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For those that know me, they will understand that within me I’ve always said I feel like I have a Mission to fulfil. And yet if anyone of you were to ask me what that ‘Mission’ was I would still be unable to tell you, except to say I want to help and make a Difference in this world..

Sometimes it takes us the better part of a lifetime to discover our life’s work, even though we may have been doing it our whole lives without necessarily realizing it.

I remembered one of my Aunts who died many years ago now always calling me the ‘Little Mother’ as I looked after my siblings, one brother and 3 sisters. Being the Eldest I always thought I had to look out for them.. My middle sister still says I’m her Big sister, Mum and best friend all rolled into one.. As we both suffered lack of motherly affection at various times in our lives.. She will often remind me of the games I would invent and stories I would make up at bedtime. And says very often how much she loves me.. Some of those things I remember, but many I have forgotten as Life takes us upon our different journeys. I am always grateful for the pathway I have travelled, even though at times it had its twists and dark corners in which Ive had to climb over hurdles and obstacles just like everyone else upon this learning curve called Life.

Our life’s work is not always what we do to make money, although we often think it should be, and sometimes this way of thinking prevents us from seeing clearly what it is. It may be the work of having children, caring for them, and running a household. The way we know our life’s work is by how we feel when we are doing it.
When we are doing our life’s work, we feel an uncanny sense of ease and alignment. This doesn’t mean that the work is always easy, and it doesn’t mean that it’ the only work we have to do; it just means that there is a conviction deep inside us that tells us we are in tune with our innermost self. When we are engaged in our life’s work, our bodies feel more alive, because our energy is devoted to a cause that, in turn, feeds us. We may be tired after engaging in our life’s work, but we are almost never depleted. We feel grounded in the world, knowing that we belong here and have something important to offer.

I never felt better than when I changed my own life’s path to that of caring and supporting of others, even though my sister says that’s exactly what I always did. I never saw that I was doing anything special..
We can all get deeply unhappy, depressed, or subject to one illness after another, this may be due to a sense of disconnection from our life’s work. I know from my own perspective it took a nervous breakdown and long illness for me to eventually change my Career path, and once I made that transition and I dug myself out of the hole of negativity that I had dropped into it became a time of great inner healing.

Most of us remember a time when we felt fully engaged in some act of work, service or creativity, that made us feel good. And it is here that we may rediscover the work we are meant to do now. Since being out of work for well over a month while I waited for my new employment to start, although I was resting I became very lethargic, and tired, my bones and muscles began to ache again.. And I was worried that another flare up of FMS was going to start. But since having purpose back into my step the aches have subsided again..

A friend of mine who still hasn’t found the job she requires has quickly gone into a state of feeling low and depressed.. It reminded me that our state of mind helps to keep our bodies healthy too.. We can all too often fall into that trap of feeling worthless and rejected when unemployed and find the downward spiral of depression setting in.

If you should ever find yourself in this situation there are always I find many who are much worse off than ourselves and it may be time to explore what inspires us through volunteering, taking a class, going back to school, or just doing whatever it is we long to try. We all have callings, and when we find them, we owe it to ourselves to nurture and protect them, because while they may or may not be our livelihood, they are the keys to our wellbeing.

We are what we Think!… So I wish all my friends a Happy Weekend.. with Happy Thoughts and Good Health…

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Each of us, carries within us the capacity to change the world in small ways for better or worse. Everything we do and think affects the people in our lives, and their reactions in turn affect others As the effect of a seemingly insignificant word passes from person to person, its impact grows and can become a source of great joy, inspiration, anxiety, or pain. Your thoughts and actions are like stones dropped into still waters, causing ripples to spread and expand as they move outward.. I hope that I can send a few ripples out via the web of life, as we each of us weave the threads together... Welcome to my Sanctuary of Peace and Love... May we each spread our Lights around our World....Sue Dreamwalker

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