There is Some thing Strange, in the Neighbourhood!


There is something strange in the neighbourhood

As we entered deep into Stands Wood


We kept to the path we followed the Signs

Not wanting to end up in some Witches Brine


A greenish mist cast its eerie spell

And sure enough this is where Witches dwell


What looked like a Victim had surely lost his way

He’d seen better days is what I would say


We hid in the bushes as the Wagon flew by

It held screaming children with excited cries


As ghouls and Ghosts jumped out at each bend

Thank goodness we were invisible my friends..


As you can see we had a wonderful Walk today around Stands Woods of Chatsworth House In Derbyshire  where they put on a spectacular show for the children. I know of Two Adult ones who enjoyed them selves walking 3 hours in the Woods today meeting real witches and real ghosts and a werewolf.

My hats off to all of the staff  who stood in the wood all morning You were brill.



A Ghostly Tale..

While I call myself a Medium who can connect that unseen world in which we all travel to when we vacate this earthly shell of a body of flesh I am but an ordinary woman who has a small gift. I lead an ordinary life and a day job as Support Worker to those who need extra help in this world.

I just happened to be able from time to time link those two worlds together and for the last 22 yrs have gone around spiritual centres in my spare time as a Spiritual Medium connecting love ones together again. I don’t do this for any monetary gain and only charge my petrol expenses..

I have been asked several times by friends to share with them my experiences, I am often asked…..

1, “ Do you see Ghosts?” 2,“ Do they come and speak to you all the time”? and “ 3,Don’t you get frightened?”

Today I will answer the First Question in more depth, “Do you see Ghosts”?, I wonder what are your Ideas of Ghosts?  Maybe they’re not the Ghoulish Macabre type some may perceive them to be.. and here is a little story about some facts on Ghosts

Ghosts exist, fact. What is sad and that they all have in common is that none of them know they are dead! For their own personal reasons, Ghosts refuse to transcend to the ‘Other side’ and stay Earthbound. In their minds they feel they are as alive as we are, because they cling to this dimension after death. And they are the easiest residents of the spirit world for the rest of us to hear and see.

Ghosts tend to enjoy attention, or maybe our reaction to them. As most of us hold fear about the unknown. And many Ghosts, although not all are usually full of guilt, anger, or remorse, for these emotions can be the main cause for them not going to the light. Some stay behind because they are searching for loved ones.

In Sylvia Browns book ‘The Other Side and Back’ she describes meeting a Ghost.

She was filming with a crew for the Unsolved Mysteries programme. She found herself talking to a woman, who was sad and anxious, dressed in blue, with a large hat tied with a scarf, who introduced herself as Mary Ellen Morley. She said she had been in a terrible car accident near Moss Beach Distillery, and was roaming searching for her three year old son. Her hairstyle and clothes had been out-dated decades ago, but she clearly thought only minutes had passed since the accident. Time has no meaning after death, even for those who don’t move off to the light where they belong.

The film crew and a couple of Moss Beach employees went to the local library, where they found after looking though old newspapers the obituary of a woman named Mary Ellen Morley, Cause of death. Car accident. Her husband and three year old son had survived her.

That Ghost stayed behind in the delusion that her child was still three years old and needed her.

As Sylvia says, ‘ the least we can do for Ghosts we meet, is to try to convince them that they’re dead, and urge them towards the light. Spirits on ‘the other side’ make every effort to bring them ‘Home’ as well. And while we push the other side pulls, and sooner or later in either minutes or hundreds of years, ghosts will find their way to the light.’

Have I seen a Ghost?… Yes I think I have many, many years ago I worked in a very old run down building that used to weave fabric years before I worked there. The building was still used in the textile trade where I was learning to machine garments..I was a young 16 year old and had been there since I left school aged 15. There was always stories told about The Ghost who would switch off lights late night and there was a dark twisted back staircase that wound its way up to the attic which no one ever walked up alone.. It would always have an eerie feel to it, and my neck hairs would stand on end if I ever had to go to the floor above me. This floor was strung with beams of wood and the story was someone many years ago had died up there.

Now you may say being a young girl at an impressionable age could have had her experience coloured that day. Or was craving attention, But I swear to you that I was a quiet little thing way back then, who didn’t say Boo to a Goose,- Let alone Boo to a Ghost!..

And I had my head down working hard, on piece-work ensuring my work was of good quality or else I had them returned to unpick to re-sew. So the last thing on my mind that day was any Ghosts.. But as I sat sewing I was aware of a figure staring at me, We had a cloak room door straight opposite where I sat to my right, this door was the only door in or out to this cloak room..I felt someone watching me so I looked up to see a man with bald head with his face pressed up against the clear half glass door that was pale and sort of distorted… I stopped machining to look again harder and I can still see his image in my mind’s eye today, the moment I realised what I was looking at I screamed, he disappeared in that instant..

Workmates came rushing,The room was searched, Manager’s were called and I remember well we had a young Irish manager who asked me Did I believe in Ghosts.. as he said he did, he tried to reassure me, and confessed that he too had had some strange experiences in that building when locking up last thing at night.. He told me, ‘Ghosts can’t harm you.. Only the living can do that’.. Words I often remember.

2”Do I speak to Spirits”? Yes all the time… But they visit me through the enthral and I blend my senses to communicate as I feel them within my Aura as I feel their essence and see their form they wish me to see through my inner eye, not my visual eyes.. And we have a mutual agreement.. They only link with me when I link with them, as if not life could get a bit hectic and congested. I will speak in more detail on this sometime in the future..

3 “ Do I get frightened?” The answer to that is a simple NO.. And having shook hands with those in spirit in physical circles who have manifested within ectoplasm, I’ve always had a huge smile upon my face and a big welcome upon my lips.. As they transcend the difficult journey back through this denseness of matter to say hello and prove beyond any doubt within my own and many others mind – Life Continues After Death —

I invite you now to share any stories you may have to tell us of evidence of Life After Death.. Whether that be People or Pets.. For our animal kingdom transcend and survive death also. 


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