Medicine Wheels.

Medicine Wheel.

Medicine Wheel  I made .

This was inspired to be written from a Question from a friend, dogkisses. 

In the past the Native American people have honoured the Sacred Circle by building their homes in circular fashion, Rituals of purification were done in circular sweat lodges. And it was in a Circle the Elders came together, all being equal to have their say.. The circle is One, never ending continuous And it evokes a feeling of Wholeness and completeness. Sacred Dance was and is also done within a circle.

Jacob Boehme, a sixteenth Century mystic wrote , “ The Being of God is like a Wheel, Wherein many wheels are made in another, upwards downwards, crossways, and yet continually turn all of them together. At Which indeed, when man beholds the Wheel, he highly marvels”.

The Hopi Indians have a word: Tuwanasaapi, which means a place of Belonging. The place where you are your true home, the Spiritual Axis of the Universe,

When Native Americans made their Medicine Wheels to help him in their Vision Quests, it became their centring place, their Tuwanasaapi. Making a Sacred place an opening for unmasking your true self, love, sincerity of heart, of giving thanks, transformation, and reaching the stars… Connecting back to those Ancestors.

A Medicine Wheel is also a circle of protection. In Ancient Europe the Magi put a circle shield around himself that sealed him from his surroundings. The power of the Circle protected him and was a place where energy could be built.

By using Ceremony, Intent and Love, a medicine wheel can be a protected sanctuary where a vortex of spinning energy can build.. And as the energy builds your prayers can ride to your higher self and to that God source of Creation.

You can find out more on the internet about Medicine Wheels.. I was asked how I chose my stones?

First you need to locate where you want to build your Medicine Wheel, use your intuition as to what ground feels right and where you are unlikely to be disturbed. Close your eyes and ask yourself what you are feeling, if you are not comfortable move to another spot.

The Earth is a living Force, and there are places upon this Earth where you are strengthened and weakened. Feel the Earths Energies. Connect with Mother Earth,

Next Chose your stones.. the Ancients understood the power of the stones and often used them in ceremonies and rituals, they believed they held living Spirits with healing properties, even though you may think a stone is an inanimate object it still holds living energy. Native and Ancient people saw a world beyond the material and acknowledged that Rocks held living Spirits.

When you chose your Stones always ask Nature, “ May I take you for my Medicine Wheel?” in fact you should always ask natures permission to what ever you take, be it veg from your garden to picking flowers.  I liked a  sign I read while in Canada many Years ago now, it read..

( Take only Pictures, Leave only Footprints) and that has stayed with me a long time.

You can find many places upon the web to see how you set your Medicine Wheel  and many will vary. Follow your own intuition, Always  Enter your Circle from the East,  And be guided by your inner thoughts and prayers to honour your Sacred Circle, and send out your Intent and Prayer..

In most traditions the Medicine Wheel is divided into Four Equal quarters

East ……. South…… West ……. North.

and the Different Elements of


then you have the

Mental …. Emotional…Spiritual…. Physical.

Spring…. Summer……. Autumn… Winter.

Dawn….   Noon………Sunset….. Midnight.

Waxing Moon… Full Moon… Waning Moon.. New Moon,

Yellow…… Blue…….. Red…… Black/White.

Birth…… Childhood…. Young Adult…. Elder..

Activation.. Nurturance..Experimentation.. Consolidation.

Inspiration.. Intuition…. Transformation… Introspection

Eagle/Owl.. Frog/Dolphin… Phoenix/ Snake… Bear/ Turtle. 

There is no right way or wrong system, ALL Medicine Wheel Tradition hold Beauty and Truth. And many can vary.  The Value of the Medicine wheel is in the way that it gives understanding and in honouring of the Inner cycles within each of us.

The Medicine Wheel can be used to go on your own Vision Quest to discover your waking Spirit, to heal emotional wounds,to experience your connection with Nature, or just to develop your peace of mind…

The Nest post I  do on Native Americans will be  on Drumming….

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