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I hope you have all had a wonderful Easter Break.

May I just thank all who are my regular readers here for all of your wonderful contributions to comments I appreciate you all. Also may I say welcome to all new followers  which have been many who have joined this year. I hope you enjoy browsing and reading.

Over the Easter weekend, we have spent many hours in our garden, planting seeds and weeding out.. So time for writing a new post has been limited.. So looking for inspiration I looked through my WP archives and came upon this aptly named post. Which I will re-schedule and post again .. Enjoy..


 Today I was reminded once again about Seeds, as I was updating and deleting many of my  Old Word Documents today I came across this piece I wrote back in 2007. And as nothing is ever by Chance!  It was part of a post I did on a forum. It didn’t have a title and I can’t even remember if I posted it .. But I will give it a title today..

Scattered Seeds of Thought.

Are we not all seeds? Have we not all been scattered?

Some may have fallen upon what is termed ‘the good earth’.

Whereby some may feel they have had all the benefits of a rich material upbringing.

Some seeds scattered may have felt they missed the ploughed furrow, the less fortunate circumstances,  but have still had a good foundation in which to grow.

And others have fallen upon the rocky edges where they have struggled to extend their roots to draw upon the nourishment and courage to grow, and have shriveled in their insecurities.

While others get entangled within the weeds, as they flounder, seeking to find themselves but being overshadowed by others until the wheat is no longer recognizable.

We may feel that it is the farmer’s hand of fate which determines where we shall fall?

But does not every seed have within it the same potential of growth?

Does not each seed no matter upon which ground it falls extends its roots downward searching for that nourishment which to feed from?

Does it still not lift its head and bend searching for the light?

Each of us has that potential to grow to bloom no matter what path we find ourselves upon.

I have witnessed many beautiful flowers that have fallen into crevices upon my concrete pathway, which I have marveled that they have taken root and bloomed.

And I have often wondered at the strength of the weed, as I have seen the dandelions push there way through solid tarmac growing healthily and strong.

And I have planted many a good plant in good fertile earth, fed and fussed over it, only to have it wilt and die

We have many fertile fields awaiting us. And that there are millions of different seeds we can sow.

But we must bring to our attention to the seed within, the strength we need to find starts within that centre of our Being.

To unfold ourselves to the warmth of the sun

We need to reach forever upward to allow ourselves to absorb that life giving


It is only ourselves that give us Labels. It is only ourselves who determines what is a weed and what is a flower..

Within Our Earth Mothers Garden we are all equal in beauty all of us grow from the same beginnings.. We each of us start life as  a seed..

The Harvest of Life is  soon about to show us 

What we Sow, so shall we Reap..

May we Keep Planting LOVE, HARMONY and PEACE. 

© Sue Dreamwalker – 2012 -2017All rights reserved.

Support Work~ Self~ And Thank You Fellow Bloggers..

I would just like to say a Big Thank you for all who have taken the time and trouble to comment upon my recent posts. I apologise for not as yet having replied or visited your own Blogs in return. But I have read many   of your Excellent posts via email on my phone..  I am hoping to work my way around those who have visited very soon..

Working as a  Relief Support Worker, Life is often fraught with unexpected added hours of work.. I knew I had a heavy schedule already booked working through last weekend along with days in the week, But due to staff shortages and staff illness I found myself covering more hours including double back to back shifts  which left no time for anything else.

When you support people 24/7 like I do, they come first.. and then I had to put myself second, And WP came in last, as you need to switch off your brain especially if you have been on duty some 15 hrs from 7-30am to 10-30pm and sleeping on call…  So this is the first time I have opened my Laptop in 9 days…

I would just like to say once again to all of you who follow Dreamwalker’s Sanctuary on a Regular Basis and who visit and comment, how much I appreciate your comments, Please bare with me while I work through the backlog…

In the mean time, Here is a poem written about those with Learning Disabilities I did not write this one, but it was given to me by a friend.

I will be visiting you Soon! ~ Blessings to you ALL….

Thank you for your visit!


Waiting for my carer.

The falling leaves fall no more
The morning bell rings at the door
It’s not that I can really explore
My feelings remain locked inside for evermore
The bell rings twice and the door swings open
I listen intently waiting for my turn
From the bed I can see the sunlight streaming through
While I wonder who is at my door
I sit and wait no longer caring
For everything I do has to be sharing
The rustle of leaves circle the driveway
I cannot see yet, it’s still the middle of May
From downstairs the sounds of bacon cooking reach my avid senses
As I sit alone awaiting as my carer commences
I know she here, the clock struck eight, she will be mine at nine
My beds wet and the sheets smell rank
It’s not that I can help it, there’s no money in the bank
Everything seems so hopeless, when all I want to do is my thing
Go out to the shops and buy myself a wedding ring
To glimpse the dawn to hear the dear and the fawn
Wouldn’t it be nice to sit on my own front lawn?
The world goes by, passing everyday
Nothing I do or say makes any difference to my dismay
The leaves fall no more
The summers come I can tell
I am like an empty shell
Living in my own make-see hell
Everything will be ok at nine
It will all be just fine
My carer comes in and makes my bed
She washes my hair and sings to me
Tells me that one day I will be like an angel in heaven
Adorned in silk and satins with wings as bright as the sunlight
I am pleased she cares, even if it’s just four days a week
For she’s the only one who comes who speaks to me
My learning disability is really not my own
It belongs to all of us whoever we are
No matter how much I have grown
My thoughts are short as if on loan
At least I have my carer who never seems to groan
Up and ready it’s time for breakfast even if it is now cold
I guess it will be like this until I am very old
I hear the birds in the garden and the crickets
Where would I be without my carers?
As if I have a choice?
Still, I love my life, it’s my own
No matter how much people say to me
I am not theirs to own.

By L.D.

Finding Myself ~ I AM~

Tears of Consciousness

Have you ever looked in the mirror deep into your eyes and wondered just who you are? Knowing that you’re someone different from the face that stares back at you.

Do you feel within your being as you look deep into those eyes that you are not just your name?

Do you doubt who looks back at you?

Have you ever felt so alone, and yet at the same time so connected to everything, you at times think you are going crazy.

Have you ever walked down the street of your home town feeling yourself invisible as you observe all others in your path?

Did you ever dip your energy into theirs and feel their lives as you pass their space, as you watch young families connect and you smile in their joy. Did you catch half a conversation of those two old ladies as they stand there gossiping about their ailments and all their relatives problems too, and you think more woe is me…

Have you ever watched how teenagers and young folk sit in their own nervous energy as their knees tremble with foot constantly tapping the floor, as they sit texting on their phones?

Have you ever stopped to view the world as people hustle and bustle rushing here and there?

Did you ever feel like the world was spinning so fast as you were stood in the middle as it sent you dizzy as around and around you spin?

And did you ever feel your energy drain as the old gent with a bad cough accidently touched your shoulder as he passed you by, and yet you knew it was no accident, as he needed some healing.

And have you ever looked into a passing baby eyes to see their hidden smile to know instantly you were connected on their own wave length as recognition passed between your souls.

And have you ever driven the same route every day past a field with a tethered horse to feel their pain? As you see his head hung low..

Have you ever cried so hard you felt so empty and yet overwhelming full of love at the same time

And did you ever greet a new day full of thankfulness that you made it through to the morning?

Have you ever looked up at the night sky knowing you came from the stars?

Did you ever hear a thousand voices talk simultaneously and not hear one word spoken and yet you felt you understood everyone?

Me Age 5Did you ever look at that photo of yourself ages 5 and wonder where that child went, that face, hair, desires everything, ever cell has changed, and yet you still feel YOU!

Do you ever just wonder what happened to you within the Story of your life?

We are so often so busy looking for something else- we forget the ‘ever present’ consciousness in our lives, we forget who we are as we lost ourselves within a sea of emotions and the material ways.

We forgot we are whole and perfect, as we are so intent on finding something ‘Outside’ of ourselves to make us feel whole and complete.

We give ourselves labels-, I am successful, I am in business, I am lucky, I am never lucky, I am thin, I am fat, I am good, I am bad, I am Christian, I am Buddhists, I am an Atheist, I am Spiritual, I am Enlightened!

We are not the name upon our labels.

We are not the story of our problems and downfalls or successes. We are not the story of our Religion or Spiritual insights. We are not the Mothers, Fathers, Sisters, Brothers, Wives, Husbands or the labels on our Career Badges.

We may all of us look different, and appear different and individual, But we are ALL ONE. Each rain drop that falls from the sky is an individual sphere which falls to the ground separate, and yet they all merge back to the ocean.

We too are an expression, a drop of water, and we too all merge back within the sea of Consciousness.

It isn’t until we are seeking out answers to life questions as we try to make sense of our life’s stories that we begin to see that Happiness is a state of being and not dependent upon our life’s story.

These past few days I have been quiet and thoughtful, as I have gone through my own pain within the story of my life.

And today as I sat within the sun contemplating who I am, I understand perhaps for the very first time that it is ok to feel pain and hurt, just as it is ok to feel Love and joy..

Because we agreed to be all of it.

We are not separate- we are the experience of the Positive and Negative, we are both Light and Darkness, Good and bad, Pain and Joy..

And once we begin to see we are Beings of Light, we then see we can surpass our human emotions, for nothing can destroy us.. Not the real Us…

I have sat curled within my own pain of past hurts, holding them to me like a comfort blanket, wounding myself and others over and over again, as I buried them deep, only to have them resurface. Clinging onto a Mothers rejection- for many years past- and other hurts which ran so deep, seeking out the love of others, their appraisals and approvals as a substitute for the one true love I have always denied myself

I have reached out, given and shared myself, splitting me into  many aspects of myself and yet not really seeing who I was.

Today I looked in the mirror and greeted an old friend

no longer the stranger, but the perfect BEing.

Today I accepted myself for I AM ME!

And I AM Calm,

and I AM Peace I AM LOVE..





Fitting the Pieces Together.

None of us need to be a genius to know that something is  shifting within the Human Consciousness . Each of us are sensing these changes.

Many more now are awakening to the possibilities that there is more to our physical ‘Being’ than mere flesh and blood as more and more of us get in touch once again with our intuition.

In this modern age we have pushed aside and stopped the flow of our natural abilities in favour of a world that relies upon its Gadgets.  Take all those Gadgets away from us and we wouldn’t survive very long if  only we had was  the skin we are living in to rely upon. Unlike our Indigenous tribes around the world today, whom modern man may term ‘Primitive’ in comparison, And I also wonder if such a machine were  ever invented to measure our Awareness and Happiness factors, just how Primitive we would compare to  our Indigenous brothers to their own Conscious Awareness. For they have long known the things which we have long since forgotten.

Throughout time we have lost touch with our inner selves as we gathered together our gadgets, bigger homes, faster cars trinkets and ornaments, accumulating more debt in order to gather yet more ‘Things’. And still when we think we have everything money can buy, there is still something Missing…  We keep on searching, driven to that higher paid job, the next relationship as we each search for that which makes us feel complete and whole, as we search for the meaning of Life. 

JigsawEach of us are searching for their own piece of the Puzzle, and yet if only we could realise that we are all of us part of that Huge jigsaw puzzle.. ‘The Puzzle of Life’ 

But unlike the Jigsaws we buy we don’t get to see the ‘Big Picture’ on the box lid.

We travel along in life as that little separate jigsaw piece searching to fit in, looking for that connection to more pieces as we slot our lives together.

When we start our puzzle making, we start by looking for all those straight edges pieces, we need structure, a place to start from. It may take us some time to put the boarders together, especially when there are so many pieces to choose from. But we sift through them, gathering together the one’s we need.

We may have to scrabble around the ‘box of life’ trying many pieces to fit with ours. We start by following similar pieces, those with straight lines, whose colours match our own, and gradually we create the perimeters, a structure, rules, a base from which we can then start to fill in more missing pieces.

So too in life we start by congregating with similar people as we join various groups, whether that be education, social, or spiritual. That part is easy, we can see which piece is sky-blue, or Green-Grass and so we huddle together knowing we are going to fit in somewhere. But what about all those mingled colours, the pieces in the box that could be anything.. If we had the picture box lid, we could make more sense of it, but as we don’t, we scratch our heads and wonder as we hold that random jigsaw which represents our self, just where DO we fit in? Often we can drop it/our direction and pick up another/following a different route hoping this one we’ll have better luck with. So to with our careers, our relationships we swop and change forever searching for that perfect fit. 

And you know it when it slots into place.. How?  because it ‘Feels’ right, and when that happens, just how much more quicker do the rest of the pieces then start to slot into place.. For once again we are following our intuition, as we ‘know’ we are then on its correct coarse again. 

universe we are OneLife is like that Puzzle, all the pieces are there right before our eyes, and yet we miss what’s right under our very noses. We are constantly being given signs from the Universal Mind , the source of creation, but we have been wrapped up for so long within our Material world, we no longer see the signs that naturally occur and point us in the right direction.

The first part of putting the Puzzle together is to see yourself not as separate from anything else, we are all part of this huge picture called ‘Life on Earth’, We cannot function as a lone piece. We need others to connect with. Each adding their own colour creating the whole. It would not be Earth if we didn’t have the Flora and Fauna and each of us are inevitably connected via that same Life Source of Energy which permeates through each of us.

The indigenous tribes survive because they function as a whole, they connect to Nature and the Universal Mind serving each for the good of the whole working within the natural laws of oneness.

To find the answers of “ Where do I fit in?” and “What is my purpose?” we need to understand we are connected to a “Whole” lot more, and that the time is now, whereby we need to start and dig around in that Box of Life  and turn over some of our own jigsaw pieces as we discover the make up of our reality.

We need to see that by adding our Conscious awareness to that of others piece by piece our memory of just who we are will return.

I am reminded of that saying.

 Together we stand, Divided we Fall      

This is why our Lights need now more than ever to join together to bring Illumination into the world..

Keep searching, for the pieces are coming together, ~ One by one of us are seeking to understand and Wake-Up..But first we need to  re-discover ourselves 

Now is the time to reach out with your Hearts and send each other Love, Pray for Peace around this word… For this world needs YOU.. for You are a vital Piece of the Puzzle..

We need to Unite each other to complete the task we came to achieve.

We Are One

© Sue Dreamwalker – 2012 All rights reserved.

Nemesis of Thought!

Nemesis of Thought!

Looking back over this year I have many things I have to be grateful for, my lovely Family for one, and I go around telling people like yourselves to be positive. And yet I found myself in that Dark place of despair, and when you get to this Dark pit, it takes some digging out of.

Many years ago I found myself in this pit.. But it was dug deeper by myself and my frustration of not knowing what it was I wanted, Not knowing me.. Who I was or how to become ME..

Today I know more about myself, and I find that these lessons repeat because I do need to learn from them.. We can all of us feel sadness from time to time for whatever reason.

And sometimes the teaching of sadness is compassion for others that are in pain, because it is only by feeling pain that we can really understand and allow for someone else’s. Sadness is something that we all go through, and we learn from it, and our awareness grows from its presence in our lives,,

Sometimes we can feel like we are carrying rocks..

And it can take a while before we shed them, but we do Step by Step as we walk through life and its lessons.

But by each step we get closer to knowing who we are..

The problem with knowing who you are, you may not always like what you see.. But we have a life time to get to know our true selves.

Sometimes the Nemesis is our own Shadow.. Its the thoughts we carry. It’s all the unhealed stuff that we haven’t dealt with. The Baggage we can all of us carry around within our minds.

I looked up the word NEMESIS and The word “Nemesis originally meant the distributor of fortune, neither good nor bad, simply in due proportion to each according to what was deserved;”

Each of us in life creates that which we need in order to grow. And it maybe through Sadness that we are able to heal a part of us we long ago were unable to reach.

We clash with the nemesis in order to heal ourselves in order to decide within our own being, for we sometimes struggle with our duel selves as we battle within to find out who we really are.

And it’s not until when we reach our lowest point that we are given the chance to go within and lift ourselves up. We can do that by allowing ourselves to heal. It may take many tears to wash out all that we don’t require but when you really open up and tap into that unseen world of thought that pure energy of creation, when you tap into the intelligence of the galaxy, you’re tapping into mysticism. You’re tapping into what many people call..

Ageless Wisdom, or Direct Knowing.

At that point, when you’re into Direct Knowing, you have questions that you may have been pondering for quite some time – you may have problems in your life, whatever, and they will be almost be effortlessly answered as you learn to shed that which you no longer need to hang onto.

You begin to have a direct linkage to what we call your

Higher Self,

which is an aspect of yourself that actually exists far in the future in terms of linear time.

But, since time doesn’t really have any fundamental nature, in truth, it’s only another construct that we use to experience our linear existence. Time actually can be bent. It can be navigated around and it doesn’t have to be linear.

So this part of yourself that exists in the future is actually travelling back in time, and it’s giving you all these signposts to evolve.

It’s giving you dreams; it’s giving you synchronicity; it’s getting you to meet certain people at the right time, the right place.

You end up being guided through a progressive continuum of experiences that, ultimately, leads you to becoming that person that is your Higher Self.

That’s why we often say I’m just trying to find myself, why we meditate and go within, and we all of us including me get lost in that sadness once in awhile. And why we need to remember that our thoughts create our experiences.. And why we should embrace that energy which is positive  and constructive and to try and leave behind the negative energy which is Destructive .. As we remember All Energy returns to its creator Ten fold as we say

What comes around ~Goes around

A read this passage from An Interview with Rosemary Altea on her book

 “You Own The Power”

“Every thought is a tiny pulse of energy which when it leaves us it goes out into the universe The universe absorbs this energy and depending on the type of energy it is, depending on whether it is a negative thought or a positive thought, negative or positive energy the universe absorbs that energy.”

To read more on that interview and how our thoughts affect others click Here and all links in red

I am often telling others to follow and yet I can still fall into that Pit of emotions.

But I am emerging out of that Nemesis. As I cast off the Shadows and once again begin to Shine.

© Sue Dreamwalker – 2011 All rights reserved.


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