The Storm

The Storm

Outside my window the wind does rage

Roaring her might like a lion who is caged 

She pushes with strength against the bars of the trees

Tossing her head in the dance  of the leaves


Down comes the rain in torrents she bleeds

As she shouts out her anger she screeches and pleads

To all who will listen and all who will learn

When you mess with nature your fingers get burned


Finding her voice she gathers her strength

She spins in her vortex, unwinding her length

Crossing the ocean, whipping up spray

Teaching respect, the Earth Mother Way


Like children being scolded her breath as the lash

She gives us a beating to keep to the path

She dishes out medicine we find hard to swallow

Destroying possessions and the greed of tomorrow


She’ll teach us with Air, she’ll teach us with flood

She’ll shake us awake and spill of our blood

Her balance upset, unstable she’s become

Mankind will learn, her lessons have begun 

©  Sue Dreamwalker  2015

All around the world we are now seeing unprecedented storms of gathering magnitude. At the moment we have Abigail  sweeping the UK. The brunt of the storm hitting Scotland. But here in the Midlands the winds have been fierce with branches from trees falling and slates from roofs falling.

The above poem I wrote while listening to the wind as she battered our windows.. 

Wishing you a Peaceful weekend,

and stay safe where ever you may be..

Love and Blessings



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How do you view the Future?

Eye Can See The World Different View Clip ArtThis morning I had two little old ladies come knocking on my door.. They cheerfully greeted me, holding out their pamphlet out to me.  We  politely engaged in a religious conversation for 10 minutes. After we exchanged views upon the state of our world and I agreed in the power of prayer..  I took their small pamphlet and they smilingly went to knock upon my neighbours door.

The Pamphlet’s headlines said

“ How do you view the World?”.. Will our World

  • Stay the same?
  • Get worse?
  • Get Better?  

and it’s title fitted into my thoughts perfectly  as I had been wondering how to start a post I had been pondering on during the night. You could say it was ‘Heaven sent’

Because How do we view our world?

What influences our thoughts, into beliefs?

What shapes our ideas of the world more than anything else?

The Media for one, and our upbringing and cultures also influence the way we think..  But our Main stream news, keeps us informed, or so we think!.. It may interest us to learn it can also omit and twist facts that suit.

The theme for this post started for this week when I visited my Friends Blog World Metamorphosis   Vision Keeper, whose post Here made it refreshingly clear how our mainstream news reporters were not always telling it like it is.. I say refreshingly, because at last individuals are waking up and daring to put them selves out there to expose what has been happening via our main stream news.

This was backed up again when Paul over at Learning from Dogs  posted this article entitled Indonesia – another example of kakistocracy? I was pleased Paul provided the explanation of what the word Kakistocracy meant.. Meaning “government by the worst persons; a form of government in which the worst persons are in power.”

Paul featured an article written by George Monbiot who writes for The Guardian whose article in full can be read HERE  as he slates his own reporting profession saying as I take a quote from Pauls post as he had permission to republish.. 

“By George Monbiot,  article entitled

Indonesia is burning. So why is the world looking away?

published in the Guardian 30th October 2015. where he writes …

I’ve often wondered how the media would respond when eco-apocalypse struck. I pictured the news programmes producing brief, sensational reports, while failing to explain why it was happening or how it might be stopped. Then they would ask their financial correspondents how the disaster affected share prices, before turning to the sport. As you can probably tell, I don’t have an ocean of faith in the industry for which I work.

What I did not expect was that they would ignore it.

A great tract of the Earth is on fire. It looks as you might imagine hell to be. The air has turned ochre: visibility in some cities has been reduced to 30 metres. Children are being prepared for evacuation in warships; already some have choked to death. Species are going up in smoke at an untold rate. It is almost certainly the greatest environmental disaster of the 21st Century – so far.”

While I knew there had been fires in Indonesia, I had not known to the extent those fires raged, or the levels of death and destruction that is literally suffocating whole communities, So please go and read the report and Paul’s post in full.. It is devastating. And while this happens the Media’s headlines are on Football, and the  James Bond Film..

On a Good Note how ever about the environment, I read over on Lois’s blog the Eco Grandma on her Good News Monday Post  that President Obama has rejected the Keystone XL tar sands pipeline,  now that has got to be good news, and isn’t it great when you see synchronicity working yet again I clicked the link to Earth Baby’s Website  and read her article on  Religious Leaders Call for Climate Justice   And to round off this theme nicely, As I opened my emails this morning I was delighted to find another one confirming the Good news from the Keystone XL Tar sands pipeline.. Although I live in the UK.. I am passionate about our environment, and the link that came with that news update shares with us another important date we can all help by adding our voice to this petition when world leaders meet in Paris in December later this year  all it requires is a click..

What amazed me was that while I lay awake last night thinking of Pauls Post.. Just how today all of these links came in and all in one way or another were related..

We are ALL of us responsible for our environment…

We are ONE


“ How do you view the World?”.. Will our World

  • Stay the same?
  • Get worse?
  • Get Better?



As a footnote.. I just wish to thank all of you for your support and welcome new subscribers to my blog.. While this post is looking at the serious side of our environmental issues, we each can all do our part in helping heal our own piece of it..

 Each of us CAN make a Difference  in looking after Nature and our Environment where we live..  We owe it to our Grandchildren .. It is not someone else’s problem  But Ours.. 

We are ONE 






Rememberance Day


Picture1.png A Cold Poppy Day image by annika1904

Poppy Remembrance Day

Remember those that fell in battle

Or whose wounds were hard to bare

Remember those that gave their life

So that Freedom we could share.

Remember those in History, their country did they serve

Today our soldiers need us, the support they so deserve

A Poppy wear with pride as you remember those that fell

As memories of their sacrifice, in our hearts our pride does swell.

Remember too the soldiers brave who serve our lands today

Remember those who put their lives at risk every single day

Not only is the Poppy for the fallen of long ago.

It helps maintain support, to keep our wounded soldiers on the go.

Poppy red is for the blood that soaked in fields of corn

The seeds of hope cast on the wind for a new dawn.


Wear your Poppy with Pride!

For all men and women who give their lives.

And Let us Pray for PEACE.. 

© Sue Dreamwalker 2010-2015

Comments are Closed today.

Have a Peaceful Sunday


Spammed by Mistake.. What to do?

Hello Every One.. Today I have had a bit of problem.. seems I left too many comments upon one of my friends Blogs in one session. As I often catch up in bulk.. So it seems that Akismet thought of me as a spammer..

I managed to get rescued from their spam box but now find I am still disappearing in comment boxes, So Until  Akismet sort me out, I have informed them.. which was a journey in itself, just to find where to send it too..

So if you find yourself spammed what do you do?


First I went to my spam page and found the Akismet Statistic page which you have for your site..

Then I scrolled down to the bottom of that page and clicked Support..

Which then leads you to here

I then Typed in what Help it is you need.. I typed in ‘I am spammed on WordPress’..  It then leads you to more options..  and I felt I was going around in circles and nothing pointed me to what to do next..

I then spotted ( Comments ) on the right hand side column, so pressed that..  Which led me Here

Now what?

I scrolled down and found Unwanted Comments and Comments Spam..  So clicked on that

Around I went again.. as nothing seemed able to help here.. So I clicked on the Akismet on the first Line which took me to Here..  Which is probably where I should have been in the first place :-)

I clicked on the Top bar HELP…  yes…..PLEASE help!!!.. LOL.. and then got this page

None of the options there helped so on the right of their page it said

“What can we help you with?

Choose from one of the quick fix options below. If you still have questions, please contact us.

So I Pressed Contact Us.. “

Which led me here

Where I followed the Self Help Automated Links to log in my complaint.. so I am now awaiting a reply.. 

In the mean time I will leave off making comments upon your blogs until it gets sorted, 

So if you find yourself spammed.. Save yourself all of that trouble and go straight to the bottom link.. :-) Its Quicker.. and I hope to hear from them soon..

Love to you all..

Have a great Weekend all of you and I hope to be back to commenting soon xx 





Golden Paths of Life

Golden Paths

Walking solitary I feel the breeze

As all around me is a shower of leaves

Each from new bud is born

All so perfect in shape and form


Beginning life so fresh and new

Each one reminding me of Me and You

All of us held on the tree of Life

Each suspended until we return to our afterlife


All upon our branches creating our themes

Turning skyward following our dreams

Constantly changing we alter and grow

Twisting and turning we follow the flow


Back to our Earth Mother all must return

We all have our seasons and lessons to learn

Nothing is wasted both good and the bad

All are recycled, so we mustn’t be sad


Remember how precious this journey, this Gift

We choose our pathway and which way we drift.

Which way we fall may depend on the breeze

Remember we are immortal, so let go with ease…



The above poem I wrote the other evening as I had watched this video Below The photo’s were taken upon a walk I did. 

The Leaves on the trees right now are great reminders of such a cycle..

Each one perfect, each plays its part to the whole..

We are all upon our Pathway, some may be more golden than others, but all of us are no less important.

We are all of us connected within this ‘Ocean of Life’ we are all connected to the ‘Tree of Life’

Enjoy the Dance!

May you follow your Hearts and land with ease.. 

Love and Blessings 









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