Hobbies~ Brushes and Needles

Painting in Acrylic 50cms by 40cms

While I was not feeling so good, to take my mind off the sniffles and aches, I decided to get out my easel and paint brushes and dive into my art-box of Acrylic paints..I lost myself for half a day in this painting. 

I always connect to trees and felt compelled to paint this  Spiritual Tree from my mind.

I wanted to show ‘As Above So Below’ and you cannot see here in this quick photo from my mobile but I incorporated some glitter into the paints on the Aura of the Tree..

For that is what I wanted to convey, the Aura of a Tree and how Healing Trees are.. They give out so much energy to those who can feel it… And I have often sat with my back against a tree trunk to feel the pulse of a tree…

Why not try it? Hug a Tree next time you are feeling a little out of sorts or not, and ask for some of its healing energy and sense the pulse of the tree as it connects to your own heart beat..


This next picture is for Cat Forsley who has taken a keen interest on my Knitting page… This is a Waistcoat I knitted last year its thick and warm and washes really well… ( I wash all my hand knits by hand by the way and allow them a short spin) .. Knitted Waistcoat

This sits below my waist on my hips and I’m thinking of knitting myself another this winter in a different colour as despite the complex look its really very simple to knit.

It knitted with thick  yarn and size 9mm and 7 1/2 mm needles  USA sizes differ.

I think it took me about One week on an off to knit this one as with it being thick yarn it grows pretty quickly

Here is a close up of the stitches

Close Up of stiching

 Another Cardigan I knitted a few months back was this little long sleeve bolero for my Granddaughter who is 2 in December.. I did this with wool I had left over from a scarf I knitted.. 

Cardigan Red

I hope you have enjoyed the Creative side to Dreamwalker this Sunday afternoon.. Enjoy the rest of your Day and have a Great week all of you

© Sue Dreamwalker – 2012 All rights reserved.


Autumn Gifts ~The Pantry is Always Full.

Woodland Walk

Autumn has already begun as we feel the morning chill. Here in the last days of September in the UK we have had record rainfall as a months worth of rain fell in one day. My heart goes out to all those whose homes were flooded yet again in this unpredictable weather of 2012. 

But today the sun is shining as it once again lifts our spirits to the beauty of an autumn day, as the blue skies and golden leaves start to form upon the trees.

I’m just recovering from a virus infection which knocked me sideways for a while, but I am back to feeling better again and wanted to share with you some of the beauties of Autumn as I took a walk on the 12th of September.. seems an age ago now as I walked among my favourite Trees.. I snapped a few pictures along my walk. Blackberries 

Here are some of my all time favourite bramble fruits the Blackberry, I like nothing better than making a Blackberry Pie with a few Apples mixed in with either custard or cream..

Blackberry and Apple Pie

Here is a Pie I baked a while back as we have lots of Blackberries in our allotments, which I freeze..This one is one I made earlier Smile..I hope to add the recipe on my Recipe page shortly for those interested.


 I just love Wild Roses and here are the Rosehips which are a very good source of vitamin C. Did you know that you can dry Rosehips, making a herb tea? ( which often get added to commercially produced herbal teas ) Also if you like a Winter Tipple  how about Sloe Gin? I personally cannot stand either the taste or the smell of Gin. But to make Sloe Gin go to my Recipe page I have added a simple recipe there which you can find Here if you scroll down far enough.. Hawthorn

Hawthorn grows in abundance in our hedgerows here, They delight us in the spring with their white blossoms and are full again this year of the Haws the red berries, a sure sign that the birds will have plenty to eat as Winter approaches. I didn’t know until I read in my Tree Book that you can eat the flesh of the Haws if you get rid of the stones, you can make a jelly by simmering the fruit with a few crab apples..


Elderberry is another hedgerow fruit well known for making Elderberry Wine. I well remember an Aunt of mine who made both Elderflower Wine and Elderberry Wine another good source of vitamins.

In my childhood and when my children were small We would often go Hazelnut picking, My Dad never went anywhere in late September without nutcrackers in his pocket Smile.. I loved picking the nuts and couldn’t wait until they had turned from their green to brown in their husks. And my childhood treat was to painstakingly shell these sweet nuts often immature to sprinkle with salt on a saucer and demolish in a matter of seconds.. I so love the memory of nutting with my Dad.. Along with collecting Chestnuts and walking in the early morning mists to find the Field Mushrooms… here is a nice link to the kind we used to find.

Dad was something of an expert in collecting Wild Mushrooms and he would provide many a villager with a heavy bag of field mushrooms, and I have known them to be as big as the frying pan . ( Note when eating wild Mushrooms you must be experienced in identifying them as there are many poisonous fungi which unless you know can be wrongly identiAcornsfied )

Lastly I took a few pictures of the Acorns.. From young Oak trees which lined the walk you see in the first picture, we noted that many had a fungal disease and seemed to be dying an many had these peculiar malformed Acorns on them and they were not like anything I have seen on trees here before. Deformed Acorns

Here are the growths on the Acorns in this Picture , I Googled Deformed Acorns and apparently its  known as a ‘Knopper Gall’ caused by a tiny gall wasp Andricus quercuscalicis. it is a recent colonist to Britain in the last 30 yrs or so, and was first spotted in Northamptonshire in 1961. You learn something new every day!..

I hope you enjoyed a little walk with me today… Its great that the Rain has stopped at last and its promising to be a good day tomorrow Saturday so I’m making the most of it and intent to go out in the Fresh Air again to blow the last of this Virus away before more Rain on Sunday.. 

Take care and Have a great weekend all of you ~Sue


Good~ Bad~ and the Ugly

The Good Bad and Ugly

Remember that Spaghetti Western Film in the 60’s? The title came to me after a sleepless night as I scribbled down my thoughts.. Well My thoughts today have nothing to do with the film, But every thing to do with our thoughts, the Good the Bad and the Ugly ones.. 

Someone said to me the other day how many Bad things are happening in our world today, and I can feel many of you already nodding your heads in agreement. But I surprised them by saying I didn’t think there were any more Bad things happening in our world today than say 70 yrs or so ago when we were at war in the world in World War Two.

I pointed out that the media just happens to have got better at reporting and spreading all the pockets of Bad news around which they delight in repeating at every opportunity so that we are so bombarded with its negativity.

If you were to measure the amount of Good deeds done in any one day of the week they will far out way the Bad.. Good deeds just don’t make headline news.. For if they did they would promote that Feel Good Factor and when we start feeling good about ourselves we are harder to manipulate.

Yes there are many bad and evil deeds being done around the world, there are.. But what I’m saying is we are only being shown the Bad  ones so we think the world as a whole is this terrible place, as we never get to see the many wonderful Good deeds done upon our Mother Earth as we help each other and our animal kingdom..  

Much is happening with our Earth Plane at this time of transformation, the Mayans called it

 “ a crossroads of time of Great External Changes and Major Internal Upheavals”.

We have seen around the globe how many nations are starting to change and we are also changing ourselves internally through our awareness and intuition as we experience many new emotional upheavals.  This is the next step in our evolution of Change..

The Solar flares and the position of the planets are going through their own completion of cycles and remember we are Energy Beings and are feeling those changes within our own being as our emotions fluctuate with those changes in cycles.. I did a post on how Energy runs in circles in August Here  on our point of Power is Now..

We are all of us upon a circular journey of discovery and for many of us now at this point in our journey we are starting to remember and face our inner most selves..

Some of those inner journeys are painful as we face those Ugly scars we have perhaps kept long buried. We are starting to clear out unwanted baggage or we start to see why we are still carrying it around with us like comfort blankets as we loth to let it go.. It is through the various cycles we are given the opportunity to adjust and realign our lives and grow from the experience.

Each of us are here to Grow and learn.  

Our beliefs have led us down many paths which may have caused us pain or lack of self-worth through indoctrinated thought patterns.

The Media thrives on reporting the Bad News about other peoples suffering which often we can do nothing about. I ask that you do not get caught in the trap of their drama’s even though I know an out pouring of Compassion is needed in this world, Many items of the news are there to build up resentments and anger which only add to your own emotional energy cycles within the mixture of Negative Intent.

Now is the time when many will address their past traumas both in this life and within their past lives, as emotions surface.. I’m seeing many such posts upon WordPress as they are releasing their past cycles of programming, as bloggers pour out their hearts through their writings and poems.. 

To those who understand the effects of the Cosmos and Consciousness they will also understand how Solar Flares are having Huge impacts upon our minds and bodies as we are changing our awareness and Consciousness.

Solar activity is affecting our subconscious fears and is shaking everything up, both in our outer and inner worlds. We can either feel energised or depleted as they affect each of us differently. 

I am seeing many past life memories surfacing, and its only by clearing away and releasing them that we can move onto that ‘higher state’ of Consciousness as we let them go.

When we  go within ourselves and find our self worth and understand we are ALL of us Co-Creators of our destiny and that we can all of us change the reality to be one positive in its direction.

We need only change one thing..  our selves..

Like any home we move from, we have to clear out the clutter and old items we no longer require or need… So that we can make a new start in our new abode..

So too are we now clearing out many of our out-dated systems as we see our financial world altering and our nations no longer being  ruled by the dictators they once were..

The Choice has always been in our hands..

We each of us only need to Choose the Good Road, Good Thoughts,to Eliminate the Bad ,

Then we shall see less Ugliness in our world.

Our Point of Power is always in the NOW


© Sue Dreamwalker – 2012 All rights reserved.

Blog Awards and Catch UPs..

ImageI am honoured to receive so many wonderful and beautiful awards, I Have a Few catch me ups here to say thank you thank Varungenius who back in March of this year awarded me this Inspiring Blog Award.Varun’s blog is about being an optimist and believing life is what we believe it to be. So go along to his blog and see life from his  point of view. You will not be disappointed Sorry Varun its taken me forever to get around to acknowledging your award. 

  I have to say a Big thank you to Sam373 for awarding me this Very Inspiring Blogger Award in July. Sam’s poems are deep in thought .. Thank you Sam, Its an honour to be thought of this way.  


Then there is Anilraheja’s most gracious gifts of a Sunshine award and the One Lovely Blog Award.. you need to go and read the most beautiful Spiritual insights posted there… A family which have come through much but know they have been extremely Blessed through the inspired writings they are receiving … You have to go and read their story.


And to Dontchawannadream for nominating me the Sunshine Award , Cha is an amazing portrait artist whose stunning portraits of famous people you cannot fail to recognise is  just brilliant along with her grasp of many languages.

Thank you Cha..


Then there is Cat Forsley with her wonderful New Blog of Fervour and passion-features-cat-forsley-c2a9Forever where I was featured in her Passion Feature a great honour as I was her first interviewee Cat is an extremely talented lady who is a wonderful Songwriter and Musician you can go see her other wonderful site catforsley.me  She is just full of energy and Light!  Smile A huge thank you Cat for being such a good friend..

And you know I am sure there are others I have missed who have dropped off awards here an there over the year, if I happen to have forgotten one of yours then my apologies… I am saving these on my Awards Page, for those who wish to visit some amazing people who have nominated me for various awards since I started my blog world here at WordPress.

Many Thanks to all of you .. All I ask my readers is to go visit some of these wonderful people..

Now I need to get to grips with some writing for a future post that I was inspired to write which I scribbled down during the middle of the night..

Love and Blessings 


Return to Reality..But what is that?

An Isle in the Sun

Today I return to the world of the Blog

No longer in a world of fog

Where Blue skies and sea abound

Where one can relax without interference of sound

Except for Sea and surf

I shut down my senses for my own rebirth

To feel the Sun upon my skin

And shut out the thoughts of everyday din

To replenish my soul and to be recharged

I even forgot what day was at large

For my return did coincide with that day

When life was changed much to our dismay

Our Trust in each other that day was destroyed

A Tool of the Dark which was cleverly deployed

I haven’t  forgotten the day of Twin Towers

When Fear was spread by those with Dark Powers

We need to Look at finding Peace for  all lives lost

We All need to Build or it will be to our cost

As we venture to a future build with love and not War

Think not to settle the score

Embrace each other, your fellow man

Know we are ONE and Let us not forget if you can

Reality is of our making, let it be of love

Did not our Father tell us so from above?

So as I return to this land of the Blog

Let our world emerge from its depression of Fog

Of Hatred and Violence and let Peace Prevail

For I’m BACK on the Dreamwalker Trail.. 


For those who wish to see a previous poem I wrote on the 9/11 Memorial Day click HERE to view. I will post more upon my Travels Very soon..

© Sue Dreamwalker – 2012 All rights reserved.

Inspiration at its Best.

Image      http://www.london2012.com/paralympics/

If anyone was inspired by the Olympic Games in London 2012, then they are surely Doubly inspired in the Paralympics London 2012..

What an absolute joy to watch as you see these athletes regime of training come to fruition as they reach to attain new heights of personal achievements as they set the standards ever higher, smashing personal bests times and records, along with breaking new Olympic Records..

As you know I do not watch much TV, but I was so happy that Channel Four here in the UK are devoting over 400hours of airtime. You can view on line here at http://www.channel4.com/  to show how these special individuals who have not only overcome so much in their lives in their various disabilities, but how they have dedicated  themselves to become Super human individuals as they put their incredible abilities to work that would put you and I to shame with our Woes and Groans on how life is treating us..

One thing that saddens me  is that in some Countries this event isn’t being aired or given the coverage it so deserves.Even our main stream channels haven’t covered the Paralympics as they did the  London Olympics 2012. 

Many of our Military service men and women having their lives and limbs blown apart serving our Nations, are competing in the 2012 Paralympics..

Those with disabilities are not just born with them, many have lost limbs due to accidents as adults or children, along with War situations.     

But these Men women, girls and boys are showing the rest of the world the Power of Now..

They are showing us how to Live in the Moment, as they have set their goals through hard training and focused intention.

I have never been so amazed and what is achievable if one puts their minds to it to overcome their obstacles  as they swim, cycle, horse-ride, play basket ball, tennis, table tennis and compete in athletics and more.

Take a moment to look at some of their remarkable achievements.. each one with their own unique story of insurmountable determination in showing the rest of the world how we can over come with TRUE GRIT and determination ever challenge in life..

Be Inspired..

And then Rethink about YOUR Problems you have in life and Put your determination into Overcoming them..

“Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for “fair use” for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favour of fair use.”

The Video doesn’t play, but here is the direct Link



I do hope that you will take the time to go watch some of your countries fine athletes as they give their all in their particular sporting event..

I have become a Fan of Wheelchair basket ball… Be Amazed at their speed and agility ..

I am Humbled and I thank each and every one of you who have taken part in these games..

You Inspire


Sue Dreamwalker


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