Open Your Eyes..


Where do you start? How can you tell?

That all is not right, and all is not well.

When will you listen, and open your eyes

And when will you see that I tell you no lies

Look up and around you see for yourself

Explore and research I speak of your health

We are the experiment, we are the guinea pigs

To unearth your information, you need to dig, dig, DIG.

Now I can tell you as it is, or say it in rhyme

It’s up to you now to seek and to find.

For I will give you a trail, and its up to you if you follow

I know that my findings are of truth and not hollow

So as the weeks unfurl, please don’t take offence

If my posts seem unusual and a little intense.

But my mission is NOW and the choice is all yours

You can read on further or shut all the doors

But if when you look up and you see all’s not right

Then join me and others in this consciousness fight

For this world needs our thoughts, it’s no time to be weak.

A Warrior’s place is to shed light and Speak.

A truth which for some, you will think it a lie,

But believe me this truth, I speak will untie-

You from slumber of slaves

To a brand new perspective in which we are brave

For our banners will fly, with LOVE at their helm

You need to awaken to all that’s been withheld

Come out of your Box, and lift open the lid

See how humanity has sunken and slid

For beneath our very eyes we are being misled

With falsehoods and lies each have been fed

So come on now take a leap of faith and behold

This journey of awakening is needed to be told

© Sue Dreamwalker – 2012 All rights reserved.

Wake up Time!

Today I visited another Truth Seeker, whose  blog post I read today you can find here… She is Vision Keeper and her blog post is called Expanding our Vision   which can be read here..

We often rely upon others accounts of what is happening around the world.. and as if to confirm to me that it is now time to remove some of those Rose Tinted glasses and start and see the world as it is, and not what we are told.. Then no more so than todays set of coincidences have led me to believe it is now my own time to start and try to wake others up to our world.. 

As a nation we rely upon Governments to rule and supposedly know what is best for its people, and for the most part we are law abiding citizens who comply with rules and regulations because we know without rules there would be chaos .. But have you ever thought beyond what these rules are for? Have you not ever looked behind the scenes of what is portrayed as Real..

Various leaders and Gurus can tell us about the path to enlightenment.. But have you ever tried to enlighten yourself to what our Earth is all about?Have you never Questioned your role here? Did you never ask yourselves WHY are we here.. and What purpose we serve?

We process Data via those who tell us this is the truth, and we blindly believe them. WHY? because we would never think to believe that leaders would wish to harm us..

Many years ago I was blind to many things, and while I know there is a lot of Disinformation out there propagating fear tactics.. there are also a lot of people who know the truth of which I speak..

Now more than ever We need to understand that this world is going to go through some major shifts in consciousness, and its time for many who are sleeping in the bubble of ignorance to at least poke their noses out and take a peek at what I am saying..

Fine you can call me a Nutter, a weird one, who dabbles with those spirits in the after-life.. But those same spirits have also told us that our Earth is going to go through some major shocks.. and our way of living is going to be turned upside down..

This is why we need to start and come together and understand the beauty of our experience is that we are all evolving and growing.. While its sometimes good to let others decide for us what is real and true, its time now to come out of your cocoons and start to do your own research into what I am saying . and start and make up your own minds about our reality.. Question everything…. even me…. never believe what you are told.. dig deeper and unearth your own truth, your own understanding.. Don’t just dismiss it all as nonsense.. or Conspiracy theories either… 

We owe it to ourselves to investigate… I know that much fear mongering will begin shortly .. and so you need to keep an open mind, and listen to your own intuition, follow your own guts.. Don’t get swept up in the tide of media propergander .. If you feel you should be somewhere else.. follow that thought pattern.. If a nagging voice inside your head keeps telling you that you need to move and relocate.. that heed what it says..

For those unseen worlds are joining ours and asking us to listen to that inner voice one in which they repeatedly keep shouting to us for us to listen to..

love and Blessings Dreamwalker 

Thoughts~The World~ And YOU!..

As I spin through the web of thoughts that weave through my mind, I often wish I could wave a magic wand upon the thoughts of others in this world. But we are responsible for our own thoughts first and foremost.

We do so much damage to ourselves and we don’t even realise what we are doing, for we dismiss our thoughts so easily. We do not understand the power thoughts hold.

Our thoughts are energy waves, we are the source of their creation and just like Micro-waves, Radio-Waves and our Mobile phones we can’t see them. But believe me they are there constantly flowing back and forth travelling around gathering more of the same thoughts/energy vibration to them “ Like Attracts Like” be that positive energy or negative energy they gain momentum as they are like magnets attracting similar vibrations to each other. But they will always come back to their source of creation- You…

“What goes around Comes around”.

If we could see our thoughts as viable tangible threads, we would see how we cast them out like gossamer threads as we send them out as a vibration with our emotional energy pushing them far and wide. We never stop to think of all those thoughts which pass through our minds as we gossip monger, Judge, Envy, hold prejudices. We fail to see how when we hold onto those bitter memories, the jealousies the hate, how they turn back in on ourselves and wrap themselves so tight around us they strangle, restricting our view on life so we can only see through the narrow gaze left open to us.. We fail to see their grip as they twist us with embitterment, remorse, guilt. sorrow..

Often we don’t ‘think’ for ourselves either, we follow blindly another’s lead or viewpoint, we are easily led and have been brought up with our own particular views, mainly because we are taught them as children. We listen to parents to teachers and academics who tell us how the world is, and who say – ‘This is the ‘Truth’ because we tell you it is’. So we believe it and we don’t question it.. We are indoctrinated from a very early age about our beliefs systems and views upon our reality.

Once upon a Time many thought the Truth was that the World was flat, and we would fall off the edge.. But as we discover new possibilities, explore new horizons, we alter our perceptions and see what was once upon a time Truth, is no longer that Truth.. As we perceive and grow we see that what was once held as yesterdays Truth is no longer the Truth of today, for each day our awareness grows and can alter our perception of that Truth..

We have long forgotten the Power of our Minds, the Power of thought, for our thoughts create our World, our Reality.. And I challenge anyone reading this here today as you look about you, your home, your possessions, this Material Realm in which we have come to experience, for ALL was created out of someone’s thought. Every-THING you see, was once someone’s idea,

a Thought First’ put into ‘Action Second’ Created into Reality Everything.

Over the years my own thoughts have expanded, as a child I thought of ‘God’ a lot and I went to a Church of England School, I went to Church, I read my Bible, later to the Methodist Chapel and ‘God’ played a huge part in my thoughts. I thought of ‘him’ as a white bearded old man sat upon his throne in some heavenly kingdom way up in the sky out of view.. I was taught he was a judgemental God, and I would pay for my sins.. I grew up both loving and Fearing God.

Now as my ‘Knowing’ my awareness has expanded I understand there is no Mortal looking God sat up in heaven. Definitely no Judgmental God. How can you teach God is all forgiving and has unconditional love and yet judges and punishes you…? Each of us are connected to that ‘God Source’ that Divine Creator. For we are all of us part of that same Creation. We each of us are Co-Creators of our own World, for our Thoughts create our reality around us.. We each of us judge ourselves by our own Thoughts, Actions and Deeds..

Those who understand the Workings of Sacred Geometry and the Universal Consciousness will tell you that this world is an Illusion; it is likened to a Dream. And this is because our Dreams come from our Imagination. If you have looked around your home, and the objects, your clothes, the paint upon the walls, the bricks and mortar..

Do we not then think and create that ‘Image’ Into Being and put it ‘in-action’ isn’t that


So Do we not then Dream our Reality into existence?

A time is coming when more and more people are starting to Re-awaken and “Think” for themselves and use the power of their collective thoughts.. They no longer wished to be kept in herds following others… But wish to be free to use their own voice their own minds.. We see this now in the Middle East how people are coming together in unity as one voice as they are using their thoughts to Change how they wish to be treated by those who have long ruled using the Power of ‘Fear’.. There is no one leader within these people, No one person started their Revolutions. It is Peoples mass consciousness coming together which is having a ripple effect which is pulsating outwards touching others, which is having a knock on effect, ‘Like Attracting Like’.. Which is gaining momentum around our world, Not only in over throwing Dictatorships, but we see how others too are uniting via common thoughts of what is right and daring to stand up to be counted as their thoughts are wanting to be heard. People are unifying their thoughts, saying they have had enough and Need Change. Yes the world is changing.. We are that Change.. For we elected to be incarnated here at this time to help facilitate the Changes needed to alter thought/vibration. We are here to help alter the Earths Vibration..

This is where we can so help our world.. We have to be Aware that our Thoughts Create.

We can help heal ourselves, by loving ourselves more.. Isn’t that what that great Nazarene’s simple message to the world tried to teach us.

‘Love One another’

To change the world, we first need to be aware we need do nothing but change ourselves.. Be aware of our thoughts.. The Power of Thoughts/Prayer. We have forgotten how to use our most Powerful Tool, our Minds, our Thoughts… so stop being critical of yourself and others, stop being judgemental and joining in with idle gossip. Try to see the positive aspects in a person’s behaviour, stop being bitter, Change the use of your vocabulary stop saying I ‘Hate’ start saying I dis-like..

I just love a Quote from Mother Teresa, she said "I was once asked why I don’t participate in anti-war demonstrations. I said that I will never do that, but as soon as you have a pro-peace rally, I’ll be there." – Mother Teresa…..

Our thoughts hold either that positive energy or the negative.. Mother Teresa understood this. This world is created via our thoughts… What sort of a world do we want to see in the future… One based still on ‘Fear’ or one made out of  Love.

Our Thoughts are crucial as we send them out as a collective. We need to use them consciously for we are adding them to that Mass Consciousness. We can add either Love or Fear. We are seeing more corruptness exposed, we are seeing the Truth is not always what we are told…

“Seek and ye shall Find”..

Use your thoughts to discern the Truth and join with me in sending out your thoughts for Peace and Harmony…

But first we need to find our own Peace within, to heal the world, we simply need only to

“Heal Thy Self.”.

© Sue Dreamwalker – 2011 All rights reserved.

Layers of Dust.

Last Night I couldn’t sleep, nothing unusual for me, as I often toss and turn looking up to the ceiling letting my mind wander..
I wasn’t surprised that sleep eluded me, as earlier I had visited my daughter as we had a drumming session together, the energies we both had felt as we went into our own sacred spaces of thought and vibration, were both invigorating and peaceful.


Later we discussed the energies and spoke on our current understandings of the world and the forthcoming changes in its own vibration; this is the time when New Energies are coming into the world offering many of us the chance to change… Many who are going through turmoil as old patterns are repeating or are being released once and for all.


So as I lay thinking of the world and my own journey and repeated lessons, I put on my bedside light and got out my journal that I keep always at my side to jot down the odd dream or inspired words. And I wasn’t disappointed as my pencil started to flow over the paper and within the space of 5 minutes or so the words you see below you were formed..


So as I wipe the sleep from my eyes this morning, I would ask that you look within and Out into the World as you also wipe the layers from your mind that have been built from our indoctrinated thoughts, from that early age when our thoughts were shaped by those who teach the same lessons that they were taught. Not really looking at the WHOLE picture of WHY we are who we are, or WHY we hold such Narrow views .. And look to find the answers to the questions we all at some point in our lives ask..


“WHO AM I”?… and really begin to see.. We are SO so much More than we ever thought possible. If we Let Ourselves BE…. the ‘BEING’ we ALL forgot to BE..

Wipe Away the Dust

Wipe away the Dust form the Layers of your Mind

Crawl out from the Darkness, seek the Light and find

Answers to your questions are there for you to see

Look deep within, Begin with ME,

Many times my voice cries out to be heard

Often I hold back, in case I’m thought absurd

But the time now has come to the answers I need to find

As I wipe away the Dust from the Layers of my Mind

Calling me home the layers begin to peel

Life plays out its dramas, just go with what you feel

To change the thought your thinking, go within and listen well,

Alter the reality in which you dwell

Wipe away the Dust from the Layers of your Mind

Perceive a new Horizon, allow yourself to shine

Blow away the cobwebs of the Web that holds you tight

Look beneath the Darkness, start and shine your Light

Brighten up your thoughts, let go of ‘Woe is ME’

And soon you will see through the veil of reality

The illusion of perception and the Data we receive

Peels back more layers of those who would deceive

So wipe away the Dust from the layers of your Mind

For the TRUTH is out their

And it’s up to YOU to find.

© Sue Dreamwalker 2011 All rights reserved.


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Each of us, carries within us the capacity to change the world in small ways for better or worse. Everything we do and think affects the people in our lives, and their reactions in turn affect others As the effect of a seemingly insignificant word passes from person to person, its impact grows and can become a source of great joy, inspiration, anxiety, or pain. Your thoughts and actions are like stones dropped into still waters, causing ripples to spread and expand as they move outward.. I hope that I can send a few ripples out via the web of life, as we each of us weave the threads together... Welcome to my Sanctuary of Peace and Love... May we each spread our Lights around our World....Sue Dreamwalker

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