Six Decades and the Paradigm Shift.

Garden 1

Taking time out away from the media’s depressing clutches is advisable for anyone’s sanity. Getting back to Nature and connecting our hearts back to the pulse of life is what we should all do more of.

We should all take more deep breaths in nature. 


For what Mother Nature breathes out, we breathe in –We are ONE!

It’s been a joy sitting in my garden takingBluebells in natures healing balm as I’ve watched how nature unfurls. From seeing how my bluebells (I didn’t plant) have evolved to watching the frogs and fish basking in the warmth of the Sun in my pond.

The birds have been gathering the mealworms we put on the bird table to feed their young, and they have enjoyed splashing in the bird bath to refresh their plumage.

A couple of Frogs

Nature doesn’t look back over its shoulder at its past. It worries not about tomorrow. All of her energy is about existing in the ‘NOW’ of time. It’s about survival of the fittest, growth and reproduction, it’s about evolving and adapting to the conditions of which they find themselves in.

The birds have had to adapt as hedgerows and trees are cut down making way for new houses. The hedgehog whose a friend in every garden as they eat up the grubs has had to adapt as his runs are now cut off with garden fences..

A hedgehog run Create a small gap in your fences to allow hedgehogs to go from garden to garden instead of on the roads!

People are reporting seeing more Urban Fox’s as the land on which their dens once stood have been turned into a concrete maze of houses and roads..



Change is Constant:

Our animal kingdom has to constantly adapt to the conditions we impose upon them as we cut down their forests, pollute their oceans and waterways. Mankind has been responsible in thinking he is king with no thought to the consequences of how his actions affects nature.. But Nature will always find its own balance, even though we interfere and upset it. Mother Nature learns how to adapt to change and thrive in the most difficult circumstances. Weeds in asphalt

Yet when we humans are faced with changes we hold our hands up in horror, as we cling to the past.. We like things to be consistent and run smooth… You would think we would learn from our past wouldn’t you?.. But no we seem to keep repeating our mistakes and even now resist changes which we know are destroying our very own habitat, this Planet! as we see the level of pollutions increase in our plastic throw away world of greed..

The Universe is now changing things we once thought were fixed.. Even our very DNA , Science is discovering is changeable and is being messed with, from seeds to cloning.

We all ‘Feel’ change is imminent, but often can’t quiet put into words to express what it is we are feeling. Time we know feels to be moving faster- weather patterns  are altering. People all over the world are yearning to break free and express themselves as we witness the many upheavals around our globe.

This week is a big milestone for me too.. For on May Day I enter my 6th Decade as I celebrate my own changes; my body is no longer the same one it was when I was aged 5. Its cells have constantly changed and yet I was too busy growing to notice, for change is gradual. Me age 5Change is constant!.

So too our Earth is changing as she grows and evolves, we forget we are breathing in her outward breath, for we as  a species are evolving with her. And just like the Birds  and Foxes we have to adapt to our habitat. We too have to alter our ways in order to survive.

We are witnessing a paradigm shift, and as our hearts open we become more vulnerable to emotion. We need to understand the ‘Power Within’ as we re-shape our world. We need to look beyond Fear which is being poured out by the media, and see we are also a Powerful force of Nature that holds Free-Will, and its up to us as individuals and as a collective to bring about the changes we wish to see happen.. Its no use looking to others. Change begins with each of us .. Its up to US!..

Each of us contributes to the whole!. We are now uniting our thoughts as One as we unite against oppression. As we up-cycle and recycle and Grow our Food. And as we reach out in hands of friendship across the world as we pray for Peace.   

Change is happening in small steps around the world as we see corruption exposed on all levels, from Big Business to Governments.

2014 is a year which for me is a turning point as I mark my 60th Birthday on May Day.. I embrace it as I flow with more ease than ever before into my future. I am learning that no matter what chaos appears to be happening around us.. We need to keep our hearts centred on the things that are the most important in our lives.. To do that we need to reconnect with Nature and disconnect from the media. We need to ‘tune’ into ourselves and get back in touch with who we really are..

Change begins with yourself..Sitting Pretty

I know I am happier as I shift into my own New Paradigm into my 60 year old Skin..


Love and Blessings and thank you for reading..




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My Pathway to the Light.



My Pathway to the Light 

What I am about to say now may to some of you sound strange, In fact, you may say this lady IS strange!..

But I have come to a point in my life, where I need to speak out my feelings. I need to be true to me, with that which I perceive as truth..

When I was a very young girl, I spoke to God a lot. God, whom I perceived then as this very huge, wise white haired old man who lived in heaven. I still talk to my ‘Spirit Father’ as if he is an old friend.. But my perception of ‘GOD’ has changed, as I now perceive God as a cosmic energy in whose image-‘Light Energy’ we are all made of, and we were given free will to experience the ALL so ‘He’ too could experience Himself through us..

The only books I have read that come close to explaining ‘God’ in a language that I understand are the Conversation with God books by Neale Donald Walsch. They have helped me to understand the How’s and why’s of questions I have long held, and helped me to understand WHY it is that those who appear innocent in our world suffer..

Many of us now are questioning as our world is changing its vibration, and as it does so, so too our inner being is also changing.. Some to awaken to themselves, while others fall apart..

When I was that young girl.. I always felt within my being that God had a ‘mission’ for me.. I used to think that I would go and become a missionary, like a school friend, of mine became. But that inner prompting got swamped by teenage love, marriage, children and career.

Many years later that inner voice once again prompted me to search out that mission. And that feeling of wanting to make a difference in peoples and my own life emerged to the fore once again.

While journeying along my own spiritual pathway, I have long ‘Known’ things. This Knowing is something I can’t explain, but through allowing this Knowing to develop, I have nurtured and through training, learnt how to communicate across the divide into that realm of existence called the ‘Spirit Realm’.

I Know that I made a choice to incarnate in my physical form into the family I was born into, to best learn the needed lessons to evolve and grow and experience.

When I was aged 7, I told my then shocked neighbours 14yr old son that I was going to marry him.. 13 yrs later I did just that, and we are still together today many years later.

Even at that young age, I knew I connected to something higher than myself.

I Know that there is an ‘afterlife’  and I also know that prior to my birth I agreed to ‘something ’  and for many years that ‘something’  eluded me.

My journey of life has held many dark moments when I nearly gave in. Deep depression stemming back to childhood, A nervous breakdown, and many personal battles..

But each battle scar healed, and I grew from each experience.

Many of us now are awakening spiritually, driven by that inner voice, that inner prompting that we should embark upon a new path. Be it in the form of a new career, or to re-locate, a new relationship, or just becoming a new person, changing how we behave, look, and think..

I Know as the cycle of events unfurl around our world more will be prompted to awaken to that inner guidance, to walk upon their own pathway of light.

Now is the time to awaken to the fact

 That our THOUGHTS and MINDS DO make a difference..

We must also remember that we are part of this Earth. And she is going through her own awakening as her vibration alters through another 26,000 year cycle.. As she prepared to go into the Age of Aquarius

Those of us who are Mothers know how painful childbirth can be, well so too Mother Earth is going through her own labour pains. And as she does, so too we shall experience those pains as chaos around us, and for some upon this Earth they will not be able to cope with the energy changes around them.

For if we accept that there is GOOD and LIGHT we must also accept that there is EVIL AND DARK..

And while the Earth is going through these changes, so too is mankind, as we witness the Light and Dark Forces in battle.

Our societies are also changing, and now witness the horrors of insane acts.

 Many have forgotten who we are, and why we came to experience the beauties of Mother Earth.

We have forgotten the Spiritual path; we have forsaken the spiritual ways, in favour of the tools of greed and power.

These changes are already upon us, and our whole way of life will take a battering..

We are witnessing it now with the failing economies and we need to look at ways in which we shall become less reliant upon the material things around us.. [I shall have more to say upon this statement later in the year.]  

Now is the time to awaken

Now is the time to band together and speak our minds, using the power of thoughts and Prayer.

Now is the time to act

Now is the time to make a difference in our world

Now is the time for Light-bearers to immerge and illuminate our world

Now more than ever we need to stand strong in faith and send out our thoughts of love and forgiveness. Allowing our ‘light’ to spread out into those corners of minds which have been consumed with shadow and darkness..

Now more than ever our world needs our light..

I have started my Mission upon my path…

I wish you well upon your own spiritual journey..




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