Storm Clouds on our Horizon

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Yesterday we had one Huge Thunderstorm.. The sky turned black and heavens opened with torrential rain..Often a storm will creep up upon us as the dark clouds gather in the distance, it isn’t until we look up that we realise the rain is about to fall. We had been enthralled in our work in the allotments when we looked up to see in the distance the mist of rain falling across the valley as the dark clouds had gathered unnoticed as we made our hasty retreat into the garden shed.. 


So too in life often we do not see the changes that are around us. 

The same laws that govern the growth of plants oversee our own internal and external changes. We observe, and wonder, tilling the soil of our lives, planting seeds, and tending them.

Sometimes the hard part is knowing when to stop and let go, handing it over to the universe. Usually this happens by way of distraction or disruption, our attention being called away to other more pressing concerns. And it is often at these times, when we are not looking, in the silence of nature’s embrace, that the miracle of change happens.Just as we hadn’t noticed our Sunflowers had started to bloom yesterday until we looked up to see two beautiful heads in bloom.

Sometimes we have relatively short attention spans, and we can easily lose track of time. We may worry about a seedling in a pot with our constant attention and watering for several weeks only to find ourselves enjoying the blooms it offers and wondering when that happened, and how we didn’t notice it.

Nature, on the other hand, has infinite patience and stays with a thing all the way through its life. This doesn’t mean that our efforts play no part in the miracle of change—they do. It’s just that they are one small part of the picture that finally results in the flowering of a plant, or our shifted awareness.. Its often we do not realise that those Dark Clouds which gathered did so for a purpose as they allowed us to let go of a situation or soften our hearts along the way…We have to remember all that happens is only One part of the Picture.. as we gather together the pieces of our Puzzle in this jig-saw of Life.. 

I dug out this poem I posted way back in 2007, It maybe that Dark Clouds are surrounded quite a few people and places right now.. But I know they are there for a purpose and after every storm we see a clearing in the air.. Those storms too in life are sometimes needed so that we can see a brighter new day … I hope you enjoy my poem ‘Dark Clouds’ I hope for a Brighter New Day in the Lives of All in this World..   


Dark Clouds 

Dark clouds may be overhead.

And with them some rain may be shed.

The wind blows, and the air becomes chill

And all becomes silence, all is still


A flash of light, Heavens brilliant might

The dance of power, day turns to night.

An angry roar roles across the sky

As the storm takes hold, while passing by.


The raindrops fall, slow at first.

Then the Heavens open with torrential burst.

A few streaks of bright white light

But it’s not too long before it’s lost its might.


And as the thunder echoes in the distance

The bird’s start singing, awaking from the silence.

The clouds drift by revealing skies of blue.

And all is well in the misty hue.


And so in life, we have our troubles

When lightning strikes and anger bubbles.

But we ride the storm, even though there’s pain

For we know that soon the sun replaces the rain.


And in the brightness of a clear blue day,

We look back at the storms that passed our way.

The storms of life are here for a purpose,

To strengthen our love and bring with it tolerance.

You’ll never be sure when a storm might give rise.

So make the most of the sunny bright skies.


© Sue Dreamwalker  – 2012 All rights reserved.


Weather ~Climate Earth Changes



When I go out walking I don’t know about you, but I’m always looking at the small things, The above photo’s are what I’ve taken while out walking in the woods. these were taken in March, and since then even more leaves and shoots are now upon the trees..

Seeing the buds burst into life on our trees and shrubs as they bring that fresh greenery back into our Gardens and neighbourhoods never fails to also bring a spring back into my own step as our hedgerows come alive with birdsong and blossoms, as nature comes alive as nest building time starts in earnest.

Here in the UK we have had an exceptional warm prelude to Spring with Summer Temperatures of 24deg C only to plummet again to freezing temperatures as the snow fell. We are now back to what I would call normal again as we have our usual April rain showers.. But even these are mixed with heavy torrential type storms with hail mixed in..

Nature seems to be altering her moods, as she blooms early. Bee’s have been out even earlier so have certain butterflies, there can be no doubts Earth is Changing…

I’m always looking to the weather, thinking it was in Mother Natures hands, as she blew her wind and showered us with her rain and warned us with her thunderstorms. She would also rewarded us afterwards with her Rainbow hues and clear skies..

If we look back throughout our childhood years, we can see that there used to be a distinction between Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter.. Now it seems that Nature seems to have become muddled .. as the weirdness of our weather seems to escalate.

I just wonder how many of us are really paying attention to our weather patterns as we see and sense something is not quite right. Every one will comment saying “weird weather we are having!”, as our weather extremes seem to be getting worse.

What is happening to our Weather?

We take so much for granted, expecting our environment to stay the same, and yet more and more we are seeing reports of our extremes of weather taking their toil around the world, with huge storms of

Tornadoes, Hail Storms, Floods, etc..

Please click the above links to some excellent footage of Stories of Storms.

I have been following another blogger Dutchsinse for a long while now, whose perception and skill has let him to collate much information via various weather and satellite sites. He has become very experienced in predicting where many of these storms will hit..You will also find his excellent reports of up to date Earthquakes around our globe here too. He concentrates on the USA as that is where he lives. His accuracy is never far out and you may learn a thing of two along the way from his posts.

Again I am giving my readers here the chance to go and find out for themselves information on how are weather is being affected..

These are important parts of the jigsaw puzzle in our searching for the Truth around our weather and Earth Changes..

While Mankind has certainly contributed enormously to the imbalance we find within Mother Nature due to the pollution we have belched out into her atmosphere.. if your look deep enough you will also discover mans intervention as he medals into the ionosphere..

Again believe nothing I say..

Become a Seeker of the Truth..

and find out more facts for yourselves.

You owe it to yourselves and to your families.

I ask you spend 5 minutes of your time watching this Video of just some of the Earth Changes taking place we are not always informed about.

Weather watch… . “Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for “fair use” for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favour of fair use.”

My thanks go to Extinction Protocol:2012 and beyond.

And to Dutchsinse both WordPress bloggers..


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