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  This is Merlin who is part of my daughters feline family



 I hope you enjoy a wonderful weekend.. 

If you wish to see a series of photos of where I went walking last year I am posting a series of

7 Days of Nature Phototgraphs over at Dreamwalker’s Garden to run for the next 7 days in a row.

The first set started Here today

Love and Blessings for a Beautiful weekend


Creation! ~In Motion

We set our our Blue Prints.

We set out our Blue Prints.

Creation ~  in Motion..  

We are born with amnesia, forgetting details of that which were before. We follow the outlines of that which is laid down for us to follow via our parents, traditions and our ancestors.

Layer upon layer we build our form- through aeons our memories remembered then forgotten as we merge, blend and moulding ourselves via our cultured beliefs. Conforming within the boundaries of Fearfulness.

Cat Pose the base lines

As we begin to build through layers upon layers

Down through the ages we mix the pigments, fragments of dust that layer our perceptions, beliefs, ideas which outline the parameters of our reality. Creating altered Ego of self within the duality of our existence.

Cat pastel starting out

Empty hollows, we often do not see that which stares us in the face.

Layering, hiding that which was. Disguising our mistakes, creating that which we imagined as truth. Seeds of Knowledge scatted, extracted, altering codes within our true selves. Experimenting, sabotaging DNA structures of Genius.



Standing Cat

Light and shade are both needed within the mix

We plunged deeper, not seeing, Eyes and hearts empty, void, forgotten vessels only. Corrupted by desire, pleasure seeking, senses aroused. We forgot our creation was unique for our progression. So we add yet more layers of colour in our attempts at disguise who we are. 

Wise Cat

Life is given and held within the Light  of our Seeing..

Each hue a subtle blend adding both light and dark to the mix. We travel back and forth across the Page of Life and Death, each stroke adding richness. Yet each incarnation etching deeper into the page of memories of that which cannot be undone, only healed. As each cycle completes its present course we seemingly become stuck within the lures of our own making.

Cat Pose Completed

It is said a Cat has 9 lives, Have you ever wondered how many you have lived?

Only after many life times and much learning that shapes our skills through patience and perseverance do we develop those gifts that we possessed all along. For they were there from our conception, but we just couldn’t ‘See’ them for our Eyes were empty, blinded to the truth..

Our Eyes are now opening to the Light that is igniting the sparks of memory within which brings us to life. As we Re-awaken to all we are and ever have been within our Spiritual Creation of Oneness…

Sleepy Cat

Another creation, I did not see the heart shape until later.. Now is the Time to open our Hearts


The Future Generations

The Future Generations Learning and growing from our examples..

May we each learn to spread the Light and Wisdom to our younger generation and May we pass on the Wisdom we ourselves have learnt..

owl in blue 

The Cat:

Who invites us to explore our inner and outer realms, of Light and Dark, Have we the patience and courage to explore and heal from the inside out?  Totem can be found Here 

The Owl: 

Who invites us to explore and find the truth behind reality..  Totem can be found Here 


As a Footnote.. Those who love their Four-legged animals of Cats and Dogs may well be interested in reading this Post on Learning From Dogs about a toxin that a tiny bit could kill your pet.. Please visit

Every Picture Paints a Thousand Words

Those who have been following me for some time know I have had a little time out .. Much refreshed I will let my pictures tell their own story..

So first my ME time saw me getting back to what I love..


Lioness and Cub

Close up of Lion

Second My garden.. I just love spending time relaxing and contemplating as I watch the birds.. So here are some of what is in bloom at the moment in Dreamwalker’s Garden.. 


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During the week we had the pleasure of having our 3 yr old Granddaughter for the day.. We took her to a local Farm Park where we fed the goats and birds, as well as seeing so many more.. Please click to the slide show to view closer and view comments 

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


And here is the Allotment Garden  and what is growing there.. And I have enjoyed every moment of my Break away… I hope you have saved yourselves so ME time also..

I will be catching up all those who have commented here very soon..

Love and Blessings

And remember to cherish those special moments in your life..

Thank you for reading.. 


German Shepherd Dog

Sometimes when I want to clear a space in my head I like to either listen to music or Draw… This week I had some spare time on my hands and so the Sketch pad and Pastels came out once again..

And here is the result.

German Shepherd

I hope you enjoy the result of this German Shepherd Dog I drew in Pastels..

I wasn’t brought up with Dogs my family always had cats, But I just love German Shepherds, well all four legged Dogs and Cats and animals .. But I remember one German Shepherd which was rather special… her name was Xena  who belonged to a dear friend..  She sent me this picture of her some years ago now.. Sadly  Xena she is no longer with us..

myfavorite doggie Xena

My earliest memory of a German Shepherd was when I was 6 or 7 years of age. I remember I had to walk past the Vicarage gates to the infant school in our village where this huge GS was usually safe behind… His bark I think was worse than his bite.. But to a young girl I was scared of him.. One day the gate was open and he bounded out as I went past, and he barked loudly at me..

My heart raced and I think I started to cry.. as I was on my own.. I remember a woman coming to my aid and saying he wouldn’t hurt me.. as she calmed me down.. The German Shepherd was ushered back behind the gate, But not before someone had let me stroke him and take away my fear.. Or I may have been afraid of dogs in the future..

Funny how when one’s mind is trying to empty itself.. It then becomes full of past memories.. That are triggered by something else..

Have a Great weekend all of you, and Sorry if I didn’t get around to visit all of you but your on my to do list.. Next week as I’m working this weekend..

Take care and be good to each other.


Another Doodle on a Windy Afternoon.

Cat 1

Today I have had a Free Day to doodle a little and so I got out my pastels once again and decided I wanted to draw another of my favourite animals..

Being a Cat lover who over the years I have had the pleasure of several Felines deciding to share their life with our family.. For I believe You never own a cat..  They own you.

I have not had a cat or pet apart from keeping Tropical Fish for a number of years now.. My last cat was 14 yrs old whom we had as a rescue cat from aged 7 who gave us much love and affection.. The one prior to that was with us for 21 yrs, and grew up with my children… And all were  very sadly missed as they departed this Life.

Cats have much to teach us.. click the Cat Totem links in Green to find out more..

Have you noticed when ever you are feeling low they will come close and sit upon your knee, purring  as they give much healing, bringing calmness around you.

Animals come into our lives for many reasons.. and teach us many lessons…

Wishing all who visit a  Great Week…

Dreamwalker Smile

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