Shine Your Light


Sometimes I think we need a reminder of how good we have it compared with others around the World. Yesterday I re-read my annual thank you letter from the

 Red Cross and also Save the Children as they showed me just where our donations had gone last year and the projects and people they had both helped.

We often get so caught up in our snug little worlds as we sometimes seldom take a look outside of our own four walls at the plight others find themselves in.

The poem I am about to post I wrote in the middle of last night as I couldn’t sleep, maybe as the images of those less fortunate than myself were whirling around my head..

The poem was obviously inspired as the pen never left the page and I didn’t pause for a seconds thought as the words wrote themselves.. 

So I would like to share my light with you..

Shine Your Light.

From time to time along our way

We need to speak and have our say

In order that the lights do shine

Other people we need to remind.

Of all the folk whose lights are dim

Where struggle is hard and life is grim

They need to see beyond their walls

That many more in darkness toils.

The little beggar boy on street

In India who has no feet.

In Africa where wars still rage

And children starve with wide eyed gaze.

Where hope is lost and villages run

From evil men with drugs and guns

Yes time to time along the way

We need to speak and have our say.

Of Shanty towns and orphan waifs

The suffering is endless case by case.

I could go on and list some more

But maybe you would shut the door

As in your bubble you nicely live

You need to see you need to give.

If not your money then add your light

Open your hearts and see their plights

Look further than the end of your nose

And my words will count as poem I pose

If just one who reads my lines

Opens your heart to let it shine…

Upon all those who are less fortunate than you

Your light will brighten the Worlds dim view

So dare to step outside your walls

And lift the darkness from serpent coils

Compassionate thoughts will add their swell

So come on give generously

Open your hearts see what I see

For when enough of us really awake

A better land then awaits

Where all are one and all are free

All I ask is

Shine your Light

With me.


© Sue Dreamwalker 2010-2016 All rights reserved

The above post was posted in 2011.. I have resheduled  as I experiment  a reblog this way,  I am taking a short break away as Scotland is calling me yet again so I will see you all when I return if I do not catch up with you today.

Keep Shinning your Light for WE are Making a Difference..

Love and Light


Inspiration at its Best.


If anyone was inspired by the Olympic Games in London 2012, then they are surely Doubly inspired in the Paralympics London 2012..

What an absolute joy to watch as you see these athletes regime of training come to fruition as they reach to attain new heights of personal achievements as they set the standards ever higher, smashing personal bests times and records, along with breaking new Olympic Records..

As you know I do not watch much TV, but I was so happy that Channel Four here in the UK are devoting over 400hours of airtime. You can view on line here at  to show how these special individuals who have not only overcome so much in their lives in their various disabilities, but how they have dedicated  themselves to become Super human individuals as they put their incredible abilities to work that would put you and I to shame with our Woes and Groans on how life is treating us..

One thing that saddens me  is that in some Countries this event isn’t being aired or given the coverage it so deserves.Even our main stream channels haven’t covered the Paralympics as they did the  London Olympics 2012. 

Many of our Military service men and women having their lives and limbs blown apart serving our Nations, are competing in the 2012 Paralympics..

Those with disabilities are not just born with them, many have lost limbs due to accidents as adults or children, along with War situations.     

But these Men women, girls and boys are showing the rest of the world the Power of Now..

They are showing us how to Live in the Moment, as they have set their goals through hard training and focused intention.

I have never been so amazed and what is achievable if one puts their minds to it to overcome their obstacles  as they swim, cycle, horse-ride, play basket ball, tennis, table tennis and compete in athletics and more.

Take a moment to look at some of their remarkable achievements.. each one with their own unique story of insurmountable determination in showing the rest of the world how we can over come with TRUE GRIT and determination ever challenge in life..

Be Inspired..

And then Rethink about YOUR Problems you have in life and Put your determination into Overcoming them..

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The Video doesn’t play, but here is the direct Link


I do hope that you will take the time to go watch some of your countries fine athletes as they give their all in their particular sporting event..

I have become a Fan of Wheelchair basket ball… Be Amazed at their speed and agility ..

I am Humbled and I thank each and every one of you who have taken part in these games..

You Inspire


Sue Dreamwalker

Illuminating Blogger Award


Illuminating Blogger Award

Thank you to Michelle over at Dogkisses Blog  for awarding me this Illuminating Blogger Award.

This wonderful award you can give to any fellow blogger who in your opinion has an Illuminating and Informative Blog.

Dogkisses Blog is very informative has lots of Doggy Tales and is now full of Green Healing Therapy .. 

So thank you to Michelle for nominating Dreamwalker’s Sanctuary for this award.

To accept this award you need to thank the person who nominated you,

Include a courtesy link back to the official award site ( in your blog post. Lots of good food stories to be found here.

Share One Random thing about myself— Hummm that comes later so keep reading!..

Select at least five other bloggers that you enjoy reading their illuminating, informative posts and nominate them for the award.

Notify your nominees by leaving a comment on their blog, including a link to the award site (

Now I have read many Informative blogs and Many Illuminating ones and to narrow them down to 5 is near enough impossible.. So Please those whose Blogs I have not mentioned here please do not be disappointed or offended. The Blogs that I have chosen are because to me they do Illuminate and give Love and light and Bring about that Feel good Facture .. And  some also teach us that Life is not always a bed of roses…  All things which this world needs right now.. as we awaken up to ourselves and what is needed to sort out our way of living and the way of the world.. and what needs to change in it, and how we can change ourselves. For it all starts with Self!..

We need Love and Lightness, but we also need to see the damage we do to our world .. Each of us now are starting to see we are sharing many emotional journeys as we ‘Feel’ the collective pain of others and the Earth’s own pain  as well as sharing the ‘Joy’.. of Laughter and Light..

The 5 blogs I nominate are these

Taste of Life by Sabina ~ Sabina’s posts are always uplifting as she shows us all we can overcome the obstacle’s life many throw our way. I love Sabina’s attitude to life.. And I always come away Smiling and nodding my head in agreement.. Thank you Sabina,

Creatingreciprocity  Although I have to admit, I do not visit Creating-reciprocity’s Blog as often as I should, when I do, I am always amazed at the different subject matter that is posted here.. I always come away feeling that my own lot in life is very blessed, as CR posts are focused on how we can live together in better harmony.. As they bring to our attention those who’s lot in life is not always so blessed. Sometimes Life is not all roses, but full of thorns for many..Thank you for enlightening us CR. 

Learning from Dogs. Is a delightful Blog, and its Author Paul set out to show us how we can all of us learn from Dogs.. His passion like many of us are our concerns at this time of Earth Changes, the climate and its effects and how our various governing bodies and scientific communities are dealing with that change, and how we all need to be aware of its affects upon us all including our animal kingdoms.. Paul and his wife also look after a menagerie of animals, including 11 dogs, many of them rescue dogs, 6 Cats,  and 4 Chickens .. And he still has time to post every day!. Well done Paul..

CatForsley.Me  Cat has become a wonderful inspiration  to me, as she shows how she has overcome her own obstacles, as she inspires others in her bright bubbly uplifting way of sheer joy and invigorating youthfulness.. Life is for living, and Cat’s poems and beautiful creative composition of Music and Songs she performs and sings have brought me nothing but joy. As she shares her thoughts on Life and Love, and shares and gives her heart to all who drop by..Love you Cat.. 

Zendictive  Zendictive, is just that, addictive, Arts Posts are  about Zen enlightenment. His Zen stories inspire, uplift and are a sheer joy to read. I just wish I had more hours in my day to do them all justice. His posts combine the philosophy of Zen with a ending Moral to the short Story.. If only we could all apply this way of living to our daily lives, what a world we would have created.. But its not too late to start, so drop on by. Thank you Art for sharing your wisdom.. 

I could have named ALL of my regular visitors here.. But I thought long and hard over the choices and hope I have given you a selection to choose from in both Illuminating and enlightening Blogs to visit. 

Now. for that all elusive One Random thing about myself???.. I have thought long and hard as to what would be of interest to my readers..

~ I spent 29 years working in various Textile Trades in Factories.. and  I counted out that for 18 of those years the rooms I worked in were windowless.. at 8 hours a Day most days ~ I missed a lot of Daylight..~ 

So  Go out and Enjoy Nature ~ I Do

Thank you again Michelle for this wonderful Award I have finally got there!!!.

Sue Dreamwalker





Walking on High….

Tree Of Life

Yesterday I went  for a walk, it was my day off work and it was far too nice a day to stay indoors.. I’m lucky in the fact that I am very close to some wonderful scenery for walks, some on my doorstep and others within short drives to some wonderful places and some beautiful woodlands .. Such is the beauty of Sherwood Forest Country.. And not far from the National Peak Park ..

Spring here in the UK has been exceptionally Hot..As Hot as some of our Summer days. It got to a record high in some parts of  the country,  it was over 23 degs, in Scotland which broke all records for March..

As often is the case I love to sit in the quiet and just Be.. absorbing Nature and the peace.. Saying Hi to the occasional passer by and stroking the odd dog that bounds up to say hello.. I seem to have some sort of beacon which seems to say to dogs come on lets sniff out this Dreamwalker and see what she is about.. And I have one or two tales within Dreamwalker’s Sanctuary about my encounters with Dogs..

Such was my experience, I couldn’t  sleep and just had to write what came into my mind.. so around 2am out came my journal and pen.. and below is the resulting poem . The  Nature Photo’s you see are what I took along my walk. The Tree of Life I added as I just love..  However the Hawks were too high to get a photo on my mobile so I found a couple of Sparrow Hawks in Google Images…  

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Walking on High.

Today I awoke with a spring in my step

As an appointment with Nature today I kept

The Sun shone bright with skies so clear

As off I did walk with a smile and good cheer


2012 is the year of the shift

As I walked in the Sun I was given a gift

My gaze travelled high to the buds of the trees

And low to the ground was the hum of the bees


I sent my thoughts to the Creator of All

As I asked for his gifts and he answered my call

For up in the heavens Two Hawks they appeared

Spiralling on upwards my eyes filled with tears


A feeling inside me did burst from my heart

For all of these gifts we each are apart

No longer on ground did my feet seem to walk

But high with the Hawks I flew and did talk


They told me of visions and far reaching sight

And how to sail upwards in effortless flight

Teaching Patience and Grace as they glided with ease

With no earthly worries or grudges to appease


Higher and higher aloft I did rise

I danced with the Hawks amid the clear skies

Adrift with my thoughts I floated back down

As once more my feet did touch back to ground


‘The Shift’ is within as we awaken and see

As many more join in the flight to be free,

I carried on walking with heart full of love

And asked for another sign from those up above


For my journey unsure on the road I must tread

And appearing like magic I looked above my head

Two Butterflies danced on the breeze with such glee

Ascending to heaven in answer for me


We each see the signs as The Shift we all feel

As our hearts open wider in this world so surreal

So follow your Path and see where it leads

Ascension is coming for this Earth to succeed..

© Sue Dreamwalker – 2012 All rights reserved.

Layers of Dust.

Last Night I couldn’t sleep, nothing unusual for me, as I often toss and turn looking up to the ceiling letting my mind wander..
I wasn’t surprised that sleep eluded me, as earlier I had visited my daughter as we had a drumming session together, the energies we both had felt as we went into our own sacred spaces of thought and vibration, were both invigorating and peaceful.


Later we discussed the energies and spoke on our current understandings of the world and the forthcoming changes in its own vibration; this is the time when New Energies are coming into the world offering many of us the chance to change… Many who are going through turmoil as old patterns are repeating or are being released once and for all.


So as I lay thinking of the world and my own journey and repeated lessons, I put on my bedside light and got out my journal that I keep always at my side to jot down the odd dream or inspired words. And I wasn’t disappointed as my pencil started to flow over the paper and within the space of 5 minutes or so the words you see below you were formed..


So as I wipe the sleep from my eyes this morning, I would ask that you look within and Out into the World as you also wipe the layers from your mind that have been built from our indoctrinated thoughts, from that early age when our thoughts were shaped by those who teach the same lessons that they were taught. Not really looking at the WHOLE picture of WHY we are who we are, or WHY we hold such Narrow views .. And look to find the answers to the questions we all at some point in our lives ask..


“WHO AM I”?… and really begin to see.. We are SO so much More than we ever thought possible. If we Let Ourselves BE…. the ‘BEING’ we ALL forgot to BE..

Wipe Away the Dust

Wipe away the Dust form the Layers of your Mind

Crawl out from the Darkness, seek the Light and find

Answers to your questions are there for you to see

Look deep within, Begin with ME,

Many times my voice cries out to be heard

Often I hold back, in case I’m thought absurd

But the time now has come to the answers I need to find

As I wipe away the Dust from the Layers of my Mind

Calling me home the layers begin to peel

Life plays out its dramas, just go with what you feel

To change the thought your thinking, go within and listen well,

Alter the reality in which you dwell

Wipe away the Dust from the Layers of your Mind

Perceive a new Horizon, allow yourself to shine

Blow away the cobwebs of the Web that holds you tight

Look beneath the Darkness, start and shine your Light

Brighten up your thoughts, let go of ‘Woe is ME’

And soon you will see through the veil of reality

The illusion of perception and the Data we receive

Peels back more layers of those who would deceive

So wipe away the Dust from the layers of your Mind

For the TRUTH is out their

And it’s up to YOU to find.

© Sue Dreamwalker 2011 All rights reserved.

Watching Me.


Watching ME!



I sit within the wood this Night

 And cast my thoughts to you

I see the many mysteries

That many think taboo

 I hear the whispers of the wind

As they echo in the wood 

My lips are sealed I will not speak

and yet you hear my cry

For my eyes they watch from high above

As the wind she gives a sigh.

The Shadows climb like ivy trails

Upon the the trunks smooth bark

A Shamans drum a beat of hearts

To drive away the dark

A voice is heard upon the wind

Its cry is from a girl

Who once did walk upon his path

Her journey to unfurl

She came to find a boy she’d lost

In times of long ago

She asked the trees to send her thoughts

Of where she now should go.

For aching heart she found his beat

In the Drum of the Shamans tune

The Tree did speak

To say She’d find him soon.

For there within the branches high

The Girl now could see

The Face reflected back to her

Was Me.


© Sue Dreamwalker  2010 All rights reserved.


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