Past Life Regression. Part 1.


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It’s strange how events play out in one’s life. Have any of you when perhaps meeting someone for the first time take an instant dislike or it may be that you only just have met and yet you feel you’ve known them your whole life? This could be due to our Aura’s feeling balanced as theirs and our energy interacted or repels like a magnet. Or it could be due to a memory locked inside us from past lives. Or have any of you ever been to a location you have never visited before and yet it felt very familiar, or you were able to describe what was around the next bend, never having been there?

After visiting a friend’s space this week and seeing the graphics of Galleon Ships, it nudged a memory within me which took me many years in overcoming. As a past life memory came to the fore once again..

One of my Blogging friends suggested my readers may be interested and to be honest I was reluctant to share, as it reveals a part of a past life I was far from proud of the things I did.. But then as synchronicity seemed to nudge me again today in my email box I got my ‘Daily Om’ email in which its title was ‘Memories of the Soul’ the subject! Past life regression! no less.. So here I sit and write upon what started out as a simple experiment many years ago with my Best Friend Pat, who was also a Medium, sadly now no longer with us .. As we set about talking each other down into an altered states to recall past life memory.

Now the reason I wanted to be regressed was that I had at that time very bad Reynaud’s disease. Plus you can see if you type in Raynaud’s Disease into Google Images just how bad it can be,  and my hands got that bad too.

This caused me severe pain in my hands as I lost the circulation in all my fingers and I felt the cause of my hand trouble was seated in the past. Yes I know I’m strange, but many books have been written upon this subject and the effects of past life traumas can manifest in lots of different ways in the present through physical problems, phobias, fears etc and past life regression has proven to many seeking help that once the past life trauma is faced the present ailment can be relieved, so this was my intention when my friend and I worked upon each other this way.

Off I went the first week we tried this, and I found myself within a Vision where I was walking alongside a wagon. The wagon was like those you saw in the western movies. I was a young woman wearing a long grey dress with shawl wrapped around my shoulders and a bonnet upon my head. I can’t say for definite where we were, except I felt it was America, the weather had turned cold and It was snowing.. We were I think trying to travel across a vast distance and we had travelled along way already. We had small shrubs in the wagon their roots wrapped in sacking I knew they were important.. I know I was so very sad, and when I was asked to look at why I was sad, I saw myself holding a lifeless baby which had died and had been buried out on the trail. I couldn’t look at the man who was riding up front in the wagon, I knew however that he was also the cause of my misery and pain, I don’t know if he was a husband or what, just that he was dressed in Black and stern and cruel, and I didn’t want to be there any more..

I saw myself walk off one night in the snow, full of grief just clutching the shawl around me which had been the babies shawl and walking off into the snow storm, where I think I froze to death..

Now this made sense at the time as Reynaud’s is a condition where by cold temperatures trigger the symptoms as it cuts the blood supply to the extremities.. So I thought this must be the reason.. and we worked upon releasing this past life recall.. But my symptoms seemed to get worse not better.. So we tried again maybe a month later..


This time the Vision was different in the fact that I no longer felt myself within my friends home on her couch but I was literally elsewhere, with sounds and smells that were so strong…

I was a man maybe in my early twenties, and I knew I was in Cornwall.. When my friend spoke to me I even answered her in the Cornish dialect with broad accent. I would drink more than my fare share of Ale and one night got really drunk.. I remember looking down at my footwear and seeing pointed shoes with buckle and leggings.. I felt as if I could read and write I wasn’t just a street waif. I remembered wandering along a jetty harbour after that I woke up on board a sailing vessel.. I think the term used is Shanghaied.. I had never been on board a sailing ship before and when I woke I knew I protested vigorously that I shouldn’t be there. And was violently sea-sick. But the ship was full of roughens and I was there to make up the ship’s crew and was put to work.. I soon learned the penalties for not complying with orders much to my cost..

The Ship set sail and I found out it was on a Slaver- where we went to collect African slaves to bring back to sell on land.. Once the vessel landed, Villages were raided and slaves were unceremoniously packed liked sardines below decks chained to bunks that were stacked on top of each other. Now in my vision I also received the stench of this prison where these poor people who once were going about their family lives were ripped from their homes, men murdered who fought to protect their families, and where Woman and children were raped and abused..

If you can imagine the horror of finding yourself being captured with men who didn’t speak your language and being ripped away from your homeland to find yourself imprisoned on a sailing vessel with no sanitation, your bunks were where you stayed. I saw these horrors and smelt the stench of it….

I was put in charge of handing out rations to some of these slaves and emptying the swill buckets that could be reached. I caught the eye of a very beautiful girl, Her eyes were so wide and deep I can still see them now.. ( and this I think held much emotion in my poem Large Brown Eyes ) Her hair was short and I kind of developed a soft spot for this young girl who may have been only 14 to 16 yrs old.. So I would slip her extra rations, such that they were mostly dried biscuit type things as I recalled This went on for a few weeks. Until I was caught..

I was held up in front of the Crew who were not best pleased as I had been giving some of their rations to the slaves, But it was the girl I was caught giving food to.. So the crew thought they would have a little sport.. Saying the penalty for this was to have your hand chopped off.. But I could save myself if I did the deed to the girl.. If I didn’t I would be thrown overboard anyway..

So to save my own neck I did the deed and severed this young girls wrists who was then thrown still alive into the ocean.

I came too very distressed and wished I had never part taken in the regression as the guilt and visions even the smells stayed with me for many weeks after wards, and still my hands were very bad even going from one room to the next as the temperature fluctuated sent them into a Reynaud’s attacks seemed to worsen more.

It was several months later when I finally admitted to my friend how still deeply disturbed I was, we tried a deep mediation exercise where my friend called upon the Spirit World for assistance…

I will tell you what happens to me in my next post..

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