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 Jewelled Rose

 Goodbye my sweet Aunty, in this your 90th year


  March 9th 1926 – January 28th 2015

You are loved

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Creative Captures.. Happy Halloween Everyone

You would think that Retirement would lend itself to giving you more time . Yet as my Hubby said when upon retiring several years ago he wondered how he had found time to go to work?.

Life in the Dreamwalker household has been busy busy to say the least since I took the plunge and retired.. I still have lots of catching up  to do with your beautiful blogs . And for all those who have taken the time to visit my posts I am in the process of returning your kindness..  But for now I will leave you with a flavour of what I have been up to mostly  in picture format.

So along with alterations around our home, we have been putting the home garden to bed for winter and sorting out the allotments. Hubby moved a row of raspberry shrubs as we learn by our mistakes as they grew I got nicely tangled in their tendrils.. So more  space has been created between them and a support made for the Logan Berries..

Fruit Bushes, Black and Red currant and Raspberries,  this is the view from the sheds looking back up the garden.

Fruit Bushes, Black and Red currant and Raspberries, this is the view from the sheds looking back up the garden.


Fruit Bushes tied up and moved to create more space for picking.

Fruit Bushes tied up and moved to create more space for picking.

Click onto Photo’s for slide show or hover  arrow over picture to read writing. 

I have also been busy in the evenings as those darker nights draw in. I am in the process of Knitting a Baby shawl which I was requested to knit. I have about another 15cms to go then it will measure  a metre in length.. I then have to knit a boarder which will then be sewn all the way around it.. So still a ways to finish.

 And Lastly.. wishing you ALL a HAPPY HALLOWEEN

Below is my Granddaughter who over her last few visits has been busy with me Baking and tasting 


Pumpkin my granddaughter helped create

Pumpkin my granddaughter helped create

Have Fun!


Every Picture Paints a Thousand Words

Those who have been following me for some time know I have had a little time out .. Much refreshed I will let my pictures tell their own story..

So first my ME time saw me getting back to what I love..


Lioness and Cub

Close up of Lion

Second My garden.. I just love spending time relaxing and contemplating as I watch the birds.. So here are some of what is in bloom at the moment in Dreamwalker’s Garden.. 


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During the week we had the pleasure of having our 3 yr old Granddaughter for the day.. We took her to a local Farm Park where we fed the goats and birds, as well as seeing so many more.. Please click to the slide show to view closer and view comments 

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


And here is the Allotment Garden  and what is growing there.. And I have enjoyed every moment of my Break away… I hope you have saved yourselves so ME time also..

I will be catching up all those who have commented here very soon..

Love and Blessings

And remember to cherish those special moments in your life..

Thank you for reading.. 


Star Children~ Orbs and Angels..

Indigo Children

Have you noticed how much more intelligent our little ones seem these days?

I know with my own 3 yr old Granddaughter whose wisdom far exceeds her 3 yrs as she connects with the Earth and retains all information with a photographic memory which astonishes us all at time…Many say she is an ‘Old Soul’ and already she is reading certain words, she writes  small words, her name, and comes out with amazing statements that has us all in wonder. But then as her Gran I am bias lol..

There are many books out there upon the Indigo’s Crystal and Rainbow  Children so why would these intelligent, strong-willed children who seem to be so much more forward than in my early years be born and noticed more today?

To be honest it was only through reading about such children some 10 years back now, and I think one has to experience a connection to such a child in order to understand why they are special..

I remember vividly one day standing in line in a supermarket with my trolley waiting at the check-out.. When a small baby probably around 5 to 6 months old in her seat sat in the trolley  with her Mother who was busy unloading shopping, looked into my eyes and smiled.. …  I swear to you that in that instance there was a connection of ‘Knowing’ I saw these wonderful large wide lashed eyes blaze into my soul and an instant  there was recognition on a soul level.. I knew she was a child come to make a difference in our world..  I remember speaking to her in my mind, welcoming her and she squealed in delight, as I then spoke to the Mother saying what a beautiful child she had…

I often despair at  the world we are leaving our children’s children to inherit.. So no wonder the children being born today are so strong willed and many are so advanced as they absorb technology quicker than we do… They are going to need to be self reliant and strong to face the challengers we are leaving them to pick up of the mess we are leaving our world in.. They have come to help with the Shift we are experiencing in our world.. 

Over the Christmas Holidays I took several photos, and upon them appeared some Orbs



  which surrounded my Son and daughter-in-law.. I spotted one while looking at the uploaded photo’s and my Granddaughter spotted another pointing straight away saying ‘there’s an orb Grandma’… She instantly got what they were.. and has always had a fascination  with my Angel paintings.. ..

So this week I felt like painting a small painting and I intend to give it my Granddaughter for her bedroom.. The theme is Orbs and Angels.. And some Power Animals of Bear and Dolphin. The painting is only Postcard size.. and was just a quick fun painting to do.. and apologies as the photo was taken on my phone and not good light.


I hope you click onto the links and look up about the Star Children and find out more about Orbs.. And know there is indeed more to awaken your senses to our reality still yet to come..

Don’t take one word of what I tell you as truth.. You need to prove it to  yourself and so that is why Awakening brings us to seek out many things about our reality.. 

We have blindly followed what we have been told as truth for too long, and it will come as a shock to many to find out the many lies we have swallowed over the many life times..

Blessings for a Peaceful weekend.. and see you next week..

~Sue ~



Friday Facts~ My Hobbies

I have taken a few days  annual leave off from work this last week to enjoy some more ME time, and apart from catching up with some much needed chores I have also had the pleasure of sitting in the sun and relaxing with one of my hobbies.. ~Knitting.~ Below is one nearly completed except for the sewing on of 4 buttons I finished this morning.

knitting Cardigan for my Granddaughter

So for my Friday Fact I thought I would look up how knitting began, I am sure you can find out more facts for yourselves and to be honest I didn’t know that much of its origin’s either until I started to click on the Net.

So when did knitting proper begin, Well I found out it dates back to the Middle ages and the Middle East, dating to the 11th century in Egypt where the yarn used for knitting would have been cotton or silk, not wool that we mainly knit with today ..

It later crossed over into Europe where between the 14th and 16th centuries its popularity spread, but still wool was not being used.. Most items were knitted using imported cotton and silks .. Fine gauges were very expensive, so knitting was done for the wealthy as stockings, shirts and jackets were made.. In Sweden it is said that King Eric owned 27 pairs of knitted stockings made from silk imported from Spain in 1566 each cost the same as his valets annual salary…Image that in todays monetary value!.

All the needles then were still often made of materials such as Ivory or Walrus tusk and were still at the time double pointed.. It wasn’t until the middle of the 16th Century that the Purl stitch was invented, apparently until then only garter stitch was used. Stocking stitch was created by knitting on the round then cutting the garment open to make it flat.

Ordinary working class people began to learn how to knit for themselves using Wool, and Cottage industries sprang up. In the Renaissance period in Europe men knitted as well as women, in fact only men were allowed to join the knitting craft guilds..

Click the Picture for the Link Shepherds would knit while tending their flocks, and Sailors would knit on their long voyages.. But it was in Britain’s Fishing villages where women knitted the now famous ‘Ganseys’ or Guernsey’s for their husbands using patterns handed down from generation to generation.





In the 19th century knitting ‘Pins’ the long bobble ended type we know of today for flat knitting were first invented, and the old English needles sizes from 1 to 26 were introduced. The higher the number the thinner the needle.. Click the picture for the link

The other day  I was knitting as my granddaughter came to visit, She picked up some yarn and I allowed her to use my crocheting hook, (( Under my supervision)) as she wanted to knit too..She only wrapped the wool around and around, but it kept her quite for half and hour. Give her a few more years as she is only yet just a little over 2 and a half she will soon be picking up the skill as I did from my Grandmother ..

Many more are finding themselves drawn to knitting and its becoming again more popular to learn how to knit.. And who knows when we may need these basic skills again in the future?

If you are new to my site you may like to see more of my knitted items Here on my Hobbies Page links..

And may I take this opportunity for all those who have clicked the follow button recently.. Welcome,Lovely to have you here..  

Below are simple steps on how to start knitting..

Casting On stitches

Knitting Stitches

Purling Stitches

For more Instructions on how to knit and cast off and various stitches Go Here

To find some Free Knitting Patterns, then Go Here

I hope you enjoyed some of these facts about Knitting, And Do you Knit? and have you ever tried? and if you have what have been your favourite knits or failures?

I once spent a whole winter knitting a long sleeve jumper for my hubby when we first got married,He never wore it Lol as the sleeves were too long and the length too short… It took a day to unravel it, It then made my daughter and my Son two school jumpers as it was in Navy.. They did fit! Smile We live and learn that not all patterns fit our hubbies, since those days I have learnt to use my tape measure more often!!!Winking smile

Thank you for sharing one of my hobbies with me today I hope you all have a wonderful weekend and I hope to now get around to returning your kind comments upon my last post

~Sue Dreamwalker~

Please Click the links below and also the pictures will take you to the original sources.


Weekend Away with Spirit

How can I convey a weekend full of wonderful light as I met old friends from previous gatherings of like minded individuals whose aim is working for the Spirit World to bring illumination and understanding into this realm of existence,  to prove that there is no death.. that we are All of us Spirit first and foremost.

PhotobucketHow can I express the joy and delight of listening to those departed souls who lived their lives as you and I going through their own experiences of living within the human form, and recounting their transition into that next vibration as they shared their stories of what awaits every soul.

Where do I start in telling you of the unconditional love of Spirit as they endeavour to communicate to us our lost ways, when much of humanity has Exited God Out with his EGOtistical ways

What can I write to convince my readers that those across the divide are trying their hardest to reawaken that Spirit within as we remember from whence we came and where we return.

How can I convey that all I’ve been writing about has been confirmed by Spirit to be Truth.. That our World is changing- rapidly so now, and that within our life time Money will cease to have value, And that much more chaos will be felt before we find our Spirituality again as a race of Human Beings..

And how throughout all of this they ask us to Trust in its process and not add our Fear to an already Out of Balanced world where Fear has been a key force in holding the Human Spirit down. As they ask us to love each other more and care..

How do I make all of you see that each of us are agreed to be here at this time of Great Change. We came to Free ourselves from the constraints we’ve created as we fell from our intended pathway of experiencing this wonderful Planet, this Living Library called Earth.

How do I tell you the excitement of of hearing from my own Father today who has been in the spirit world from 1998. He brought evidence through direct voice of a cockney boy Daniel. who relayed his message.. Letting me know to the exact time I called the Dr the night he took his transition .. 

He also brought evidence of his illness,and a memory only I remembered and which had been a family joke for many years when I was a small child. My Dad had taken me on a bus journey into a small town near our village and along the route ran a railway track, back then there were stream trains, and Dad said to me, I was 5 years old at the time.. “Look there’s a Chew Chew….” I apparently look at my father and said “ Daddy that’s not a chew chew .. Its a Train’… and the people on the Bus started to laugh… He told me that story over and over when I grew up saying I had made him feel so small that day with my grown up talk and his baby talk.. Smile  Today, he came through and said to Daniel, tell her about the Chew Chew train…. .. my heart leapt and tears sprang for this confirmed everything.. He also told me of his tobacco box he kept odd screws and bits of things in And a photo album that was battered which I have of his. And he said “ Girl, you will be alright, you will be fine Girl” those words to me are everything..

After a whole weekend workshop from 10am to 5-30pm and two evenings of talks and demo’s I more than tired, But so full up with love…and so very blessed to have witnessed the wonderful Physical Mediumistic Skills of Scott Milligan again both in Deep Trance and with Ectoplasm, as direct voice was used along with the construction of the voice box external to the medium whereby those from Spirit can blend their energies and speak in their Earth voice once again. We heard the Voice of Judy Garland who has been perfecting her skill at using the voice box as she sang with her pure voice for 5minutes in a range which is enabling the voice box to be developed so that soon loved ones who have passed to spirit can come and talk directly with sitters in the séance room…

My thanks go out to all those who helped bring our two worlds together this weekend,

And I shall be around to visit all my friends sometime soon during the next week.. Please have patience with me..

Love and Light to you all.. Sue Dreamwalker


The Beginning.

The Journey~

Where does one start? I’m told the best place to start is at the beginning.. But just where did it begin? Did it start when I was a child who went into her shell, the one who spent time alone inside her head. The one who was the eldest child of 5 who was nicked named ‘Little Mother’.

Just when did my searching begin? Was it through the bed time stories I would make up to my siblings as I lay in our bedroom shared with 3 other sisters, and my brother across the landing that would spin a little magic each night. Or was it the nights I lay with curtains wide open looking up at the Moon and Stars? Feeling alone, and just wondering about all those different planets out there.Yet at the same time feeling a Knowing within that I couldn’t explain.

Maybe it was the Night when aged around 12 when out playing on a winters evening with friends as it grew dark and yet the snow made it lighter on the ground as it sparkled like diamonds, reflected by the Moon  and with one sparse street lamp, when we saw something flash in the field next to our homes and the street lamp and electricity failed for a few moments as the power cut out. And we all felt something eerie.. and we ran on home.

Or could it have been when my Father came home in a panic  saying something strange had followed him home down a lane he often walked at night, saying he felt he was being watched and that something seemed to hover above the trees, as he heard a low hummm .. I remember how spooked he was, and Dad was never one to be spooked.

Then again it could have been the time around 13 yrs old when I was walking up our stairs and saw a Nun in full habit cross our landing. I was told not to be so silly.

Perhaps it may have been when I got all emotional aged 11, I was allowed to go to with a Chapel Day outing for a long long day out at London Wembley Stadium, when I joined in the hysteria of others who cried out loud at a Billy Graham Crusade.

Or was it when my brother  came home to not quite believing what he had seen, as his mate had died aged 18 in a lone car accident on a lonely country road, and yet two days after his funeral, he and 2 others saw him as large as life standing on the Village Cross, as he waved to them all then disappeared.   

Then again it could have started when I would lay at night with ear trained to the floor, with heart in my chest beating loudly as I waited for parental arguments to start.

When ever my journey started, I learnt to pray.. I learnt to send out my thoughts. For Prayer is sending out our thoughts into the Cosmos as we link with that which we are one with.

I would pray for the arguments to stop, I would pray that everyone would be alright.I learnt to pray for lots of things.. I learnt to send out my thoughts and Listen back, for I wanted to know my prayers were being answered.

As a small child to 15yrs old I went to Sunday School at our local Chapel. Religion, Bible study as a child played a Huge role in my upbringing. And as I’ve mentioned before in other posts I thought of GOD as this white bearded man in a heavenly cloud, listening to all I had to say..

Today my perception of our Creator has changed, so too has the world grown with knowledge gained.  We now know that we don’t fall off the edge of the ocean as we’ve discovered the world is no longer flat. But long ago, such were our beliefs.

It isn’t until we are given knowledge and like those first explorers be brave enough venture a little further into the unknown, that we make new discoveries. The boundaries are being pushed all the time, as our view of the world and our perceptions change. To those that sailed off into the unknown, many thought they would fall off the edge of the earth, for such were their perceptions given the knowledge they had at that time..

Now our perceptions are based upon the knowledge we too glean from our parents, our surroundings, our History books etc.The Media, our Newspapers, We all assume that what we are being told is the Truth….

I remember too when my Mother told me I was born under a Gooseberry Bush, and I got into a heated argument aged 6 with my best friend defending my Mum who was right, and said No! I didn’t come out of my Mummy’s Tummy as her Mummy has said..beacause  MY MUM was right and Her Mum was wrong..

You see we get into this indoctrinated way of thinking, for we have always been told its this way or that way, and why would we need to question it.. When our parents pass down their thoughts and beliefs. This has happened throughout many generations.. 

 I have known from a young age that I needed to seek the Truth, I needed Answers, I have to explain that I have always looked up to the sky and known I come from Way up there somewhere… there is this connection, even as a small child I felt I was on a kind of Mission. I knew that there were ‘others’ out there, listening, Watching, waiting.. So maybe that was the beginning of my journey, as all of these life experiences made me think, question, and sit within the silence of my own thoughts and just wonder.. Why are we here?

The Journey of discovery first starts with oneself.

And to find oneself, sometimes you have to lose yourself for a little while in order to find yourself again. I did that too…. Many years later experiencing A  nervous breakdown… through stress, over work, juggling career, family, guilt, inadequacies, rejection from my Mother, a whole range of emotions..

It was then that my real journey of self began.. when I asked the question..

WHO am I? …in fact just who are WE? …and Where do we come from, and What are we doing here, and Where are we going?

Questions I know Many more are now starting to ask.. and as we Wake up to the Truth of who we are, we see that what we have been told we need to Question. And find out those answers for ourselves..

The journey has begun~ As  in coming posts I will share my own thoughts… and I hope you too will share yours, and remember you don’t have to agree… For YOU too are on your own Journey..

Together I hope we find some Answers.. 🙂

The Community ~Where is it Today?

From the Family Album

Looking back over the photos of yesteryear Its hard to understand how you come to the place you are today. Many things happen within everyone’s families that either bring them closer together or drives them apart. And the same goes for whole communities but we call this progression as we embrace a more modern way of living.

In my post Horsing Around My Village  which took me back down memory lane as I recalled my early childhood and gave a glimpse into Village life  in the Derbyshire Peak District. It got me thinking how when I was in junior school probably age 9 or 10 We made a model of the whole village using matchbox’s stuck together all shapes and sizes.. Each of us had to make our own home out of a matchbox  and paint etc. While our teacher who was also the headmaster of our school Mr Paddley created a huge Map of Stoney Middleton  out of Plywood in which we could stick our homes next the roads, fields etc. which he had painted.

We carefully placed our homes upon the map alongside our famous fish and chip shop which at the time was run by a lovely lady called Eleanor.. Who would give you the scraps for nothing to us kids that would hang around on the nights it was open.Somehow I cant see that happening today…. Hummm,  I can smell that chippy now .. Its still there and is still a chip shop in the Toll Gate house.. Which was built in 1840 as a Toll House to collect dues from travellers on the old Turnpike road .

Anyhow my point is that this Matchstick Village we created we were able to name everyone who lived in our village and we did what I suppose you would call our own school Census that term as we were able to count how many people lived in our Village..Today I think there are around 750 people who live there today , but in my day I remember I could name every household member.. 

There were 3 Pubs back then the Grouse Inn, The Royal Oak and the Moon Inn…Today only the Moon Inn has survived.. There were 3 shops, Arnolds, Dysons, and Nettleships..Two Butchers both named Hancocks  one at the top of the village hill which adjoined his farmhouse and one at the bottom of the village, these shops were named after their owners surnames.. There was also a Post Office and local Barber who had a wooden shed at the bottom of his Garden..The ladies of the Village had to travel to the next Village Calver Sough to get their hair done in another wooden hut..

Today there are now No shops in the village and No post office the only remaining shop in the village today is the FarmShop which used to be Hancock’s Butchers and the chip shop .

Family Album Wakes WeekStoney Middleton Well-Dressings I see my Grandmother and Aunts and Uncles in this photo,but I don’t know which year it was taken.

It brings home to me how our Communities have changed. I had to move away from my own village when I got married as there were no new homes that were being built and the ones that were for sale the younger generation couldn’t and still can’t  afford to buy in the Derbyshire Peak, so City Business people came in and bought up the homes as old Villages passed away..some using as homes with others using as Holiday cottages. And now neighbours are strangers today and we lock the doors behind us when we come home.  We no longer communicate to each other as we scurry around our daily lives trying to earn a living so we can buy the next gadget advertised on the TV and give our Kids what we never had..All in the name of progress..

Jobs are scarce for the younger generation.. Gone are the days you could turn up at a place of work and be set on the next day as an apprentice and learn your skill from the bottom up. Manufacturing Industries have taken the bulk of their work overseas leaving us with less employment, and ALL of it for Profit and Greed. The youth of today are bored and Jobless and so turn to other means to entertain themselves.. And many elderly people are fearful of passing youngsters who now congregate together on street corners, and who dare to challenge the authorities and their elders knowing they can’t be touched if under age so grow up with no discipline or respect.

We have become a society ruled by debt in order to obtain Material goods we cant afford to pay for.. We have become societies of Greed.. as we put possessions before people.

We all of us have come to experience the Material World on the Earth Plane, but along the way of gathering those possessions we have lost the community spirit. In fact we have lost Our Spirit and our connection to each other and nature as we take everything for granted.     

Last winter we had the coldest winter with heavy snow for at least 50 yrs here in the UK… On our street many neighbours joined together and spoke for the first time to each other in years as they rallied around and helped each other dig out our road of snow. But it took a crisis to bring about that Unity of pulling together to help one another.

This is why Changes are in the air, we all feel it, Sense it, as weather patterns alter, as Nations rebel against their tyrant leaders, as the Monetary issues cannot possible carry on the way they are…As we see the Crisis with the Euro coming to a head. 

Our World needs to change…We are the Communities so we are the ones who need to look, really look at ourselves and realise the Change starts with Self..  This is why many are now saying enough is enough and starting to speak out.

WE have got to change .. And that is why we cannot sustain living within this Zone of  Material Greed putting Possessions First..

We have to start and put People First… and bring back a Caring Community who works together in unity and harmony….For if we don’t the Chaos we will generate is unthinkable. 


© Sue Dreamwalker – 2011 All rights reserved.


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