowdrops in water colour are from my continuation of an old Journal that I am now painting in, in 2023… This was from my January entry.

Much love to ALL… Have a Super Valentine’s Day on the 14th.. And remember we do not need a special day to be reminded to hold our love ones close.

So, keep love in your hearts for each other and all living creatures.  And remember to love yourself…

Much love 

💖 Sue 💖

Cyril’s Tweet- To-Woo! on LOVE.

Hello my fellow blogging friends, My name is Cyril I spoke in the past , I am here once a month,  to share of my thoughts, from my wisdom through Yarn. For Yarn is what I am made of, and we each hold a thread, and sometimes friends, things just need to be said.

So with no more to-do…….

As promised I am here to Tweet out my Woo..

This Month is February, where did January Go?

For those of you who do not know my past

You can click here, my heritage is vast


I am as long and as wide, as any ball of twine

Created out of Love, and so was born my mind

You may not think an Owl, be given such a voice

But you see I am Magic because this is my choice


We all choose how we each wish to be

I think for myself, to which you all will see

And as I sit and Tweet my Twit-a-Woo,

Some times it may not sit so well, with All of YOU..


But that is welcomed, for I like debate

So do not be shy to comment and partake

For we should have open discussion to problem solve

Not censor debate to or the Truth dissolve.


For you see I am a creation constructed with Yarn

I am no ordinary Owl who lives in a barn

For as I sit to view, from my lofty high perch

I see many contradictions, so would you, if you researched.


But LOVE today,  I wish to Tweet and Woo..

You See February has designated a special day for YOU.

In which you can tell those who are both near or far

That they are your Valentine, love amour


Love is the KEY as you each open your hearts

Now is the time, if you haven’t made a start

Remember the Power lies within all you do

The energy you give out, returns tenfold to you.


Love can be breath-taking, beautiful in loves bliss

Love is exquisite in a Firsts Love Kiss

Love captivates hearts In Loves Rose tints

Love melts Hearts through eyes that Glint


Love is Indescribable for all who feel

Love is God’s Gift, and is a way for all to Heal.

Love is the fulfilment each of us sought.

Love holds no time, it’s as constant as thought.


Never forget, that Love conquers all.

For that Devil will dance to try to spoil

The Light of those whose Life is Loved

We are One. with the source of LOVE above.


The separateness each of us may feel

But Faith moves mountains for are WE not the wheels

In which we just know that our future is secure

Knowing we are blessed with our love as the Cure!


So dear Friends, this is my wish for you,

That each share your love, in all the things you do,

As we speak upon our everyday things

Touching upon troubles, the World we know brings


I know in my heart that the love that we share

Will always bring comfort to so each can bare

So share your LOVE, for the Future is OUR creation,

I am but an OWL, this is my meditation.


I wish you all LOVE, remember to hold it dear

And together we will create a Memorable Year…

~ Cyril ~

©Created By Sue Dreamwalker 

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