Past Life Regression. Part 1.


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It’s strange how events play out in one’s life. Have any of you when perhaps meeting someone for the first time take an instant dislike or it may be that you only just have met and yet you feel you’ve known them your whole life? This could be due to our Aura’s feeling balanced as theirs and our energy interacted or repels like a magnet. Or it could be due to a memory locked inside us from past lives. Or have any of you ever been to a location you have never visited before and yet it felt very familiar, or you were able to describe what was around the next bend, never having been there?

After visiting a friend’s space this week and seeing the graphics of Galleon Ships, it nudged a memory within me which took me many years in overcoming. As a past life memory came to the fore once again..

One of my Blogging friends suggested my readers may be interested and to be honest I was reluctant to share, as it reveals a part of a past life I was far from proud of the things I did.. But then as synchronicity seemed to nudge me again today in my email box I got my ‘Daily Om’ email in which its title was ‘Memories of the Soul’ the subject! Past life regression! no less.. So here I sit and write upon what started out as a simple experiment many years ago with my Best Friend Pat, who was also a Medium, sadly now no longer with us .. As we set about talking each other down into an altered states to recall past life memory.

Now the reason I wanted to be regressed was that I had at that time very bad Reynaud’s disease. Plus you can see if you type in Raynaud’s Disease into Google Images just how bad it can be,  and my hands got that bad too.

This caused me severe pain in my hands as I lost the circulation in all my fingers and I felt the cause of my hand trouble was seated in the past. Yes I know I’m strange, but many books have been written upon this subject and the effects of past life traumas can manifest in lots of different ways in the present through physical problems, phobias, fears etc and past life regression has proven to many seeking help that once the past life trauma is faced the present ailment can be relieved, so this was my intention when my friend and I worked upon each other this way.

Off I went the first week we tried this, and I found myself within a Vision where I was walking alongside a wagon. The wagon was like those you saw in the western movies. I was a young woman wearing a long grey dress with shawl wrapped around my shoulders and a bonnet upon my head. I can’t say for definite where we were, except I felt it was America, the weather had turned cold and It was snowing.. We were I think trying to travel across a vast distance and we had travelled along way already. We had small shrubs in the wagon their roots wrapped in sacking I knew they were important.. I know I was so very sad, and when I was asked to look at why I was sad, I saw myself holding a lifeless baby which had died and had been buried out on the trail. I couldn’t look at the man who was riding up front in the wagon, I knew however that he was also the cause of my misery and pain, I don’t know if he was a husband or what, just that he was dressed in Black and stern and cruel, and I didn’t want to be there any more..

I saw myself walk off one night in the snow, full of grief just clutching the shawl around me which had been the babies shawl and walking off into the snow storm, where I think I froze to death..

Now this made sense at the time as Reynaud’s is a condition where by cold temperatures trigger the symptoms as it cuts the blood supply to the extremities.. So I thought this must be the reason.. and we worked upon releasing this past life recall.. But my symptoms seemed to get worse not better.. So we tried again maybe a month later..


This time the Vision was different in the fact that I no longer felt myself within my friends home on her couch but I was literally elsewhere, with sounds and smells that were so strong…

I was a man maybe in my early twenties, and I knew I was in Cornwall.. When my friend spoke to me I even answered her in the Cornish dialect with broad accent. I would drink more than my fare share of Ale and one night got really drunk.. I remember looking down at my footwear and seeing pointed shoes with buckle and leggings.. I felt as if I could read and write I wasn’t just a street waif. I remembered wandering along a jetty harbour after that I woke up on board a sailing vessel.. I think the term used is Shanghaied.. I had never been on board a sailing ship before and when I woke I knew I protested vigorously that I shouldn’t be there. And was violently sea-sick. But the ship was full of roughens and I was there to make up the ship’s crew and was put to work.. I soon learned the penalties for not complying with orders much to my cost..

The Ship set sail and I found out it was on a Slaver- where we went to collect African slaves to bring back to sell on land.. Once the vessel landed, Villages were raided and slaves were unceremoniously packed liked sardines below decks chained to bunks that were stacked on top of each other. Now in my vision I also received the stench of this prison where these poor people who once were going about their family lives were ripped from their homes, men murdered who fought to protect their families, and where Woman and children were raped and abused..

If you can imagine the horror of finding yourself being captured with men who didn’t speak your language and being ripped away from your homeland to find yourself imprisoned on a sailing vessel with no sanitation, your bunks were where you stayed. I saw these horrors and smelt the stench of it….

I was put in charge of handing out rations to some of these slaves and emptying the swill buckets that could be reached. I caught the eye of a very beautiful girl, Her eyes were so wide and deep I can still see them now.. ( and this I think held much emotion in my poem Large Brown Eyes ) Her hair was short and I kind of developed a soft spot for this young girl who may have been only 14 to 16 yrs old.. So I would slip her extra rations, such that they were mostly dried biscuit type things as I recalled This went on for a few weeks. Until I was caught..

I was held up in front of the Crew who were not best pleased as I had been giving some of their rations to the slaves, But it was the girl I was caught giving food to.. So the crew thought they would have a little sport.. Saying the penalty for this was to have your hand chopped off.. But I could save myself if I did the deed to the girl.. If I didn’t I would be thrown overboard anyway..

So to save my own neck I did the deed and severed this young girls wrists who was then thrown still alive into the ocean.

I came too very distressed and wished I had never part taken in the regression as the guilt and visions even the smells stayed with me for many weeks after wards, and still my hands were very bad even going from one room to the next as the temperature fluctuated sent them into a Reynaud’s attacks seemed to worsen more.

It was several months later when I finally admitted to my friend how still deeply disturbed I was, we tried a deep mediation exercise where my friend called upon the Spirit World for assistance…

I will tell you what happens to me in my next post..

© Sue Dreamwalker – 2011 All rights reserved.

A Day in the Life of Medium.

For those of you who are sceptical of ‘Life After Death’ let me assure you.. that I know without a shadow of any doubt that………..

Life is Eternal, and we merely happen to be housed temporary in this human form of skin and bone for our Earthly Experience.

How can I prove that to you?.. I can’t, you have to discern that for yourselves, even though many want to believe, they cannot get their heads around the fact that All Life is experience and we are All part of that experience..and that each of us are all connected..And that we are made up of Energy pure and simple.. Well not so simple… For the Mysteries of Life on this Planet are still only just being explored..And Mans thinking has long been indoctrinated into being squeezed into boxes of conformed thoughts taught to us down throughout the ages..

And seldom does he stray to Think ‘Outside the Box’ But that is what I am going to be asking you to do today as you read here, and if you want to explore the links and discover for yourselves the alternative reality that is out there… Just press on the links.

As many know I am a medium..meaning I am able to link into that thought-stream which divides the ethers of this world and the spirit world.. I do not see spirit as I’ve described before I am clairsentient. I do not do this for a living, preferring to serve Spiritualist Centres to give hope through messages of spirit communication and philosophy to help others know that Life does not end in Death…  I do this by linking my own energies to that of the spirit communicator as I reach out and blend my energies as invite them to draw close.. And I am able to feel them through my Aura, as my own energy body and theirs blends.. Then I trust what I am shown and given via my feelings and thoughts, and my Spirit Guides assistance.

In January I went to see a wonderful medium Bill Meadows.  ( Link to show you some of the mediums mentioned ) Bill, one of the best developed Physical Mediums I have as yet seen, came to our local Centre where I was very privileged to witness the physical Mediumship of Bill and his team of Spirit Communicators..

I witnessed with my own eyes in Bright Red Light, while the medium was tied in a chair with plastic ties on hands and feet, The materialization of Two Spirit Hands perfectly formed.. hands that in no way resembled that of the medium.. And they were formed using the energies created by spirit.. They were White in colour.. and what was even more remarkable.. many were invited up to shake the hand from Spirit.. And I was one of those lucky ones who went up to be firmly shaken hands with. The strength of that hand shake will for ever remain with me and as to its touch.. I can truthfully say it was Warm blooded just like any human hand you would shake..

And I was greeted with the whispered words of how pleased they were to meet me..

I have witnessed the formation of spirit hands through the mediumship  before in the late 90’s through the mediumship of Stuart Alexander another very well renowned Physical Medium. Whereby I saw the hand take shape from a blob of Ectoplasm into the full materialization of a hand that was rested with out any body in its attachment across a glass topped table in red light. Where by an invited sitter was asked to draw forward who was the living daughter of this person.. Direct Voice was then heard through the trumpet of the Spirit whose hand had reformed . It was the Father of the sitter.. Who now was asked to place their own hand upon the table while her father placed his reformed hand upon hers.. This I witnessed with my own tear-filled eyes as the re-union of father and daughter took place..  In another sitting I was privileged to feel how Matter went through Matter, as I was invited to hold onto a plastic tie that was securing the mediums wrist to the wooded arm of his chair.. Spirit were able to dematerialize this as it passed through the mediums arm as it was raised .. I still have that tie today… And no… no trickery was involved  I can assure you of this..

And so this weekend I went along to another up and coming Physical Mediums Workshop. A young man I have had the pleasure to have been acquainted with  for several years now.. Scott Milligan

Where his excellent teaching methods and hands on approach helps us all in the workshop to discern the various levels of energies.In learning how to develop Physical Mediumship skills..  And the day ended in spectacular style with Scott giving us a full physical Séance, in which his team of Spirit workers rang Bells, beat drums, played the mouth organ,, All while we sat holding hands and he was tied in his chair dually checked by several of the group..

The Red light was turned on bright enough for us all to witness the Ectoplasm that had formed from Scots nose that extended down several feet.. this had split in two rods and then before our eyes it merged again into one .. ..Scott has been sitting since the Age of 16, and has sat in the circles of David Thomson who lives in Australia now and the well known medium  of Colin Fry .. The actual Trumpet that he uses within his circle was once that of Lesley Flint another well known Direct Voice medium whose taped recorded  sessions can be found on the web.

I really enjoyed my Day with Scott and and our kind host Sarah of Serenity Holistic’s whose studio we attended..

My hope is that as you have read you have also been able to browse some of these interesting Links.. and come to know that there Is MORE to LIFE on EARTH… And even MORE in the AFTER LIFE~  and we are ALL of us Part of this Wonderful Experience we Call  Life …..

I found this Voice Clip from the Lesley Flint Linked pages
listen to Lesley who was gagged during his Séances and spoke through Direct
Voice.. He brought through so many from the world of Spirit, Oscar Wilde,
Chopin, and many more, Listen to the female voices too..

Here is an excerpt from Mahatma Gandhi…

Mahatma Gandhi speaks

“”We on this side
for a long time have striven to build between our world and yours a bridge
whereby man could climb to heights and find that peace which your world could
not give. We know that it is only in this truth, only in this realisation of
communication between the so-called dead and the living, there lies the
salvation of your world.””

An Evening with Spirit.

An Evening with Spirit.

I would just like to add a post here on my evening with Spirit.. As some of my old friends are aware I am a medium, and each week I sit with friends to communicate with those across the divide..

We have been sitting specifically to develop these communications via trance, which has taken over 5yrs of dedication of sitting each week to get the level of communication we now receive our various Spirit visitors, who speak through our Trance Medium. The range of personalities, different voices and energies that come through now are truly awe inspiring as they communicate with us on topics close to our hearts as well as telling us from their perspective what life is like Spirit side.

The reason for today’s post is that as the world seems to be going a little crazy of late, our good friend ‘David’ on spirit side came to give us some philosophy. David when on the Earth-plane was wheelchair bound and Autistic and couldn’t speak.. His distinctive voice has grown stronger over the years from the faint feeble hello he first greeted us with 4 yrs ago, to the words you will see written before you today… This communication was given to us on the 31st of January 2011. My own comments are in Brackets ( )

David speaks—

“Good evening, indeed it is a great evening for we are seated together in that universal power of unconditional love that binds us together as one. No matter how far apart we may be situated within our realms of existence. For in truth and reality shall we say we are only a few inches away from you.

We are not a million miles away from where you’d need some space craft to travel at the speed of Light to be with us. For the thoughts contained within your physical mind travel faster than any space craft. I don’t like to say we are at your beck and call, but once you send that thought out and of course we pick up on its vibration and we are attracted to it like a moth to the light. For those surrounded by the light can only be attracted to more Light. As of those who shall we say work in a denser atmosphere it is the.. I do not wish to use the term job, it is the process of enfoldment within each and every individual soul to try and open themselves up to the Light of the Great Spirit the creator of All.

Through their earthly lives they are given the opportunity to be attracted to the light just like the Moth. But through their own Free Will and indeed many times peer pressure they turn away from that Light. And it is our wish, it is our hope that they turn back towards it whenever they are able to.

We have told you many times about the ‘Great Plan’ and what is needed, and it is still unfolding as it should be, but as you are in shall we say in your Winter season, when not much of the flora blossoms and flora blooms. Let us say there is more work being done behind the scenes than that you can see on the surface. We are calculating what needs to be done at this present time. For there is a great amount of Anger being given off, erupting and filling your air. Filling that vibration in which you are encased. And like many volcanoes that erupts on the earth’s surface will have to spew its malt and lava along the earth plane and rid what is built up inside on it.

That is what is taking place at this moment in time. There will be more eruptions my friends, as Mankind sees, shall we say what is rightfully theirs being taken away from them, what is rightfully theirs being withheld, all that they have worked for is kept from them. I suppose you could say they would be a little grieved at what is happening. It would take a very calm soul not to have an opinion and show anger at this moment in time.

If someone was to pop along tomorrow and say your humble house in which we are seated in would have to be flattened to the floor but we can only give you a very small amount of money which you would have to use to re-house yourselves, I think the air may turn a little blue. Because of course it would be your Anger that would be coming out of you my friends. And this may seem very unspiritual, but nobody is to be walked upon either. Let us remember that.

You have not been placed upon the earth plane to be somebody’s lap dog, to roll over at their command, to walk to heel when the master would beat you. It is not a very nice situation for those to be in. But it is what is necessary to over throw the power of those that just live in Greed alone. I think we could say that the Ying is evening out with the Yang. In perfect balance it shall become.

( at this point I said yes I understand that there will be much chaos around our world before that happens.. and David continued by saying)-

Oh there will be many lives lost, I think uprising maybe too much of a strong term, I would like to it would be togetherness, a union, a coming together of likened minds to spread that much needed knowledge to those who are still in their slumber. If we put it in this form you can see it is part of the Great Plan that you are All living in.

It does sadden me to look down upon, and see the beautiful Earth plane going through such a transformation at this moment in time. But in order for your crops to grow in your little allotment, you have to turn the soil over do you not? Then we are merely watching the Soil being turned over for new seeds to be planted, for the benefit for ALL to feed upon.

In time to come when they are ripe for taking, remember we cannot reap the benefits every day, there has to be many days when we are out in the fields sowing the seed…. I suppose we could say the Great Spirit is the Farmer, and he is tending to his land, and he is trying to weed out all that is not necessary and required in his field anymore for his new crop to grow.

(At this point I said what a very good analogy and thanked David for bringing the message to us this way)

David spoke more upon several topics personal to our groups progression and said his farewells..

I am posting this now as we see around our world the problems escalating  as people want to have their freedoms back and not be downtrodden anymore.

What we have to ALL realise is that this is how Mass Consciousness works as we see the Anger bubble over in these nations.. Let us not be complacent and think it only happens in foreign lands.. For Mass consciousness spreads what ever the thought behind it.

Let us all at this time send some LOVE and LIGHT and send our thoughts out of compassion to such places in turmoil of people who are standing up to fight for their rights to live more freely .

And let us not forget our sisters and brothers in New Zealand who have also suffered during their earthquake the loss of life and love ones Send out your thoughts and let us try to heal our world by adding love into it with good intent, rather than adding to it with more negative thought which only comes back around to its source of creation…

Here is a topic I did ages ago called the Train of THOUGHT! another message from our Spirit friends.. explaining how our thoughts which are energy go out to create our world.

My Night with those in Spirit.

As most of you know I am a Spiritual Medium, and have been for many years. This I do part time as I give my services voluntary around various Spiritual venues.  It has also been my privilege over the years to visit well known Physical mediums séances who devote their time to bringing proof of the afterlife in a very tangible way. For those of you who are not familiar with physical mediums they can sit for years within their own home circles developing energies either using ectoplasm or energies from the ether’s and  the sitters themselves to allow spirit to form so that they may be seen and touched by their loved ones on the earth plane once again. A site that has much information on such phenomena here is a LINK
It has been my own good fortune in the past to be able to shake the hand of such a spirit gentleman called Walter Stinson a Spirit operative who controlled Stewart Alexander’s circle who at the time of shaking his hand had been in the spirit realm for 80 years..This was back in the 90’s
Upon that occasion Stewart Alexander was the medium and we travelled some distance to North Yorkshire to be part of his séance.

To understand how the mechanics of such a séance works, you have to understand how dedicated these circles are, as many sit for years in weekly sittings building up energy to a point where such phenomena can occur.  I myself hold such a circle and although we are at the moment getting very good spirit communication via trance and the mediums own voice box manipulation, which define different personalities who come and speak though our medium, using totally different voices from that of the medium.  

This is how most circles start in their development, before the energies are manipulated Spirit side to form ectoplasm to be seen. My own circle has been sitting for 3 yrs and we are only just getting results in energy manipulation that we can discern with our physical eye.. Although our spirit communications are excellent and clear. Many circles can sit each week from 5 to 10 years before they have enough phenomena to take their circle out to the general public demonstrations. 

Many of these circle are members of the  Zerdin Phenomenal for the safe practices of physical mediumship. This is so that when these circles go public, those that attend have the uttermost respect for the mediums safety at all times.  Helen Duncan a well known British medium who practiced such

phenomena during the second world war died from injuries sustained when her circle was raided by the police..Causing the ectoplasm to rush back into her body which resulted in causing her death.

I will set the scene as we attended Bill Meadows Circle ..

 There must have been at least 30 of us, who attended on Saturday night. Including 3 members of Bills own circle,.

Bill who I’m sure will not mind me saying is Mature in his years was tied with plastic cable ties via both his hands and Velcro ties around each wrist and ankle securely to the arms  and legs of the chair, around the staves of a chair. This was done by visitors to the séance who were strangers to Bill, each member attending was body searched before entering the room, to ensure not only for the mediums safety, as if say some sneaked cameras into the séance rooms and the flash photography affects the ectoplasm and could in fact Kill the medium if a kick back occurred, and Mediums have in the past been seriously injured or died as a result of this, so sitters were not allowed jewellery, watches that may bleep and were asked to remove their shoes , and gentlemen to empty their pockets prior to entering the room.

The Medium was seated within a cabinet which consisted of a solid frame construction with one continuous curtain from top to bottom. The room had been checked along with the cabinet also. The room had been totally blacked out and locked . In front of the cabinet around 8 ft away from the medium was rigged a red light which was situated on the floor to shine when put on with a dimmer switch the front of the curtain and cabinet. 

The séance began, and after a short opening prayer, we all held hands and their members of their own circle were placed so they were seated to hold hands with strangers attending the venue, so again to verify that they did not move while any of the phenomena was witnessed.

The Medium has around 6 regular communicators come through, and all the history behind these was explained to us prior to us entering the séance.

We all began to sing to tapped music and songs, to lift the energies and allow them to build up within the cabinet. We were very soon rewarded with Marie a small girl who had died during the second world war, in a concentration camp. She was now a regular to Bills home circle and would direct the evening. She was full of fun and laughed and joked with us all, and picked out one of the younger visitors to the séance a young woman called Sally-Ann. She asked her if she would like to participate later, Sally-Ann agreed,..

More music and singing took place and the Aluminium trumpets with luminous tape started to move around the room , remember all of us were holding hands and this was a large room with high ceiling. The trumpets two of them moved in opposite directions and then a Drum which had also been placed upon the floor also began to be played at the same time, Marie told us that this was being played by Ralph, and it was expertly played as well, with two drum sticks. The child spirit Marie then asked for the red lights to be turned on and for an independent member of the séance to come and check the medium.

A harmonica was also played next to the tune of Waltzing Matilda while a small bell was rung which had been placed on a table with the harmonica and a Luminous board. The board around 6inches in diameter flew around the room.

This took place for several minutes and again Marie asked for the Red Light to be turned on after the phenomena had stopped. When the red light was turned immediately, the small table had also been moved to now be in the centre of the circle.

Marie asked the mediums brother to remove the table and the drum back to their positions on the table.. at the side of the circle..

Once this was done More energies were again lifted by singing, and holding hands, Sally-Ann was then asked as the red-light was turned on to go to the centre of the circle.. We could see that the Trumpet had been lifted, and had materialized half way in and half way out of the continuous curtain. Sally-Ann was then invited to come forward to the cabinet. She walked carefully around the outer circle of people as she was sitting at the back of me, She was given the signal when she could hold it , Sally-Ann laughed as it was a bit like a game of tug of war she said, as the trumpet was being held onto by Marie the Spirit child, Marie laughed enjoying her game.. as the trumpet came through the curtain fully.  More music and trumpets flew during the two hour séance, and at 10 to 15 min intervals Marie would always ask the mediums ties to be checked..

Two twins were also friends of Marie on Spirit side, they were still perfecting their energies and stood behind the curtain and impressed their shapes into the curtain so we could see their height and stature. Also the curtains were lifted by them to reveal the medium still seated in Trance state tied securely .

In between all of the phenomena Marie would come to various members of sitters, and give them personal evidence of loved ones who were in the spirit realm as well as tell them about their various personal issues.  Also Sadeek another spirit communicator came to speak he was in charge of safety both for his medium and to ensure the energies were ok for communications..  

As the energies built up towards the end of the séance we were all asked again to join hands and sing which we had done throughout the evening. Sally-Ann was then asked as the Red light was switched on again, in bright glow, to come to the centre of the circle again and stand in front of the curtain.   There then came out the hand of a Gentleman and I have forgotten the name of this Spirit side gent, But I saw a fully formed hand come from the bottom of the curtain, He raised it to thigh height and Sally-Ann was told she could shake hands with him… She immediately did so and expressed how warm and how strong the grip was and how wonderful it felt to shake hands with him… Marie then told her to step back.. the hand went behind the curtain and again Maries voice told us to check the medium..Sally-Ann then leaned behind the curtain to check on the medium who was still in trance and tied securely. Marie’s voice by the way could be heard behind the curtain and at various times at different points around the inner circle as she moved around..

Another sitter Jean was asked to go up and shake the hand, and the same process was repeated..

More music and singing, and Marie finally said goodnight When the red light was put on for the final time.. To our amazement, the Medium Bill had been moved lock stock and barrel still in trance state tied in his chair about 6ft from behind the curtain into the middle of the circle.  It took two gentlemen of the visiting sitters to cut his plastic cable ties, which took several minutes and remove the Velcro straps with ripped loudly in the silence from both his wrists and both his ankles.. We waited while Bill came around, He stood  up and we heard two loud cracks as both his knees cracked due to the stiffness in his joints…

This was one of the best demonstrations of Physical phenomena I have witnessed and I too know how wonderful Sally-Ann felt, for I too many years ago was able to shake the hand of Walter, although Mine was not in Full red light.. But at that séance I and my husband were sat with our back and chairs up against a solid wall, we were both tapped strongly on our shoulders from behind in that séance.. no one physical could get behind us… and we had our knees slapped by spirit children.. Remember all were holding hands…

This is just a glimpse into my world.. and I know beyond any shadow of a doubt that these were real solid Spirit Form.. There is LIFE after Death.. For there is NO Death as such, We just leave one dimension for another…

Blessings to you… Dreamwalker



Take up The Arrow

Take Up The Arrow



Our Circle Asked White Feather this question..


Trance Circle 7th Jan 2007.


Is there any other advice that you can give us at this moment in time to help ourselves or mankind to gain the most benefit from the circle?


Small steps small steps, you are taking small steps, and we are well pleased with the steps taken so far. Do not run before you can walk.

 We have aimed an arrow, and it has fell in the correct place at each of your feet. It is up to you as individuals to take up the arrow and use it wisely….

We cannot determine how you live your lives. For you all have free will.

But we would ask, that as individuals, your intent, your view on life be reviewed and looked at in a different light to what you have perhaps done so in the past.

 Think not of just yourselves, but act selflessly.

Think of others and go forward. .. The Human race needs your love..

This little group of openhearted souls, eventually, we say eventually. Do not run, do not run. Will have its result. Will have its proof, Will bring that proof to the world as a whole.. How and when it will happen how is not for you not know.


For if we were to tell you the truth in essence now, you would run in the forests and hide.


 So we say take up the arrow, aim it well, you are not just a hunter.. You are gathering all to you, all that is important at this time. Are you not gathering knowledge to your selves?

 We are.

Are you not finding doors opening that you thought were closed? .. Stand firm, stand tall, aim straight, pull back your bow and let go. And know that where that arrow falls it is meant to be.  You are all meant to be.  At that place at that moment in time.

Fear not where it takes, but know deep within your own hearts the truth, feel it embrace it. ….

For the door to our realm are about to open. And with it glad tidings we bring. For the world at this moment needs the truth.

All of you are experiencing what you are thinking is the truth. You perceive all of these things differently, each and every one of you perceive differently. We perceive things from the truths.


Thank you friend for allowing us to put the questions.


The Earth plane at this time altering, as you know. The threads that you weave now as we have stated before will be woven into a larger blanket. ..

This will envelope those who wish to embrace that truth and knowledge..

You will not embrace all my friends. For some will turn and take their eyes away from truths love and light.

Many will wish to follow darker paths…

This is why we in our realm find it a necessity to intervene and we use the word intervene lightly, for we are not allowed to change free will of mankind.

 But we wish to help, to show him the error of thought and place him once again upon the paths of righteousness.


 This is no mean feet friends. This is serious business.


 You have all been chosen you all agreed to be chosen .Now is the time of your own truth where you stand tall and move one step forward into your own light.

Do so without fear friends, be not like our vehicle and shiver.


Thank you White feather. We thank you for allowing our questions to be asked, and for the answers we have received.


The Vehicle he referred to was myself, as I still was not comfortable in Trance at that time.

I have added this entry now, as I feel many of us are now taking up our arrows, and waking up to the truth that is surrounding us. Never more than in this year have my eyes been opened to what is happening around our Globe.. And what I thought was truth, I see has been contrived.

Great hardships Are about to befall many places and people..

It is time for us all to search out the truth of our world, and follow our instincts.


Are we But Ants?



Some of you may have read from my other posts on my automatic writings received from Spirit..I now intend to post some Trance communications.

 Sitting in Trance took time for me to adjust to, As I am one that needs proof that what passed through my lips was not that of my subconscious mind. As even though I was in a trance state I was aware of what was being said, even though I had no thought or control over the words that came forth..

One also has to realise that Spirit chose to prove to me that it was Spirit and not myself, they altered my voice box, so the tone of my voice altered considerably during some communications, and I took on a deeper gravel voice than that on my own..

In those first communications  Spirit had problems in calming my own inner fears.  I want to share with you those first communications that I will add to a blog list..

 This particular communication came 3months into our trance sessions, I have added it first as this is why I was told that groups and individuals such as ours are awakening and springing up all around the world..

The words  are those of a Native American Indian who became a regular visitor to our sessions.

Whose name is White Feather.



Trance message from White Feather on March 12th 2007


   ….. We would wish to speak upon the healing for the Earth.

It will be a pleasure to listen.

Many such groups as your selves are helping with the healing with the Earth realm. You as individuals can help greatly. For within your own daily lives, your thoughts play an important role within the healing of the Earth. Allow those thoughts to go out in love. Do not allow your thoughts to fester in anger and hatred. For we need such as yourselves, to go forward out into your world, not to preach but to show the way.

To serve one another. To love one another, and this is the most difficult of tasks my friend.

For within your Earth realm barriers have been built.

 Barriers of greed and hate.

Those upon your realm have come to worship, not the Good, but the possessions…

But things will change.

 And for a time my friends you will think that these changes, you will not be able to comprehend or cope.

 Upon your Earth at this moment in time……. Do you not, …..Global warm understand?

Yes. It’s a very big issue at this moment in time.

It may seem as if your material possessions have contributed. And so they have.

But let me tell you friends, this is not the first time within your Earths evolution that this change has taken form.

Change is to grow, and your Earth is growing.

 Your Earth is part of the Universe and Galaxies.

And those changes friends are necessary. And you are helping to bring about those changes.

Each of you are awakening to the vibrations that surround you are you not?


Do you not feel within your soul the density of matter, do you not feel within the soul those energies that surround you more frequently now.


Attune to them. Get used to them. Blend your energies with them.

 For you are part of them.

As each of you awaken, you get in touch with that part of your soul that you had forgotten when born upon the Earth.

 Many still are not awakened.

Many upon your realm are like ants, milling around doing their jobs without a care or thought to the consequence.

 But this is where the human race differs from the ant. For the ant acts as a whole.

 Its colony thrives as a whole, each ant knows its place, knows its destination, knows its purpose. And as such carries out its duties to the fruition of the whole.

This is where we say, you have forgotten who you are. And you think you’re self-separate.

There will be chaos surrounding you. But do not fear. ..

For we shall be bringing you clarity, and as we bring you that clarity, so you will spread that clarity to others. So they will not fear.

You have chosen this path. It will have its rock falls; it will have its ditches. But know that we will give you the resources to build those bridges across those ditches, to give you ladders to climb over the rock fall.

We are forever at your side friends.

Go forward in love, in harmony as brothers and sisters, for that is what you are,. We give you the symbol of a snake. A snake that’s eating its own tail. We give you the circle of life.

Be proud of who you are and of what you do. Stand firm in that belief in that faith.

Pull to you that truth and that knowledge that we will give you that wisdom to go forward.

Have within your minds and hearts, the vision of what it is you wish to achieve,

 and so it shall be.




The Journey of Trance..



My circle and I have been together now for a number of years, to begin with it was larger, But through a process eliminations of members,  Our Spirit friends had a hand I think in handpicking the final 6.. 

 I never intended to embark upon this journey, I was quite content as a Spiritual Medium sharing my skills and knowledge with my group, developing their skills to become fully fledged and serve the Spiritualist Churches as I do.

However My Guides and Spirit friends had other ideas.. And through various prompting’s, coincidences and messages from other mediums who knew nothing of my journey,  I allowed myself to sit for Trance and put my trust in the Higher Realms.

I knew that I had the best possible people within my circle and they would look after me while I was in trance.

Another member of my group, is a very bright young man, Who also showed great promise in Trance. So we decided we would learn together. He and I in the beginning took it in turn to be the (medium) The one who was sitting in trance, And the (Controller) the one who was in charge of the proceedings and the trance group for the evening.

The circle members would black out the room and put on a red light. ( Red Light) enables one to be able to discern any (Masks) that would build up using energy that would overshadow the Mediums face, these Masks showed me as old and leathered skin, my jaw would look longer and on occasion a full Head dress with long Platte could be seen .

The room would be prepared  and the group would lift the vibration by playing music, One very talented member our group hand made us all a set of drums. We each decorated our drums as we wished.. You can see mine in my photo album.

I would settle and wait until those in the Spirit Realms drew close..


The following transcripts are an accurate description of what was said in those early days.. I have withheld the names of the group for privacy. I was the Trance Medium in these dialogues .  

Trance 8th Jan.2007

Present. 6 Group members

Medium: In Trance.


The evening commenced with the medium retiring into another room for a short while, while the group prepared the room and brought in the vibrations by drumming. Before entering and then going into Trance state.

(The medium said later, that while linking in she heard a woman’s voice singing a song in Red Indian fashion and it was high pitched. After Trance and discussions, various group members in their room heard a woman’s singing as described also.)


Controller:. Good Evening…… take your time there is no rush………………

Pause. You are welcome here.

Medium : Good evening. ……..Good evening.. Thank you for joining us tonight. Thank you for being here tonight.

The Instrument …….lips stick like glue………(the medium then gave a clearing of the throat that was rattling and gravelling in depth.)…Take your time friend…..adjust to your vehicle ..

A happy gathering,…we like to think so…. A new beginning,.. indeed.. For All,.. We also are embarking upon a new beginning….( More clearing of the throat)….

The larynx…. (Clearing throat) take your time. We will.. Adjust..

 You can understand our vehicle is still a little apprehensive..

( at this point the medium gave a chuckle) Hum hur hr ha hum.

Its only Trust.. We…Push from behind, but the vehicles feet stands firm.

( the group laugh)

All will get better in time.

Now … we have much work to do.

Can you enlighten us on this work please?

I am but the messenger…I will come forward…. When the proceedings begin.

Do you have a name friend?

I do……and are we allowed to know that?…. You may… may I ask what it is then please?…do you not see what sits upon my head?…I am 99point 9% sure.

Can you describe what you see?…I feel that I can see a feathered head dress, I think that that feathered head dress has been stood there all the time, as soon as the vehicle went out, the feathered head dress was stood there. …………

Pause….We have conflict within……………………Have you not what you call a big black bag?….. For we wish to put the vehicle in it….

Group Member R: to seal her off do you mean?

The knowledge within cause’s conflict. We adjust… one moment………..long pause…..

Take your time friend, nice and easylong pause.

The fear within restricts… we can only ask that you try your best friend. You must understand that this is new for every body as well. Pause…..

You may proceed…. Thank you.

The name for this purpose. We will just say for this purpose….. You may call me White Feather..

Thank you White Feather, thank you for coming here tonight to speak to us… Is there a specific topic tonight you wish to talk on?

There is many topics… but one.. in particular… All of you here gathered, have chosen to be gathered together in this fashion, for a specific purpose. .. ..

You are to open a channel, a pure channel to the highest realm,.. We do not say the higher realm, we say the highest. Do you understand? Yes I think we all do.

To be able to understand that this channel needs to be pure, we need to make certain preparations upon our realm.. The highest will not come forward until we are certain all is in place. Is that understood.?

That we can understand fully………May I ask a question White Feather?

You may.. Will we be given our own guidelines for ourselves to follow down here? Because we all feel, that this is a fifty fifty venture, what ever you put in, we know we have to as well.

You are correct. I was about to say, you have all ready begun to do your preparations, whether you understand it or not.. Thank you.

All of you are aware on the alterations of the way which you are living your daily lives…Indeed we all are Yes.. all of you within this circle of love and light will come to understand that these preparations are essential, if.. you are to experience those highest beings from that realm of pure love.

Thank you.

Mr Music Maker?… (talking to Group member G) G: Yes?. We heard you this evening speaking about your diet. G: ThankYou.Proceed with it. I Will. Thank you.

Mr Healer? (Talking to Group Member R) R:, Yes? We also are aware of the connection you are gaining. Proceed with it. …

Mr Trance Man himself? (Talking to the other Trance Medium of the group who was controller for the evening). Laughter. Yes? We are also aware of All of your preparations. Pleased, proceeding as planned. Thank you very much.

Good lady.. (Talking to Group member A) hello..We are so pleased, your future, will change, your vibration will alter, the vibration needs to alter, for the good, we are pleased. Do not be afraid to step forward into the unknown, know that your future, like all of those within this circle is bound together, know that you can step forward in truth and love,…and as Mr Trance maker is always saying Trust is the key.

New comer?.(Talking to Group member K, The newest member).Your vibration sits well also, but much negativity needs still to clear, release it. Do you understand? Yes. Release it . Let it go. And that goes for All, do not look backwards, do not look to what has been. For you can not change what has been. But go forward with hope and vision, for it is through vision and hope and love that you will all transform. It is through vision and love the world will transform. You are but a small spec in the pool of knowledge that will abound upon the earth. But like more specs of light, like candles flickering in the wind.. As more of them are alighted, and an illuminate brighter they glow, until all darkness shall decease. All shall become light… your mission within this circle.. is to illuminate where there is darkness, to spread the truth, to change the way in which the world perceives. We on our side have many tasks to perform in order that this maybe so. We do not pretend that this task will be easy. For All within this room will have their dark moments. Doubts, ridicule, resentments… and Yes jealousies. Even with in this room. We on our side understand the human frailties. And failures of the heart and mind. You have to experience the human emotions.. For this is your journey upon this realm, to experience such emotion. ..But overcome it you shall. Step by step. It is good.

You May ask further questions.

Thank you. ..I have a series of questions if I may be allowed to ask them?

You May….. Proceed.

Thank you very much, the 1st question is, well to be honest, you have already answered this once. So I won’t even bother, but I will tell you what the question was. It was, what is the main goal of this circle? What can be achieved from this circle and as you have already said, it is to put light where there is dark. So I feel you have already answered that one.

Q 2. What is the most important factor needed for our circle to succeed?

Honesty… Honesty with each other. Thoughts, feelings truths, blendings of ones energies. Your terminology I believe …I dig deep within the vehicles mind.. is to Gel.

Yes we understand that. Thank you.

Q3. How often should we join together in our little circle?

You are doing what seems best at this time which is I believe once weekly. That is correct. Thank you very much. But however it will progress to more than once weekly for certain members. And I am assuming we will be instructed when the time is right for that event is to occur?

For I at present struggle with this vehicle. The blending of energies need more practice. You have done a mighty fine job though.

Hu Hu Hu (laughter) You would not say so if your saw the turmoil within. Maybe not, but from what we see and feel, we feel that good progress has been made already.

Hu Hu Hum.(laughter)

May I proceed with my questions?

You may, but first let me say I have wrestled with stronger buffalo. (laughter from all the group).Hu Hu Hu . (Laughter)

Q5 how do we know the information we are being given is correct and of the highest order. Please understand we do not mean to talk negatively, but as a group we wish only the highest and exactly.. the very best. Exactly. A very valid point. You may seek verification from the scriptures, from the meditations, from searching from deep within ones own mind as to which is truth and which is false, for all of do not do you not posses the gift of intuition. Do all of you not use this gift to one degree or another? Group yes we do. Then use it. Discern the truth. Thank you.

Q6, there are 9 of these by the way. What precautions must we under take by ourselves to ensure the safety of our chosen vehicle? As already stated we consider our vehicle’s safety of paramount importance.

We would ask you to repeat the question for we are having an inward battle.

The question was repeated.

We are happy with the precaution taken this evening. But more cleansing’s of ones own auras should be looked into. Do not associate with negativness, prior to sitting. Thank you. I have not finished. Sorry I’m jumping the gun.

Depending on the vehicle one would wish to tie them in the chair. Inwardly. (Laughter from the group).

You may proceed. Thank you.

Q 7 we feel that we need an opening prayer before our circle begins we ask. Brother, that. Brother yes? The one, which was said this evening, was adequate. Thank you very much. So long as there is love truth, healing with in each of your souls, as to the purity of thought and intention of the evening, we will instruct and alter when this needs to change. Thank you very much.

Proceed. Thank you. there an invocation or a mantra we should use, and if so when is this to be used?

Have I not just stated? Yes you have. We will instruct.

And last but not least. Is there any other advice that you can give us at this moment in time to help yourselves, ourselves, all man kind to gain the most benefit from the circle?

Small steps small steps, you are taking small steps, and we are well pleased with the steps taken so far. Do not run before you can walk. We have aimed an arrow, and it has fell in the correct place at each of your feet. It is up to you as individuals to take up the arrow and use it wisely…. We cannot determine how you live your lives. For you all have free will. But we would ask, that as individuals, your intent, your view on life be reviewed and looked at in a different light to what you have perhaps done so in the past. Think not of just yourselves, but act selflessly. Think of others and go forward. .. The Human race needs your love.. This little group of openhearted souls, eventually, we say eventually. Do not run, do not run. Will have its result. Will have its proof. Will bring that proof to the world as a whole.. How and when it will happen, you not know.

For if we were to tell you the truth in essence now, you would run in the forests and hide. (Laughter) So we say take up the arrow, aim it well, you are not just a hunter.. You are gathering all to you, all that is important at this time. Are you not gathering knowledge to your selves? We are. Are you not finding doors opening that you thought were closed? .. Stand firm, stand tall, aim straight, pull back your bow and let go. And know that where that arrow falls it is meant to be. You are all meant to be at that place at that moment in time. Fear not where it takes, but know deep within your own hearts the truth, feel it, embrace it. …. For the door to our realm are about to open. And with it glad tidings we bring. For the world at this moment needs the truth. All of you are experiencing what you are thinking is the truth. You perceive all of these things differently, each and every one of you perceive differently. We perceive things from the truths.

Thank you friend for allowing us to put the questions.

The Earth plane at this time altering, as you know. The threads that you weave now as we have stated before will be woven into a larger blanket. ..

This will envelope those who wish to embrace that truth and knowledge.. You will not embrace all my friends. For all will turn and take their eyes away from truths love and light. Many will wish to follow darker paths… This is why we in our realm find it a necessity to intervene and we use the word intervene lightly for we are not allowed to change free will of mankind. But we wish to help, to show him the error of thought and place him once again upon the paths of righteousness. This is no mean fete friends. This is serious business. You have all been chosen you all agreed to be chosen .Now is the time of your own truth where you stand tall and move one step forward into your own light. Do so with out fear friends, be not like our vehicle and shiver. ( referring to the medium )

Thank you White feather. We thank you for allowing our questions to be asked, and for the answers we have received. Can we continue?

You may.

May I ask that you can answer a question from any of the group members if they have any to give you?

You may, would you like to proceed? Who would like to speak first?

Group member R: I would like to speak first if I may.

Welcome brother, welcome Healer. (R is a Spiritual Healer)

R; thank you, its on that subject that my question originate. In the last few weeks a lot of my energy and my spiritual energy has been taken with my healing. And today Monday which is the meeting time of the group of course, I had three with this meeting, I had three such occasions, and it worried me that my energy would not be sufficient if this were to continue.

Have you heard over mind over matter brother? I have. Then use it. You have at your disposal a wealth of energy. Spirit would not deplete you of your own energy if you would but ask. Allow that energy to flow down within your own being. Open yourself as a clear channel, and ask my friend, and you shall receive. Thank you.

Something else bother? you friend speak?. No I think you have answered it clearly. The only thing that did worry me was that prior to Christmas in the break, was that my healing path would take me away from the group? I still feel, though not to such a large degree that this is so.

Brother have I not spoken and stated you pick up the arrow? Yes. Are you not in control of your own bow? Humm! Occasionally yes. Then aim it, and see where doth land. That’s pretty much what I do. Intuition friend, intuition. Use it wisely, use it well, it will not fail you. Thank you.

Who else would like to ask? …

Group member G: May I ask a question please? Mr music maker, yes, you may. Thank you.

I believe I am speaking on behalf of everyone in the group. We have began to notice the changes around us and the gifts from spirit and the opening of various gifts, such as seeing spirit with our own physical eyes. And the intuition as you said seems to be opening more. Now I know as speaking for myself I feel I am speaking for the rest of the group, with regarding seeing spirit. A lot of us here are quite apprehensive and a little bit frightened of it. Now is there any advice or guidance you could give us regarding this?

Hu Hu Hu ….Oh Ye of little faith. (The group laughed).

Hu Ho HO HO, ( laughter from White Feather)

Do You not sit, Music Maker with Spirit around you this evening? Use your eyes and see well, be not afraid. Use the gifts that are developing within your soul. Allow them to lead you, as I have said to my brother, you pick up the arrow. You either use it or you put the arrow back down. ..Thank you . Has that answered your question? Yes it has thank you very much.

Group member K: I have a question if I may ask? You may. I would like to know how to heighten our own vibrations. You need much work friend. You have been lapsidaisicle I think, as the vehicle would say. Yes. This was not always so. ..

You are like a river, you run still and deep. Be like the river friend, cleanse, you do know how to cleanse? Yes. To heighten one’s vibration one needs to cleanse ones aura, for you pick up much debris. It is like soot. Specs of soot from the campfire. You may think it glows vibrant and light but if the winds should change, do you not cough and splutter? (laughter from the group). Stand well back from the fire and you will not get burned. Hold out your hand to detect which way the wind blows friend and stand well back. Seriously friend, .. Within thine own mind, it is like…what can we describe it as?……. as oyster shell. Something soft delicious to eat. But one needs to prise it open before one can do so. We need to prise open your mind to allow the thoughts to come within that you are worthy to receive such knowledge, that you are worthy to be of a higher vibration. Cleanse from within as well as without to receive the higher vibration. Do you understand friend? I do and thank you.

Sister? (Speaking to Group member A) A: Hello. You said for me to higher my vibration I live in fear. I have a fear of opening and letting go. How can I end that fear?

We look deep within you sister. You are complex, and perplexed. You see many things of our realm. Your intuition is acute. Your biggest fear is of the fear of your own abilities. It is. Once you release that fear, and become whom you are meant to be. It is only the fear that holds you back. Allow yourself the gift you were given and with it all fear will disperse, and you will not disallow yourself the permission to receive what we have given from our side. For you need this gift for the group as a whole. For you will be able with your intuition to verify many things. If you fear it how will you verify it? Ok. Proceed with caution by all means, but release that fear, little by little until you feel comfortable with it.

Brother? (Speaking to the controller and other Trance medium)Controller: S: the only question that pops into my head at this moment in time is the room in which we sit in. How you told us to not bring any negativity with us. Would it be wise to not sit in the room until we are ready for the circle to commence? Just say one person set the room up and every one else stays out of it? Until we are ready to proceed?

This evening we need to do things in reverse. This evening the vehicle was out side the room. The vehicle needs to be inside of the room. You need to be out of it. Ok. Let the vehicle feel the energies of this room and settle, then do your drumming or singing. There is no right or wrong way to do things. Just what feels correct?

Could I ask another question please, concerning our vehicle that is chosen each week? Is it better to ask at this stage each and every week who is to sit? Or will instructions be given in the mean time. Through say meditation or other forms of communication?

We would say this. Have not things gone correct so far? Indeed yes

Then do not spoil when things going correct.(laughter)

…. I have a gift for each of you…. thank you. Thank you.

I have a great Bear for you Healer. R: thank you He stands tall at your shoulder. To guard and protect you. Thank you.

For the Music Maker, G: I give you the wind. For the wind sounds sweet in the breeze, and howls like a wolf. It can be gentle and powerful. The wind is your friend. Thank you.

HUMM. I am asking my self what do I give the newcomer? ….. I give you the Spring. Thank you. For in the Spring all things bud, sometimes the gentle flowers have to push their way thought the frozen earth. The hard shell. We would ask that you look within friend. And allow the buds to bloom within and push their way through the hard shell. Thank you. We give you the spring.

Sister, A: Hello. We give you an Owl. Thank you. You have been given an Owl before I believe. I have yes. We give you the Owl for it is your symbol of wisdom. And to see well in the dark. Look to the darkest places you do not wish to visit, and open your eyes.. Thank you. See well and you will sore. Thank you.

Brother? (directed to the controller): Yes . You have chosen all ready what we give to you, for you have it as your symbol already. ..Oh right I understand yes. Thank you. Remember that it is never on its own. It runs in a pack. Yes. But remember that its family is paramount. I fully understand that. Survival of the fittest comes by unity. Thank you very much. We give you one lone Wolf with one white sock. It holds its paw out in friendship. Thank you very much. It will guard and protect you well. I understand what this is for as well thank you. Thank you very much.

It is now time to leave.

Can we say thank you very much White Feather from all of us here, for coming to talk to us, to answering the questions, bringing forth your wisdom, your knowledge and your understanding its been a great evening. We hope to speak soon and be with you again. You are Welcome. We say thank you very much from each and every one of us here.

Peace and Love, and with you as well.

Hu hu hu ha, we laugh, for now the vehicle is calm, and now we are going to go.

Every one laughed. To the next time.

To the next time brother. Thank you.

Bless you. Blessing, blessing, blessing to you all. Thank you.

The trance lasted 70 minutes.


Beacons of Light.


This was channelled through me in my circle on 3rd January 2005…… Let me explain,  My guides had been urging me all day to sit for Trance. This was something I was not keen to do. As I felt I was not in control when in a trance state, so I was very reluctant. However upon discussing this with my group, I decided that I would see what would transpire.

This is a true transcript of the talk. I spoke in much deeper tones and with a slight accent.  The Italics are the words of the controller for the evening. .  This was after the Tsunami in Indonesia… Boxing Day.  


After some time I went into a trance and spoke the words you see below, my voice was deeper and had a different level of tone on the tape.

“Our vehicle is much troubled,———–we have much difficulty.—————patience.


Ah—-that is much better.’

“Good evening”,

Good evening’ said the group.

“All of your day we have tried to convince your friend, much trouble have we found. But it is necessary we come forward to speak with all of you this eventide.

Much is happening upon your Earth-plane at this moment in time. And as you will be aware much is happening on our side of life also.

Many troubled souls unexpectedly are on our side of life.

But all have agreed to play their parts in the scheme of the future of your planet.

For it is very important that your planet survives. If only the world could see lights as they shine from you, they shine like beacons out into the solar system, and we are much please with the light which comes from so many. But as with so many that shine the light so there are those who are in darkness, and when they are in darkness the world that they are in, the countries that they are in, the people that they mix with, also are enveloped in their darkness. We must bring all out into the light.


Long ago on your planet the one you called Lord Jesus came to your Earth-plane to spread the word of light. Thousands of years have now pasted from that time, and still you do not learn how the light is shed. For the light comes from within. The light comes from the mind of pure thought, of pure action, and pure deed. If only all of mankind would just realise the truth, that from every thought, from every deed, from every action, comes a reaction. And now the world is in the reaction!

To alter the plane of existence of this world many changes must happen. And not all of them are pleasant.

We come to your Earth-plane; we wish to add music, music to your soul, music to lighten the vibration that you exist in at this moment in time.

For if you only realized that also music helps to alter the vibration.

Music and lightness, there are many vibrational tones that are not of the lighter vibration. Many thoughts that are not of the vibration that brings the light. This is why Compassion needs to be upon the Earth-plane to alter the vibration. This is why Love needs to come back to the Earth-plane to alter vibration.

Many upon your Earth plane are shedding tears of sadness; many are coming together for the very first time, helping strangers. You should not be strangers, because all of you, ALL of you are brothers and sisters upon this Earth-plane; all are from the one true light.

You ask my friends what can you do? How can you help? You help in many ways by just being who you are, sending out your newfound light, your newfound truths. All of you can still help by adding still more light to the world, by sending those lights to those darkened places.

The power of prayer has never before been felt upon the Earth-plane as it is today, the power of prayer can move mountains, can build bridges, and can unite Nations, can bring about the peace this world so desires.

Add your light my friends, for you think you do little, but you do much.

Spread the word of light; be as the pebble in the pond, and spread out the love and the light out into the Earth-plane. Reach out to those in need, reach out to strangers, and reach out to those who you think are your enemies. For no one is your enemy, for those who you have conflict with come into your lives to allow you to bring about that peace to look within yourselves to add that light to the world, to learn the lessons you came here to learn, to bring about that compassion, to bring about the truth.


Our vehicle is growing weak. What we have to say is this to you my friends.

Around the globe this night are many beacons of light, there are many centres full of light, and they will grow with light. Do not be fearful my friends, we say to you we do not wish to predict the future patterns that will engulf the Earth-plane to alter its vibrations. But……Upon—–those—plates—- where the earthquakes will be.—————-

Our Master in Love and Light brings to you his greetings and his Blessings to you this night.

He —-adds—-his —-blessings —-to you all———-we bid you farewell.”

 “farewell friend and our blessings to you”.

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