Surrender and Acceptance of Self.

Sadness is something we all go through, and we all learn from it and are deepened by its presence in our lives. While our own individual experiences of sadness carry with them unique lessons, the implications of what we learn are universal. For the World too is going through its own unique lessons as we grow through the experience.

The last thing most of us want to hear or think about when we are dealing with profound feelings of sadness is that deep learning can be found in this place.
The other thing we often would rather not hear is that the only way out of it is through it.

Sometimes being empathic means we do not always realise if the feelings of melancholy are ours or we are feeling the energies we link into.

I was feeling low of spirit way before my Dear Aunt passed away. I had already prepared a post in my drafts about Nature making us feel better, which I will post at a later date..   I had taken a walk on the Saturday taking snap shots for the post.. And went out again on Sunday to recharge my batteries again as I had felt much refreshed by walking in Nature ..

Yet not 5 minutes out of the car, I tripped and fell heavily meeting the concrete path from the car park with a crack so loud on my chin I thought I had broken my Jaw.  Luckily I only badly bruised my chin(Bruises: The little bumps in life. Self-punishment.)   and sprained my wrists.. ( Sprains: Anger and resistance. Not wanting to move in a certain direction in life). Which left my muscles feeling very stiff over the last few days, (Stiffness: Rigid, stiff thinking.) Life is showing me the ‘Signs’

Self analysis is also a painful business, and over the last few days I guess I have been reflecting upon the direction of my life. I embraced early retirement with so much gusto, and threw myself into the allotment, decorating, and knitting projects.. and yet I have still to find what fills that empty space..

I guess I am resisting being in my comfort zone of being ME…  

Sitting with our sadness takes the courage to believe that we can bear the pain and the faith that we will come out the other side. Sadness teachers us the ability to surrender and the acceptance of change go hand in hand.

I just need to change my thoughts and follow the above quote I guess I am still in the process of adjusting and the lessons are coming in thick and fast.

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Joining the Light often leads us through the darkness first.

Life is often fraught with setbacks and the last thing most of us want to hear or think about when we are dealing with profound feelings of sadness is that deep learning can be found in this place. And how can you explain to someone who is grieving the loss of their loved one, or who has lost everything they own that in the midst of our pain of our overwhelming loss, to look for anything resembling a bright side to our suffering. Still, somewhere in our hearts we know that we will eventually emerge from the depths into the light of greater awareness. Remembering this truth, no matter how hard this seems, can help.

The other thing we often would rather not hear when we are dealing with intense sadness is that the only way out of it is through it. Dealing with our sadness takes the courage to believe that we can come through it to a brighter place.

Sadness and compassion are great teachers and through the Chaos and grieving processes of experience it often offers us the gift that at first we cannot see for the many tears we shed.

Many are shedding tears in the wake of Hurricane Sandy… this storm like many other violent storm that has raged across our planet through out time taking lives and homes leaves one asking the questions of why, as many awake to the Might of Mother Nature.

My heart goes out to all who are suffering and grieving after this huge storm and who are now trying to piece their lives back together.

Sadness is something we all go through, and each of us learn through our own individual experiences of sadness, which carry their own unique lessons, the implications of what we learn are universal.

Compassion for others who are suffering is one of those lessons and its only by going through our own pain we can understand and allow for someone else’s.

We gain much wisdom from going through the process of feeling loss, heartbreak and deep wounds.. each experience gives us access to the heart of humanity.. In the great symphony of life, we all have important parts to play. Now more than ever we need to use that instrument, our hearts, to build harmony within our world. 

Anything we do begrudgingly limits the flow of our energy and closes us off from the good that is available to us in every situation. But by giving the best in us to make the world around us better, we open ourselves to receive the best from the universe in return.

Our Earth Mother is showing us we need to pool that Compassion,helping us to open up our hearts to each other as we build those bridges of separateness to understand we are all one, and now is the time for humanity to pull together as One.   We are being shown we need to care and open our hearts in helping one another….We need to join together in  Light and Love ..

Joining The Light

The shafts of Light filter through my mind

Helping me see, illuminating the clouds of dark I find.

They shimmer and dance before my eyes

Cutting out the echoes of Human Cries

They shed their beam of truth

Lighting up the corridors of Time

As a knowing surrounds me, for I travel along its Ray

Listening and absorbing in all it has to say

It heals with its warmth,

As its colours reflect the prisms of thought.

Rainbows of light surround me, illuminating where shadows are naught

I ride upon it thread, as it takes me out from my shackled shell

Floating now in a sea of pure love

Forever here I wish to dwell

No Body,

No Time,

Just endless Peace,

What sweet release

I Dedicate my poem to all those affected and  who have lost loved ones in  Hurricane Sandy ..

© Sue Dreamwalker – 2012 All rights reserved.


Unite our Fragmented Thoughts~ Become Warriors of Light.

I wrote this poem back in 2010 and some of you may have read this before. But today I am entering it again.

As a sensitive, I often feel vibrations in the air and pick up on energies.. That’s why I find it hard to watch Harrowing News items as it can affect my own energy levels, as I tend to send out Healing and unintentionally I deplete my own energy levels if I’m not careful 

We are so much more than Human Form, and there is so much more I want to share about this and our progress through the coming cycles of Changes, But today isn’t that day.

I may be silent for the next few days,  So I may take a while to approve your comments, I would ask that you look beyond that which you see, and seek out your own Inner Light, of Calmness and Balance. Much is happening within our world and we  all need now more than ever to unite our thoughts in love and kindness.. We need to bring our world back into balance through living once again through our HEARTS…Not judging or condemning. But by bringing the Care and Kindness back into our thoughts.   

All through our lives we seek Love and need to feel love, Now is the time we need to share Love, we need to share our HEARTS…with each other. 

In all of our Scriptures on Earth we find many guidelines to help us accomplish our Mission, for a mission is what we came to achieve. These rules were simply learning to obey the higher principles of the Goddess/God force and Life, your Higher Self.. And the main principle is to LOVE one another..

Within each of us is a spark of LIGHT which connects us to the Oneness our Creator This point of embodiment is the reason why we came to this planet, Its the life giving force of which we are All of us connected.

When we learn to connect to that Light within, as we experience through our senses, you will see that everything we experience in our Outer-world takes on a new meaning. .. When you discover for yourselves this truth exiting things begin to happen, Things thought to be coincidences take on a new meaning, and when you open your mind even further you then see you are indeed Co-creators, and you are the ones who has the power to change the world with your thoughts.. And Peace and Harmony will become the Norm, as we learn to shed the Fear of chaos and negativity.

We then can pull together the shattered pieces as they fall in a world that thinks itself as separate… We are far from separate …

We are One.. 

Fragmented Souls..

Shattered are the pieces as they fall

As fragmented souls scream and call

Can you not hear as they shout and plea

‘What is to become of me?’


Scattered to the winds I hear their minds

As each plea is for ‘Self’ to find

Peace so lost within tormented thought

As into the abyss of illusion they are caught


Fear takes their hearts, squeezing them dry

Leaving them hollow and too empty to cry

Tears turn to ice with hearts that grow cold

As sickness of greed comes to take hold


Like zombies they march along with the crowd

Will power forgotten and no longer proud

Their lights dimmed by possessions of wealth

Flickering flames in the wind of ill health


Fragments of Faith blown out with all creeds

Forgotten memories of simple needs

Ancient teachings swept away with the ark

A penitent symbol as we bow to the Dark


So gather your fragments to make a fight

Not to war, but be Warriors of Light.

Hold up your banners of love and truth,

Be an example to all our youth


It’s never too late to change but a thought

For your power is within you worry nought

Let in the Light and give as you receive..

As Warriors all we need do is breathe..


Allow each cell to open and mend

The Fragmented thoughts each of us send…

United we gather in strength across the land

As the power of LIGHT shall make its last stand.

© Sue Dreamwalker 2012 All rights reserved.

“Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for “fair use” for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favour of fair use.”

A World of Taboo.

Today I sat out in the sun enjoying the Sun and Peacefulness of my garden, as Summer graced my day… I am always sending out my gratitude and thanks to the Universe for all I have in my life.

Many around our world are not so fortunate, and my thoughts turned to all those Nations  caught up with wars as innocents die, while just as many turn a blind eye.

I thought of those in other places, where they starve for lack of food and water..And my thoughts too went to the recent insane shootings in the USA. This world has so much turmoil and conflict. And yet here I was surrounded by Peace!..

I thought how many young children are having to fend for themselves as they are orphaned or abandoned around our world, their plights go unheard and unnoticed. And my heart wept in silent tears for all the Children of our World.. So out came my note book and pen… as I wrote this poem today.. As I thought how lucky we are…. and how many Children of our world Suffer.. And all of them need our Love..

The Time for Children

Mellow days lasing in the Sun

With gentle breeze Summer’s just begun

With meadow fields, and flowers wild

I sit with memories of a child.

Climbing hills and running fast

A childhood day forever lasts

Of tastes and smells and smiles of glee

If only a child we all could be.

To see the Earth with eyes anew

And trust the world not to be taboo

Where danger lurks around every bend

I wish the Universe a child could send

To show us where our race went wrong,

And bring back the Spirit of innocence song

Where children laughed and were unafraid

To respect and care throughout our days

But sadly we seem to have lost our way

Where no one listens to words we say

Respect is forfeited only for Gold

And Human life is bought and sold

And as mellow as my day is here in the Sun

I know of others sorrow because of the Gun

As innocent blood is spilled on ground

While my heart weeps in the silence of sound

Where are our hearts? Where have they gone?

What happened to our Children that grew up with Gun?

Enjoy every moment before it’s too late

Teach only love and let go of the hate

Remember the Children they are our Future too

And all are special including you

So nurture our Children and show them the way

Teach them to Love, and respect everyday

So as they grow older they won’t be so sad,

Knowing life dealt them harshness in a world that turned bad.

And someday they may sit and reflect as I do

On a World full of love instead of taboo.

© Sue Dreamwalker – 2012 All rights reserved.

This is a Charity I support. Save the Children They need our Help and love.. Our Children are our future..

Sue Dreamwalker

Nemesis of Thought!

Nemesis of Thought!

Looking back over this year I have many things I have to be grateful for, my lovely Family for one, and I go around telling people like yourselves to be positive. And yet I found myself in that Dark place of despair, and when you get to this Dark pit, it takes some digging out of.

Many years ago I found myself in this pit.. But it was dug deeper by myself and my frustration of not knowing what it was I wanted, Not knowing me.. Who I was or how to become ME..

Today I know more about myself, and I find that these lessons repeat because I do need to learn from them.. We can all of us feel sadness from time to time for whatever reason.

And sometimes the teaching of sadness is compassion for others that are in pain, because it is only by feeling pain that we can really understand and allow for someone else’s. Sadness is something that we all go through, and we learn from it, and our awareness grows from its presence in our lives,,

Sometimes we can feel like we are carrying rocks..

And it can take a while before we shed them, but we do Step by Step as we walk through life and its lessons.

But by each step we get closer to knowing who we are..

The problem with knowing who you are, you may not always like what you see.. But we have a life time to get to know our true selves.

Sometimes the Nemesis is our own Shadow.. Its the thoughts we carry. It’s all the unhealed stuff that we haven’t dealt with. The Baggage we can all of us carry around within our minds.

I looked up the word NEMESIS and The word “Nemesis originally meant the distributor of fortune, neither good nor bad, simply in due proportion to each according to what was deserved;”

Each of us in life creates that which we need in order to grow. And it maybe through Sadness that we are able to heal a part of us we long ago were unable to reach.

We clash with the nemesis in order to heal ourselves in order to decide within our own being, for we sometimes struggle with our duel selves as we battle within to find out who we really are.

And it’s not until when we reach our lowest point that we are given the chance to go within and lift ourselves up. We can do that by allowing ourselves to heal. It may take many tears to wash out all that we don’t require but when you really open up and tap into that unseen world of thought that pure energy of creation, when you tap into the intelligence of the galaxy, you’re tapping into mysticism. You’re tapping into what many people call..

Ageless Wisdom, or Direct Knowing.

At that point, when you’re into Direct Knowing, you have questions that you may have been pondering for quite some time – you may have problems in your life, whatever, and they will be almost be effortlessly answered as you learn to shed that which you no longer need to hang onto.

You begin to have a direct linkage to what we call your

Higher Self,

which is an aspect of yourself that actually exists far in the future in terms of linear time.

But, since time doesn’t really have any fundamental nature, in truth, it’s only another construct that we use to experience our linear existence. Time actually can be bent. It can be navigated around and it doesn’t have to be linear.

So this part of yourself that exists in the future is actually travelling back in time, and it’s giving you all these signposts to evolve.

It’s giving you dreams; it’s giving you synchronicity; it’s getting you to meet certain people at the right time, the right place.

You end up being guided through a progressive continuum of experiences that, ultimately, leads you to becoming that person that is your Higher Self.

That’s why we often say I’m just trying to find myself, why we meditate and go within, and we all of us including me get lost in that sadness once in awhile. And why we need to remember that our thoughts create our experiences.. And why we should embrace that energy which is positive  and constructive and to try and leave behind the negative energy which is Destructive .. As we remember All Energy returns to its creator Ten fold as we say

What comes around ~Goes around

A read this passage from An Interview with Rosemary Altea on her book

 “You Own The Power”

“Every thought is a tiny pulse of energy which when it leaves us it goes out into the universe The universe absorbs this energy and depending on the type of energy it is, depending on whether it is a negative thought or a positive thought, negative or positive energy the universe absorbs that energy.”

To read more on that interview and how our thoughts affect others click Here and all links in red

I am often telling others to follow and yet I can still fall into that Pit of emotions.

But I am emerging out of that Nemesis. As I cast off the Shadows and once again begin to Shine.

© Sue Dreamwalker – 2011 All rights reserved.


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