Feeling Excited and Ready

Another sleepless couple of hours, so I went to make myself a drink of camomile tea, then wandered over to my bookshelves in the spare bedroom and ran my hands over the spines of the many books I’ve read and half read.

My intuition leads my hand to pull out a book in the semi darkness, as the only light on is from the landing. I take the book and flick through the pages as I settle back in bed to drink my tea.

The Book is entitled “ When Everything Changes, Change Everything” by Neale Donald Walsch, a book about the very nature of change and how life itself works, it reveals why change happens and speaks of the many changes we are each experiencing and seeing occurring and how we can change our experience through altering our perception of change. Which many now are doing.

So imagine my smile as I flicked through this book I had first read when it was first published in 2010 as the very page it flicked open at was page 206.

This is the sentence that Jumped off the page at me.

F-E-A-R= Feeling Excited And Ready

When this sentence jumped out at me this was answering my own wakeful thoughts, as many things about our planet and changes had been running through my mind as I tossed in my sleepless night.

I closed the book as I felt I needed to write, so I picked up my Pen and my Journal and before you now are the words I wrote.

We all of us fear changes. Change can feel chaotic because we Fear the unknown.

We are all of us now treading in uncharted waters as to these Earth Changes, and many of us are ‘Fearing’ because change is now starting to have an effect. We see the changes taking place in our society, our Towns and Cities, life no longer feeling safe and secure. Many who are facing job losses and loosing homes that are facing hard times perhaps for the first time in their lives.

We are feeling something is changing, we sense ‘Time’ running faster, we See the Weather patterns changing, and we are now more aware of the scale of our Global Climate changes which are having huge knock on consequences to our Natural World and Animal kingdom.

Our Western World had enjoyed in the last 5 decades growth and prosperity. But it’s very true you know what they say about everything being ‘circular in motion’. “What goes around comes around” is one of my favourite sayings.

We see how we have through the centuries exploited, ruled, governed other nations, none more so than Great Britain, who now is no longer Great and no longer is Rule Britannia. And no longer a British Empire.

I see how our industries have gone overseas again in the bid to exploit cheap labour and now those countries which were once classed poor are climbing the spiral as they well deserve to prosper while we decline back down the other side… Such is the Circular Motion.

So what has this to do with why that sentence made me smile and want to write about it.

For those who read my post regular, you will know I am always going on about Energy. Energy is circular in motion. Energy transforms, it cannot be destroyed.. And it returns to the point of origin. ‘What goes around comes around’ Our very thoughts are energy based, What we Think we Create

I thought about the energy I put out when I put together my poem. Fragility of Life and saw how many also see and fear the future we are creating. And it bothered me, because you see I too have had visions of our future and I’m only human, that’s why I’m here, to learn and grow by experiencing my fears and joys.

So when F-E-A-R=Feeling Excited And Ready, jumped from the page I smiled. Because I know I am an Eternal Being, here to experience these Changing Times. So whatever they bring I know I chose to experience them. And I also know Collectively we have come to share in that same experience.

I can worry about the future, or I can live in my Power of Now and change my perception and enjoy every moment and Feel Excited And Ready, because WE CREATE our reality through our Thoughts and Perceptions.

So  lets Change our thoughts and let’s stop Fearing FEAR and let’s start and get Excited and Ready and Enjoy Living.. And now I’m Feeling Excited and Ready for Sleep!.

Blessings Sue~Dreamwalker

Cross Roads of Faith.



I have come to that cross-roads once again in life when we have to hold onto that Faith that we are all within a huge Plan that is orchestrated by the Great Conductor of Life. As I trust that I am being led to that place where I am needed next.

Yesterday I went through my bookshelves and came across an old journal of mine dated back to 2004, I flicked through it today and it was as if I was guided by my unseen friends yet again to find that inner strength as I read the Automatic writing transcripts from way back then.

At that time I was obviously reading a Book called ‘Tomorrows God’ By Neale Donald Walsch and I had been searching then for answers and the channelled writing gave me some guidance..

So as I flicked through the pages today, I re- read what was written and I once again thanked my unseen friends for lifting me up once again to see the light in my self-made tunnel of disillusion with the World.

Here is part of it. Channelled back in July 2004.

It is no coincidence that your reading matter is of GOD and TOMORROW, Tomorrows god will change the views of many. You are an ambassador like many others, who in simple terms will change their own life’s plan in dramatic ways.
But not only will you start a chain reaction by connecting the thoughts you have but also by teachings others that through the ‘Power of Thought—Everything IS Possible.. You Can and Will move Mountains. The Tomorrows God teachers that you have to forget Yesterdays Gods ways of teachings that ‘Man’ has laid down.. But you will understand that you are All joined together in a common theme… To Love To Care- To be Kind and Compassionate- To Forgive- To Heal- To Help- To see that every action you do unto your brother- you do it to yourself.
Remember that every action has a reaction, and a consequence- This is like a ripple and will spread out and then come back to the source it started from.
Your energy that you give out whether Negative or Positive will eventually come back to the source, remember what goes around comes around, and so give out only that which you want to receive. For be sure as it goes around it gathers to it more of the same vibration and will return to the source 10 fold.
Remember what you give, so shall you receive.
We give you eternal love dear sister, and we will be with you in your new venture, and will demonstrate to you how you can give out more of the love vibration to others. Fear not tomorrow for the Tomorrow is the New Dawn.

The tides of Vibration are turning and you will flow with the tide of a sailing ship with sails slung high, your prow will be held high in the water, And your course is set to gather more of that love to set upon distant shores.

You do not give yourself enough credit in the Game Of Life – We see ALL – we know much – we shall be your navigators star in the night sky – we shall stay in the night sky to set your course by
Fear nothing—But be true to yourself and others, and you will see the changes as you will become as us. A Light—A Spark—A beacon that shines out in the dark sea, to guide others home. To guide them to Truth, To Guide them to Knowledge and to see where the ship lands anchor . Know that your journey is one of self discovery and in so doing you are helping others see the Light as well.
Your Brothers in Arms.

And so as I stand on the Cross roads of Life’s Game once again.. I set my course by Trusting in that Faith and Light that ALL is as it should be as I AM on that Road of Self discovery Yet again.



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