Meaningful Monday’s ~ Homelessness

A big concern in our modern-day world is the amount of people now homeless, and sleeping rough on our streets. This is also emphasised even more as we see the Mass Displacement of people who are being driven from their homelands because of war, or persecution of their religion. Who are then herded together like animals in disgraceful camps and forgotten about once the news headlines die down. 

Today on my Meaningful Monday post, I want to bring the plight of Homelessness a little closer to home.

In my own home town here in England, the numbers of people sleeping rough have risen considerably. For those of you who are not familiar with a blog called Gallybloggers  This is a site set up by  Dewin Nefol  where you can also see his beautiful digital art creations.

I hope you will go and read more poems written by those homeless souls, which are submitted and presented by Dewin on the blog he created at Gallybloggers especially to bring awareness to their plight in sharing their poems and thoughts.  Dewin, whose home town is in Wales, reaches out to support these individuals, bringing awareness of those who are  in need. These are also proud and independent, intelligent people, whose lives have become  a product of circumstance.

I want you, just for a moment to think, what kind of stories have driven a person to live on the streets, to weather the storms, not only of wind, rain, bitter cold and snow. But the storms we who pass them by vent upon them. In our verbal abuse,violence, or by our lack of compassion, and our ignorance, as we pass them by trying to ignore their existence.. 

The World is filling up more and more with Homelessness, and for many that may mean just one pay-packet away from eviction of your own nice dwellings. There for the Grace of our Circumstances we all could walk in the shoes of Sole Man, a homeless person whose poetry hits a nerve in his poem DeadBeat   

Have you ever stopped to consider the back story of these homeless people, and why they found themselves upon the streets?. Have you ever thought, that they may have been once an educated teacher, in business,  or a talented musician, an artist, a soldier, or  an abused youngster, and why they now live as they do.

I hope as you walk about your own towns and cities, and you come across a homeless person living rough on the streets, you do not walk on by.

But you Stop! and consider his back story and circumstance..

And instead of walking on by, you reach out a helping hand

and SEE the person in front of you. 

PS.. This video has a Tissue warning .

Ravens and Dragons

Two souls within a crowded city, sit and ponder to unfurl 

The way of people who rush around, in illusionary worlds.

Dreamers of another age, they sit on bench, in vision engage   

Invisible to all who walk on by, their minds within another age.


An age of Knights, and Ravens wings, when crest of honour were true

Finding lodgings now in a world of  make, mend, and do.

Wandering hearts and friends for life, whose blankets are the stars

No one stopping to ask how deeply go their scars.


A life of walking through concrete and glass, they escape all that  the world enslaves

A Camelot Castle in cardboard built, to shelter in Merlin’s Cave

Their quest to venture and wander, in a land that never sleeps

Did it ever occur, just how many more have wandering feet?


In a world of Progress, as the Earth cries her many showers

In a world of unseeing eyes, in their high raised towers

The two on bench, oblivious to all,  look above city blocks

As  the Raven Crows and  arches, as Beyond this realm they look


Heaven smiles down, never missing a beat

As a Rainbow lake descends right before their seat

No crock of Gold, except for in hearts Raven’s Song

A Standard flying, showing  where the Rainbows Warriors Belong.


Musing  in a world of both present and past

No longer  held prisoner within  high walls of glass

Dragons return no longer slain, fly  high in their new formed freedom

As two dreamers Dream, creating their own Magical Kingdom

The two images were a creation using PowerPoint to add the silhouettes and alter the the images digitally, A first for me.

©   Sue Dreamwalker 2017

The above poem  I wrote is an introduction to GallyBloggers~ Scarecrows One and All.

Some of my blogging friends already know Dewin. He introduced me to this collaboration of Raven’s 12 of which he is part. 

GallyBloggers shares poems and thoughts written and shared on this site by the homeless upon the streets of the UK.

A plight so many are finding themselves in more and more on many shores around the globe. 

Please be enthralled, enchanted and motivated, by the poetry written upon their blog. As I hope you go and support them .. None of us ever know when we ourselves will face Crisis in our lives .

 Homelessness is on the increase, and within our own town I see many who are living on the streets.. So next time you pass by a homeless person, please do not just look the other way.. Each has a story, and there but for the Grace of our circumstances, we could all find ourselves in Crisis and Homeless.

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Love and Blessings 


Lonely Young Man



Lonely Young Man.

This Poem I wrote around 15 yrs ago, When our young Children in Society  were just starting to experiment with solvents  for drugs.. I wrote it after seeing a headline in the paper of how a young lad had died after sniffing lighter fuel. Today they have exchanged solvents for hard core drugs.

Today many of the youth  still seem to have no direction. Street crime is on the increase, and this week another young man has lost his life as knife crime in teenagers is rampant.. It seems to be the in thing to carry knives, be in a gang, or take drugs. Steal cars, and Joyride.

I don’t know what the answers are…. But there must be many children out there who are homeless, confused, abused and lonely, as well as all the hardened young criminals who steel and rob people to supply their addictions a spiral easily led into, yet so hard to escape from …..

We as a society have to take responsibility too.. For we create the conditions that in many ways enhances the actions of violence.. via glamorising violence in films and TV.. fast cars and advertising.

We as parents   are guilty, for we give and give to our children, and they expect more and more. We are guilty too for not paying attention perhaps to our children, whose only need in life is to be loved. 

As a government we are guilty, for the do- gooder’s  sometimes can’t see the wood for the trees. I know from my own upbringing, how if any of us were caught scrumping the village Bobby would catch us telling us off and if anyone was cheeky would get a quick reprimand.. Then taking us back to our parents, who would dish out another quick slap around our ears.

Laws change, and are put into place with the best intentions to protect our children, 

 But all of the laws that are put in place, will still not stop child abuse of one form or another.. It still goes on behind closed doors.. 

Our Children are our tomorrow, what sort of a Future are we witnessing?… And what sort of a Future are we creating for them?




Drizzling, grey, damp and cold

A bench in the park sits a child alone.

Head bent in jeans, sad and dejected

Defiant, hurt, lost and rejected.


Feet with umbrellas hurrying home

No time to notice who sits alone.

Head bent in jeans, with aerosol can

Tearstained, glazed, lonely young man.


Tired and alone, empty and confused

Away from reality, no longer abused.

Head bent in jeans, deep breaths getting high.

Hysterical fighter pilot, now rules the sky.


Drizzle stops, the sun breaks out.

Umbrellas down, a woman’s voice shouts.

Head bent in jeans, crowds gather, sirens blare.

All just too late to show that they care.


We blame T.V. for the crime and violence

Adult’s creation for the viewing adolescence

Head bent in jeans just followed the flow.

With no sense of purpose or direction to go.


Our values in life have all gone astray

We need to guide and protect, our children today.

Head bent in jeans, life’s harshness was dealt.

We need the balance of discipline and love to help.


For who can they turn to, when in need?

Its not money or gifts, but affection they greave.

Head bent in jeans just craved for attention.

He needed our love, our trust, and our protection.


We’ve got to realise, it’s our responsibility

To set the examples to give them dignity.

Head bent in jeans, never had that chance.

So communicate, don’t hide in ignorance.


For the children of today, are the adults of tomorrow.

To love and protect, to keep them from sorrow.

Head bent in jeans was just one of a few,

Pray to God it never happens to you.

Dreamwalker .



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