Light at the End of Every Tunnel

View of the Dales from the trail

Last weekend we went walking among our favourite hills in the Derbyshire Peak District.  And walked the old railway track that has now been turned into a cycle path since many of the country’s railway tracks were sadly ripped up when Dr Beeching Axed many lines across the country in the 60’s. ( I am hoping when you click these photo’s they will enlarge this time for a better view  as it didn’t work previously)

You can see why I love the Peak District with its hills and valleys. A Little like life nothing is ever smooth for we all of us at times have obstacles to climb and overcome.

And like any road map, we are free to choose which road to travel. We can often get side tracked and detour for a time as we come off the beaten track. Some may well get lost for a time too.. But the road is always there just waiting for us to follow the correct signs to lead us to our intended destinations..

Monsal Dale Map

We set off and parked our car at Hassop. This used to be a Train Station. Now it is a bike hire place for the trail along with it being a book store and Café. 

Setting off on foot  (I do not ride a bike), we made our way to the first Tunnel..


The Derbyshire Dales are made up of lots of Rocky Hills

When you think that when the railways were built, these tunnels and tracks were hacked out by hand,  unlike todays tunnels which are calved out with giant machinery.

Victorian Engineering of Monsal Trail 1860

When I was a child we would walk among the limestone outcrops of rock along a Dale near my home called Coombes Dale..  And for those wishing to see more about the walk I would often do as a child, there is a wonderful 10 minute video on this Link you may like which also includes some local history We would be fascinated to see fossils of fish within the rocks..

As I walked the Monsal Trail I found a plaque  confirming that at one time the Dales had been at the bottom of the ocean.


Like us the Earth is evolving. We Humans think we know so much and yet we know so very little about our Blue Dot that is suspended in Space..  All of us are constantly changing..  As we grow we seldom see those changes ourselves.. It isn’t until we look back we see how far we have travelled and come along our own individual pathways in life that we see Change is constant.

Today we talk constantly about Climate change.. And yes we are contributing to those changes with our Carbon footprints.. But our climate is always changing and was changing well before we had cars and aeroplanes..  Sometimes we are just too close to notice that we are now in the midst of yet another large change. Leading to Mass Migrations and Political upheavals.  Yet this too is opening our heart centres and more of us are growing in awareness through compassion and empathy. And are choosing too alternative lifestyles as those that are waking up seek to slow down and get off the tread-mill of life.

Sometimes we have to go through our Dark Tunnels before we emerge back into the Light.

Headstone TunnelHeadstone Tunnel looking back

Speaking of Mills if you look at the Map you will see many on the trail. The Mills below are  Here is a view of Cressbrook Mills which have been now made into flats.


But I am getting ahead of myself on the trail. Because as you come out of the Headstock Tunnel which is 490 Metres Long. The View is stunning. You are stood upon a wonderfully built viaduct that bridges the valley below.. I didn’t take this picture this walk but have included one of the Viaduct from another source from The photo below.


The Above View is as you emerge from Headstock Tunnel from the viaduct. The River Wye is below.. When I was at school our houses were all named after local Rivers and Dales  .. I was in the house of Monsal, the others were Derwent, Wye and  Lathkill. All wonderful places to visit.

Hassop Bike Trail Nr Bakewell to Monsal Dale.This above photo is also an older one I took some years ago of the trail showing how popular the trail is with bikers.

Continuing along the walk you are flanked either side with wonderful views

Cottages nestled in the valley


You then approach the second tunnel which is called Cressbrook Tunnel




This tunnel is shorter than the first one, And I took this as we neared the opening at the other end.  No matter how dark the tunnel may get in life .We are never alone.. As these Orbs testify.. Can you see them in the above photo?

Life can be a series of Light and Dark paths, learning to find our balance as we ride through life and keeping to the paths which lead us into greener pastures can sometimes be tricky.. But it is all about finding our balance.. And learning to go with the flow..

Know there is always Light at the end of every tunnel..

And no tunnel is without an end if we keep moving in unity towards the light..  


I hope you enjoyed the Monsal Trail and for those interested in seeing how these Tunnels were reopened after being closed for such a long time the link below shows detail pictures how the tunnels were made safe and made into a cycle path..

Have a Wonderful week.. I have another busy week planned with my Granddaughter and a date with the Allotments..  For those wanting to keep up with my Gardening exploits you can visit my Gardening Blog HERE.


Hardwick Hall~ An Afternoons Walk

Ordinary riches can be stolen, real riches cannot. In your soul are infinitely precious things that cannot be taken from you.

~Oscar Wilde ~

I thought for a change you could share a walk I took Thursday afternoon. It has been some years since we visited this place and to say its only a 20 minute drive away we were surprised at the changes and improvements made, as the National Trust has injected much into its upkeep for public viewing with the help of lottery funding. I will share a little of our English Heritage with you this morning. So I hope you all enjoy your walk with me into our Historic Places around Great Britain, 


Hardwick Hall  was created by the formidable Bess of Hardwick

File:Elizabeth Talbot, Countess of Shrewsbury from NPG.jpg

in the late 1500’s, She was said to be the richest woman in England after Queen Elizabeth I. Bess was married four times and she was also a gifted needlewoman who worked on some of the famous tapestries which hang and are preserved today.

Hardwick Hall is still a working Farm and around the grounds are some wonderful walks which take you down to the lower parklands where a series of small ponds in tiers are full of fish and wonderful water lilies.


  I took pictures of the view and of a wonderful Field in the distance which I managed to magnify with my camera full of poppies.


I always find that a walk clears the head, and when you get such  wonderful weather as this week has been after the terrible Summer of rain here in the UK, you have to make the most of your garden and free time to enjoy the countryside and fresh air.

The Hall itself is surrounded by a terrace row of Cottages, which house tenants and labourers  of Hardwick Hall.


It brought home once again the vast differences in the Rich and Wealthy of those bygone days as the Hall is lavishly styled with a great Hall and furnishings Many more images can be found here, as now the Hall is also used for Wedding Venues.

Below are more photos of my afternoon walk. I hope you enjoyed a little History Lesson too..

But out of all of these wonderful trappings of Human Riches, we still come with nothing and leave with only that which we have in our hearts..

While Bess left a legacy of Bricks and Mortar and furnishings. It still all past to the state, as it remained in her family until the 1956 when it was handed over to Her Majesty’s Treasury in Lieu of Estate Duty.. As the Wealthy Have a Huge  amount of Death Tax Duty to pay. Hardwick Hall was handed over to the Treasury to pay off this  Tax debt. And it was then handed over to the National Trust in 1959.

Many Dukes and Duchesses have nearly lost their stately homes to pay these extraordinary High Death Taxes, Chatsworth House another grand Stately home, a place close to my heart as I used to live only a few miles from it when growing up and spent much time walking in its grounds. This wonderful Stately Home  nearly fell foul to  death duty taxes also, but due to opening its doors to the public it has become a success story in its own right Thanks to the previous Duke and Duchesses who turned it around so they didn’t loose everything.

As a foot note here Hardwick Hall was used in the Filming of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Pt1 and Pt2, in the Scenes of Malfoy Manor. And Chatsworth house is the setting for that wonderful

 Film The Duchess with Keira Knightley fame as Georgina  Cavendish the Duchess of Devonshire.

Here are more of my photo’s Forgive the repetition of some, but somehow the thumbnails got added to the slide show.. Wishing you all a Sunny Relaxing Weekend. And to end with, here is another Great Quote from Red Cloud.


” I am poor and naked, but I am the chief of the nation. We do not want riches but we do want to train our children right. Riches would do us no good. We could not take them with us to the other world. We do not want riches. We want peace and love.”
— Red Cloud


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