Senseless Sickening Slaughter

ELEPHANT Pinting in water colour

My love of Elephants has spanned all my life, these wonderful family oriented beings hold much love and joy in my heart and only this past week I had enjoyed watching the antics of a family of elephants on the BBC’s documentary, one such documentary I found here in  The Secret Life of Elephants which was following the birth of a baby elephant and her family in Kenya’s Samburu Reserve.

I was so enchanted with the love and devotion they give each other please click the link above to view.

I was debating what photo I should add to this post, as I did not wish to shock you but for you to get some idea of how heartbroken I felt over seeing an article on one of my fellow bloggers pages over at Learning From Dogs on his post entitled The Best and Worst of Mankind –the Worst. I hope you will visit Paul’s article in red above to see why I felt I had to write the following poem .. In the end I decided to post a painting I did in 2001 which I noticed I happen to have painted also in October.

I don’t know the answers to such cruelties in our world not only against our animal kingdom but to our children and each other except that I just had to vent out my feelings in a poem..And I hope that some day the Balance is once again restored to our wonderful Planet Earth and we seek Peace instead of the killing fields of Greed… 

Senseless and Sickening

Another headline of heart breaking gore
My heart was gutted and cut to the core
Of reading the senseless sickening campaign 
As marauders killed Elephants on the African Plains

Not a chance did they stand as they killed them with Gun
On horseback with missiles nowhere could they run
The prizes of ivory bloodied and Red 
As Whole families of Elephants are now laying dead

Ironic I read that the tusks are to be carved 
For Spiritual houses as sacred façades
I try to detach from our murderous Race
As my stomach does wrench in our Human Disgrace

We call ourselves Human when we’re far from humane
We butcher, abuse, we kill and we maim 
I try not to judge but my heart it does bleed 
For laws that are passed as some do as they please

No wonder this cycle is nearing its end
Too Warlike we Humans negative energies we send 
This World would be paradise had the humans not interfered 
With pollution and wars my eyes fill with tears


I pray to the spirits of those Magnificent herds 
And to all of the people for injustice incurred      
I pray to the Goddess of Gaia our home 
And each living creature on Earth that does roam

I’m sorry to be part of this Race that’s so cruel 
Where Man spreads his violence and dominant rule 
The Male Energies are ending as they cling to their Power 
Its time for the Feminine Compassionate showers…

To wash us all clean as the Earth she does cleanse 
Make ready your Hearts for we soon shall ascend..

© Sue Dreamwalker – 2012 All rights reserved.


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