Messages from Spirit Communicators.

Circle of Light


Honor the Sacred.
Honor the Earth, our Mother.
Honor the Elders.
Honor all with whom we share the Earth:-
Four-leggeds, two-leggeds, winged ones,
Swimmers, crawlers, plant and rock people.
Walk in balance and beauty.

~Native American Elder~

As promised I said I would post more upon the subject of Dolphins, and spirit communication.. These excepts were taken from  my own Spiritual Circle from  a Trance communication when we had a Q and A 2007. The Communicator was a Native American Indian, And I channelled his answers during a Trance Session, as our group had many questions to put forward.

One such question touched upon the animal Kingdom.

Q.  It is regarding our animal kingdom; Can we actually tune into those vibrations from the animals. And can we learn lessons from them, through connecting one’s mind and one’s aura to the animals? Can we seek peace in doing this?

A.  You can learn many many lessons from the animal kingdom. The animal kingdom has chosen also to embark upon its own evolution within the earth’s realm. They have their own spirit, for they are spirit. The animals can communicate to each other. You can also communicate to the animals through the thought process. If you develop those thought processes and attune them to those of the animal kingdom. The animal kingdom has come to learn the human element of the earth. Also many lessons. The animals will help you to feel compassion to feel love. They also to make you feel gratitude, for do they not lay down their lives in order that you feed from them?

They come to this plane of existence knowing full well their destiny. But many of your animal kingdom, are also at this time feeling the vibration of the earth. For they are more in tune with the earths vibration than any human spirit.

And some of your animal kingdom is electing to leave this planet. Be aware, be aware and take notice. For not only the animals of the land. But also the aquatic life will also leave this earth plane. The whales have been persecuted, so have your dolphin.. They sing their songs in lament, and they weep.

But they are loyal, like most animals that you come into contact with; in regard to your, what you call your ‘pets’.

So too the aquatic life is there for a purpose. You do not see, you cannot understand within the limitations of your own human mind at this moment in time the results of what the animal kingdom do. But let me tell you, that when the whale sings and the dolphin cries, they do not just communicate to each other, they create a vibration of sound. That’s seals itself around your earth plane. It is helping to heal the Earth. And once they have done their job, they will elect to leave. Be aware, be aware……..

More questions were asked by our group members on different subjects, then R of our group asked.

Q. Ron: could I take you back to the question of the animals leaving the Earth. You said that when the whales and the dolphins had done their job and they had put their protective barrier of sound around the planet, or I might have misunderstood that. But that’s how I understood the statement. They would leave the earth. Did you mean as a complete species? Or as individuals?

A.  No brother, many of the dolphin and of the whale, many of your whales in your past were persecuted, were they not? They were yes. Many of your dolphins now, are they not dying needlessly? Absolutely,

The remaining dolphin the remaining whales have a specific purpose to do. Not just to exist within the ocean as a species of whale or dolphin, and to carry out their aquatic life. But like as souls they have come to this plane for a purpose. Whether they realise that purpose or not. Do you understand? And that purpose for many of the dolphin is with their creation of their clicks and sonar, and the whales with their sonar song is to help create a web around the plane of your earth. In order to heighten your vibration of your earth plane.

This has been going on not just in your lifetime. Do you understand? Yes I do. And it will continue in not just your lifetime but in the futures lifetime. We speak not just in time, as you know it. But as when the earth and her vibration will change. For then, for then my friend their job will be done. Do you understand now? Yes I do. It’s just that it breaks my heart that we have persecuted such beautiful species that are here specifically to help us and…….

My friends, my friend, you as a species do not just persecute the animal kingdom. You persecute each other. I know. And we from our realm have, and I as a soul, have also been upon that path of persecution. But we progress, we learn. We lift up our hearts to the light. And we learn. Mankind my friend has to learn. And you as a group upon this plane of existence, like many more likeminded souls, at this moment in time upon your earth. Are helping to bring about that change that is needed. You cannot see it, you cannot sense it. You may feel it so slightly. But that change my friends will come. And you are, and be thankful for that you are part of it.

We salute you. For we cannot do it by ourselves from our realm. You within this group are warriors of light. Go forward with love, with truth in your hearts. And hold your heads up high, and speak that truth.

Do not let not no man put you down for what you believe to be true.

For your standing firm in your beliefs will enable you to go forward in your own progression. But not only in your own progression, you are also helping the progression of mankind as a species. This is on going my friends, on going.

Does that answer your question? (Yes it does thank you.)

Q. Group member K: ok my question is this. How do we go about, I may phrase this wrong. How do we spread the light into the world as individuals and as a group? What is the best way forward? I don’t like to preach to people I feel it’s wrong, preaching.

A. That is an easy question to answer friend. To spread the light to people as an individual is to be true to one’s self.

Go out and speak only the truth. Do not judge, do not criticise another for an action, for you cannot understand why that individual is creating that action at that moment in time.

So do not judge another. Feel peace in your heart brother, and love. These are things that are simply said. But sometimes the simplest things as I believe we over heard you say earlier, are the hardest things to do. Yes.

Be simple. Keep it simple. I try to be simple ( Group chuckled).

Smile my friend smile; create with that smile that love that is felt deep within your heart. For you have a pure heart. Let it shine. And as you let it out, and let it shine, so you will find that those around you will also see that light within your own heart. And will shine back at you.

You will come across brother, many upon that path who would like to extinguish that light. That goes for all within this circle.

For believe me wherever there is two or three lights are gathered together, there is one light lurking a darker shade always lurks within the corner, ready to pounce.

It is the way of positive and negatives my friends. It is a Universal law that there has to be the opposites in order for each to exist. But we say my friend Light prevails. It will prevail over your Earth, but the dark side, the negative side, will always be in pursuit. Keep your joy and love in your heart.And that is how you spread the light. Has that answered your question?

Perfectly thank you.

It is my belief that this Grid around our Earth is now being activated in various places around our World.. The Dolphins have played a part in that activation as have the Whales..For all of us are playing our parts in helping our Earth Mother and ourselves Evolve and move into that Higher Vibration and embrace the ‘Light’

Many of our Dolphin are now electing to leave this planet.. Some say its because their Sonar is being affected by the magnetic forces around our planet altering… What ever it is, we have to agree that Changes are taking place around our planet which is affecting our aquatic and bird life.  Just follow some of these links to see just how many are leaving in the beginning of this year alone.Thanks go out to The Extinction Protocol on WordPress for all these links..And I have only touched upon a few..

Keep searching and seeking and Living from your hearts and understand that there is More to this Earth than the Human Race and our Material existence..


Humankind has not woven the web of life.
We are but one thread within it.
Whatever we do to the web, we do to ourselves.
All things are bound together.
All things connect.
~ Chief Seattle, 1854 ~

© Sue Dreamwalker – 2012 All rights reserved.

Man is the Dream of the Dolphin

In every colour there’s the light.
In every stone sleeps a crystal.
Remember the Shaman, when he used to say:
"Man is the dream of the dolphin".

~ Enigma ~

Once upon a time, usually relates to a Fairy Story,

Well this once upon a time is all based upon Fact! Facts that may seem very much like Fantasy. But they are Facts that each of you can research. Facts that some scientists seem so hard to comprehend, its easier to ignored the story altogether.

Once upon a time in Africa lived a tribe who lived near Timbuktu, they were call the Dogons . Within this tribe lives a holy man whose only job it is, is to sit in front of a cave that goes way back into a mountain side. He sits guarding an Ancient Cave Paintings which are known to be over  700yrs old. The tribe feed and take care of this holy man, and when he dies another is chosen to take his place.

Many pieces of information is painted within this cave. once piece shows information showing Sirius, which is the brightest star in the sky, but the information in the cave also showed another star rotating around Sirius. The Dogon Tribe knew all about this smaller star saying it was very old and made out of the heaviest matter they also said that this rotating star around Sirius took 50 yrs to orbit around Sirius.

Now Astronomers only validated the existence of what is now called Sirius B in 1862, but only just over a couple of decades ago did scientists confirm other information. Science checked the rotation of the smaller star Sirius B around Sirius A and found to their amazement it was 50.1yrs. And yet how could a small primitive tribe in Africa  have known such detailed information..and that information  had be sitting in a cave  for over 700yrs?

But this tribe knew more, they also could tell about other planets in our solar system, and more than this they could tell scientists what these planets looked like when you viewed them from outer space. This is something Science has only recently learned as we have explored outer space..

So a team was sent out to this tribe to ask them how was it they knew these things, The Dogons told them of the Cave drawings, saying ‘the drawings tell us..’ These drawings depict what appear to be flying saucers landing upon the earth they then show a large hole being made in the earth and being filled with water. And jumping out of the ship into the water are what appear to look very Dolphin like. They told them, that these Dolphin look alike creatures started to communicate with them, giving them details of who they were and where they were from along with much other information.

The Scientists Listened, looked at each other and said “ No this cannot be right” – Because it didn’t fit within anything they knew..

There are Twelve different cultures from around the Mediterranean that speak of similar origins. And for those wishing to take the time to research and explore the many carvings upon the Pyramids, the symbols and transcripts are all there.

History is recorded by those taking time to write it down. Written History only began some 6,000 years ago. Different writers all have different perspectives and viewpoints. We all view events differently even in todays reporting of events.

And through research it is also documented that it wasn’t only the Dogons who knew about other planets. The Sumerians too knew all about various planets, their sizes, and what was on them and this was written on tablets 3,800BC. How did they know all of this? Well maybe that’s another Bed time story.

Dolphins, have always held that special connection to mankind, as we hear tales of them helping sailors lost, keeping sharks at bay as people find themselves in difficulties in the ocean.. And those who are in need of healing, finding their illness improve or disappear after they have swam with Dolphin.

Dolphins seam to have the ability to scan the human body with their sonar and send healing via sound to help break up the blockage causing the illness.. Here are some amazing Healing Stories

In my next post I am going to post one of my own trance communications given in 2007, which touched upon the Dolphins.. As I was asked recently my views on why so many of our Dolphin are beaching themselves.

So in this post I will pass on my own thoughts and those which I was given from the higher vibration of that realm of existence………..

The Spirit World.  

Sue Dreamwalker

Save These Dolphins


This post I have to share with all of my subscribers as I have received an email from ‘The Avazz Team’ to be found here if you want information about them, They help to organise petitions around the world where there is Crisis, and have helped save many from their plights.

Dolphins have always been close to my heart.. Intelligent, playful and a species that is fast under attack in many ways being caught up in fishing nets etc and drowning.. Whales and Dolphins have a role to play upon this Earth, with their Song and Sonar which for some reading this may think nonsense, but I have long known their importance upon this Earth and its heart breaking when I read about their deaths and the way mankind treats  all our aquatic life..

This Pod of Dolphins were swimming peacefully in Solomon Islands  when they were captured by nets which trapped 25 Wild Dolphins.. They were Caught to be used in a Luxury Resort of World Sentosa as they want a new attraction..

They are now locked in pens, apparently starved of food.  For wild Dolphins this must be torture and as the email states, not only because their freedom has been curtailed, but because their powerful Sonar bounces off the walls. Many captive Dolphins die young from stress induced illnesses.

It is estimated that if World Sentosa if successful in keeping the Dolphins then at least half could die within the first two years and it could legitimise the banned practice of capturing  Wild Dolphins. which could open up all sorts of flood gates.. 

Resorts World  had to abandon its plans for a whale shark exhibit  because of a huge outcry which threated their reputation 2 yrs ago So help me help them..

All you have to do is follow the Link and Sign the Petition I have belonged to Avazz  for a number of years and they really do make a difference with our help.. in helping people in Crisis and our Animal Kingdom that cannot speak up for itself. 

So Thank you and please help Save these Sad Dolphins.  


Sign now and forward this to everyone:


Thank you Sue Dreamwalker


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