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Below you will find many different Video’s which will enlighten your way of thinking and perceiving our way of life upon this Realm of existence here on Earth.

What does 11:11 mean? Why are we seeing certain number sequences now? Are you seeing 11:11 on clocks, receipts and everywhere you look. Maybe  you see other numbers regular like 222 or 333… Here is an interesting Video which try to explain why we are seeing these numbers now.

Love Light and Peace If you just want  to find some peace for 7 minutes, listen to the words and read the words on this Video

We are All One

Entheogenic Shamanism Ancient Astronaunts History.

Greg Braden speaks of the effect we have on Mass Consciousness and how our hearts play an important role in altering the magnectic fields around our planet and how Proof of this has been established.

Greg Braden gives shows a video on how a Cancer was totally Healed with No Medicine in China and through the power of thought..

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  1. Androgoth
    Jul 15, 2011 @ 15:33:08

    This looks like a nice collection, I will
    call back and view some of these at
    a later time… Oh Yes I Will… lol

    Androgoth XXx

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  2. Michael Genford
    Feb 23, 2014 @ 16:24:17

    Gregg Braden is great. I’d love to attend one of his presentations some time.

    About Thrive….

    I was exposed to Tesla just a few months ago. I think the man was brilliant and was onto something with his free energy research. Something that belongs to us all.

    Have you read or watched (Youtube) much from Michael Tellinger?

    There are so many great people, scientists and others who are doing great work for humankind.

    We’re getting there. Slowly, but we’re getting there.

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  3. Hunt FOR Truth
    Apr 11, 2014 @ 13:38:15

    Gregg Braden demonstrates the healing in China that is very amazing… it is the awareness concentration, I think,that the practitioners worked on with the patient in preparation for the healing that forms the aligning energies and the tumor to disappear away from the healthy vibrations of body. you may like the Spiritual Science Research Foundation website‎

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    • Sue Dreamwalker
      Apr 11, 2014 @ 13:46:52

      Yes, we have a profound affect upon our cells just with the mind that creates our thoughts.. As a trained Spiritual healer, I can channel energy, but its affect is subject to the allowance of that energy flow by the person receiving it… These healers have trained their brain waves, minds to flow in such a way to help clear the blockage, in this case the cancer.. The patient I feel could still block that energy healing if their own mind over matter held them in a none receptive state..
      We are remarkable beings, we have just forgotten the where-withal of how to use our energy.. 🙂
      Many thanks for the Link I am sure to find it fascinating ..
      And many thanks for taking the time to visit and view and leave me your much appreciated feed back.
      Blessings Sue

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  4. roseelaineblog
    Nov 03, 2018 @ 20:37:28

    Hi Sue,

    It’s amazing how things lead us toward answers. A while ago the word ACCEPTANCE would not leave my thoughts, it was an ah ah moment because it made things so much clearer in my mind. To accept everything that comes our way and see it as a blessing. My mother who is 87 has just been diagnosed with lung, bone and adrenal cancer and because I now believe strongly in the word acceptance I can accept that it is her time to go. Obviously I’m broken hearted but I can see it also as a blessing because we get a chance to be together and I can help her like I did my father to feel ready to accept and let go.

    I myself have several health issue going on I have Barrettes, liver fibrosis and my bloods are all over the place, my blood pressure is low at the top yet high at the bottom! All very confusing. I am seeing a haematologist on the 28 November so hopefully I may get answers my liver specialist is thinking along the lines of polycythemia Vera! Who knows.

    Sorry to waffle on, what I wanted to say was the new word that is now constantly in my head is ENLIGHTENMENT which led me here to your videos.

    I hope you are well and happy, I love your latest angel painting she is beautiful.

    Many thanks
    Elaine 🌹

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    • Sue Dreamwalker
      Nov 04, 2018 @ 16:01:06

      Thank you Elaine for sharing your story, and I hope also that your own test results go well my friend..
      Never think you waffle… I love good conversations, and isn’t that why we are here, to share and listen..
      Many thanks for you compliments of my painting..
      And I send you thoughts out to your Mother Elaine.. Sitting with my father who had lung cancer aged 68, and helping him over the otherside, I know how difficult a time it can be.. But in Acceptance, comes enlightenment, in that all things are meant to be, as difficult as that can be sometimes..
      I once upon a time wrote a post called Acceptance… The link of which is here if you click it, it should open in another page for you..
      Sending continued thoughts of healing and love..
      Sue ❤

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      • roseelaineblog
        Nov 04, 2018 @ 16:15:09

        Thanks Sue for topping up my spiritual tank 🌹 I too had the honour of helping my dads acceptance to cross over he fought to the end because he didn’t want to leave my mum! I’ve read your post called and it gave me further understanding. I have developed a large extremely painful boil/ abscess in a very uncomfortable place 😉 I wonder what that signifies 🤔 I’m painting this weekend because my sister is caring for mum. I know that I am blessed with the opportunity to see mum on her way. Raili is a great help to me and I told her yesterday that no way am I coming back when I get home! I am going to work in the library 😀

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  5. roseelaineblog
    Nov 03, 2018 @ 20:51:42

    😊 embarrassed now because I was confused, my new word is EVERLASTING, I’ve not got to enlightenment yet!

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