Out of Shadow into Light

Crocheted blanket throw


 I had thought to head my post in the same words as the title that came in my poem…“ Dark to Light!”   But, I am seeing lots of headers with the same title recently, So,  I chose Out of shadow into Light…. Why?, well,  I pondered many hours while working upon my blanket throw, about what makes certain people choose those Darker paths? And it is going to shock many around our world I feel as these darker paths are going to be exposed, in the not too distant future, and who has walked them. But that is for another day.

 Many of us have lots of compassion within our natures, and yet we are witnessing how  quickly our compassion becomes clouded, revealing the ugly natures of people, when insecurities and fear surrounds them. Their Anger suddenly flairs, because of their fear. They are quick to point their fingers at others, while not seeing their own reflections are being mirrored back to them, especially within the last twelve months. 

And Yet, most of us are not Dark at all…. Most of us are born with a good heart.

It’s now time to put our good hearts to use.  Because it is, WE who need to gather together to create change… 

 So many right now are being driven to make choices based out of fear…

So often our shadow side lives in fear, and we forget we are Beings of Light!… That we belong to Mother Nature, sadly over time, we have separated from our Mother, her natural healing and her natural laws and we’ve forsaken her ways of Unity and Co-operation. Instead we have thought we know better than Nature, and explored ways to duplicate her natural ways, and in the process we have contaminated, and alienated, poisoned and killed many species that are now extinct from our planet…  And no doubt created many abominations we as yet are not fully aware of. And I dare say before long, our own species will find the mirror reflecting back at ourselves and our own demise, if we do not open our eyes to what is occurring in our reality. And wake up and question the unquestionable topics being censored right now.   

We really all need to wake up to what we are submitting to as a world.. And understand the consequences of those choices being made right now on this planet.. For there are dark forces at work, whom are interfering in nature and natural law, whom have a dark agenda for this world.  That do not hold our Human species interests at heart.. In fact I often ponder if these beings have a heart at all? 

Many who read here have done lots of their own Inner shadow work… We have all of us lived through many Dark times through many lifetimes.  It is time now to stop living in fear… It is now time to stand up within our Power of who we truly are…

We are All Powerful Human Beings who have lost our way in understanding our True Natures. We have to understand we are creatures who Create… And we do so not just by the crafts of our hands… We do so with the Power of our Minds… We create into our reality that which we think… So if we are continually thinking with fear…. We will keep creating it within our realities.. 

My reality may be a slightly different creation than some of those who continually live in fear… Remember like attracts Like… And we pull to us our experiences… 

I am planting seeds right now, growing plants, I go out in the fresh air and I breathe deeply unafraid, I allow my smile to radiate upon my face… As others scurry to cross the road with their smiles hidden.. And yes, I care deeply for others, but others have not researched or dived as deep perhaps as I have into the Darkness of the realities of this world we are being subjected to right now… So I hold no fear!  But soon my friends, I feel very soon… New Light will be brought to this world… Those who are aware, already know this Light is penetrating many places, many hearts, and it is going to illuminate many shadows that have been kept hidden from us.. 

We ALL chose to be here at this pivotal point in our Earths evolution. And no one is here by mistake. We all chose to be here to witness this New Birthing process. But before a New Earth can be fully born, the Old has to be dismantled..  And yes.. Some will choose the Light and others will choose the shadow… 

Be Not Afraid! 

 We are all of us right now emerging from our shadow selves… We are either stepping up into our own courage, or we are submitting to the Fear…  I step up, in the light of who I am… This is the splitting of the Wheat from the Chaff… 

I AM, a Sovereign Human Being, with Free Will to Choose the way I wish to live, so long as I do no harm to others…  I chose long ago my path, and it many have taken many life times to arrive in my here and now one. But I chose to be here right now within this experience, and so did you!..

The world needs our Hearts to join in harmony, not fear.

  What is your choice? or has it already been made?  

It is now time to choose Freedom! or live in Fear! 

 My poem below  Dark to Light..  A title I have seen in many places recently.. Let us change this world from Dark to Light! 


Dark to Light.

How many raindrops have fallen through the years?

Splashing on windows in rivets of tears.

Running and merging without making a sound

All of them returning, to soak in the ground.


A candle flame burning, as energy is sent,

To those who are needing, whose energy is spent.

A Cat curled in slumber, in the crook of the chair

As the Rain falls faster creating floods of despair.


A crochet hook twisting the yarn in a hand

Subduing a mind that ponders Life plans

Each stitch that is woven another thought that embeds

As the Old world unravels revealing its threads


The threads that were woven in bygone of days

That shaped our existence within today’s matrix maze

A one world order of chaos to bring fear

The raindrops reflecting the millions of tears.


But nothing is separate, not even the rain,

For each drop that falls upon various terrain

Was once part of the ocean and part of the Whole

We are all here together one unit, one soul.


Now that maybe hard for some to comprehend

The Dark and the Light both created to ascend

But with out seeing the Darkness of Evil descent

We would not raise our vibration with Good intent


For soon we shall know how deep the darkness went

And we’ll all need our strength, as we view our governments

We’ll witness the changes, seeing manipulation and control

It’s now time to unite, to stand up and be bold.


Take nothing for granted, use your intuition and Grace

Remember in history those whose idea was a master race

Think before you relinquish your Freedoms to BE

 Remember Gods Law, we are HUMANITY. 


So, question and seek, see not just of the rain,

But see the spheres of Light through all of the pain

Know that through turmoil, struggle and strife

We wake up to truth, through the shadows of life.


Because it’s time to re-join the stream, the ebb and the flow

Where all comes together, it’s time to let go,

Where the Dark is exposed, In the Light of Earth’s Sun.

New Earth is here, and we warriors have Won.


Written 4th March 2021 © Sue Dreamwalker

An Awakened Man~ Interlude

I may be quieter for a time, with posting, and getting to visit as I want to concentrate on more ME time this next couple of weeks.. I started to paint some more pots and I am going to be in the garden and out more while the weather stays good in between my day job..

So here are some of what I have been up to.. Painted Pots

Toadstool land


Flower Land

All things flowery

I am painting the flowers which I see around me and in my garden .. Moon Penny Daisies, Sunflowers, Forget-me-nots, Poppies and Fuchsias .. The pot in the centre was based on my Fuchsia plant  here.. I think I got the colours matched well..


Now I am going to leave you with a video, you either love or dislike this man Russell Brand.. Last year he caused a stir with his interview on BBC News Night Spiritual Revolution interview, The video below contains many of his talks joined together in a 10 minute video. Listen to what it is he is saying and yes there are a few choice words in there too but we are all adults here and hear them on the streets regularly so my apologies in advance if this offends anyone.. 

Are you an Awakened Individual? I would love to hear your thoughts on what Russell has to say….

See you soon as you view the workings of this world and open your mind to what he is saying.. 

“Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for “fair use” for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favour of fair use.”


Be Good to one another and I will catch up with you shortly..

Blessings~ Sue

All Hallows Eve is here..

Now All Hallows Eve I have wrote about before on my blog where you can find out all the facts how Halloween came into being, and about  Bonfire Night in the U.K. and how Halloween was developed from the Celtic Feast of Samhain..

To read more about its origins and how back in history Celts acknowledged the beginning and the ending of all things as they saw the leaves fall from the trees and the coming of the winter. It was a time when they turned to their Goddesses and Gods, seeking to understand the cycles of life and death..Due to the facts that many people died in the winter, and the people were so dependent on the natural world, they believed that this day the boundary between the living world and the dead opened up gateways. To find out more of this History lesson, I wrote in full about in in 2009 on this blog. and you can read more   HERE ..  Emoji

These days we have all fell into the trap of commercialism as the shops are full of Halloween products from Costumes, masks, treats and baubles and bangles that tweet and whistle at us to buy buy buy! Halloween like every other Holiday has become Big Business as we get sucked in deeper still…

Now don’t get me wrong, Some may call me a bit of witch myself LOLEmoji  as I have been known to speak to the Dead!.. But I won’t go there todaySmile.

I enjoy the children coming around  showing off their various costumes and scary boooos and have my dish of treats at the ready.

Scraping out the pumpkinToday I share with you not the spooky Halloween, but the joys of sharing time with my Granddaughter not yet 3, who loves nothing better to stand on a chair in the kitchen with me and bake…All finished Big Smiles on Both Faces So Yesterday we had fun in carving out a Pumpkin, now this was a first for me, and she got stuck into the slimy middle and extracted the seeds. The pumpkin will be lit outside for the Big Day.. 

We then enjoyed making a little house for some peg dolls, The house was made from a cardboard box, she insisted on doing it all herself, except for me cutting out windows and doors, she dressed her peg dolls in cut out pieces of paper and spent most of the afternoon playing with her new friends. She gave them names and took them home, Informing her Mum and Dad she was going to take them to bed to sleep in her room.  She made them a table and chair and bed to lie in…

Peg doll house

Sorry this was the only photo I took which isn’t very clear an Ariel view

Imagination is such a wonderful tool and we can get so much enjoyment out of the simple things in life..

Today I carried on the theme of Halloween as I had saved most of the pumpkin, and roasted in the oven to split it between making some Pumpkin Muffins.. The muffins could have done with more spices, these I followed the recipe to the letter and they contain fresh Rosemary but omitted the seeds. I should have followed my instincts and added some cinnamon or mixed spices Pumpkin Muffins  The idea of the pumpkin Smoothie was set off by my visiting a new follower who posted a recipe on her blog called A Sincere Soul’s Life Experiences I adapted the recipe adding Banana and Almond Milk. I will share with you on my recipe pages when I get more time to post it. 

I hope you all enjoy what ever you have planned for your various celebrations.

Take care and thank you for taking the time to read and comment

Alchemy Gothic Halloween Graphics Happy Halloween Comments

Friday Facts~ My Hobbies

I have taken a few days  annual leave off from work this last week to enjoy some more ME time, and apart from catching up with some much needed chores I have also had the pleasure of sitting in the sun and relaxing with one of my hobbies.. ~Knitting.~ Below is one nearly completed except for the sewing on of 4 buttons I finished this morning.

knitting Cardigan for my Granddaughter

So for my Friday Fact I thought I would look up how knitting began, I am sure you can find out more facts for yourselves and to be honest I didn’t know that much of its origin’s either until I started to click on the Net.

So when did knitting proper begin, Well I found out it dates back to the Middle ages and the Middle East, dating to the 11th century in Egypt where the yarn used for knitting would have been cotton or silk, not wool that we mainly knit with today ..

It later crossed over into Europe where between the 14th and 16th centuries its popularity spread, but still wool was not being used.. Most items were knitted using imported cotton and silks .. Fine gauges were very expensive, so knitting was done for the wealthy as stockings, shirts and jackets were made.. In Sweden it is said that King Eric owned 27 pairs of knitted stockings made from silk imported from Spain in 1566 each cost the same as his valets annual salary…Image that in todays monetary value!.

All the needles then were still often made of materials such as Ivory or Walrus tusk and were still at the time double pointed.. It wasn’t until the middle of the 16th Century that the Purl stitch was invented, apparently until then only garter stitch was used. Stocking stitch was created by knitting on the round then cutting the garment open to make it flat.

Ordinary working class people began to learn how to knit for themselves using Wool, and Cottage industries sprang up. In the Renaissance period in Europe men knitted as well as women, in fact only men were allowed to join the knitting craft guilds..

Click the Picture for the Link Shepherds would knit while tending their flocks, and Sailors would knit on their long voyages.. But it was in Britain’s Fishing villages where women knitted the now famous ‘Ganseys’ or Guernsey’s for their husbands using patterns handed down from generation to generation.





In the 19th century knitting ‘Pins’ the long bobble ended type we know of today for flat knitting were first invented, and the old English needles sizes from 1 to 26 were introduced. The higher the number the thinner the needle.. Click the picture for the link

The other day  I was knitting as my granddaughter came to visit, She picked up some yarn and I allowed her to use my crocheting hook, (( Under my supervision)) as she wanted to knit too..She only wrapped the wool around and around, but it kept her quite for half and hour. Give her a few more years as she is only yet just a little over 2 and a half she will soon be picking up the skill as I did from my Grandmother ..

Many more are finding themselves drawn to knitting and its becoming again more popular to learn how to knit.. And who knows when we may need these basic skills again in the future?

If you are new to my site you may like to see more of my knitted items Here on my Hobbies Page links..

And may I take this opportunity for all those who have clicked the follow button recently.. Welcome,Lovely to have you here..  

Below are simple steps on how to start knitting..

Casting On stitches

Knitting Stitches

Purling Stitches

For more Instructions on how to knit and cast off and various stitches Go Here

To find some Free Knitting Patterns, then Go Here

I hope you enjoyed some of these facts about Knitting, And Do you Knit? and have you ever tried? and if you have what have been your favourite knits or failures?

I once spent a whole winter knitting a long sleeve jumper for my hubby when we first got married,He never wore it Lol as the sleeves were too long and the length too short… It took a day to unravel it, It then made my daughter and my Son two school jumpers as it was in Navy.. They did fit! Smile We live and learn that not all patterns fit our hubbies, since those days I have learnt to use my tape measure more often!!!Winking smile

Thank you for sharing one of my hobbies with me today I hope you all have a wonderful weekend and I hope to now get around to returning your kind comments upon my last post

~Sue Dreamwalker~

Please Click the links below and also the pictures will take you to the original sources.







Scarecrow in the Making.

Scarecrow at the ready. I thought of making a scarecrow to help keep the pigeons from eating the green shoots of the brassica family such as the cabbages…Which many were stripped to the stalks last year.

So an old  pair of jeans and shirt were put to good use. I started first by sewing the shirt in the jeans and sewing closed the cuffs and the hems of the jeans except for a small opening. 

Scarecrow collecting the things we need

The next step was rummaging in my sewing box I found some odd large buttons, The gloves were dug out of the garage. The Hessian  sacking fabric was left over from when I ran a craft group with those I supported a few years ago with learning difficulties.  It was left over from backing a pegged rug I helped them make.  Anyone remember them? I well remember helping my Granddad make a wool one and cutting the lengths of wool.. And Rag pegged rugs were in his home from his Mother.  In fact I still have one of his home made rugs but its now stored in the loft or else I would have shared its image with you.

Scarecrow his face is from some old Sackcloth.

The next step was to sew the shape of the head this was attached to the collar and the gloves were sewn on.

“Hi there!!!!! Can’t quiet see who is looking at me yet!  It seems my Brain is some old stuffing from some old cushions.” Anyone got a Brain??


Scarecrow, his face is sewn in place as are his gloves“Hi there!!! That’s better  at least I can see you now.. “

Buttons sewn, mouth in place and Hat sewn on too,that too was a freebee found in the back of the garage!

Smile for the Camera!

“ Rhubarb!!!, er-hem sorry Cheeeeeeeeesssssse!!!!”

Scarecrow his legs are now taking shape


“Well Enough of this Yoga Practice………. “

“I may be smiling but I can’t rest here for too long, I need to find my  Brain, and although my legs are filled, I need some extra Stuffing for my body.”

“Has anyone any spare Rags?”

“Oh by the way my name is Herbert! for future reference. When they put me on guard duty!. “

“I hope you will join me soon as I meet the Veggies on the Plot!…..


A Major Oak ~ Medieval Days

I have not been around Blog land all that much recently, partly due to the fact that as the weather warms up there is much to do outdoors..So for those of you who I have not been around to visit recently my apologies. I would also like to take this opportunity in thanking those who have nominated me for various awards this year.. Time is really flying and as good as my intentions seems to be, I have still failed to honour them, but you all know who you are and I thank you most sincerely for my nominations.

Thanks also go out to those New subscribers, the numbers are slowly swelling and I hope that you will not be strangers and make yourselves known.. I try to interact with all those who regularly comment upon Dreamwalker’s Sanctuary. I do hope you find my posts and pages of interest. 

This weekend has been a Holiday for May Day, and the Sun came out in all its glory for the weekend I thought I might share what I was up to.

So here is a glimpse into my day in Sherwood Forest.. Its right on my doorstep and I love going walks in the Woods around and about here.Trees are such wonderful beings, each one  as unique and individual as you are.

As well as walking I saw some wonderful Butterflies too which was a great surprise as some are out early. I will comment upon them and the variety I saw in a separate post to follow soon..

Please click on the photos to enlarge and find our more.

The Oak Tree has to be on of my favourite Trees.. The English Oak ‘The tree of courage and the doorway to inner strength’ representing endurance and self-determination. Known as ‘The King of the Forest’ and the King of the Trees it holds not only my heart but a special place of affection in many a heart.

The slow growing Oak can live for 1,000 yrs  and can hold over 500 species of insects, butterflies, bats, and birds, all making their home in the bark or branches. .. 

In the past Oaks were planted to mark boundaries as they are so long-lived. The Druids taught under them, and later the clergy would read the psalms and gospels under them as they walked the parish boundaries. The Oaks then became known as Gospel Oaks.

Special Oaks that were used for marriages became known as Marriage Oaks. The sky Gods were said to send  down their power through the lightning bolts, and we saw some Oak trees in the wood which had the markings of a lightning strike..

The Oakleaf was used as a symbol or longevity and strength and was engraved upon coins.. this was in later years replaced by the Lion. Oak leaves and acorns are often found on coats of arms and within family crests.. The acorn the symbol of immortality the strength and power of Nature . Mighty Oaks from little Acorns grow. Acorns were also carried in pockets to bring increased vitality and strength. Acorn bobbins too were hung on windows and above the fireplace as charms against lightning bolts. We saw many carvings of Acorns and the GreenMan in the craft tents.

You need to go and seek out the Oak when you are weary and you feel life challenges. Oak helps us reconnect with the pulse of energy, bringing its strength into your veins, it helps us let go, as it warns us about our own stubborn strength. teaching us that if we do not bend and go with the change we can break in the storm.. I love nothing better than to sit with my back against an Oak and feel its energy.

During the Middle Ages Oak became the main construction material for building homes and ships. Many of the Royal forests were planted with Oak trees to ensure the supply for British navel fleets.. Oaks were also cut down in vast numbers to provide charcoal for the Blacksmiths who worked making the armoury and weapons as well as tools.

Oak Bark was also used by the leather industry to process in the tanning of raw hides.

Younger Light Oak branches are still in demand for furniture making, doors, and coffins..

Oak leads the way when you need strength and courage to carry on. It brings deep calm and inner peace, helping you sort our  your inner turmoil’s. It restores your will and determination which may have been weakened through stressful situations.. It helps restore faith in our way forward ..

I could go on and on, and no doubt many may think I already have as I look at my word count. Below I will post a selection of photos some of the mighty Oaks as we walked through the wood … And the Major Oak in particular.. if you click onto the photos more information I hope will be there as you can view larger.. The other selection are of the medieval market and shows the armour and costume, skills of the past.

I do hope you have a wonderful weekend … Much love to you all. as I send you the Spirit of the Oak and my Day in Medieval Times!. 

Click each photo to enlarge and find out more information.

A competition of Longbow and Crossbow was had  A fine display of archery skills from both men and women

A competition of Longbow and Crossbow was had A fine display of archery skills from both men and women

Grow your Own is Back ~and Make your Own

Its always good to refresh the soul with Nature and Fresh air… today was such a day.. The Sun shone and it was time to go to the allotments and dig in some Manure.. We had a trailer load delivered last week but because of the weather, snow and freezing rain it was impossible to get started..

My husband dug while I cleared the shed out and we had a productive couple of hours..

For those of you who have just started to follow Dreamwalker’s Sanctuary you will find more on the page Grow Your Own of last years planting in our allotments.

Here are the photos of how it looks today..

Below is the view as we walk down through our allotment gardens. 

Our local Allotments











Our Plot

Above is our plot, ready to winter Dig.. the pile of Manure you can see ready to be spread.

Allotment muck spreading

There are around 54 barrow loads been deposited on top of the ground you can see here, they will be left to soak in a while, before being dug in.


~Making My Own~

On Monday I sat in my home feeling the wind chill blow through the bottom of my door.. While my exterior doors are well insulated a draft was whirling through from the hall around my feet.. So I set too to make a Draft excluder.. As I looked around to see what I could use. I found an old pair of brown trousers of mine which I had put to one side for the charity bag…It only took me around an hour and a half and Bill and Ben were Born…

 Meet Bill my sausage dog draft excluder

Above is Bill who I made using the trouser legs I made ears and a tail and put button eyes and nose on him, then I set about making Ben, his brother who you can see Below.

Meet Bill and Ben

We can all of us turn our hands at making those pennies go further, and I’m sure if your browse around the web you can find many Craft Blogs which can give you great ideas..

Have you made any new things recently and why not share them with others..

I hope you enjoyed my little Post today as I’ve had a few days off from work its been good to blog and catch up with many of you..

Enjoy your special Day and Loved Ones..


Sue Dreamwalker


Autumn Walks and Winter Warmers

Just a short little post, as I share my walk with you today.

Last of the leaves and Berries

Autumn colours are still beautiful even as the last of the leaves fall

Leave littered trail

Crisp under foot, each shape just perfect as the wind makes them swirl

Local woods

Walking in a circle that took me an hour,

With oak and beech that gave leafy showers.

Returning back home I began again to an knit

the mittens I had started to match my winter kit.

Fingerless Gloves

The hat and scarf I made a few weeks ago

And now I’m all ready for that Winter Snow!

One fingerless mitten to go

Hat and scarf

Stay warm, and remember we can achieve anything once we set our minds to it.. Once upon a time I couldn’t knit, once upon a time I found it difficult to walk as I suffered with chronic  pain and fatigue, Once we put our minds to it we can achieve our goals,

we can create better health…

Each of us have Will Power, in the coming future we are all of us going to be tested, So Put your minds to creating something better in your own world ..

The world may appear to be coming apart at the seams

But we are the ones who need to Sew it together with our thoughts.



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