Creative Captures.. Happy Halloween Everyone

You would think that Retirement would lend itself to giving you more time . Yet as my Hubby said when upon retiring several years ago he wondered how he had found time to go to work?.

Life in the Dreamwalker household has been busy busy to say the least since I took the plunge and retired.. I still have lots of catching up  to do with your beautiful blogs . And for all those who have taken the time to visit my posts I am in the process of returning your kindness..  But for now I will leave you with a flavour of what I have been up to mostly  in picture format.

So along with alterations around our home, we have been putting the home garden to bed for winter and sorting out the allotments. Hubby moved a row of raspberry shrubs as we learn by our mistakes as they grew I got nicely tangled in their tendrils.. So more  space has been created between them and a support made for the Logan Berries..

Fruit Bushes, Black and Red currant and Raspberries,  this is the view from the sheds looking back up the garden.

Fruit Bushes, Black and Red currant and Raspberries, this is the view from the sheds looking back up the garden.


Fruit Bushes tied up and moved to create more space for picking.

Fruit Bushes tied up and moved to create more space for picking.

Click onto Photo’s for slide show or hover  arrow over picture to read writing. 

I have also been busy in the evenings as those darker nights draw in. I am in the process of Knitting a Baby shawl which I was requested to knit. I have about another 15cms to go then it will measure  a metre in length.. I then have to knit a boarder which will then be sewn all the way around it.. So still a ways to finish.

 And Lastly.. wishing you ALL a HAPPY HALLOWEEN

Below is my Granddaughter who over her last few visits has been busy with me Baking and tasting 


Pumpkin my granddaughter helped create

Pumpkin my granddaughter helped create

Have Fun!


Busy in the Kitchen..

They a woman’s work is never done.. But neither is that of man.. As we have both been busy this week in the kitchen and the garden harvesting the ripened produce and putting in the Freezer..  We have shelled around 10lbs of peas weight after shelling, and I have frozen strawberries, Broccoli with stalks made for soups, recipe here   courgettes have been coming our of ears as we have eaten most days with salads both cooked and raw ( lovely if sliced in ribbons raw with dressing ) Beetroots we have had daily in both salads and smoothies…  Potatoes have been on the menu with salads too as  well as lettuce and spring onions..  Not to mention the Curly Kale, Cabbage, and Beans.. oh and few raspberries… and the harvested Garlic.

Below is what was picked just this morning alone..

One mornings pickings from the allotments

Below is a recipe I found in a magazine..  Being as I had all the ingredients I gave it a go and wow… you should really give this one a try… Delicious!

Strawberry and Rhubarb Crumble

Rhubarb and Strawberries

Serves 6:


500g ( 180z) slim rhubarb ( trimmed weight)

225g (80z) golden caster sugar

300g (11oz) strawberries

150g ( 5oz) plain flour

150g ( 50z) Ground Almonds

150g (50z) unsalted Butter chilled and diced

Clotted or extra thick cream to serve..

Have ready an ovenproof dish about 2 litre ( 3 1/2 pt ) capacity, for example a 30cms (12inch) gratin dish.

Preheat oven to 200C /180CFan Oven/Gas 6


Cut rhubarb into 3cm (1  1/4in) lengths  Toss the pieces in a large bowl with 75g ( 30z ) of sugar. Hull and halve the strawberries, combine with rhubarb and arrange fruit evenly in oven proof dish.

Tossing the fruit with sugar

Whiz the flour, ground almonds, butter and remaining Sugar in a food processor. If using a processor stop whizzing before before it turns into dough you want crumb texture.. or if like me rub in the butter and flour until resembling fine breadcrumbs and add the almonds and sugar  and mix in last.

Mixing the crumble 

Scatter the crumb mixture over the fruit and bake for 30 to 35 mins until the top is crisp and golden and the juices are bubbling..

Cooking until golden and crisp

Leave to cool for 20 to 30 mins, its also very good eaten cold, especially with thick cream.. or even vanilla ice cream..

I just loved this with our home grown rhubarb and strawberries.

Rhubarb and Strawberry Crumble with Cream

 Now back to the Kitchen to sort the Peas into bags to freeze..

Enjoy your weekend…

and Be Good to each other ..

~Love Sue~

Every Picture Paints a Thousand Words

Those who have been following me for some time know I have had a little time out .. Much refreshed I will let my pictures tell their own story..

So first my ME time saw me getting back to what I love..


Lioness and Cub

Close up of Lion

Second My garden.. I just love spending time relaxing and contemplating as I watch the birds.. So here are some of what is in bloom at the moment in Dreamwalker’s Garden.. 


This slideshow requires JavaScript.


During the week we had the pleasure of having our 3 yr old Granddaughter for the day.. We took her to a local Farm Park where we fed the goats and birds, as well as seeing so many more.. Please click to the slide show to view closer and view comments 

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


And here is the Allotment Garden  and what is growing there.. And I have enjoyed every moment of my Break away… I hope you have saved yourselves so ME time also..

I will be catching up all those who have commented here very soon..

Love and Blessings

And remember to cherish those special moments in your life..

Thank you for reading.. 


Seeds of Alignment

This last few days have been busy in the Dreamwalker household.. Especially for my Hubby who has been busy weeding, digging and planting, while I have been spending some free time painting and baking, and having some Me time in between working the day job.  But I have been planting a few seeds too! 

If we could only all do that, plant a few seeds within our own minds too and water them…. We allow so many weeds of others thoughts and negative  vibrations to swamp our minds we often do not allow our own seeds positive thoughts to grow… We water and feed so many other peoples thoughts as our own.. Not understanding how we are allowing our own thoughts to be bombarded by others perspective . And those good grain of thoughts we had, we allow them to get swallowed and strangled by the weeds and vines of others confining views and opinions  which we allow to live within our minds which then drag us down to a point of despair or depression.

So as April begins and we have to align our thoughts.. This is  an interesting month of renewal and energy growth, not only for our plants, but within our hearts also, as we have the heavens align us to a New Moon which is connecting us to new starts and showing us how to initiate  to new projects.. 

I have not been immune from feeling sensitive from feeling the tension mount these last few weeks, as I have found myself swamped in emotion and I realised in part I was allowing the world at large and those I connect with in daily life to water my own emotional Seeds.. 

I  recently read this could be due to the forthcoming  eclipses of April 15th and 28/29th .. So make sure you align in intension to your highest good. Bringing in the positive energy into your being.. Aligning to our highest intentions as we each of us use the very God given gifts of thought to manifest that which we want to align with in life. Plant your seeds now with intention! ..  

So I will show you what We have been up to and why I have been so quiet on WordPress this last week..

Click onto the Photos to take you a larger view.. 

Enjoy April, And Happy Planting both kinds of seeds in your Life.

A Natures Angel, I painted this for my Granddaughters room..

A Natures Angel, I painted this for my Granddaughters room..

Below you will see the green house and the seedlings being grown.. 

And here you will see how the allotment looks right now. 

Helping Granddad is another of Natures little Angels.. now 3 our Granddaughter is never happier than digging in the Earth..

Helping Granddad is another of Natures little Angels.. now 3 our Granddaughter is never happier than digging in the Earth..


Enjoy your Together Time Its so precious and Plant your Intentions into the Universe..

Love and Blessings 

Safely Gathering In

Whats behind the Shed

“Don’t judge each day by the Harvest you Reap, but by the Seeds you Plant”

~Robert Louis Stevenson~

Above you can see what is behind our Garden shed, as the onions and shallots were hanging out to dry. The barrels collect the rainwater from the roof, nothing is wasted. A roof which needs more tarpaulin to see it through the winter, another job still waiting to be done, but that’s one for Hubby. 

Our days always fly by with speed as we are always finding something or other to keep us busy.. This week we brought the Onions back from the allotments to finish off drying and to clean up,

This was the job I elected to do with the shallots as they were fiddly, you allow them to dry off for a few weeks as you see them above and then you clean them up by peeling a few thin layers of skins back until you get to the cleaner layers ensuring there are no bad ones, keeping the long stalks in tact. These damaged ones are put to one side to be used up sooner or if too bad discarded to the compost heap.

Shallots outer skins removed, polished and now drying

Shallots outer skins removed, polished and now drying

I then us a clean duster and dry and shine them off and again these are left to air dry to allow the skins to harden and turn to that onion colour again.

Then after a few more days its time to hang them… I expect every gardener has their own ways of hanging onions, But this was how I saw both my Grandparents and Parents preserve their onions…

Onions that are cleaned off and drying before hanging for final storage

Onions that are cleaned off and drying before hanging for final storage

I got a long length of strong string and doubled it up into four with the loops at the bottom and tying a knot at the top, suspended from a hook.. You then work from the bottom to the top twisting the onions dried stalks in-between the string until it looks like this , Leaving the long ends for later.

Once you have done the whole string with your onions you then can trim back the dried stalks. Above you can see the ones I have hung on strings that will continue to dry off for storage 

Behind the shed  also is a huge rambling Blackberry Bush so we have been gathering in these wonderful Berries also and Freezing them after cleaning them. Also made some Apple and Blackberry crumble for desert on Sunday.

These Blackberries were picked from behind our Allotment Shed,

These Blackberries were picked from behind our Allotment Shed,

I have made more broccoli soup, and baking Fruit Scones too. Recipe can be found here as I followed a Mary Berry recipe, they are Light and delicious.

Fruit Scones with added cherries

Fruit Scones with added cherries

The Tomatoes in the Green house are still ripening and I hope they do soon or else there will be a lot of Green Tomato Chutney made 

Green House Tomatoes, still waiting for them to ripen

Green House Tomatoes, still waiting for them to ripen

I still have one other project still waiting to do and that is to paint a mandala, You can see Here on Heartsong Blog I chose one from Shree’s selection that she has created and generously offered to share which can be found Here  Shree, if your reading, its now half way done painting in watercolour paints. I set up my easel outside in the sun and low and behold a Butterfly landed on the corner of my painting as if giving me its blessing and stayed there for at least 3 minutes until I moved, as I am sure I held my breath as I examined the Peacock Butterfly in detail. Such a Delight  Smile .

Please click onto the pictures to enlarge and to see more details And I will leave you with some more Wonderful Butterflies which visited us over the past few days too.. Our Buddleia Bush is still in flower and seems to be attracting many as they stop off for a drink… And here are some of our flowers in bloom I thought I would share.. I hope you enjoyed what I have been up to.

 Love and Light ~Sue 


Waste Not Want Not

Well I have had a busy few days both enjoying the Sun, and gathering in some of the harvest and  freezing  some of it. First was the Peas,Freezing Peas to date we have frozen around 16 pounds in weight. Our peas are frozen straight to the freezer into bags once you have made sure they are clean and no grubs.. But all good protein Winking smile 

Next was the Broccoli which have grown huge this year Broccoliand I had come across a recipe for making Broccoli soup out of the stalks. So I thought I would give it a go..

The Full recipe you can find Here on my Recipe pages. With full instructions and photos stages in the making. Its delicious!

I don’t know about you but we put our veggie raw scraps and fruit into the compost bin, along with egg shells and salad waste, This is making a lovely compost which we will use next year dug into our Runner Bean row.

Kidney BeansHere are just a few of the many beans yet to come from our Kidney Runner Beans, Last year we blanched them before freezing.. But this year after seeing many more good results from freezing straight to freezer after washing and slicing, we have started to freeze on an open tray in freezer, once frozen then bag up, as they then don’t stKombucha Teaick together.

A drink that my hubby and I have with our meals is homemade Kombucha Tea  Its  so refreshing chilled especially during our exceptional hot Summer, and its good for you too.  My daughter bought me a starter kit in March of this year as part of a Mother’s Day gift. This tea is not only deliciously sparkly when brewed but has so many good health benefits, it is brewed using a scoby culture which you can find out more about Here, These cultures regenerate and multiply so now I have got quite a production line going as from my one jar I now have 4 jars on the go. So there is always a bottle ready for drinking in the fridge.

And between all of the Cooking, I have read another wonderful book by Paulo Coelho called Aleph Aleph Book Cover Click the Book to find out about it…  This book literally fell at my feet in a Pound store where I was browsing on holiday at the books  section a few weeks back, as two books fell from the shelves… A sign! you bet!.. I bought them both.

 Smile I always try to see the Signs the Universe throws my way. Smile 

Ok right Back to making the most of this afternoons Sun.. And I am gradually working my way around you all…. So if I’ve not caught up with you yet I will See you soon! 

Love and Blessings




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