Teach them Peace. In Tribute to Remembrance Sunday.

Happiness .. A painting by my Granddaughter

Happiness .. A painting by my Granddaughter who was not quite 5 when she painted this in 2015. 

…I see so much, yet dare not tell

Shaking away dreams, I must not dwell.

So for now I freeze this moment in space

Sending out prayers for the Human Race.


These children whose laughter echoes in my ears

Are our future and hopes for all we hold dear.

So teach them to live, to love, and be free

We each play our part, meaning you and me.


Teach them to follow what lies in their heart

For material possessions we shall soon part

The values of life are not kept in the bank

For soon they will know, to the depth man has sank.


Disarm them with kindness, make them aware

That the future is in their hands, we need to share.

Let them know this Earth needs to heal

That All things Are possible, where nothing is real.


Help heal our world, Let our children grow

With knowledge of Love.. Let hatred go.

Tomorrow comes around, to those who wait

Help Our Children, Let’s not leave till too late.

 Sue Dreamwalker

The above is part of a poem I wrote, you can read the original  version here

entitled Let Our Children Grow A poem I composed while watching children playing on the beech one vacation in 2009. 

I hope you have a wonderful Peaceful weekend, and remember to keep holding love in your hearts. 


The above Post was originally written in 2015, of which I have edited for this post. The Children of our World are so precious, and many are not even aware of the dangers many have faced or the war ongoing behind the scenes in which precious lives are at risk, or those who put their own lives at risk in rescuing them.
May we give thanks in remembering ALL those who served both in the past and in this present moment who put their own lives in danger by rescuing Children from all situations that cause them harm..
And May all those who gave their ultimate sacrifice be in not in vain for our Worlds Future Freedom Sovereignty and Peace!

Remember Them and Remember it is up to us.

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I was searching for a post to tie in the significance of today to what is happening within our world right now..  So for those new to my blog I am re-posting this post which was written some years ago upon my blog.

 I hope we can Remember that each thought and action creates our future tomorrows..  Let us Begin to build bridges between our differences and find peaceful solutions to working through them. 

Love and Light..


Remembrance Day this year commemorates 100 years since the Great War of 1914 as well as WWII in 1945. 

As we lay our poppy wreaths and say our silent prayers as we remember those who fell during these past Battles, Let us also not forget ALL of those who are still falling today..

It seems Mankind does not learn from Past Wars as he rages on forever doing battle. All we  seem to do is create  yet more sophisticated weaponry to maim and kill even more multitudes in our so called progression!.. It seems to me Man has progressed Little. For he still can not live side by side his fellow man in peace. 

While I so wish to promote Peace upon my blog, this is also a Sanctuary to bring awareness to my readers. So let us not forget all of those who are still suffering right now at the hands of War.. And I would ask you to ask yourself WHY? Why is it we still join in battle to kill one another? Why is it we still throughout the many centuries do we embrace War as a solution in over coming differences.. And if our Governments were really embracing Peace.. Then also ask yourself why are they so ready to Go to War?..

I think many of us are aware enough to see beyond that which we are shown!. I am still always aghast at Man’s inhumanity to Man. And how we become blinked and almost anesthetized to daily reports of the horror we commit against each other in the name of religion.  This battle seems to have been waged since time began..  What God promotes War and Suffering? We are the ones doing that.. ‘Sigh’

I wrote the first half of this poem for Remembrance Day in 2010, the second half I wrote today. in 2014  And still we are sat in the same Zone of Remembering..

  Remember too.. That if we want to change the World to become more Peaceful then We are the ones who have to Remember it is up to us to Change it, and Live in Harmony and Peace with our fellow Human Beings..

Remember them of yesterday..

Remember them that fell today,

Remember them in faraway lands

Remember them for they too had plans

Remember Them…

Remember the old soldiers of World war one..

The Great War to end all wars that was won..

Remember too all the battles that still rage

As History turns yet another page..

Remember them..

Remember too all who serve,

With medals adorned and well deserved.

The medics who brave their lives to retrieve

Those brave soldiers who too they grieve

Remember them.


Remember too all the children who die

Let us not forget their silent cries

We can not keep turning our eyes that are blind

Remember People We are One of a Kind

Remember Them…

It matters not what creed that we follow

We need more love in our hearts not one’s that are hollow

As bulletins belch the cruel acts we abhor

Right into our homes as we accept yet more War

Remember too We have a Voice

Remember we are the ones who have a Choice..


Look around you the destruction is rife

Even toys and Cartoons create battles and strife

Open your eyes and Open your hearts

And Remember to create Peace

It is Now we must Start!

Remember!.. It is up to US to Alter our Ways

If we are to bring Peace for future Days..

© Sue Dreamwalker  2010-2014 All rights reserved.

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Rememberance Day


Picture1.png A Cold Poppy Day image by annika1904

Poppy Remembrance Day

Remember those that fell in battle

Or whose wounds were hard to bare

Remember those that gave their life

So that Freedom we could share.

Remember those in History, their country did they serve

Today our soldiers need us, the support they so deserve

A Poppy wear with pride as you remember those that fell

As memories of their sacrifice, in our hearts our pride does swell.

Remember too the soldiers brave who serve our lands today

Remember those who put their lives at risk every single day

Not only is the Poppy for the fallen of long ago.

It helps maintain support, to keep our wounded soldiers on the go.

Poppy red is for the blood that soaked in fields of corn

The seeds of hope cast on the wind for a new dawn.


Wear your Poppy with Pride!

For all men and women who give their lives.

And Let us Pray for PEACE.. 

© Sue Dreamwalker 2010-2015

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Have a Peaceful Sunday


Remember Them. ~ A Poem

Today is remembrance Sunday Let us never forget those whose job of work it is costs them the ultimate sacrifice.. Below is a poem I wrote a while back with an additional last verse just added.. Remember Them

~Remember Them.~

Remember them of yesterday..

Remember them that fell today,

Remember them in faraway lands

Remember them for they too had plans

Remember Them…


Remember the old soldiers of World war one..

The Great War to end all wars that was won..

Remember too all the battles that still rage

As History turns yet another page..

Remember them..


Remember too all who serve,

With medals adorned and well deserved.

The medics who brave their lives to retrieve

Those brave soldiers who too they grieve

Remember them.


Remember too the power of thought

For battles are won and battles are fought

With Vibes of Peace from Deep inside

So its up to us to change the tide

Remember Them


If we are to change our History’s Blot

Then Unity and Love must be our Plot

Remember we are One who have much power

Remember to Love

This is OUR Eleventh Hour


Remember Our Future Generations

Remember Them!

© Sue Dreamwalker – 2013 All rights reserved.

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Remember~ Remember~ Remember!


Remember them of yesterday..

Remember them that fell today,

Remember them in faraway lands

Remember them for they too had plans

Remember Them…

Remember the old soldiers of World war one..

The Great War to end all wars that was won..

Remember too all the battles that still rage

As History turns yet another page..

Remember them..

Remember too all who serve,

With medals adorned and well deserved.

The medics who brave their lives to retrieve

Those brave soldiers who too they grieve

Remember them.

Remember the people who still live in fear

Nothing has changed much over the years

Remember our thoughts can alter and change

For Peace to dwell as we re-arrange

Remember them

Remember our thoughts as we Remember the past-

Can alter the future for a New Peace to last

All we need do is embrace the Peace

Then no lives in war need to be deceased

Remember Them 


Remember all those who are serving in our armed forces where ever they may be in this world.. Remember those that gave their lives, those who have horrific injuries and those loved ones who are left behind to pick up the pieces of life..

Remember those who are still suffering horrendous lives as they fight for their freedom in foreign lands,

Remember the children!

And while we sit and remember…

 Remember also

WE are the only ones who can CHANGE our World to live in PEACE. This means living in harmony with our Families, our Neighbours, and in our Communities showing we are there for one another not against one another.. Regardless of colour, creed, or political preferences 




© Sue Dreamwalker – 2012 All rights reserved.

11:11:11. Remembering the Past and Creating new Beginnings

On Friday is Remembrance Day  and around the world many will be thinking of those who have perished who have served their country and were either killed or wounded in action..

Many too will be praying and asking that their loved ones who are still serving in the armed forces come home safely to their families..

Remember too that as we send out our thoughts its also a very important day in the World Calendar as it is the 11:11:2011.

I have spoken before upon the subject of seeing 11:11 or 111 I am always seeing these numbers on clocks and everywhere I turn..Much has been written about the significance of 11:11:11, and you can find much information upon the net regarding this..  For me these numbers are a Sign that makes me aware that we are connected together like a pre-encoded trigger to our memory banks for we are each of us connected even though many of us have forgotten..Its as if we are being primed  as our thoughts are brought together in unity.. For we must Unite our thoughts.. Our thoughts hold so much power of transformation, for ‘Thought is Energy’ and our collective energy can send waves out across the world to help build the bridges of Peace and Harmony..

We have seen many places around our world join in spontaneous protests as they have toppled their Dictator Rulers and by adding our silent thoughts in a Positive Prayer of Peace we too can add to that Bridge of Unity.. Each of us now have a great opportunity to help Heal our World. So let us join in spontaneous Prayers of Peace…And like those who gather each year in Remembrance of those who gave their lives, we must also gather together to send out our collective thoughts into the world for Unity and Harmony,

I will be doing my own healing work on this day as I will be meditating on the hour of 11am on the 11th of November. And I will be sending out thoughts of Love and and Peace and Healing to our Mother Earth and to those places and leaders around our globe where War is still rife.. ..

Numerology is known by science to  play an important role within the Matrix of this Universe 11:11:11 can be viewed as a Doorway or link whereby our Conscious energy can join together.

So let us Unite our thoughts and form a bridge between our Worlds of Thought for those in the Spirit Realms have told me also that this is the time when Unity is of the Upmost importance in the progression and survival of mankind..

So join me in sending out our love and light for all positive outcomes around our world.. And let us open up a gateway to bridge that gap, as we send out our thoughts to walk in Unity whereby we respect our Earth Mother and our Fellow Man and All creatures upon her, So that the Future is Bright for all future generations to come.. Join with me in Remembrance and in creating a new Beginning. For our Earth Mother needs your thoughts..


© Sue Dreamwalker – 2011 All rights reserved.


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