The Isle of Iona~ Now A Place of Peace..

So the tour continued from the Isle of Mull in to the crossing by ferry from there to the peaceful  Isle of Iona. But this island although it became a training centre for Monks who would in those early years live in beehive shaped stone huts, where they would meditate in solitude within their prayers. It became a major  pilgrimage  centre when the Abbey was built..   Iona is also an Isle situated upon the trading routes between Ireland and Western Scotland.  And many Kings are buried there..  Many scholars believe that The Book of Kells  started its creative life there in the 8th Century.

It also saw its share of violence in many Viking raids as they plundered the riches of the Abbey.  Many  Monks were slaughtered during this time.. More history of these events you can find out by clicking the underlined links .

The Ferry came in as we waited on the shores of Mull, above are the stunning views as we waited for the Ferry.

The Isle of Iona is a serene Isle which only has a population of around 13o people.

Our first glimpse of the Abbey as we approached by Ferry the Isle of Iona

Our first glimpse of the Abbey as we approached by Ferry the Isle of Iona you can see the small cottages spead around it. 

It has one of the oldest and most sacred religious places in all of western Europe..  It was founded by St Columba in AD 563, the fully restored Abbey is one of Scotland’s most significant and sacred sites which is reputed to be the burial place of 48 Kings of Scotland, including Macbeth

We walked up from being dropped off by the ferry past this row of houses which overlook the shore line

We walked up from being dropped off by the ferry past this row of houses which overlook the shore line


As we walked up the narrow lane we past several small cottages and these were some of their gardens overlooking the shore

The Old Nunnery

This plaque shows how the nunnery once was

The first site to greet us was the ruins of the Old Nunnery,  which was founded in 1200, by Reginald, son of Somerled (Lord of the Isles).  Who installed his sister Beatrice there as prioress  forming the first order of Nuns there. The Nunnery earned the name of The Black Church because of the black habits worn by the nuns 

This part of the Abbey has not been restored and still lays in ruins.

Here you can see the ruins of the Nunnery and the The pink granite walls that remain, despite being ruinous, are amongst the best examples of a medieval nunnery left in Britain.

Here you can see the ruins of the Nunnery and the The pink granite walls that remain, are amongst the best examples of a medieval nunnery left in Britain.

Before we walked the rest of the way up to the Abbey of Iona we went past a small cottage with a sign in its window.. Home Made Soup.. It was well past lunch time so we went in and had a take away bowl of home made broccoli soup and home made bread roll. The occupants were delighted to see so many of our coach party and promptly sent the message back into their kitchen as more soup was put on as we said there were at least 40 more walking up the hill .. It was delicious 

Just a little further along we got to the Abbey of Iona  Gates  If you look you can see a Stone Cross in the middle of the Abbey above the people walking. More photo’s and information can be found  Here about these Crosses which have looked out across this ever changing World for more than 1,200 years.

Walking up the lane to the Abbey

Walking up the lane to the Abbey

The Abbey Grave Yard

The Graveyard at the side of the Abbey

We went walk about’s in the time allotted to explore a little bit more of this community and passed the local Fire Station

This was the Fires Station on the Island

This was the Fires Station on the Island

And this was the only Post Office

And this was the only Post Office in this little Hut on the right with the red post office sign..  you may need to click to enlarge

We went exploring some more coming across this memorial cross with the names of those who gave their lives in the 1914-1918 Great War.. And one must wonder what impact losing so many husbands and sons had on this small community..  The names of which and closer pictures of this cross can be found at the sight of The Scottish Military Research Group Here  

Memorial Cross of those lost in the 1914 - 1918 great war..

Memorial Cross of those lost in the 1914 – 1918 great war.. I hope you use the link above to see clearer photo’s of this Cross. 

And to finish off this beautiful peaceful time spent on the Isle before we caught the next to ferry back to the Isle of Mull I will share these lovely views with you. 

Wishing you ALL a very Peaceful Weekend 

Love and Blessings 


Scotland’s Pure Beauty and History

Moody early morning sky that soon cleared to bright sunshine

Moody early morning sky that soon cleared to bright sunshine

Scotland has so much history and I soaked it all up along with the amazing views and the fresh clean air of Sunny clear days, not a drop of rain did we have all week. A first for all of our visits to this beautiful part of Scotland.

We obviously picked the right week to visit as this week Scotland has had lots of rain and its first snow shower yesterday on Ben Nevis

Image result for Tyndrum scotland

This was the Hotel in which we stayed The Ben Doran, in Tyndrum.  photo credit Link HERE 

We were based in the village of Tyndrum in Loch Lomond in the The Trossachs National Park. The village is notable mainly for being at a junction of transport routes. The West Highland Line railway from Glasgow splits approximately 5 miles (8 km) to the south at Crianlarich, with one branch heading to Fort William and the other to Oban. Tyndrum has a station on each end of this small village whose population is less than 200 people .

Tyndrum is also interesting as around 2 miles from the village is a Gold Mine situated upon the hillside of Beinn Chùirn. Although this mine has not been mined to its fullest potential as yet.

Travelling to Inveraray along the shores of Loch Fyne

Travelling to Inveraray along the shores of Loch Fyne

The first day saw us head out for Inveraray  to which we have visited before, Some of you may have read the post with my pictures inside Inveraray Jail before in May along with poem and pictures entitled Altering The System

Inveraray Jail

Inveraray Jail

Inveraray Castle stands on the shores of Loch Fyne since the 1400s’

This impressive castle  was said to be inspired by a drawing by Vanbrugh, the architect of Blenheim Palace and Castle Howard and started its build in 1746 by the 3rd Duke of Argyll. The castle took 43 years to complete and cost in excess of £300,000. Think of that in today’s money! It must have cost millions of pounds.. Again showing the great divide between rich and poor.. 

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

So as you approach,  Inveraray along Loch Fyne on the A83 it actually follows one of Wade’s old military roads; Aray Bridge, just before the castle, dates back to 1775 and is one of wade’s famous military bridges.   This is the bridge..


Aray Bridge, Built by General Wade

At that time Inveraray was isolated and it’s roads were rough tracks. The nearest descent road fit for carriages to travel was over 40 miles away.  So it was that General Wade was sent north to undertake the task, and set about creating a network of roads and bridges which would ensure that troops could be rushed from strategic bases in Fort William, Fort Augustus or Fort George to tackle any insurrection. This was due to the unrest of the Jacobite rebellion of 1745 to control the clans so that troops could move about easier through the Highlands.

Along the road we saw the monument watch tower above the castle  I hope you have enjoyed our first  day as we viewed Nature is in her raw state among the lochs and glens, her beauty is constantly changing as the light shifts throughout her mountains and shorelines. 

If you are interested in the history or need to know more about the places mentioned, I have included many links within this post to seek out further information. 

Have a wonderful Week 

Blessings Sue 


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Connecting back with Nature

Travelling through the Trossachs in Scotland

Travelling through the Trossachs in Scotland

 How quickly a week has flown, and yet so much got packed into one week I am still only just coming down to earth after our much needed break away in Scotland.

This visit we chose to visit the Isles so we travelled out to explore the Isle’s of Mull, Iona and Bute.  Each Isle had its own special surprises and I hope to share a little in the next few posts about each one of them. Lots more photo’s will be posted soon.. 

In the mean time I will leave you with a video I found today, and it explains better than I why all of us should spend more time out in Nature.. Absorbing her beauty and respecting her.. 

Enjoy the rest of your weekend and enjoy the words of Gary Turk. 

Love and Blessings


A Note to my Friends

Hello my wonderful WordPress Family of friends..

I hope you are all having a wonderful Weekend.

I just wanted to let you know that over the next week all of my posts are  scheduled. While I taken some of my own advice and take a long overdue vacation. 

So I will not be moderating your comments until after the 4th May. During this time I have posted some more of the story from the Vision Quest. along with a post to celebrate May Day. Thank you for all of your love and support I will be catching you all up when I return.

In the mean time I will leave you with some of my favourite music.. And no prizes for guessing as to where we shall be going when you view the video..

Love and Blessings

 See You ALL Soon  🙂



Return to Reality..But what is that?

An Isle in the Sun

Today I return to the world of the Blog

No longer in a world of fog

Where Blue skies and sea abound

Where one can relax without interference of sound

Except for Sea and surf

I shut down my senses for my own rebirth

To feel the Sun upon my skin

And shut out the thoughts of everyday din

To replenish my soul and to be recharged

I even forgot what day was at large

For my return did coincide with that day

When life was changed much to our dismay

Our Trust in each other that day was destroyed

A Tool of the Dark which was cleverly deployed

I haven’t  forgotten the day of Twin Towers

When Fear was spread by those with Dark Powers

We need to Look at finding Peace for  all lives lost

We All need to Build or it will be to our cost

As we venture to a future build with love and not War

Think not to settle the score

Embrace each other, your fellow man

Know we are ONE and Let us not forget if you can

Reality is of our making, let it be of love

Did not our Father tell us so from above?

So as I return to this land of the Blog

Let our world emerge from its depression of Fog

Of Hatred and Violence and let Peace Prevail

For I’m BACK on the Dreamwalker Trail.. 


For those who wish to see a previous poem I wrote on the 9/11 Memorial Day click HERE to view. I will post more upon my Travels Very soon..

© Sue Dreamwalker – 2012 All rights reserved.


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