Worlds Within Worlds

The Woman watched the ant struggling as her fork disturbed the soil where she had been clearing weeds.

The unseen world that lived beneath the earth which was oblivious to the human world suddenly awoke, as it was exposed to the Light.

Soon more ants sensing their world was under threat came rushing to the surface ready to defend it. Each ant courageously taking up their positions as they tasted the air. Each one ready to do battle with what must have felt like an earthquake as their whole world was turned upside down.

They swarmed to the surface, a mass of black, running around in what appeared to be confusion. Yet the woman knew they were far from confused and were rapidly assessing the damage and working out how to defend and repair their world. 

The woman squatted down, leaning on her fork as she sat back on her heels, she looked more closely at the mass of ants. She took off her gardening glove to wipe her hand across her brow as the heat of the Sun rose in the morning sky.

As she did, she noticed that an ant must have run up the fork handle and was already on her wrist. She made an involuntary movement with her other hand as she went to brush the ant off her hand, and in a split second the ant was no more. She said a silent sorry to the insect kingdom as she had unintentionally killed the lone soldier ant with her automatic reflex. 

 She sighed as she stood up, levering her weight onto the fork to help her stand. She stretched and arched her aching back and was aware of her shadow across the freshly dug earth.

She walked back to the garden shed, dragging out a wooden chair she placed it in the shade as she opened up her bottle of water, she drank thirstily thinking of the ant. How courageous he was running to defend ready to sacrifice for the good of the whole. And now his bravery was no more. Gone with the brush of a hand.

The Blackbird who had been keeping her company for days as she had dug the earth landed by the ants. Seeing his opportunity, he gathered more food for his chicks.  She had thrown him the odd worm over the days and the woman had seen his expert eye pick out the wire worms that she could hardly see.  He would fly off with beak full to return near the woman’s feet to see what else the woman had dug up and so the two worked in silent unity, respecting each other’s territory. The woman marvelled at the unspoken trust the blackbird showed her as he hopped so near her folk and hoe.   

Sitting watching the Blackbird gather in this new prize, the woman thought how her actions of turning the earth had set in motion a series of events.  She had a pang of regret. Then stopped herself, was not the black birds chicks now benefiting?

Life and Death went side by side.

Worlds within Worlds kept going around her head.

Were we not like ants? Building our communities and cities. Making our homes, rearing our young, each doing what it takes to survive. Were we not rushing about looking confused? In our chaotic world, as we rushed to work, and drove our cars along the routes we made.

We were all going about our daily lives, thinking ourselves safe, until something bigger than ourselves over which we have no control comes along to cause havoc and upheaval. She thought of the recent volcanic eruptions and thought how small we were compared to natures might.

She stood to begin weeding on another patch, giving the ants time to settle.

All of us are part of Natures Natural World we are no different than Ants.  And in the scheme of the Universe we were minuscule tiny atoms of carbon, floating about like molecules in the space-stream of the Cosmos.  A Sobering thought, as the woman knelt down, pulling up a stubborn weed. She shook the soil from its roots. Taking off her glove, she ran her hand within the soil, thinking we all return to dust, and pondered upon the miracle of life.

We were all made up of the same Elements of carbon and various minerals that were found in the Earth and Stars!.  She looked skyward, shielding her eyes from the Sun, and smiled, yes..

we are All One.

The woman wondered if the human population would be as resilient if their world were turned upside down like the ants..  

She tried to put that thought from her mind as she stretched her legs as she turned her attention to the job in hand.  

Worlds within Worlds, she thought.

Sowing and Reaping,

Harvesting what we Sow

Yes,  Worlds within Worlds

Wheels within Wheels Forever Turning!

The Woman started on her next patch, the Blackbird sang his Song, the woman smiled some more.

All is well in my world as she said her favourite mantra silently to herself,

 we were all of us heading in the same direction….


Note:- Thoughts that came while digging in our allotment.  For those of you who are interested in gardening, More Photos of the Allotment Plot and its progress can be found HERE

Love and Blessings

Golden Paths of Life

Golden Paths

Walking solitary I feel the breeze

As all around me is a shower of leaves

Each from new bud is born

All so perfect in shape and form


Beginning life so fresh and new

Each one reminding me of Me and You

All of us held on the tree of Life

Each suspended until we return to our afterlife


All upon our branches creating our themes

Turning skyward following our dreams

Constantly changing we alter and grow

Twisting and turning we follow the flow


Back to our Earth Mother all must return

We all have our seasons and lessons to learn

Nothing is wasted both good and the bad

All are recycled, so we mustn’t be sad


Remember how precious this journey, this Gift

We choose our pathway and which way we drift.

Which way we fall may depend on the breeze

Remember we are immortal, so let go with ease…



The above poem I wrote the other evening as I had watched this video Below The photo’s were taken upon a walk I did. 

The Leaves on the trees right now are great reminders of such a cycle..

Each one perfect, each plays its part to the whole..

We are all upon our Pathway, some may be more golden than others, but all of us are no less important.

We are all of us connected within this ‘Ocean of Life’ we are all connected to the ‘Tree of Life’

Enjoy the Dance!

May you follow your Hearts and land with ease.. 

Love and Blessings 









The Cycles of Life.

Cycles Of Life.


Most of us believe that we have some purpose in life, and many are still searching for that purpose that feeling of belonging, of feeling complete.

All of us are evolving, Like our land and the seasons we travel in cycles, with spurts of growth when we bloom, we have our rest periods and times when we have to weather the storms. And even if the storm ravages the land, given time it will bloom once again.

Many are now awakening from the their Dormancy and are Awakening  to their purpose in life. Many are awakening, and as yet do not realise it, and so are Seeking  answers, trying to find their niche in life.  And through this process are unearthing feelings, and emotions causing them to have a personal Crisis and so feel that Chaos is around them.

 I liked a term used to describe the Chaos we face as ‘Faulty Wiring’ in a house, When our circuitry becomes overloaded and then these faults become activated Imagining our energy system to be liken to that of a faulty wired house. Whilst there were only a few lights turned on, you didn’t know you had a problem, But when you turned on more lights, more circuits were activated, and this caused you to ‘Blow a Fuse’ when this happened it can manifest as an emotional problem or an illness. This stage requires you to seek help and take action.

 But once this stage of Chaos is reached and we overcome the fears maybe then we can set out on our next path upon our journey in Life .. As we Follow our Visions of the future and pull to us our wants and desires. Becoming then a Pioneer exploring our visions putting into practice our Dreams,

Once you see your Life’s plan and you put your plan into action and things start to come together its then you move into the next stage of being a Lightworker

Many times I have been called a Lightworker, and many come to me seeking answers, as they go through their own Chaos stage.. But what if.. Once we reach this stage of being called a ‘Lightworker’ we don’t have all the answers, we may have read all the books, we may have floated off in our meditations.. But we don’t have all the answers, The challenge here is to realise that we too need to continue on our own evolution, our own cycle of evolving.. And so once more through the cycles of Awakening we once again notice the coincidences, the synchronicities where we question yet again..  saying ‘ Why do things have to be this way?’ and ‘Who says it has to be this way’.. and your mind once again becomes confused as you go Seeking your answers. and on and on it goes…For ever going around in circles..

I Liked what I read in a magazine the other day, it was about the Chaos stage of our lives.. I went through this stage many years ago having had a nervous breakdown and having to have 6 months off of work. I liked how they said that this is the stage that brings the biggest opportunity for growth, as it described,


 “Pain is just weakness leaving your body, Problems reveal resources you didn’t know you had…. Chaos is a sign that you need to make changes, inside yourself and in your life. Problems just show you what you need to work on, and are signs that you have blocks that need to be released. When these blocks are release, you will reintegrate your life at a higher order.

            New channels, psychic centres, chakras and energy centres will be opened when these blocks are released. When they do you will become a Visionary. You will receive your messages and guidance from sprit. You are always receiving them, but don’t always know it. A word often used for this stage is often[Breakdown] People say they [had a breakdown] and that’s exactly what they have had, But it’s not a breakdown of their lives, it is a breaking through of their barriers. The danger at this stage is that is that your crisis prevents you from taking every action you need to get out of the crisis—- End Quote..


I took action when my circuits got overloaded many years ago with workload and personal problems I sought help.. and I changed my career path.. But I didn’t change it enough, I swopped one stress load for another one, Until 6yrs later I had another Crisis, But this time instead of my Mental Breakdown, My body broke down, and My FMS came into Full force in a mighty way rendering me at one point of hardly being able to climb the stairs. Resulting in 6mths off work yet again..

I Listened though, and I changed my career path, to the one I am in at the present.

Maybe I need to heed the Signs and Listen……..To the next Awakening!

All of us are going through cycles, Such is evolution, at which stage are you at?



The 7 Stages of Evolution

There are seven stages to personal and spiritual evolution.

Stage 1 – Dormant:
There is nothing more than this. Ignorance is bliss.

Stage 2 – Awakening:
You notice a change both in yourself and in others. You have a sense of being different. You experienced raised awareness, increased self awareness and undergo an awakening.

Stage 3 – Seeker:
You start to seek out new knowledge, new philosophies and new understanding. You try different therapies, or healing. You read books and go on courses.

Stage 4 – Chaos:
You experience a personal crisis. Problems arise. You face financial loss, physical illness, or challenging relationships. This effects of this stage can be avoided or minimised – find out how our e-book.

Stage 5 -Visionary:
You begin to develop some very alive talents. You start to channel, or have visions. You receive inspiration and wisdom of a new higher order. You get a “calling” to bring changes to the world.

Stage 6 – Pioneer:
You ground your calling. You become a way-shower and pioneer new ways of living, thinking and being. You make very real changes in the world. You put your vision into action.

Stage 7 – Lightworker:
You are a model of excellence a real leader. You become a power to be reckoned with and are

Until … the cycle starts again and takes you to the next level.

Where are you in the cycle?



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