Cleansing~ Energising and Listening to your Heart

I have over the last few days just gone with the flow of my inner guide to follow what I have been inspired to do.  This has taken me out on walks, weeding in the allotments and experimenting with recipes from produce from our wonderful abundance of crops this year, to having cleaning sprees, along  with creative days.

Local Park

Local Park

Most of us were born and raised in cultures that value the head over the heart and, as a result, we place our own hearts below our heads in a sort of inner hierarchy of which we may not be always be conscious of doing.  Which means we often tend to listen to our heads rather than our hearts. The Ego of logic is ingrained within us as we try to live in order as we structure our daily activities and lives.. Often we allow ourselves to become stressed and that’s when we allow imbalance to creep in which can then result in our feeling ill. 

Read Admiral in Oct on the allotments .

Transformation~ Red Admiral Butterfly in October on the allotments .

This last week I had some welcome time off work, so I made no plans but each day just went with the flow of feeling. When we listen from our hearts then our logical brain tends to listen, and as it softens it helps us to perceive how interconnected we all are…As I walked about our local town, it made me see how separate we have become,and yet how we are ALL One.. Each person so busy rushing here and there as I wondered upon their busy schedules and lives.. I caught conversations of peoples stressed lives as they exchanged views on Energy bills reach record highs as job prospects plummet ever lower.. Shops increasingly becoming vacant, and a once thriving town near empty as those Big Boy Super Markets on the outskirts of town provided all under one roof. 

People like Ants

People like Ants Google Images Click for source of artist.

The cities we reside in have souls. Our cities  evolve, create,consume, and breathe much in the same way Mother Nature does….. And yet the town felt empty, as if its heart had gone out of it… The once full square of market stalls was now diminished to just a handful of faithful stall holders. Walking among the town I absorbed its peoples energy and I had to shake off that feeling of oppression as the negativity seemed to weigh me down attaching itself around my aura as I had also been subject to its weight via my day job..Showing me how we pick up Energy from others.. No wonder as we watch those daily news bulletins how we all soon succumb to the negative vibration as Fear is spread via its wave-length.

So out in Nature I had to go as I shook off the energy I had unintentionally collected around me. 

New Earth

New Earth

If  where you live presently feels oppressive or robs you of your  energy, consider nurturing yourself more. To cope with the stress of working and playing in an environment you have an aversion to, first ask yourself how the city or your job  makes you feel. Then take steps to cleanse your home, your work spaces, and your life of the energy that is dragging you down.  For me I needed Space to ground myself back in nature, I needed to be outside connected to Mother Earth.  So I walked and worked with the soil.  So if your home needs that uplift why not try smudging your personal and professional spaces with sage or sweetgrass to dispel negativity.

Herbs drying

Herbs drying

I tend to wear various crystals most of the time.. I wear what I am intuitively drawn too, This last week has been Amethyst, Kyanite and Tourmaline Click the links to find out their healing properties or go to my Crystal and Things Page on the top  header.. 

I am lucky in that I have one necklet piece which contains all three.   If you do not have jewellery  why not put a tumbled stone in your pocket or keep near your person. That way you can ensure that there is always positive, loving energy nearby that you can draw from when you feel affected by environment and you can do your part to promote widespread good energy by sending love and white light from your heart out into your neighbourhood each day.

Thank you for all of your own wonderful Energies which you have given in commenting upon my posts..

Coming up shortly I hope to post more upon the recipes I have done and on the awards recently given me…. Stay well and Live from your Hearts as the times to follow them is here…

Thank you for reading~ Love and Blessings


Chakra’s and Gemstones.

When I ran a development circle into opening our awareness’s to other realms of possibilities with our Spirit World. I put together several hand-out sheets of various information.. This is one of them that I did which a few years ago now showing how Crystals help our body in healing.. . 


clip_image002Here are seven main chakras on the body relating to certain gemstones.

1st Base Root–Bloodstone Carnelian, Garnet.

2nd Sacral –Agate, Amber, Citrine.

3rd Solar plexus-Amber (clear), Citrine, Topaz,

4th Heart—(Tourmaline (green).)

Thymus gland Kunzite, Quartz (Rose)

5th Throat-Aquamarine, Sapphire, Turquoise.

6th Brow Forehead-Amathyst, Sodalite.

7th Crown-Amethyst, Quartz (clear)

Crystals and Healing.

Crystals gain their incredible energy through the long exposure beneath the Earth’s surface. Crystals and gemstones can have a very beneficial effect on our lives, transferring some of their energy into our own electromagnetic field. We actually pick up the healing vibration of crystals and gems.

The main thing to bear in mind when you buy gems and crystals is that you need to look at them (which appeals most to you?) and touch them (holding a gem or crystal is the best indicator of which one to purchase—You will instinctively feel the one you should have).

Sometimes a gemstone or crystal will catch your eye immediately. Hold the stone and put it down. Then look at a few more—and if you are then drawn back to the stone that first caught your eye, it’s probably the one for you.

Using Crystals to enhance you life.

You can make up a set of crystals using a stone for each charka see above. Make a small pouch with a drawstring to keep them from falling out. Preferably made of dark soft material such as velvet. Just carrying the crystals with you at all times will allow you to yet to know them, and gradually be able to use them, as your circumstances require.

Try keeping a set in your drawer at work. When you are feeling low you can place them in a glass dish on top of your desk, between you and the computer for instance, so you can look at them and know that they are helping to protect you. Or use them individually, for instance put the clear quartz crystal in water for a few moments, remove the crystal them drink the water. You will feel instantly refreshed- your water having been energized.

If you feel a bit stressed out, reach into your gemstone pouch and take out and hold a stone, to help you get back into harmony.

A pick me up; Crystals can recharge and energize you. Simply holding a crystal in each hand-pointed end facing outwards from the wrist for the right hand, and pointed end facing in towards the wrist for your left. Do this exercise for a few minutes or until you feel completely refreshed. It is a wonderful re-energizer, particularly useful if you are travelling.

For healing the muscle tissue, hold a clear quartz crystal in your right hand and stroke the aura above the injury several times. Try to imagine the aura has little creases or flaws in it and you and your crystal are ‘ironing out’ these little imperfections. Holding the crystal in your right hand over the thymus gland energizers the body and the repair of muscle and tissue.

For combating low-level radiation, collect several rose quartz crystals and place them around your home or office. Don’t forget to collect them up each week, wash them with warm water and a little salt, place them somewhere near sunlight to dry them befog using them once more. If you like, place them on pink material. They will soak up the wonderful pink energy ray of colour.

Adrenalin rush: this happens when we are in a stressful situation, suffering from the pressures of work, after an argument, or driving in heavy traffic, especially on a motorway. Adrenalin rush can sometimes occur long after the event. Remove the clear quartz crystal, leaving the other six in their pouch, placing it inside your bra at the front, or in a shirt front pocket. Holding your clear quartz crystal massage your aura, (see below), using circular movements, for as long as you are able. Finally, drink a glass of water that has been energized with your crystal. Remove the other gemstones from your pocket.

The Crystal Massage.

Take a clear quartz crystal.

Move it in a clockwise motion about six inches away from the body. Imagine the aura as you work the entire length of the body, and the front, back and soles of the feet. This is very calming. If you have very little time say only five minutes, use large flowing circles to get round the whole body. If you have more time, use smaller Circles as you move along the aura of the body.


TIRED EYES. – Emerald, Malachite, Aquamarine. Take a saucer of water, lay one of these crystals in it for a few minutes and then remove it. Take some cotton wool and gently bathe your eyes with this water. Repeat every few minutes.

SORE THROAT. – Ware a crystal for a necklace all day. Opaque stones generally tend to absorb their surroundings; semis –opaque are absorbent, but can also transmit energy. Match the colour of the stone with those that relate to the throat charka

INSOMNIA. – Sodalite, Emerald, Yellow Topaz, Sapphire, Zircon.

ASTHMA. – Amber, Tiger’s Eye, Malachite, wear these crystals close to your chest, cleanse them regularly.

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