Living in the Moment~ A Short Story

I wrote this in 2011, and was browsing through my Archives,  I needed to read it again to bring me back into my NOW.. and Live in the Only Moment there is..


How long could she shut out the World? To open her eyes would allow the harsh light of day to blind her vision. A vision she no longer wished to see. She had witnessed cruelty beyond measure of Man’s inhumanity to man.

If she kept her eyes closed she could shut the world out. She could stop the constant chatter; the inaudible rabble the world threw out, the constant noise of the ‘woe is me’, ‘the I have not’, ‘the I want’ and ‘it’s mine’

Within the darkness behind her closed eyelids she could create a perfect world. A world of love and healing, a world of unity and sharing, a world of giving and receiving. A selfless world of Peace.

She wished this throbbing in her temples would cease, in fact it was at such times as these she wished she could just vanish completely. But as soon as the thought appeared she vanquished it from her mind, she knew she still had to fulfil her destiny, complete her mission, she knew her ‘Time’ was not yet.

‘Time’ ….everything had its Season, a time to sow a time to reap, ………

Harvest Time, ….. Now there she could focus, she knew all about harvest time… (We plough the seeds and scatter the good seed on the land) arrgh she thought what seeds indeed did we sow. Again she was a child, running, carefree, laughing.. Oh to have that feeling back, to wake each day with that Joy and spring in her step. To view the world with untainted innocence.

She wished Time would open up its ticking hands just to hold her still. To stop her thoughts from racing off into the future or slipping into the past. She wished Time would hold her still within that ‘moment’.

She laughed out loud, the sound echoed within the tunnel of her thoughts like an alien train. She’d had many ‘moments’ and each of them had been a ‘Now moment’ but she had let them All slip away as she looked over her shoulder as the shadows of the past crept up. Or she chased them into her future wishing them to come.

The salty brine oozed from beneath her eyelids, but she still refused to open them. Where did all those ‘Now’ moments go? Lost, gathered up in vague recollections.

The Light squeezed a ray of silver under her lids as the salt stung at her eyes.. Her temples throbbed in unison with her heart, pounding now within the cage beneath her breasts. A cage she had placed herself in. The rays of light filtered through her lashes creating prisms of colours that darted in lines she counted them, One,…… two,…….. three………………….

She opened her eyes with a start, the Sun had come out from behind the clouds.. She was back within the ‘Now’.. and a smile once again touched her lips for she realised she could live within the Now Moment any time she wished.. For ALL Moments are Now moments.

She just needed to believe and Live and ‘breathe’.. Every Moment Now….

© Sue Dreamwalker – 2011 All rights reserved.


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Surrendering and becoming Free.

Have you ever just wanted to flick a switch within your mind? Just turn the dial to Off and let your mind rest from all those cluttered thoughts that seem at times to crowd into our busy lives.

As you know for a few years now I try not to get caught up within the World of TV , the Soaps, the drama’s which amplify the ‘Woe is Me’ syndrome which many fall pray to. I try not to watch much news, but I’m aware of what is in the news. I know how this News system works as it constantly belches out the violence and upheavals as it adds yet more to its web of depression in its bid to make us all fold in the same mould of its already deflated economy.

Being sensitive to energy, I feel the pain and hurt,I feel the pain of our Bothers and sisters animals and our Earth. I often sit and think about all the conflicts and all the pain in this world as I send out my thoughts as healing as my own tears fall. I have also known that I need to shield myself from such deep sad feelings..And try my best to build a bubble of Light around myself. 

Peace Within

At times I have  had to reach for that switch within my mind and cut off those thoughts… For as I think, then so too will I create more of that same energy.. as I see this world in its despair..

So I reach out for that brightness to protect me,  I choose to see that brighter side. Its not being impartial to all that Pain out there, its choosing not to add to it.. I feel empathy with all our creatures, I feel Compassion which is a common bond of shared mortality… Choice begins the moment we see we can look into our minds and  see its conditioned patterns of which we are all indoctrinated via our upbringing and surroundings. 

We need to start and see our lives within this present moment.

And see the PRESENT it gives us..

Each person we meet along our Journey is touched by our presence.

These last few days I surrendered to myself.. I went within and did some deep meditation and I felt such Peace for the first time in  along long while….  Such Deep Peace..and a sense of Freedom.

When we are in such a Deep place of Peace, within the ‘Present of the Moment’, we no longer get swept up within the drama’s of the world and feel the need to react to it..  So Deep did I feel this Peace, it swept me into a void, where I knew ALL was well,…All will be well..

It was as if I became One with the Light of Peace..One with the Universe and All within it as I breathed in, I inhaled that Love which I know will take away all the suffering of the world..

Close your own eyes for a moment or two, and breath in that love and peace.. Its there for all of us to experience. And yet many choose not to, for they are  happy being unhappy..

Until you surrender, and you accept the moment of the Now it brings with it the ability to rise above the negativity..  The Negative  is still there, But you become detached from it.. Like an observer, you see above it and  you see why you attached to it your views and opinions,  for we have been swept along within this tide of Illusion we have created with our thoughts. 

When you feel this Lightness of Being and this Deep sense of wellbeing and Peace… Then you have truly surrendered to the Moment..

Peace to you all in this Present of a Moment.. 

~Sue Dreamwalker


Jim Carrey on Awakening.

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