Friday Facts ~ What has happened to our Hearts?

Scrap Metal Cars

Do we really understand the fragility of Life?

Have we ever thought of consequence and all the Strife?

So we can run around in cars and have our pretty things

Have you ever thought of all the pain we Human’s bring?



Have you ever thought just what it’s like to have your home bulldozed

And have you thought how hard it is to find enough to eat

When driven from your home


To Walk for miles to find a drop of water

And then to find you face a gun and you come up for slaughter

Have you ever considered just how you’d feel if orphaned you were left

As your mother became a trophy with her skin stripped from her chest?

nepal Tigers-confiscasted-skin-bones

Did you never spare a thought for the Ocean and her depths?

A dumping ground for all our waste no longer we respect,


It’s time to understand that we cannot turn away

For we are each responsible for the world we live todayoverpopulation-scales

We humans have tipped the scales as we destroy with tools of greed

It’s time to re-awake and replant a caring seed

Plant Love Grow Peace

By Sue Dreamwalker

If you click the Links below the Facts speak for themselves..  If you prefer I hope to have linked the photo’s from their original found source where you can read more about each subject.

Wishing you ALL a Very Peaceful Weekend and loving weekend with your families, and I would just ask one thing…

Please keep sending your thoughts of Peace and Love from your hearts to the World and All who are in need

I hope you also enjoy this Video

~All around the World-Open up your Hearts~ Forever United .

Sources :

Mediums~Natives~And Healers.

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Why is it do you suppose that for many mediums who have guides, they say that they have a Native American Indian… I know for me in my early years of development I thought how come I didn’t feel a Native Guide.. The first guide I was aware of was a Nun… she came to me when I was a child and I know helped me through some traumatic times of unhappiness as a child…

Years later I was aware of others who would help me with various things, such as my singing… I was aware of a lady in long silk green gown, she would help me in the choir at school whenever I was asked to sing solo.. I was a shy nervous child, but I guess my choir teacher saw how she could bring out that something in me… I didn’t always understand why I would see this lady in green in my mind, until years later and realised she had once been an opera singer..

It wasn’t until I started my Spiritual Healers Coursein the early 90’s that I became aware of a Young Indian Brave who came to add his energy to mine… To make me aware he was near, his sign was to make my face itch down the left side.. It was sometime before I blended with his energy sufficient enough to be able to find out that he was killed in a battle and able to see him clearly enough to see that his face had been badly scared down the left side..

I asked why didn’t they show me themselves more often instead of just making me aware of their presence through my senses, I was told it took far too much energy and the energy was needed in my healing work.

So why is it, Native American Indians seem to be prominent in channelled writings etc. There are teachings of channelled words from White Eagle

And then there are the inspiring words of Silver Birch books which tell of this Native American Indians own life on earth and in the spirit realm. Books that are full of wisdom and light.. Many stand upon my bookshelves.

Native Science teaches us the relationships to the natural world and a way of life and being.. They are the first to admit they were not perfect. No Human Being is.. But Native Science teaches us about the cycle of time and space, they teach us about our individual actions through ceremony and their relationship with the Earth.. They teach us about responsibility in respecting All Nature, taking only that which is needed, and giving thanks for that which is given.. They respect the rights of other living creatures.. And they understand that the Land belongs to no one but our Earth Mother and is Free ..They understand the cycles of sowing and harvesting and how the Moon cycles all entwine within our own circles of growing seasons and our own growth.

They spread their knowledge through their story-telling, Indigenous science also understands the laws of the natural world and the plants and their healing qualities… Traditionally they understood that compacts should be made with the land and the natural entities there. Everything is considered to be alive with spirit energy.Even the stones are alive.. And to them everything is related and connected.. All things unfold, all events into the plan of the Universe.

This ‘Knowing’ is passed down, this relationship of Earth and Space and of the energy between living and non-living things, having their visions and dreams, holding that connection between the physical and Spiritual realms. They understand the importance of Balance with Nature and try to hold a moral and ethical code in which we should all walk.. They see the destruction we have wrought upon ourselves and know what it is to be destroyed as they themselves were nearly annihilated.

And so they come to teach us, and guide us with their wisdom of knowledge.. And those teachers still walk among the Native American Tribes of today, as they speak their Knowing to ALL who will listen..

It is time we once again listened to their Messages.. Before we walk our final path…

For The TIME is NOW..

when we need to once again open our hearts to the Indigenous Native Ways of Being..

And Live In Balance with One another and our Earth Mother.

“The Roots of all living things are tied together.

When one mighty tree is felled, a star falls from the sky.

Before you cut down a mahogany,

you should ask Permission of the Keeper of the Forest,

and you should ask permission of the Keeper of the Star”,


© Sue Dreamwalker – 2012 All rights reserved.

Lines and Signs~ Cultures and Centuries

The Nazca culture of Peru evolved about 300BC, they were fishermen and farmers and excellent in making pottery.. The Nazca Lines/Geoglyphs still hold much mystery.. They were not discovered until the aircraft started to fly over them in the 1920’s.

These Pictures on Google Images show us Hummingbirds, Spiders, Monkey, and they appear like a  giant calendar,in which like other indigenous cultures point to their connection to the Stars..  The Nazca lines were used for generations as early pathways to the stars. Some lines point on the horizon to where the Sun rises and the Sun sets during  equinox’s. Others seem to have no pattern until you see them in the dark in relation to the constellations group in the sky. Each Nazca figure corresponds to a constellation pattern in the sky. This has been confirmed by computer simulated research which has matched 3 points associated with the Spider to the constellation of Orion Much still remains a mystery but again here we see evidence of connection to the stars with knowledge of astronomy which was very sophisticated.   







Native American Indians also used a similar layout with the Medicine Wheel, as certain lines were aligned to the horizon and the solstice Sun.

The Bighorn Medicine Wheel is another   construction of stones created by Native American Plains Indians which is dated to be to be around 300 to 800 years old and also pointed to the rising and setting of the Sun at Summer Solstice. as well as alignments to Sirius and Orion.

Recent Deforestation of the Amazon have also uncovered more Geoglyphs as Google Earth shows Here  Which one has to conclude that these were made before the trees grew, and as some of the trees could be  well over 500 yrs old, we have to wonder what sort of civilisations were in place at that time and who created them? 

Circles and formations of stones called Megaliths can be seen all over Europe, England and Ireland, also in Peru the U.S.A. and the Canadian great plains ..  Easter Island  is also another Mystery. 

Even the scriptures that are thousands of years old contain scientific knowledge that puzzles scientists today is that the source of knowledge can most likely be tracked back to the survivors of earlier civilizations who had an understanding equal to our own today.

We think as a species we are at our height of our own evolution in regards to progression of our technological advancements , and yet Science still is at a loss to explain the Structures of Monuments such as the Pyramids or the pyramids and ruins of cities found beneath the sea, which must have belonged to civilizations thousands of years older than the Sumerian culture..

Which brings me  full circle to the Aztecs,  the Incas, and the Mayas  and the indigenous cultures of the Americas,  and the Native  American Indians,  which still puzzle scholars today.

The Mayans had to notice that the stars in the heavens slowly changed their position in the sky by what I have researched as just 1 degree in every 72 yrs. This is such a small amount, it is hardly likely to be noticed by the naked eye over such a period of time.  And they also have a calendar for Venus that is accurate within 2 hrs per 500yrs.. Science cannot easily explain away these facts..

We are taught such a narrow View of our History and it isn’t until you seek out knowledge and start to put your pieces of it together within the Jigsaw puzzle, that you see a whole different picture to one we were taught in school..

I will leave you with this thought.

In a book called “Genesis of the Cosmos, Paul La Violette writes

“If anything, the discovery of advanced science in ancient myths and lore should give us reason to pause and take a broader view of modern achievements, to realise that we may not be the first scientifically advanced culture to inhabit this Planet “

So Just who were our Ancestors?

Are you putting the pieces together of your Puzzle yet?

© Sue Dreamwalker – 2012 All rights reserved.



Cosmic Changes and Cycles


Star People

Astronomy has played an important role in ancient human science.. And throughout many cultures we have looked to the stars in their observations to follow ceremony and rituals.

The Navajo’s purpose of life is live in harmony with all forces and enteritis. and their creation stories if one studies them are key to unlocking many mysteries in life.

According to the Navajo perceptions there is Order in the Universe. And the Actions of people are deliberate in maintaining  harmony and balance in the world.

When that Balance is interfered with  they use ceremony to help re-establish that balance . Stories of their connection with the constellations have been passed down through generations. And they have known how to use the stars and Moon cycles to plant their seeds and harvest crops..

They refer to the Sun  the Day traveller and the Moon as the Night traveller, and our Earth Mother..and Father Sky, .. The Sun and Moon, the First man and First Woman, brought the energy of the Sun, Moon, and a crystal Star from the first World. In the second World Coyote, First Boy and First Girl were created and together they brought the knowledge of heat and light from the clear crystal to the Fourth World, ( Which is the World as we know it ) 

The Pleiades or Seven Sisters are known as the Planter, the timing of planting and cultivating are determined by the disappearance of the Planter in late Spring-early Summer..

The Lakota observed the Sun’s relationships to the constellations and performed the appropriate ceremonies. The Lakota people mirrored the Sun’s path and and moved counter clockwise through the Black Hills from one ceremony to another each one to correlated  to a different constellation.

These stories among the indigenous tribes suggest that visitations by extra-terrestrials and believe that those from the stars are their ancestors.  And when people die they go to the people among the stars.

The Twelve Poles of a Tipi represent the 12 months of a year Once a year the people take part in the ceremony of the Sun Dance, and their prayers are offered to the Holy Tree of Life. There are also Twelve Stars, The Morning Star, The Evening Star, and the seven Stars of the Big Dipper and three Stars on Orion’s Belt .

The Ancient Indigenous people were very knowledgeable in their understanding of how things worked in the Universe. They used a form of coded Mythology to try and convey their understanding. Because in many ways that ‘Knowing’ is beyond words..  Much like Sacred Geometry and why physics is heavily dependant upon Maths. there are certain things that cannot be explained in words unless you convert to some symbol form.

The indigenous did this in their story telling and rituals and many different indigenous tribes around our world also do the same as they pass down their knowledge from one generation to the next. They understood and understand today the need of Balancing Nature, they understand that Nature has her Cycles, and so do we.. They showed respect for Nature giving thanks and showing gratitude through ceremony and prayer.. They took only what was needed..

Which lead me next to the symbols on Caves around the world are so important as those drawing them tried to convey something of importance in the Petroglyph’s .. and pictographs drawn on animal hides.. 

The Pyramids of Egypt also have been discovered to have been Aligned with the stars especially the Pleiades. The main three pyramids were aligned in order to view the three central stars of Orion. And even more remarkable the 3 pyramids were spaced precisely geometrically to the stars in Orion’s Belt.   

A story about Scar Face can be found here which I posted in 2009  is a story about these relationships with the stars.. The story often refers to meetings with Star beings and being gifted with some kind of Knowledge which was given to the Heroine or Hero of the story. Scar Face journeys to the Land of the Star People where he finds his sense of identity and he make a new compact with the Star beings he meets. Scar Face helps them, and in return they help him, and he returns home to Earth with new Knowledge that he shares with his people..

It is time now for New Knowledge to come once again to Earth . And  we are gradually all changing our way of thinking and being..

Cycles are in constant motion.. We view the heavens above us as we see the planets coming into alignments that haven’t occurred in many thousands of years. We need to pay heed to the Sun, and the Stars once again.. As we need to pay heed to our Earth Mother.. as she shifts her vibration to also once more align to her rightful position within the Universe.

Our Indigenous Tribes Knew how to Balance Nature.. We have become Out of Balance and we need to start and Listen to our inner Hearts for the Changes to come… I will leave you with a video of Gregg Braden speaking of those changes.. He is a Scientist who has woken up to many things which now can be proven by science to be correct..

We are in a Time of Change…

The Earth is Evolving as are we..

And its how we respond to those Changes within this present Cycle that determines the Balance of Nature..

Nothing is Cast in Stone..

We are part of the Mass Consciousness of Earth.. Use your greatest Tool ever given.. Your Minds and Thoughts and Create a Better World .  

Please listen to what Gregg Braden has to say..

I too along with many others have that Kind of ‘Knowing’ and its time to Wake up to some of these Ancient teachings

to Heal our World and Ourselves.

©  Sue Dreamwalker 2012 All rights reserved.

Gregg Braden Speaks on our Spiritual pathway through the changes coming “Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for “fair use” for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favour of fair use.”

Brazil judge blocks Amazon Belo Monte dam




Great News for those who are fighting to stop the development of the Huge Dam in Brazil. This is another step in stopping the destruction of the Amazon Rainforest and the displacement of Thousands of Indigenous and local people along the Xingu River.

Thank you for all of you who signed the petition, this is only just one step, in a long chain of procedures.. But it is a Victory none the less….

Celebrities such as Singer Sting, and Film Director James Cameron from the Film Avatar among others supporters are behind the campaign against the building of this Huge Dam that will flood 500 sq km or 190 sq miles of the Amazon Forests Resulting in making a possible 50,000 indigenous and local people homeless. And that is not mentioning the hundreds of thousands of animal and insect life that will be lost.

More information Courtesy of BBC World News.. 

“A Brazilian judge has blocked plans to build a huge hydro-electric dam in the Amazon rainforest because of environmental Concerns

Federal judge Ronaldo Desterro said environmental requirements to build the Belo Monte dam had not been met.

The dam is a cornerstone of President Dilma Rousseff’s plans to upgrade Brazil’s energy infrastructure.

But it has faced protests and challenges from environmentalists and local indigenous groups who say it will harm the world’s largest tropical rainforest and displace tens of thousands of people.

Judge Desterro said the Brazilian environmental agency, Ibama, had approved the project without ensuring that 29 environmental conditions had been met”


Read more following this link below  Thank YOU…

A Message from Pandora, STOP! the Destruction


A dear friend of mine who lives in Brazil, sent me an appeal today, to sign a petition to stop the Belo Monte Dam project from going ahead later this month.. Here are her Words..

“Stop Belo Monte Dam!

The Brazilian government approved the environmental license for the controversial Belo Monte Dam in the Amazon. The dam, slated to be the world’s third largest hydroelectric project, would devastate an extensive area of the Amazon rainforest, and threaten the survival of indigenous and traditional peoples. Construction could begin this year.

 The decision has caused a national and international outcry. It’s time for urgent action! The government has just given a license to start cutting down trees and clearing the construction site for the Belo Monte hydropower project. The decision has already triggered strong reactions, and the Federal Public Ministry in Pará has publicly stated that the license is illegal, and cannot be issued without prior compliance with environmental requirements.

But, President Dilma is turning a deaf ear. Only a massive wave of protest from citizens across the country could persuade her to review the decision. We’ve done it before! If enough of us call, we could protect our precious environment and get her to immediately revoke the illegal license. And, if we don’t act now, the forest will be cleared this month”


I was shocked to learn of this project whereby 40,000 indigenous people and local people will be displaced and lose their homes and habitat, not to mention the thousands of Species of Animals, Wildlife and unique species of animals and insects.

The Dam will flood 400,000 acres of Rainforests and the project is Bigger than that of the Panama Canal. Please watch the video and visit the links listed here.. and add you vote …
Where do we stop in destroying our world.. It has taken hundreds of years for these trees which give us our Oxygen to breath.. There are I am sure alternatives to this 
hydroelectric Belo Monte, which will destroy the entire region of the Xingu river,in the heart of the Amazon rainforest.

Watch a Video here

And sign the petition here.. Use your Translation tool to translate

Help stop the Bulldozers from moving in to leave a huge scar on this land and in the heart of the Amazon.. and sign the petition now!

Thank you .. Dreamwalker


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Please Support the Red Cross, Help Others.

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