Meaningful Monday’s~ Bullying~

When I  was in school  in the days before the internet, I knew what it was to be bullied at an All Girls School, by girls in the school. 

I was the child with a home-made gingham summer  school uniform that my mother had made. It had  an extra  deep, doubled rolled hem and a bought lace collar along with pres-studs down the front. With buttons sewn on top. At first I was so proud of my new dress, because it had a fancy collar made of lace, not plain like the others. And I proudly went off to my new School aged 11.My dress started out miles too big. But  each year as I grew the hem was let down, you could see the material hem marks of each layer…  And it was a good thing that it was in those later  years, the mini skirt was in fashion.

My winter skirt, was the same, and by the time I left school, aged Fifteen,  it was shiny black with the amounts of washing and ironing.. It was then passed down to my  middle sister  who also had to wear it. 

 That dress got me into so much trouble. The headmistress had me in her office often, as she would single me out of assembly, making me blush, and cry, as she stood me in front of the whole assembly, not once but often telling me that is not the correct uniform. She would single another pupil out who wore the correct uniform and continue her verbal lashings of the Do’s and Don’ts of what not to wear. 

I would go home with a letter from the headmistress and my mother would rip it up and say, we cannot afford new dresses, that is why my red and white checked gingham dress was home-made in the first place.  I became to feel ashamed of the dress,ashamed of my shape, and felt everyone was looking at me. I learnt too who were friends, and who were not, as my uniform was made fun of. 

Children can be so cruel, and we as adults should know better.. But we are talking in the days when corporal punishment was allowed  and it was normal to  have the chalk board rubber thrown at you if you were lacking paying attention!.  

That summer dress I kid you not lasted me the whole four years at secondary school, it  fit where it touched. My Shoes also lasted for three years, they were second-hand off a cousin to start with, and filled with cotton wool because they were too big, and when at last the sole got worn and had a hole in them, I though yipppeee!… Now I get a new pair,  But no, my Dad re-soled them..  And for many years, I always felt~ Unworthy.. For it seemed my middle sister and I had to make do, while my three other siblings  always seemed to have newer things. 

Words Wound, and scar, and leave those who are bullied feeling so hurt and alone.. imagine being in today’s climate on your phone or computer in your own safe environment and how that impacts upon a young child or teenager who is already feeling insecure ..

Where ever I go, what ever I do, I try to become aware of how my words may impact upon another, I am not always successful, I have my outbursts too..  But I try to leave Kindness, Upliftment, and Praise for others… If we all found just one small thing in which to compliment another human being, What a difference that could make to their feelings of worthiness. 

We are all responsible for our thoughts, words, deeds and actions..

Lets Make a Difference with the ones we use..  



This Post has been Scheduled and I will not be able to access replies until the weekend.  Many thanks in advance to all who take the time to leave me your welcome comments. 

Thank you.

See you Soon 


The Rose is Cut

The Rose is cut, and dies

As the child of innocence dreams

Do you not hear their cries?

As the Rose is cut and dies.

The world their playground where

Laughter echoed is now silent

Look no further than yourselves

As we lament

For we are all responsible for their tears

As the Rose is cut and dies,

We are the ones with hatred,

We are the ones who judge

We are the fearful with weapons in our clutch

The Rose is cut, and dies

What a world we have become

As we see the thorns of our barbed thoughts

Where innocents is so distraught

The Rose is Cut

and Dies….

In Tribute to Children Everywhere who die needlessly through  Violence, Abusein the home, Starvation in various places   and  War. in various Lands .. 

Its happening every day everywhere to our CHILDREN…

When are WE going to CHANGE OUR WORLD?

Its Everyone’s..Responsibility

We are ALL of us Responsible..

Wake up People to who we have become!.. and ask yourselves this question.

What kind of a World do you want to live in the Future.What kind of a world do we want our children to grow up in?

Embrace Peace and Unity within your own hearts and start and live from your hearts in Joy and love not from Fear and Anger.

Lets stop our Hatred of one another, our Judgements and Prejudices, our Greed and Control,

Lets stop condemning society and remember

WE are the Society.. We are the Community…

We need to start and live as ONE.. For your pain is My pain. 

Its up to YOU-ME- I- ALL-  EVERYONE of us to want to change this world to embrace each other in a world built on Love and Harmony.

It begins NOW in each of our Hearts.


© Sue Dreamwalker – 2012 All rights reserved.

The Scars No One Sees..


This Post is a Repost I wrote in 2009, I was searching through my Achives as I was looking for inspiration.. and had forgotten I had written this post..
Today Many people are still Dealing with hurts of all kinds.. Working as I do to help support individuals live more independent Lives within the community, I come across many who are vulnerable and insecure..
We all of us go through life at one time or another, holding onto our hurts and wounds, and I have been no different.. I wrote this piece I think way back then to help me deal with my own hurts and wounds that I thought I had long since let go of, but like many shadows we carry, they often jump back out at us from those deep dark wells we hide within..
I will leave you now to read what I posted back in 2009, Oh and by the way.. The acupuncture is still ongoing for me, around every 3 weeks.. And its made a huge difference also to my well-being. I can definitely recommend it . .. Sue

Dealing with Hurt

Many of us are hurting; dealing with pain is a fact that affects almost all of our lives to some degree. Since the hurt we feel may be a part of the experiences that have touched us most deeply, we are often loathed to let it go.It is sometimes easier to keep our pain at our sides, where it acts as a shield that shelters us from others and gives us an identity—that of victim—from which we can draw bitter strength.

I was victim of feeling that my mother didn’t love me, She didn’t speak to me for 10 yrs,, And here I am still, 3 yrs after her passing, still holding onto that pain.. I realised on Monday when I went to have some acupuncture in the first course of treatment to try to help ease my own pains of living with Fibromyalgia.. FMS… I found myself in the consultation period telling the therapist about past illness and major events that I could recall in my life from childhood, And again and again the pain of my mother’s rejection hit home..

I work with individuals who have learning difficulties, and some of these people have led horrendous childhoods.. They too hold onto hurt, and perhaps can’t express that hurt as you or I.. And so they see and think differently from you or I.. Where you and I would express our thoughts with our words.. Some lash out with their fists, as that is all they were dealt when they were children.

However, pain’s universality can also empower us to use our hurt to help others heal. Since no pain is any greater or more profound than any other, what you feel can give you the ability to help bring about the recovery of individuals whose hurts are both similar to and vastly different from your own.. You can channel your pain into transformative and healing love that aids you in helping individuals on a one-to-one basis and spreading a tide of curative energy throughout the world… I try to do that with individuals I work with.. So you can then imagine my own hurt when I got assaulted by one of these individuals this week.. And once again I became a Victim..

But I needed to know that this experience also showed me something else, it gave me a sign.. It showed me that procedures within my workplace need to be re-evaluated,But it showed me once again how in a split second, Lives can be altered forever.. and it made me realise as I was comforting another service user who was upset by the attack on me, that there are many ways to use the hurt you feel to help others.

Your pain gives you a unique insight into the minds of people who have experienced trauma and heartache. You can draw from the wellspring of strength that allowed you to emerge on the other side of a painful experience and pass that strength to individuals still suffering from their wounds. You may be able to council individuals in need by showing them the coping methods that have helped you survive or simply by offering sympathy. A kinship can develop that allows you to relate more closely with those you are trying to aid and comfort.

Helping others can help your own heart grow stronger. In channelling your pain into compassionate service and watching others successfully recover, you may feel a sense of self-worth and optimism. To reach out to others can be the best way to declare to yourself and the world that your pain didn’t defeat you, and in fact it helped you heal. We are never given more than we can cope with, And with it comes our lessons upon our pathway.

The acupuncture was sharp, the assault hurt, but I realised that the pain I still carry is not be seen, But it’s still doing its damage.. FMS… Face My Self?.. I need to once again look in the mirror, and Let It GO…


Please Help A George

This is a Post Please help a George that touched my heart from Learning from Dogs Blog I have had Paul’s kind permission to repost his blog post here.. I am sure that to everyone who has had  a friend and companion in the animal kingdom know how much Good work the animal shelters do around the world in re-homing unloved abused and neglected Animals.

I would like to help support Paul in his endeavours of bringing  Barnsley Animal Rescue  Shelter ‘s Charity event into the lime light ..Details of which you can read below..
I will be sending my own donation to help ..
And for my subscribers who live around the globe I am sure you have a Dog Pound near you who may need a little thought and a some help in some way to keep their doors open to help save  those unfortunate animals that some humans in our society treats so badly.
Thank you for taking the time to read
Sue Dreamwalker ~

A canine charitable opportunity that deserves wide support.

The details that follow strike a chord with me, strike a chord in a big way.  When I first came to live with Jean back in 2008 it was clear that this wasn’t going to be a normal relationship.  Why?  Because, at that time Jean had 12 dogs living with her in San Carlos, Mexico and my arrival, together with my Shepherd dog, Pharaoh (see home page for a picture of him), took that number to 13.  Jean’s dogs were all Mexican rescues; she also ran her own local humane society in San Carlos and over the years had found homes for literally dozens of dogs.

One of those Mexican rescues was a dog called Loopy, who had been terribly treated by local Mexicans.  The consequence when I arrived, a stranger in the middle of Loopy’s life with Jean, was that Loopy was very aggressive towards me; my hands have small scars to bear witness to the number of nips Loopy launched in my direction.

It took over a year before I was able to just let my hand ‘accidentally’ brush her side.  Slowly Loopy’s trust in me built up until now I can press my face to her face and cuddle her for ages.  (To underline the love that Loopy bestows on me, I will get Jean to take a picture and publish that before the end of the week.)  So with that in mind, let me turn to the details recently sent to me by friend and colleague, Dapinder Singh, from England.


George and loving owner, Ian.

This is George. He was in an English dog pound and condemned to death.

He had been very badly abused, one eye blinded by what was thought to be a kick, he trusted no-one and had rejected all human contact.  He was desperate and in despair.

After an exhaustive search for anyone who take on the rescue of George, we (as in Doris Banham) took him into our care just a day before he was due to be euthanased.  His veterinary problems were easier to deal with than the mental ones.  His eye was damaged beyond repair causing him constant pain so it had to be removed, teaching George to trust again was much harder.

That journey back to trusting humans was long, George had suffered severe and terrible abuse,  but there was no question of giving up on him and slowly but surely he began to live again as we fought to undo the wrongs that had been done to him. After some months with us, a wonderful family came to the rescue and offered George his ‘forever’ home where he found the love that he so deserved. His family are completely devoted to him.

His story, however, could have been a very different one were it not for the work of the team at Doris Banham’s. Below is an extract written by the lovely family who adopted him and from our fantastic volunteer, Sheila, who helped bring George back to life again.

“Hi, Sheila. Here is a shot of George in his new garden. He is settling down very well and seems to be very happy. I will keep you posted as to his progress. All the best Liz and Ian.”

There were a number of photographs sent to Sheila, however I have taken editor’s liberty and moved them to the foot of the article – I want you to stay with this to the point where you can see how to help.  Here’s Sheila’s reply,


Are there other Georges out there?  You bet! Far too many of them, right across the world.  So let’s all do something to help these special creatures, who show us humans just what unconditionally love feels like.

Friday 4th November, 7.30pm – Come to the Hellaby Hall Hotel, Old Hellaby, Maltby, Yorkshire, S66 8SN

Call for tickets now to the Pound Dog Ball telephone number (UK) 07772 538513 or email  Full details here.

Please help all the Georges out there by supporting this Charity Fundraising Event: Black Tie, Dinner/Dance at Hellaby Hall, Rotherham, 7.30pm, on Friday 4th November. It’s a don’t miss night…..3 course meal, live entertainment all night and dancing ’til late!!!! It’s going to be a great night.

If you can’t make the Ball but would like to send in a donation then please post a cheque, made out to Pound Dog Ball, to the following address:

c/o Jennifer Smith

Clumber Lodge,

50 Hemingfield Road

Wombwell, S73 0LY.

Or if you prefer an electronic donation, further details are:

Pound Dog Ball
A/C 31542265
Sort 40-45-29 (HSBC)

The account is a charity account, set up only for this event.  Once the money has been paid to the charities the account will be closed.

All monies raised will be shared between (Doris Banham) and  (Barnsley Animal Rescue Charity)

I know that Dapinder, and everyone else involved in helping these precious animals, sends you their heartfelt thanks.

Finally, more photos of George enjoying life as all dogs should. What a wonderful story, an honour to be able to publish it, and promote the Ball, on Learning from Dogs.  Please help.


Member of The Internet Defense League

British Red Cross

Please Support the Red Cross, Help Others.

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