Garden of Thought

Today I sat within my Garden enjoying a beautiful relaxing Sunday in the Sun.. I picked up a book, but was so taken with what was happening around my garden.. I picked up my pen and the result is what you see below..


Within my garden with quiet mind

Profuse with colour I sit reclined

I watch clouds their shapes do shift

As within my mind I gently drift

I watch the Bee in Foxglove bed

And Marvel at their trumpet head

A sparrow chirps as young they feed

While fountain bubbles in pond with reed


My Book put down as I admire

All that nature gives this hour

Grass so green and poppies red

Sky so blue, I shake my head


For this moment is all I seek

As conscious thought in unity greets

My heaven on Earth is held in time

As I grab my pen to create this Rhyme


Oneness is all I feel

As into my garden I gaze surreal

Tranquil thoughts as nature Blends

My thoughts of Peace are what I send


Gratitude in colours untold

All within my garden hold

So thank you my garden for this quiet time

As I watch the clouds as I recline..


© Sue Dreamwalker 2011 All rights reserved.

Short Break



I’m Taking a Short Break for a short while

But While I’m gone please everyone smile

Life is short too in the scheme of things

And you never know what Tomorrow may bring


So  Please do not think I forgot to drop by,

But a rest is needed with some Sea and

blue skyMajorca Cala Gran. IWISH!!!

Dreamwalker 🙂



My Thoughts at Sunset.


As I sit and write tonight dusk is almost upon us and as I look through the window I see the sun setting which has cast its amazing glow upon the clouds, and I’m reminded of once again of the beauty of our Earth Plane and how simple things such as this give us so much pleasure. I wonder too just how many of us look up to study cloud formations and nature in general and about the way our thoughts travel around the ether as we get caught within the web of our own busy lives.

For many I know do not even understand how our thoughts play such an important role in our world, as they go about their lives ruled by the ticking of the clock. I don’t condemn the labour saving gadgetry in fact I am so pleased I’m not in my grandmothers era when washing the weekly clothes was an all day job of boilers and mangles etc. And I don’t have to walk 5 miles or more at 5am to start my employment and walk all the way home again. Or struggle to feed the children because there is no work.. or die young because there was no medicine or medical help. Yes I fully appreciate the Modern day world in which I chose to come to experience.. But I do think that we have lost our connection along the way to just take time out and understand that while ever our thoughts rush around confused and in fear, as we live in the fast lane, trying to keep up with the Jones’s etc as we watch and take in all the media tell us of the recession, wars, cuts, higher bills, inflation, strikes, as more people panic and wonder how they are going to get through tough times ahead and wonder how they are going to manage.. Is there any wonder I take myself off to my little room and drum, or sit on my swing in the garden and just breathe in the air of calm, as I let the modern day world wash over me as I cleanse my thoughts to let it all go..

Most of you will understand me by now, and for those who don’t, and are perhaps reading my posts for the first time, then welcome, for I have this passion, and that passion is in trying to share some thing of my own thought patterns with you.. Whether that be through poems, my stories, or just my inner chatter like now..

For a while now I have been compelled to write, and just lately I have had one of my own inner promptings and probably a nudge or two from the Spirit Realm to write once again about the Collective Consciousness.. Now most of us know what our Conscience is.. that little prick of conscience that tells us whether we have done something right or wrong,., that gut feeling inside and that little voice that either tells us well-done, or you could have done better… which leaves its trail of either a feeling of pride or a feeling of guilt.

Collective Consciousness which is also known as Mass consciousness is a reflection of our beliefs, and when enough of us believe the same thing it has an impact upon our reality. Scientists have been able to show us that when enough people all over the world were asked to pray and meditate during a five minute period between 12:00 noon and 12:35 on a particular day it was shown this had a positive effect on problems that were festering. When communities hold prayer circles it is found that crime is reduced in those areas. It is no coincidence that the Media only report the negative and violence … Since when did you hear the news report anything of a positive nature.. This is to keep us all in Fear.. Fear Controls…

I did happen to watch the news today, it reported a little old lady who had her Car stolen and who when trying to stop the thief was pushed and knocked to the floor as he sped off, leaving her needing stitches to her face and injured.. And yet she said she forgave him and felt sorry for the thief who wasn’t caught. When asked Why? She said, Because he was obviously lacking something as he felt he had to steal.. and she had thought what had driven him to steal in the first place.

I think that is what we often forget, when we look at Drug uses, thieves and the like, condemning them and yes some may lack a Conscience, But most I feel lack love. The same as the terrorists we see now on our News they too are ‘wanting’ in life, as they feel victimized, and have been taught to hate which has been so conditioned and passed down through generations and ingrained into them.

Since Love and Fear cannot co-exist we need to understand that when we buy into the Fear, when we condemn, judge and worry we are adding to the that fear.. the Mass consciousness then reflects it back at us..

Hard as it is for us to send out love to those who steal and kill, we do need to try to understand that our thoughts as we think them add to the Pool of that Collective Consciousness. So adding our own negative condemnations only add to the negative Pool..

And so as the Darkness is now all I see through my window as the Sun has gone down for the night, I know too that the Light will be there in the morning and is already rising elsewhere to welcome in another New Dawn.

I know too that if enough of us think with love and light in our hearts we can also alter our reality of this world… And we too can create a New Dawn, if we embrace Love and send out our positive thoughts of intent into the world..

© Sue Dreamwalker 2011 All rights reserved.

Save These Dolphins


This post I have to share with all of my subscribers as I have received an email from ‘The Avazz Team’ to be found here if you want information about them, They help to organise petitions around the world where there is Crisis, and have helped save many from their plights.

Dolphins have always been close to my heart.. Intelligent, playful and a species that is fast under attack in many ways being caught up in fishing nets etc and drowning.. Whales and Dolphins have a role to play upon this Earth, with their Song and Sonar which for some reading this may think nonsense, but I have long known their importance upon this Earth and its heart breaking when I read about their deaths and the way mankind treats  all our aquatic life..

This Pod of Dolphins were swimming peacefully in Solomon Islands  when they were captured by nets which trapped 25 Wild Dolphins.. They were Caught to be used in a Luxury Resort of World Sentosa as they want a new attraction..

They are now locked in pens, apparently starved of food.  For wild Dolphins this must be torture and as the email states, not only because their freedom has been curtailed, but because their powerful Sonar bounces off the walls. Many captive Dolphins die young from stress induced illnesses.

It is estimated that if World Sentosa if successful in keeping the Dolphins then at least half could die within the first two years and it could legitimise the banned practice of capturing  Wild Dolphins. which could open up all sorts of flood gates.. 

Resorts World  had to abandon its plans for a whale shark exhibit  because of a huge outcry which threated their reputation 2 yrs ago So help me help them..

All you have to do is follow the Link and Sign the Petition I have belonged to Avazz  for a number of years and they really do make a difference with our help.. in helping people in Crisis and our Animal Kingdom that cannot speak up for itself. 

So Thank you and please help Save these Sad Dolphins.  


Sign now and forward this to everyone:


Thank you Sue Dreamwalker

Roads End.

Roads End.



Clouds at last lift from my sky

As the road is straighter I travel by

Home is still a little ways off

The journey of discovery is it ever enough?

Do we stop to be grateful for the road we tread?

Have you ever questioned what lies ahead?

Do you now seek the key to your life?

Why is it some suffer and endure such strife?

When did you say thank you for the road that you travelled

Unlocking the doors you become less ravelled

For one by one we see the lessons unfold

Bringing us strength, helping us be bold.

So as you step upon your path today

Send out a thought of thanks to say

I’m grateful for this path that I am on

For many souls who would have loved to walk my path have now gone

They’re already exploring beyond this veil

Leaving behind only a memory trail


And that my friends is all we will take

So enjoy your Life’s Path and the memories you create

Let them be happy within your own heart

Cherish them close to take with you when you depart

Clear you mind of the bitter clouds

That inhibit your path as you struggle and frown

Walk tall and smile if you can

And remember

We are all part of a huge Divine Plan.

© Sue Dreamwalker 2011 All rights reserved.

Eddie Kidd Has Crossed the Finish line

Some of you may remember reading the post I did a while ago as Eddie Kidd started his greatest challenge back in April… in this post from the  Today Eddie has finally today completed his amazing walk of the London Marathon after 50 days of walking…Eddie who was severely injured when one of his motor cycle stunts went badly wrong has persevered each day putting one foot in front of the other.. He is an inspiration to us all.



Photo Eddie walking with the aid of his frame.

Eddie Kidd

“Ex-stuntman Eddie Kidd completes London Marathon

Eddie Kidd Mr Kidd was doused in champagne by well-wishers when he crossed the finishing line

Former stunt rider Eddie Kidd has completed the London Marathon – nearly two months after he started the race.

Mr Kidd, of Seaford, East Sussex, was left brain damaged after an accident in 1996 when he crashed his bike jumping across a drag strip.

He has been walking up to a mile a day since 17 April using a specially-designed walking frame, in aid of the charity Children with Cancer UK.

He crossed the finishing line on the Mall at 1830 BST.

Former boxer Michael Watson presented Kidd with his finisher’s medal.

Watson, who was in a coma for 40 days after a fight with Chris Eubank in 1991, said: "I am so inspired by Eddie. He is a true champion."

Mr Kidd’s wife Sami said she thought it was his greatest achievement.

‘It’s amazing’

She said: "It’s incredible what he has done.

"I’m overwhelmed, it’s amazing.

"If there’s anyone out there that is disabled, or injured or sick, get some inspiration from this and don’t give up."

During the 50-day marathon, the ex-stuntman was joined at various stages by film star Ray Winston, comics Bobby Davro and Joe Pasquale, and Madness frontman Suggs

Mr Kidd, who spent months training for the event on Brighton seafront, has so far raised more than £72,000.”

Courtesy of BBC NEWS


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British Red Cross

Please Support the Red Cross, Help Others.

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