Finding Our Sacred Centre

Nine Ladies, Photo From English Heritage site.

Over these last few weeks I have been going through my own personal changes. Leaving the job I have so enjoyed, and coming to terms with a feeling of loss and in some respects anger, of a system that places profit before people.

It has been during this time that my emotions have been all over the place. My energies levels dropping, feeling tired and lethargic.  Being Clairsentient I often find that I take on board many emotions that are not always my own.. If I watch a TV Drama I am there within that Character feeling their emotions,. That is why I find it so hard to watch TV especially the News Bulletins and the suffering which is so rife around our World..

Much of this time I have spent alone with my thoughts and taking myself off for walks in the beautiful countryside Mother Nature has to offer. I have done a lot of Soul Searching and find that I am connecting deeper than ever to that which each of us are born, to that Divine Spark which is within each of us.  And by becoming aware of our surroundings, seeing the beauty within everything from a blade of grass to the Sky Lark singing up above has made me re-connect with that Universe which resides within each and everyone of us.. For each of us has our own living Universe in which we revolve around.

It has made me realise that each of us can Change the way we perceive our lot to be. Each of us can change our future, Heal the sick, improve humanities lot, if we so will and if we have the courage and the wisdom to know what’s right.

Each of us in small ways can do amazing things through aligning our ‘Will’ of that of evolution, growing ‘light’, defeating the ‘darkness’ of inertia, lethargy and despair. We may find that part of our work in this world we live is focused towards the healing arts. Like myself I work among those who are  disadvantaged  by the mere fact of their disabilities, whether that be physically or mentally challenged. It never ceases to amaze me how happy these wonderful individuals are with their lot in life. And how despite their difficulties they strive to take part, and never give in. 

My time out in Mother Nature has helped connect part of my own Sacred Spirit back, to find my own Centre again. And its made me understand that Nature, the Great Outdoors, our Mother Earth nurtures each and everyone of us.

In Ancient past people discovered places which were  Sacred to them. Recently I have revisited some of these sacred sites.. the Nine Ladies on Stanton Moor in Derbyshire is one such place I sat to contemplate.. Our Ancient brother and sisters discovered the existence of Spirits, Elementals,Gods, and Goddesses associated with the particular place and found ways of communicating with them, asking them for help and healing, for guidance and inspiration . Reconnecting leads us all to that Spirit within..

You don’t need to go worship in any man-made structures, built by commercial enterprises, ruled over by those who lay down rules of abeyance and who claim the only way through those heavenly doors is by this route only, or be forever condemned to  hell-fire.. I think not..

We only need to look around us, learn to see the great Goddesses and Gods, lying among the green hills, see the guardian shapes in the cliff and tree trunks, waterways weaving their patterns through the valleys. The wind ruffling the grasses and rustling the leaves in the air. The rocks, our Wild life. Every Natural place is a Sacred Centre filled with aspects of that ‘Life Force’. Every Human being is imbued with that Divine Spark which, given encouragement can be fanned into a Blaze of Glory, as we rejoice in the creation of Life.

Many people have grown up without the rule of Spiritual awareness, and this shows itself in their selfish acts whereby some have no concept of personal responsibility for their actions, no awareness of the other dimensions of ‘Being’, who spend their lives in pursuit of pleasure. Whereby many who are abused as children in a world induced with pain from drug and alcohol, suffer immeasurable damage, many then going on to do the same, as indoctrinated thought and teachings set their path.

Each of us must rediscover our own personal relationship with our own Sacred Centre, within ourselves and within our world. We much open the doors of awareness by going within that Sacred Space of thought to that silent space and reconnect to that part of ourselves that is linked so closely to that Divine Spark of Love and Light, our Higher Self, our God-selves.

I give thanks for that which I have, and I am willing to strive forward to reach out for the things that matter. Not the material in this world, for that will soon be gone.. But that which we take with us held forever within our Sacred space, our hearts and minds, that which we hold close, our Memories, and our Feelings… Our Love.  

This Earth can be paradise, its wounds can be healed, its people can be fed, its lands can return to their fertility and lushness if we dedicate ourselves on all levels. If we live by our hearts, going back to our roots, and connecting once again to that which permeates all things..That Sacred place of Divine Love and Light.. For we are ALL of us One in this most Sacred of our Centres here on Mother Earth.

Let us all begin to find our Sacred Centres once again.. And learn to love ourselves first, and then pass on that Love to others..

Love  and Blessings Dreamwalker        

© Sue Dreamwalker 2011 All rights reserved.

Spring is in the Air!

Spring is in the Air

Spring is truly in the Air… yesterday I went for a short walk and breathed in the wonderful Sun shining day.. Its by noticing the small things in life that can fill our day with delight, as we experience the wonder of living.. Like seeing the new born lambs sprawled out sunbathing next to their Mothers and watching their antics as they jumped and leaped up and down, just for the shear joy of it..

It got me thinking to when was the last time we jumped up and down lol..and woke up excited at the prospects of a new day..  And I got thinking of when my children were small and how they would bounce up and down on their beds and would race around their day full of laughter and joy.. And I was reminded of a saying here of ‘Embracing the Child within’. Many of us have lost that child within feeling, as we have got caught within this materialistic world of keeping up with the Jones and Worry over paying Bills, and making ends meet..  

  But I think once we take that time out to look around and see the beauty in all things, a new kind of Joy fills our spirits.. One that says “isn’t it good to be alive”… For we see all too often those who are so less fortunate than ourselves around our world and yet we still moan about our lot. And I often think there but for the grace of God go I… For we could all find ourselves one day much less well off than we are today..

So Yesterday I took every small detail in, from the wild flowers to blossoms on the trees the butterflies too were in abundance… I saw many Orange Tips and Speckled Wood Butterflies, and the bird song seemed to echo vibrantly all the more through my woodland walk.

If we bring just a few moments of awareness into our lives just for a few moments each day, we will truly begin to see how very blessed we are..

I wondered later as I went into a Town full of people who never seemed to smile, and who looked as if all the weight of the world was upon their shoulders if they ever really ‘Look’ and see those wonderful joys of spring and nature.

Taking in the small Joys of the day helps us to expand that feeling of being connected with the world.. If we allow the Joys of Spring in our steps we will find that in these small delights of just looking into a flower, watching Nature will bring us to a deeper level of appreciation for everything the Universe has given us in our lives. And they are truly Miraculous ..


© Sue Dreamwalker 2011 All rights reserved.

Finding our Balance..

Life%20LightWhen was it that you felt your natural state of being as vibrant, and happy to be alive?

Recently I had to take myself off for a very long walk, to draw upon Mother Nature to put that Zing back into my step..

I still had a few Crystals which I had cleansed at theLittle Grandmother gathering in Wales last month that I wanted to give back to Mother Earth, and I found myself upon the wonderful river bank in Lathkill Dale in the National Derbyshire Peak District. And I sent a prayer to our Mother Earth, giving her thanks for all her wonderful bounties and sent her some healing thoughts.. I threw the crystal in the river near to a weir, and watched it plop and settle upon the clear gravel bed and it glistened in the sunlight under the fast flowing water… And I felt like I too had been healed and cleansed as the water washed over it..

I was amazed at how glum I had been feeling and run down and worn out. This does not mean that we are lazy or unfit for the tasks in our lives; it means that we need to recharge our batteries from time to time, and find a way of keeping them charged. I needed to recharge the way I was thinking, I recently left my last employment of almost7yrs, I now find myself in limbo awaiting my new employment start date for several weeks now and I couldn’t help but feel sad for those I had left behind. And I hadn’t realised just how down I had been feeling..

While Vitamins and extra rest can be very helpful in restoring our physical bodies, if we delve deeper, we may discover that there is an underlying cause for our exhaustion.
Whenever you are feeling run down, take an honest look at how you have been thinking, feeling and acting. You will likely find a belief, behaviour pattern or even a relationship that is out of alignment with who you really are.

Perhaps you believe you have to be perfect at everything or you have been bending over backwards to get people to like you or serving other peoples needs. Maybe you are dealing with mild depression or simply have too much on your plate right now. There may also be people or situations in your life which are draining your energy. Once you get clear on the root cause, you can weed it out and better direct your flow of energy in the future.

That is what I needed to do.. Weed out my thoughts, so as I sat upon the river bank I said thank you for all those precious gifts we all at times take so much for granted.. and I looked into my feelings and why I had had felt so down.

I usually try to be a very positive person, but it is so easy to fall into that negative trap and let it crowd in and clutter your thoughts with obstacles.. Instead I have turned them around to embrace the Changes before me.. For Change is so often what we resist, because we are unsure of the future which brings its own fear factor… But if we don’t allow the Changes to flow, we become static and stale, and we do not grow and progress.

Life is about experience.. And at last my head is in gear… Maybe it’s the Sun of the Spring Days we now are in, that we breath in the Air our Mother Earth gives for Free…But I’m reminded how she gives us every breath.. in her Breath-taking World of beauty..And how very much we need her.. And we need to honour and respect Nature and all living creatures..

We have lost our way in so many things here in this materialistic world where many put possessions and profit before people..We have for the most part Forgotten who we are and have long forgotten how to embrace the Joy of Living..
So for any of you who might notice that the reasons you feel run down have less to do with how much you are doing and more to do with the fact of what is in your heart, you may try doing something else entirely. Even if it’s just taking yourself out into nature for a while..

Why not try and listen to what your heart really wants. It may take meditation, or just a moment of silent thought, tuning in to gain the clarity you need, but it is well worth the effort. When you know what you truly want to do, and honour that in all situations, you will find that getting run down is a thing of the past, when we truly look at Life in a new perspective and allow our energy to balance once again.

© Sue Dreamwalker 2011 All rights reserved.

Thank you to Teira who gifted me the wonderful image posted here in our WLS days… if you click upon it.. It has a suprise in store.. 🙂

A Day in the Life of Medium.

For those of you who are sceptical of ‘Life After Death’ let me assure you.. that I know without a shadow of any doubt that………..

Life is Eternal, and we merely happen to be housed temporary in this human form of skin and bone for our Earthly Experience.

How can I prove that to you?.. I can’t, you have to discern that for yourselves, even though many want to believe, they cannot get their heads around the fact that All Life is experience and we are All part of that experience..and that each of us are all connected..And that we are made up of Energy pure and simple.. Well not so simple… For the Mysteries of Life on this Planet are still only just being explored..And Mans thinking has long been indoctrinated into being squeezed into boxes of conformed thoughts taught to us down throughout the ages..

And seldom does he stray to Think ‘Outside the Box’ But that is what I am going to be asking you to do today as you read here, and if you want to explore the links and discover for yourselves the alternative reality that is out there… Just press on the links.

As many know I am a medium..meaning I am able to link into that thought-stream which divides the ethers of this world and the spirit world.. I do not see spirit as I’ve described before I am clairsentient. I do not do this for a living, preferring to serve Spiritualist Centres to give hope through messages of spirit communication and philosophy to help others know that Life does not end in Death…  I do this by linking my own energies to that of the spirit communicator as I reach out and blend my energies as invite them to draw close.. And I am able to feel them through my Aura, as my own energy body and theirs blends.. Then I trust what I am shown and given via my feelings and thoughts, and my Spirit Guides assistance.

In January I went to see a wonderful medium Bill Meadows.  ( Link to show you some of the mediums mentioned ) Bill, one of the best developed Physical Mediums I have as yet seen, came to our local Centre where I was very privileged to witness the physical Mediumship of Bill and his team of Spirit Communicators..

I witnessed with my own eyes in Bright Red Light, while the medium was tied in a chair with plastic ties on hands and feet, The materialization of Two Spirit Hands perfectly formed.. hands that in no way resembled that of the medium.. And they were formed using the energies created by spirit.. They were White in colour.. and what was even more remarkable.. many were invited up to shake the hand from Spirit.. And I was one of those lucky ones who went up to be firmly shaken hands with. The strength of that hand shake will for ever remain with me and as to its touch.. I can truthfully say it was Warm blooded just like any human hand you would shake..

And I was greeted with the whispered words of how pleased they were to meet me..

I have witnessed the formation of spirit hands through the mediumship  before in the late 90’s through the mediumship of Stuart Alexander another very well renowned Physical Medium. Whereby I saw the hand take shape from a blob of Ectoplasm into the full materialization of a hand that was rested with out any body in its attachment across a glass topped table in red light. Where by an invited sitter was asked to draw forward who was the living daughter of this person.. Direct Voice was then heard through the trumpet of the Spirit whose hand had reformed . It was the Father of the sitter.. Who now was asked to place their own hand upon the table while her father placed his reformed hand upon hers.. This I witnessed with my own tear-filled eyes as the re-union of father and daughter took place..  In another sitting I was privileged to feel how Matter went through Matter, as I was invited to hold onto a plastic tie that was securing the mediums wrist to the wooded arm of his chair.. Spirit were able to dematerialize this as it passed through the mediums arm as it was raised .. I still have that tie today… And no… no trickery was involved  I can assure you of this..

And so this weekend I went along to another up and coming Physical Mediums Workshop. A young man I have had the pleasure to have been acquainted with  for several years now.. Scott Milligan

Where his excellent teaching methods and hands on approach helps us all in the workshop to discern the various levels of energies.In learning how to develop Physical Mediumship skills..  And the day ended in spectacular style with Scott giving us a full physical Séance, in which his team of Spirit workers rang Bells, beat drums, played the mouth organ,, All while we sat holding hands and he was tied in his chair dually checked by several of the group..

The Red light was turned on bright enough for us all to witness the Ectoplasm that had formed from Scots nose that extended down several feet.. this had split in two rods and then before our eyes it merged again into one .. ..Scott has been sitting since the Age of 16, and has sat in the circles of David Thomson who lives in Australia now and the well known medium  of Colin Fry .. The actual Trumpet that he uses within his circle was once that of Lesley Flint another well known Direct Voice medium whose taped recorded  sessions can be found on the web.

I really enjoyed my Day with Scott and and our kind host Sarah of Serenity Holistic’s whose studio we attended..

My hope is that as you have read you have also been able to browse some of these interesting Links.. and come to know that there Is MORE to LIFE on EARTH… And even MORE in the AFTER LIFE~  and we are ALL of us Part of this Wonderful Experience we Call  Life …..

I found this Voice Clip from the Lesley Flint Linked pages
listen to Lesley who was gagged during his Séances and spoke through Direct
Voice.. He brought through so many from the world of Spirit, Oscar Wilde,
Chopin, and many more, Listen to the female voices too..

Here is an excerpt from Mahatma Gandhi…

Mahatma Gandhi speaks

“”We on this side
for a long time have striven to build between our world and yours a bridge
whereby man could climb to heights and find that peace which your world could
not give. We know that it is only in this truth, only in this realisation of
communication between the so-called dead and the living, there lies the
salvation of your world.””

Storm of Turmoil


As we witness the many changes around our Globe, not only in the Natural disasters but in the way we as Human Beings treat each other, I find myself wondering just what we HUMANS are, that we can treat each other so dreadfully.

So many terrible things we Humans do to each other in different guises of justification of what we perceive as retribution, or in the name of GOD!… Or in many cases just for the macabre shear hell of it..

I do not wish to clog up my page with negativity, But I do want you to spare a thought as you go around your day for the people who are suffering, Those who are caught up in wars, as they flee their townships, those  adults and children hurt, orphaned, killed, raped, and worse.. Those whose way of life has been turned upside down in Natural Disasters as they have lost family and loved ones and everything they hold dear.

Our way of Life and living has got to change if we as the Human Race want to carry on in its existence on this Planet.. We have got to start and live from our hearts and start to care for each other and our Planet..

Time is running out for the Human Race. And we have forgotten the basics of living in harmony with each other and Mother Earth. As All we have become is centred on Greed and the Value of ownership of the material.

Money soon I feel will take a huge plunge.. and people who live by the value of it in their bank accounts and pockets will soon have a Big Awakening… We have Got to start and think how would we live if we suddenly had a world where all that is Material is gone..

How would you  survive?..

I have reposted one of my Poems I wrote sometime ago..

Storm of Turmoil

The storm of turmoil has just begun

With paper money like tissue gone

Panic and Anger, Hate and loss

The storm does rage, like rag dolls were tossed

Leaders of Nations to whom we all look

A material world in which greed overtook

The balance addressed the dark and the Light

Brace yourselves for we’re in for a fight

Not only in Dollars and Pounds Sterling

But values of Life at every turning

The prophecies tell us that that in end of days

We should see changes, in many a way.

Watch out for the storms of river and sea

Hold onto your hats as the wind she’s mighty.

Open your hearts to those in foreign lands

As all they have to eat are grains of sand.

Where is the Love of our fellow man?

Is this life real? Or is it a sham?

Tell me my father in whose name we pray

What do we learn, what do we say

To those whose families are no longer here

To those whom they lost, in all they hold dear

Compassion is all that I have to give

Survival to those who learn how to live

With love in their hearts held out to each other

United in grief of a world under plunder.

In corruption and weapons, drugs and disease

Starvation and homeless, when will it ease?

I know it will end, for the New Age to follow

But please give us hope, for all our tomorrows

Help me to help those, to lead to the light

Help those in need, Put an end to their plight.

Send me a sign so that I may sow seeds

Lets join together united in need.

To bring about change we first must let go

Of all that is harmful for the Soul to grow

It won’t be the same for each one you see

For each has to grow, like branches of a tree.

Some are straight and have spurts of growth.

While others are twisted and slow like the sloth

Others are dead and break at the end

But each branch of the tree to heaven ascends.

And just like the Tree whose leaves she now sheds

In order to survive her roots deep embed

Into the Earth her energies link

Her life giving breath in which we all drink.

For we are all one, upon each we depend..

I wait for your calling… I wait to transcend



© Sue Dreamwalker 2011 All rights reserved.

Planting Seeds.


Its that time when we now start to plant our seeds in the ground in our gardens and We have started putting seeds into the compost in the greenhouse ready to start spouting to plant out in the allotment we have.

Recently it was told to me that in order for our seeds to know what to give to us as individuals in the form of nourishment, when planting the seeds we should hold them within our mouths for a short while while and let our DNA gets working on them..

All very easy if you say have Peas to plant, but not so easy with the fine seeds lol and especially not if they are coated in the Chemicals now-a-days to make them germinate.

But what ever we do need to start and think about growing and planting our own seeds, if  not in the Garden then in the minds of others too. For in life we all of us are like seeds .. setting our roots down, growing and learning. Sometimes drifting on the breeze of life and getting caught among the thorns. And being washed up on some barren land, feeling alone and lost.. While others seem to thrive and grow strong, holding up their proud heads full of colour and life.

We all  need nourishment to keep us going, And I don’t just mean food and water, we need the right conditions to grow.. We need the balance of our emotions, Love,Harmony, and to feel wanted..

Why do you suppose those plants which some say have green fingers seem to grow better.. Because Plants too are living and breathing, full of consciousness like you or I, they too Feel the love given to them and respond accordingly.

The same laws that govern the growth of plants oversee our own internal and external changes. We observe, consider, work, and wonder, tilling the soil of our lives, planting seeds, and tending them. Sometimes the hard part is knowing when to stop and let go, handing it over to the universe. Usually this happens by way of distraction or disruption, our attention being called away to other more pressing concerns. And it is often at these times, when we are not looking, in the silence of nature’s embrace, that the miracle of change happens.

And its at these times when we are not looking, when we find ourselves enjoying the blooms it offers and wondering when  that happened, and how we didn’t notice it. Nature has infinite patience and stays with a thing all the way through its life.

This doesn’t mean that our efforts play no part in the miracle of change they do. It’s just that they are one small part of the picture that finally results in the flowering of a plant, the shifting of a relationship, the softening of our hearts and when the healing begins.

So too we sometimes do not notice the changes within our selves, or the circumstances that are placed in front of us in order to help us grow and change.. We are so busy caught in the experience of it, it may not be until we look back how we came to be here in this place we now bloom..

Change is happening in my life right now.. A change I have in some ways resisted and yet I know deep within that Its the only way I will grow.. I have to learn to be like that seed, And trust in the Miracle of Life and embrace that which is shifting within my own being and trust in that Universal Plan of Life.

To Let Go… and Grow…





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