The Spirit of Autumn

Spirit of Autumn

I am back after giving myself some Breathing space for a couple of days.. I swapped the click of the mouse for a stroke of the paint brush. as you see from my artwork above..

Trees are the Lungs of the Earth, they give us oxygen-rich air which we all rely upon to breathe. And often we have forgotten just how to take in  those Deep breaths and relax..  Trees have always played a huge part in my life from growing up surrounded by them and later learning how to interact within their energy exchanges, I’m a big advocate of ‘Go Hug a Tree’..especially when you feel a little low of energy yourself.  

Trees are a living presence and I am sure many of you can sense their energy, you have only to go outside and listen to the stirrings of their voices as the leaves gently rustle in the breeze, or hear how they screech and moan as the wind whips through their branches in a storm.  They like our Mother Earth are givers and ask noting in return. They bring us shelter and warmth with their timber, shade from the Sun, fruits  and Nuts, and lets not forget their many healing properties.

Tree’s teach us the importance of renewal, as they shed their leaves and outer attachments as they go into their slumber of winter rest..

They teach us so many qualities and teach us stillness and contentment as well as learning how to stand strong within our roots..

So many places around our world Tree’s are being destroyed this always is heart breaking.. And if you are conscious of recycling as I am, I am sure you look to buy recycled paper and products, for we need to protect our life giving trees of our Mother Earth.

There are many Tree myths and legends and tree-lore preserved for us both in folksongs and folktales, which show us that our ancestors had a deeper relationship with Trees than we know of today..

It was once commonly known in most parts of the world that within the tree lay a living essence of a Spirit within it.. The Druids called them the “ The Many Eyed Ones” or “ Hooded Ones” and they believed they watched the comings and goings of the Human Race… When you consider how old some trees live to be, its no wonder,  as many live over 200 yrs and some 800 yrs plus,

Important meetings were held under trees, Kings were crowned, and Laws were passed, Marriages were held and at many a cross-roads Tree’s were planted as markers and boundaries at significant points on the land.

A Tree Spirit, or as they are know. a Dryad, can be understood as a huge energy field radiating outwards from each tree, It is said it can radiate out for several miles… During the growing season in Spring and Summer it is easier to make contact with a Dryad than in the Autumn or Winter as the energy drops down into the Earth for Renewal or so I’m informed… For me I just like to link into the Spirit of the Tree as I give thanks for their life giving oxygen and healing peace.. 

Its always good to go out and connect back into Nature and there is nothing like communicating with the Trees.. For those who have never done this you do not know what you are missing..

When walking out, feel which Tree you are drawn towards and then reach out with your mind and feel the Tree’s energy as you slowly approach it.. Open your hands and start to feel your fingers tingle… Stop and I always ask in my mind for permission to step closer, you may feel you need to walk around the tree in a circular fashion, See if you can feel the layers of energy the tree sends out..

Make contact placing your hands gently upon the bark and feel the pulse of energy surge upwards from its roots… ( this is better felt in the spring and summer months ) .. Feel yourself developing strong roots down into the earth like the tree and feel your strength grow as the tree gives you its own healing nourishment… Or sit with your spine against the trunk and connect by meditating with the tree to share with you some of its wisdom…

Nature has for us in her hands its gifts of healing, by being out-doors experiencing Nature, we can also find the  many healing properties found in Trees and Plants around our world as there are many cues for many ailments. 

Above  you see is the painting I did, It took four hours to paint, of which TIME just flew.. I painted in Acrylic’s on Canvas size 22cms by 30cms  I named this one ‘The Spirit of Autumn’

© Sue Dreamwalker – 2012 All rights reserved.

A Ghostly Tale..

While I call myself a Medium who can connect that unseen world in which we all travel to when we vacate this earthly shell of a body of flesh I am but an ordinary woman who has a small gift. I lead an ordinary life and a day job as Support Worker to those who need extra help in this world.

I just happened to be able from time to time link those two worlds together and for the last 22 yrs have gone around spiritual centres in my spare time as a Spiritual Medium connecting love ones together again. I don’t do this for any monetary gain and only charge my petrol expenses..

I have been asked several times by friends to share with them my experiences, I am often asked…..

1, “ Do you see Ghosts?” 2,“ Do they come and speak to you all the time”? and “ 3,Don’t you get frightened?”

Today I will answer the First Question in more depth, “Do you see Ghosts”?, I wonder what are your Ideas of Ghosts?  Maybe they’re not the Ghoulish Macabre type some may perceive them to be.. and here is a little story about some facts on Ghosts

Ghosts exist, fact. What is sad and that they all have in common is that none of them know they are dead! For their own personal reasons, Ghosts refuse to transcend to the ‘Other side’ and stay Earthbound. In their minds they feel they are as alive as we are, because they cling to this dimension after death. And they are the easiest residents of the spirit world for the rest of us to hear and see.

Ghosts tend to enjoy attention, or maybe our reaction to them. As most of us hold fear about the unknown. And many Ghosts, although not all are usually full of guilt, anger, or remorse, for these emotions can be the main cause for them not going to the light. Some stay behind because they are searching for loved ones.

In Sylvia Browns book ‘The Other Side and Back’ she describes meeting a Ghost.

She was filming with a crew for the Unsolved Mysteries programme. She found herself talking to a woman, who was sad and anxious, dressed in blue, with a large hat tied with a scarf, who introduced herself as Mary Ellen Morley. She said she had been in a terrible car accident near Moss Beach Distillery, and was roaming searching for her three year old son. Her hairstyle and clothes had been out-dated decades ago, but she clearly thought only minutes had passed since the accident. Time has no meaning after death, even for those who don’t move off to the light where they belong.

The film crew and a couple of Moss Beach employees went to the local library, where they found after looking though old newspapers the obituary of a woman named Mary Ellen Morley, Cause of death. Car accident. Her husband and three year old son had survived her.

That Ghost stayed behind in the delusion that her child was still three years old and needed her.

As Sylvia says, ‘ the least we can do for Ghosts we meet, is to try to convince them that they’re dead, and urge them towards the light. Spirits on ‘the other side’ make every effort to bring them ‘Home’ as well. And while we push the other side pulls, and sooner or later in either minutes or hundreds of years, ghosts will find their way to the light.’

Have I seen a Ghost?… Yes I think I have many, many years ago I worked in a very old run down building that used to weave fabric years before I worked there. The building was still used in the textile trade where I was learning to machine garments..I was a young 16 year old and had been there since I left school aged 15. There was always stories told about The Ghost who would switch off lights late night and there was a dark twisted back staircase that wound its way up to the attic which no one ever walked up alone.. It would always have an eerie feel to it, and my neck hairs would stand on end if I ever had to go to the floor above me. This floor was strung with beams of wood and the story was someone many years ago had died up there.

Now you may say being a young girl at an impressionable age could have had her experience coloured that day. Or was craving attention, But I swear to you that I was a quiet little thing way back then, who didn’t say Boo to a Goose,- Let alone Boo to a Ghost!..

And I had my head down working hard, on piece-work ensuring my work was of good quality or else I had them returned to unpick to re-sew. So the last thing on my mind that day was any Ghosts.. But as I sat sewing I was aware of a figure staring at me, We had a cloak room door straight opposite where I sat to my right, this door was the only door in or out to this cloak room..I felt someone watching me so I looked up to see a man with bald head with his face pressed up against the clear half glass door that was pale and sort of distorted… I stopped machining to look again harder and I can still see his image in my mind’s eye today, the moment I realised what I was looking at I screamed, he disappeared in that instant..

Workmates came rushing,The room was searched, Manager’s were called and I remember well we had a young Irish manager who asked me Did I believe in Ghosts.. as he said he did, he tried to reassure me, and confessed that he too had had some strange experiences in that building when locking up last thing at night.. He told me, ‘Ghosts can’t harm you.. Only the living can do that’.. Words I often remember.

2”Do I speak to Spirits”? Yes all the time… But they visit me through the enthral and I blend my senses to communicate as I feel them within my Aura as I feel their essence and see their form they wish me to see through my inner eye, not my visual eyes.. And we have a mutual agreement.. They only link with me when I link with them, as if not life could get a bit hectic and congested. I will speak in more detail on this sometime in the future..

3 “ Do I get frightened?” The answer to that is a simple NO.. And having shook hands with those in spirit in physical circles who have manifested within ectoplasm, I’ve always had a huge smile upon my face and a big welcome upon my lips.. As they transcend the difficult journey back through this denseness of matter to say hello and prove beyond any doubt within my own and many others mind – Life Continues After Death —

I invite you now to share any stories you may have to tell us of evidence of Life After Death.. Whether that be People or Pets.. For our animal kingdom transcend and survive death also. 

Finding Our Sacred Centre

Nine Ladies, Photo From English Heritage site.

Over these last few weeks I have been going through my own personal changes. Leaving the job I have so enjoyed, and coming to terms with a feeling of loss and in some respects anger, of a system that places profit before people.

It has been during this time that my emotions have been all over the place. My energies levels dropping, feeling tired and lethargic.  Being Clairsentient I often find that I take on board many emotions that are not always my own.. If I watch a TV Drama I am there within that Character feeling their emotions,. That is why I find it so hard to watch TV especially the News Bulletins and the suffering which is so rife around our World..

Much of this time I have spent alone with my thoughts and taking myself off for walks in the beautiful countryside Mother Nature has to offer. I have done a lot of Soul Searching and find that I am connecting deeper than ever to that which each of us are born, to that Divine Spark which is within each of us.  And by becoming aware of our surroundings, seeing the beauty within everything from a blade of grass to the Sky Lark singing up above has made me re-connect with that Universe which resides within each and everyone of us.. For each of us has our own living Universe in which we revolve around.

It has made me realise that each of us can Change the way we perceive our lot to be. Each of us can change our future, Heal the sick, improve humanities lot, if we so will and if we have the courage and the wisdom to know what’s right.

Each of us in small ways can do amazing things through aligning our ‘Will’ of that of evolution, growing ‘light’, defeating the ‘darkness’ of inertia, lethargy and despair. We may find that part of our work in this world we live is focused towards the healing arts. Like myself I work among those who are  disadvantaged  by the mere fact of their disabilities, whether that be physically or mentally challenged. It never ceases to amaze me how happy these wonderful individuals are with their lot in life. And how despite their difficulties they strive to take part, and never give in. 

My time out in Mother Nature has helped connect part of my own Sacred Spirit back, to find my own Centre again. And its made me understand that Nature, the Great Outdoors, our Mother Earth nurtures each and everyone of us.

In Ancient past people discovered places which were  Sacred to them. Recently I have revisited some of these sacred sites.. the Nine Ladies on Stanton Moor in Derbyshire is one such place I sat to contemplate.. Our Ancient brother and sisters discovered the existence of Spirits, Elementals,Gods, and Goddesses associated with the particular place and found ways of communicating with them, asking them for help and healing, for guidance and inspiration . Reconnecting leads us all to that Spirit within..

You don’t need to go worship in any man-made structures, built by commercial enterprises, ruled over by those who lay down rules of abeyance and who claim the only way through those heavenly doors is by this route only, or be forever condemned to  hell-fire.. I think not..

We only need to look around us, learn to see the great Goddesses and Gods, lying among the green hills, see the guardian shapes in the cliff and tree trunks, waterways weaving their patterns through the valleys. The wind ruffling the grasses and rustling the leaves in the air. The rocks, our Wild life. Every Natural place is a Sacred Centre filled with aspects of that ‘Life Force’. Every Human being is imbued with that Divine Spark which, given encouragement can be fanned into a Blaze of Glory, as we rejoice in the creation of Life.

Many people have grown up without the rule of Spiritual awareness, and this shows itself in their selfish acts whereby some have no concept of personal responsibility for their actions, no awareness of the other dimensions of ‘Being’, who spend their lives in pursuit of pleasure. Whereby many who are abused as children in a world induced with pain from drug and alcohol, suffer immeasurable damage, many then going on to do the same, as indoctrinated thought and teachings set their path.

Each of us must rediscover our own personal relationship with our own Sacred Centre, within ourselves and within our world. We much open the doors of awareness by going within that Sacred Space of thought to that silent space and reconnect to that part of ourselves that is linked so closely to that Divine Spark of Love and Light, our Higher Self, our God-selves.

I give thanks for that which I have, and I am willing to strive forward to reach out for the things that matter. Not the material in this world, for that will soon be gone.. But that which we take with us held forever within our Sacred space, our hearts and minds, that which we hold close, our Memories, and our Feelings… Our Love.  

This Earth can be paradise, its wounds can be healed, its people can be fed, its lands can return to their fertility and lushness if we dedicate ourselves on all levels. If we live by our hearts, going back to our roots, and connecting once again to that which permeates all things..That Sacred place of Divine Love and Light.. For we are ALL of us One in this most Sacred of our Centres here on Mother Earth.

Let us all begin to find our Sacred Centres once again.. And learn to love ourselves first, and then pass on that Love to others..

Love  and Blessings Dreamwalker        

© Sue Dreamwalker 2011 All rights reserved.

All Hallow Even~ ALL Hallows Day~ Halloween!


This year I am being very lazy, so apologies to all those who read this last year as I posted  it for last years Halloween.. I found much information even I didn’t know , and tied in information I found along with some things I already knew to post.  There is so much Information out there if we care to dig deeper into all ceremony and rituals in which we take part in.. Often we follow blindly traditions that our parents followed and yet don’t understand where or why these traditions started, and often they turn into something that is slightly distraughted from its origins. So for those who care to spend five minutes or so reading  I hope you may learn something you didn’t already know.. And for those who are just dropping by… Happy Halloween and enjoy the Graphics~Sue Dreamwalker



Halloween, where does the word come from? Well in fact Halloween comes from All Hallow Even.  The night before All Hallows Day. Therefore Halloween is the eve of All Saints Day.

From 1066 to 1485 there was no evidence that the 31st of October was anything other than the eve of  All Saints Day. But  that changed in the 19th century right up to the present day, and has been associated with witchcraft and ghostly ghoulish things, so why is that?

Halloween was developed from the Celtic Feast of Samhain sometimes spelt Samain or Samuin, pronounced “sow-in”, this feast marked the end of summer and the beginning of winter. Samhain was the time when the Celts acknowledged the beginning and the ending of all things as they saw the leaves fall from the trees and the coming of the winter. It was a time when they turned to their Goddesses and Gods, seeking to understand the cycles of life and death..

Due to the facts that many people died in the winter, and the people were so dependent on the natural world, they believed that this day the boundary between the living world and the dead opened up gateways. On this day the dead could invade the world of the living and priests would be able to predict the future and talk to the dead more easily. They would dress up and at a large central bonfire pay homage to the Celtic deities, sacrificing animals to the gods.

They would also try to tell each other’s fortunes while dressed up in the costumes of animal skins and heads.. It was also a time during the coming of winter that the weakest animals were culled and provision was made to store food stuff to see them through the winter.

The Celts called upon their ancestors who they thought could help bring guidance and warnings to help them through the winter months. It was a time when the Druids and soothsayers would forecast events for the coming year.. The High Kings of Ireland held feasts that lasted a week for this purpose, and predictions would be forecast of farming patterns, hunting, and Storms and the Moons eclipses. And whether or not the Kings lands would be free from Plotting Neighbours.

The Celts believed that evil spirits came in the long winter months of darkness and believed that on that night the vale between worlds of the living and those in spirit, were at their weakest. And so therefore would be most likely to be seen on earth. So they built bonfires to frighten the spirits away, and they danced and celebrated around these fires.. The fires were supposed to bring comfort to those souls who were in purgatory and people prayed for them as they burned the piles of straw.. Those in Scotland and Ireland where the Celtic influence was more pronounced kept the strongest traditions of burning fires..

In the seventh century, after Christianity had spread into the Celtic lands, Pope Boniface IV designated November 1st as All Saints’ Day, a day to honor saints and martyrs. The celebrations were called All-Hallows or All-Hallowmas and the night before became All-Hallows Eve, eventually becoming our Halloween.

And it’s not hard to see that ALL SOULS Day, now practiced on November 2nd is a continuation of the pagan beliefs of Samhain.

Interestingly In  1605 in England, the fires were moved to November the 5th ( Bonfire Night ) where the anniversary of the ( Gunpowder plot) was celebrated  from the foiled attempt of Guy Fawkes to blow up the houses of parliament.  So Halloween and Bonfire night have a common origin, from pagan times when evil spirits had to be driven away by fire and noise.. So in fact are we on bonfire night still celebrating our ancestor’s pagan Samhain? As we burn the old wood and leaves, and make much noise as we set our fireworks off. Despite it being depicted as a celebration of the saving of the houses of parliament from a foiled Terrorists Plot, I.e. Guy Fawkes lol

Coming back to present day Halloween, wearing costumes comes from both Celtic and European heritage. When immigrants came to America, the tradition continued with a few twists, adding mostly due to the varying beliefs. The merging of separate groups of religion, nationality and even Native American traditions changed the All-Hallows-Eve into more of a party for the harvests of the year and a celebration to honour the dead.

Dressing up was thought to make the wearer unrecognizable to the ghosts of the dead. The dead would confuse them with other spirits, and to further protect themselves, people would leave bowls of food outside their doors to appease the ghosts.

At the turn of the century, 1900, the government and newspapers encouraged people to have more of a celebration and less of the ghoulish and frightening aspects of Halloween. Parades and festivities were encouraged. Sometime between 1920 and 1950 the tradition of trick or treating was revived, thought of as a way for the whole community to share the holiday traditions.

The tradition of pumpkin carving and Pumpkin Pie came from Native Americans. The Native Americans had a staple food before the first settlers arrived in America, the pumpkin. They got this plant from South and Central America, where seeds have been found dating back thousands of years. The immigrants who arrived soon used the pumpkin in many dishes including one that they would scoop out the seeds and gunk from inside and bake it with milk honey and spices and then eat it, thus the pumpkin pie is born. Along with the tradition of the Halloween lantern..

Halloween is only now becoming hugely popular here in the UK. As the traditions of trick or treat have come back overseas from America and the Retail stores have embraced the commercial side of advertising Halloween, selling it to the children. And of course making Money out of it.

So the day of Halloween is not about the dead or pranks we pull on other people but about the end of the harvest and the warm part of the year. The remembering and honoring the dead is not done by any one nationality or people, but by many. Most people in one way or another honor and remember the people they loved and knew. Halloween is just a day that we can celebrate the people of the past and help to keep their memories alive.

But just wishing all of you who read my blogs a Happy Halloween….




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