Cross Roads of Faith.



I have come to that cross-roads once again in life when we have to hold onto that Faith that we are all within a huge Plan that is orchestrated by the Great Conductor of Life. As I trust that I am being led to that place where I am needed next.

Yesterday I went through my bookshelves and came across an old journal of mine dated back to 2004, I flicked through it today and it was as if I was guided by my unseen friends yet again to find that inner strength as I read the Automatic writing transcripts from way back then.

At that time I was obviously reading a Book called ‘Tomorrows God’ By Neale Donald Walsch and I had been searching then for answers and the channelled writing gave me some guidance..

So as I flicked through the pages today, I re- read what was written and I once again thanked my unseen friends for lifting me up once again to see the light in my self-made tunnel of disillusion with the World.

Here is part of it. Channelled back in July 2004.

It is no coincidence that your reading matter is of GOD and TOMORROW, Tomorrows god will change the views of many. You are an ambassador like many others, who in simple terms will change their own life’s plan in dramatic ways.
But not only will you start a chain reaction by connecting the thoughts you have but also by teachings others that through the ‘Power of Thought—Everything IS Possible.. You Can and Will move Mountains. The Tomorrows God teachers that you have to forget Yesterdays Gods ways of teachings that ‘Man’ has laid down.. But you will understand that you are All joined together in a common theme… To Love To Care- To be Kind and Compassionate- To Forgive- To Heal- To Help- To see that every action you do unto your brother- you do it to yourself.
Remember that every action has a reaction, and a consequence- This is like a ripple and will spread out and then come back to the source it started from.
Your energy that you give out whether Negative or Positive will eventually come back to the source, remember what goes around comes around, and so give out only that which you want to receive. For be sure as it goes around it gathers to it more of the same vibration and will return to the source 10 fold.
Remember what you give, so shall you receive.
We give you eternal love dear sister, and we will be with you in your new venture, and will demonstrate to you how you can give out more of the love vibration to others. Fear not tomorrow for the Tomorrow is the New Dawn.

The tides of Vibration are turning and you will flow with the tide of a sailing ship with sails slung high, your prow will be held high in the water, And your course is set to gather more of that love to set upon distant shores.

You do not give yourself enough credit in the Game Of Life – We see ALL – we know much – we shall be your navigators star in the night sky – we shall stay in the night sky to set your course by
Fear nothing—But be true to yourself and others, and you will see the changes as you will become as us. A Light—A Spark—A beacon that shines out in the dark sea, to guide others home. To guide them to Truth, To Guide them to Knowledge and to see where the ship lands anchor . Know that your journey is one of self discovery and in so doing you are helping others see the Light as well.
Your Brothers in Arms.

And so as I stand on the Cross roads of Life’s Game once again.. I set my course by Trusting in that Faith and Light that ALL is as it should be as I AM on that Road of Self discovery Yet again.


WaterColour Painting~Auragraphs~

These Water colour paintings are what I used to do as part of a reading for people.. How? Well I would link into the person, via my guides and I need know nothing about the person, only their name.. I would then paint an animal and the colours and the picture surrounding them I can then interpret as to their life’s path, and tell them about their journey so far with glimpses of what is on their horizon..
Most of these paintings  were given away, I just photo-copied them.. Some would take up to 20 hours of work, as I would pay attention to detail and then spend quite some time giving several pages of written information.. I would also  do many ‘Blind readings’ too… meaning I would go to Spiritual Centres and not know whom a pre- prepared painting was for… I would only know it was for a woman or man.. I would link into who it was for while I was giving my demonstrations  … Those in spirit  never let  me down.. and the information I was given, which I had also previously wrote down too, was always verified as I was directed to the right person who was meant to receive it. 
I now no longer do this kind of reading, as it takes up so much time… But I still demonstrate around various Spiritual Centres around our region .. giving talks and demonstrations of my Clairsentience.
You can find more painting on Art and Hobbies filed under the Sub page of Watercolour Paintings ~Auragraphs  I still have more yet to add, so keep looking..



© Sue Dreamwalker  2010 All rights reserved.

Thoughts,Energy, Prayer.

Below is a channelled communication via automatic writing in my journal of April 2006.

Tonight I have been driven to look in my archives as I felt I needed to find something out about the power of our thoughts and prayers to post.

So I have posted this communication and hope that its length does not put you off from reading and digesting it..



Thoughts Energy and Prayer 



“You have sat my dear friend and considered all those within your light circle of workers. To try to help facilitate the energy changes within your little room


We have for the most part looked upon your band of workers with much joy in our hearts at the progress each of you have made.


We will continue to give you our energies to support you in your endeavours. However our dear sister we suggested did we not that you join a band of prayer.

A combined thought around your globe at this time is most important. As if many are collectively sending out similar thought vibrations it aids us greatly in our sphere of life. As we then can use the energy in a more powerful force to direct it to the places that are in much need at this time.


If you can imagine that the earth is liken to a large ball with lines running horizontally and vertically around its circumference. We can send the energy along these lines.


In your history the ancients who knew how to use the power of thought. Used the grid around your earth plane with great effect. The energy was used not just to transport thoughts in their vibration. But the grid was also used to transport matter.

The ancients had knowledge that could transform what you perceive as solid matter into the ether and it would reform again into matter at a designated point within the grid.

Theses portals are still evident today. What is not evident is the power that could transform and activate these portals.


Your scientists have now been learning and discovering Quantum Physics. They are confirming that all life is a vibration. You as humans vibrate at a certain frequency. Your scientific instruments have not yet accurately measured this. But your scientists now have to acknowledge facts that cannot now be denied. That is first life is not static it is kinetic. This means it moves around.

And second is that all things, whether your terminology says it has life or not. Have within it the same components of energy.


When you sit with in your circle my friend. Do you not ask your students to link into each other’s energy?

Which bit of energy do you think you are linking into?

If you are giving a ‘reading’ for each other. You say you are asking your guide for your intuitive feelings and thoughts.


We on this side are helping and giving of our energies, you are learning to link into what you term the spirit world.

Where is the spirit world’?

We say the spirit world is all around you. Not in some separate place.

We come back to the vibration of which your scientists are realising is in all matter.

You your selves have said. Objects resonate at different vibration rates. Wood at one rate, metal at another, humans at another, water at another and so it goes on.

We in the spirit realm as your term it, resonates all around you as yet another frequency rate.

You have said in your philosophies that the space between the molecules that are vibrating around each other is energy. This energy, this pulse of life within everything. Is what holds all matter together? What do you suppose hold the planets in alignment?


Why do you think objects hold the energy vibration that you get your psychometry readings from?

It cannot be that the fingerprints of just touching the object leave a trace of you on the surface. No the energies that is within you transfers to the energies within the object. The energies surround you from within and without.

Do you not get told to ‘look with in to find your true self’? Look to find your energy within. Cleanse it and share it.

The ancients knew how to use this energy within. They learnt how to control it and manipulate it.  They lived far longer lives that you do today, despite all what you feel in the terms of your perceived progression in the medical field. They also knew about the energy within all things. This knowledge was used in conjuncture with objects you believe are lifeless.

But nothing is lifeless. For all is created with energy, all contain energy, energy is a living pulse however minuet.

You have found out as humans just how powerful that minuet energy can be. For you know how minuet the Atom is. And yet your scientists have proved to your records in your history, how powerful the mighty Atom can be.


Our transmissions are aimed at teaching you to use energy. To be aware of each other’s energy and the vibrations each of you are sending out into the ether.

So we ask you to play with your energies and see if you can perceive of each other the vibrations each of you gives out. We know sister that this has been on your mind in recent weeks.


In the future, your scientists will discover that the energy vibration within each of you is the cause of all ill-health. Your knowledge is now discerning that the chakras are key energy centres within the human body. And that thought plays a key role is aligning or distorting energy patterns that flow within your own personal grid system.

New healing energy medicine will start to play a major part in healing the ‘whole’ self.

Every action as you know has a reaction. Every ‘cause’ has an ‘effect’.

Every thought has its part to play. Not only within your ‘own self’ but also with the ‘whole self’. The ‘whole’ being the whole world. For if we have established that energy resides and vibrates with in all things.  Your thoughts also reside within all things.

What are your indicators that your body as a whole is not well?

You say that you have ‘no energy’ you feel lethargic. This is the first indicator that your alignment of energy is out of balance. You may feel depressed. Let us look at the word de-pressed. What is in fact happening is that your energy field is not flowing correctly. Your chakras are not spinning at the correct frequency of vibration, causing a block in energy. Causing a de-pressed feeling within the brain. People in these first stages seek advice from their physicians, because they know instinctively that they are not ‘feeling them selves’. They are picking up the signals that they are losing energy. At this stage medical tests prove nothing is wrong. You our sister have knowledge that affirms the facts that electromagnetic devises such as high voltage electricity pylons give of pulses of energy that interfere with the balance of those living with in their radius. Resulting in batches of leukaemia and cancers. The energy alignment interfering with the growth of your very cell structure.

You will along with many others, will learn from intuitive means to diagnose blocks in energy patterns and alleviate the blocks by releasing energy within individuals as well as communities, where prayer can help reconstruct the grid to a more positive phase.


You our sister have read about the power of thought. The way in which the structure of frozen water reacts to thoughts of negative or positive.

Can you now not see why thought interacts in the way it does around your globe.

That is why we ask you to join a prayer circle.

We say that you will be guided to use your prayers to help channel the much-needed energy changes require to help facilitate the earth changes at this time in the earth’s transformation period.

We have mentioned before the countries that the energy lines are touching that requires your thoughts.

We ask you to look at your globe maps and see where the grid circles the places we have aforementioned.


We leave you now as we I feel given you and your group ‘food for thought’..Our blessings to you little one.

We bid you love and harmony in all things.”

Dreamwalker and Friends from Spirit.

The Karmic Wheel.



Have any of you been saying that ‘TIME’ seems to be flying even faster these days?

Have you also noticed too that what goes around also seems to come around faster also?

Well I was searching through some of my journals and came across this automatic writing which was written in 2006 on the subject of Karma.

This came a few days after I had been in a Trance session and no one really understood what our Spirit communicator had meant by the term the ‘Wheel is Full’..

In this writing it was explained.




29th Sept 2006


…….Welcome sister of light and we bring you more light to shine within your world.

Firstly we speak of something that has been troubling you. And that is about the wheel of Karma—you spoke our collective words in our last communication.( This was referring to my Trance Communications) But your energies were not refined enough for a prolonged discussion. But this will be rectified in future sittings.

(Within that communication they spoke of the Wheel being Full..In this writing they spoke more in detail of what they meant by that)

We speak of the wheel of Karma thus. All mankind has to atone for his thoughts and deeds. There is a need to address the rights and wrongs doings of man’s actions. This you call Karma, where the balance is addressed. Where by you put right a wrong, or you help others achieve their designed plan.

What was meant by the term the Wheel is full was this,


Mans Karma—is like glue. – And the vibrational fields surrounding them are thick and dense.

Mans Karma would have taken perhaps many life times, or several at least to atone and balance the right and wrong.

Many of you are now experiencing what you term, instant Karma—where you say you are paying back debts within this one life time.

[Has anyone noted how Time seems to have speeded Up?]

This is what is meant, when it was stated and the Wheel has stopped.

For the backlog of debts needed to be moved faster—in order for Karmic debts to be re-balanced.

 For the load upon the wheel was great.

For not all life times fully adhere to their plan and make more karmic debts along the way- increasing still further the load upon the wheel.

Do you follow us so far?

To stop the wheel, means you get to look at the debts in greater detail, and choose to repay them sooner.

The vibrational fields are increasing in there frequencies- and resonate at higher faster light particles than previously.

This is in preparation for the vibration change within the planet Earths magnetic and electronic frequency grids, and patterns of sound you are as yet unfamiliar with.

The Wheel of Karma is speeding its vibration, and what needs to stop is not the wheel itself, but the collection of Karmic debts.

This is why karma is now being re-paid much quicker, in order for the load upon the wheel to lighten.

Do you follow this?

For the weight of negative karma is also upsetting the balance of the wheel.

And the weight of good against evil needs to balance.

 But if all coming to the wheel is more negative than positive, it needs to stop and re-adjust or the wheel itself will tilt.

We use the wheel as a means in which to explain. But the complexities are beyond you comprehension.

 But we need you to understand that is also why we need to focus upon bringing the light to the Earth.

 To balance and keep the wheel equal and try to lighten the load it carries.

 For the negative vibrations are tipping the scales. And if it tips in the wrong direction then

Chaos will reign.

You see not the web of light and dark that weaves around and about your planet and solar system.

We stated, you are the fibres. The fibres are flimsy and weak when standing alone.

But when gathered together they are joined and united in one direction. They become strong and secure, and can be used in many different ways.


We used the analogy of the blanket as an example of the way in which if all are joined and weaved together as one, you can protect the very earth you inhabit.

Little sister we ask you to keep trusting our communications, we know your doubts. But doubt not you are communicating with spirit who wishes only to serve.

We leave you little one and allow you to get your rest, we hope that this has cleared up your doubts and questions within your own mind.

Your Brothers…..



Our Train Of Thoughts


 Responsibility For  Our Train of Thought!

All of us have our low moments as well as high ones.

In my journal I read back how low I had been feeling, and so I had taken myself off for a walk in the woods.. Trees have a wonderful Healing energy and I often would go and sit with my back towards a tree and as the trees to help heal my hurts and Meditate talking within my mind to my unseen Spirit friends. That evening I sat once again with pen in hand and called upon my Spirit friends for some answers.

 MAY 2006-05-04



Dear spirit friends, thank you all for the healing. I know I have been receiving some over the past few days.

Today I walked out in nature in the woods. It was very tranquil. And I was able to walk for what seemed miles. I know my strength is returning to me.

Thank you for listening I know you are always at my side. And this I am truly grateful.


“Welcome to you, we bring felicitations to you this eventide.

What do you wish to know this night our little sister of new light? And we say that, as your light has grown since our last communication. The earth’s nature has agreed with you little one.

Shall we begin; the past communication with your self was to ask you to be strong and to continue with your daily meditations was it not? You have fell a little short of that, but have none the less shaken some of the negative vibration from around your field of energy. We can now see your light literally.

Tonight we wish to talk about your well know principal and that is the one of personal responsibility.

Many upon your plane of existence think that once they have put out a thought that is the end to it. We say to you that is far from the end of it.

In fact the simple act of sending out a thought is literally the beginning of it.

To create a thought requires your mind to collectively pull energy together. You jumble it around for a mille second and then a thought is created. Within that mille second you decide whether to continue with that thought or discard it. When you decide to continue with that thought it becomes a train of thought. You add to it like the carriages of your vehicles of transportation you call trains. Do not your trains travel from destination point to another destination point?



Well that is what happens to your thought. And the stronger that thought the faster it will travel. Because you have put more energy behind that thought.

You are following us so far?




Good. Now personal responsibility starts not just from your actions. But also from your thoughts. The very instant you create the thought it’s your responsibility.

We say to you it is very important to be clear about your thoughts. For like most of your train journeys, your train comes back to the starting point does it not? Ready to set out again upon its next journey. So too do your thoughts return to you. Not right away we might say. For like your trains, they make many stops upon their journey along the way. And like your trains they pick up passengers who want to go to the same destinations, and some passengers disembark when they have completed their journey do they not?

So too your thoughts are attracted to energies or destinations of similar form. Some are neutralized and disembark at the appropriate stations, while other stay on for a longer journey or ‘ride’.

If the thought is particularity powerful with a great deal of energy behind it. It is like your ‘bullet trains, that speeds off to its destination making very few stops. Because that thought is directed and knows where it is going.

If the thought is mundane and is of a weak energy, and it knows not where it is travelling. It disembarks at the nearest familiar station so as it doesn’t get lost, and mixes with thoughts of a similar vibration so it feels at home. At these stations these thoughts band together for comfort, until they feel stronger, and wait until a train of thought similar to their own comes along. And Presto, ‘all aboard’ and onward they travel once more, travelling the track until they come back to their starting point, once again.

You our sister have been fuelling the thoughts; you have been sat at your various stations of thought, waiting for a train to come along. And because you have been weakened, the stronger thoughts have jumped of at your station and banded around you. Escalating your train of thought to grow and grow. And they have travelled back along the track, to pull up in your home station. Where they have all pushed and pulled to make them selves heard.

And like most times when you are thronged and find yourself-surrounded by noise and disturbance. You retreat, and want to escape and find a quiet corner away from the milling crowd, so you can collect together a fresh set of thoughts. Do you not?


This is what has happened to you our sister. And all would have been avoidable, had you not checked your thoughts in the first instance, and not set them upon your train journey.

You our little one are responsible for your thoughts, and the direction they are given. If you allow your thoughts to travel with such speed, haven given them much energy, you would do well to send them to the brightest of destination, for the destiny of thought returns tenfold back, as it is picking up passengers along route!.

Make sure little one you are responsible and send them out with a return ticket! For you want to return home safely! With no unexpected delays or detours enroot.

We smile and now leave you with our thoughts. And know that they have reached their destination. We trust you will endeavour to be more responsible on your future travels. And allow the correct destiny to travel back home to you.

We leave you now as here ends the lesson for this evening.

God walks with you. And allow your light to grow, for although your trains travel upon their tracks. They still have illumination with in them. Farewell little one.

We your brethren say happy travelling!”



Love Thy Self


Before I post my writings I will just give you a little background information. And this is not easy to share, But maybe then when you have read the writing I was given, you will understand what was being said to me in this writing from across the divide.

For 10 years prior to my Mother’s passing, she did not speak to me, this all started as a quarrel over my daughter. Despite constant attempts within the first year, a nervous breakdown and counselling I gave up, because the only person I was hurting was me, her rejection had cut me deep.

This however wasn’t the first rejection, for at the age of 18 she had sent me packing, as I argued over the right to have decent  Snap-‘lunch’ packed for my lunch box, as I tipped up nearly all my wages and worked 40hrs a week in a factory. And virtually looked after my younger brother and three younger sisters, getting them ready for school while Mum lay in bed.

My boyfriend now Husband took me to stay with my Aunty for 3 weeks and then  I ate humble pie and went home… So Mother and Daughter relationship was never that close, but when Mum did give affection I would lap it up.

This next piece of writing is when I was asking Spirit for guidance as to what to say in a speech I was going to give at one of my demonstrations of clairvoyance, as the day was a Sunday and it was Mothering Sunday, and All would be expecting me to at least touch on the subject.

25th March 06.


Hello again to those out there in the land of spirit.


Welcome to you once again. How may we assist you? For we know you have a question to put forward.


Yes well I have, but it’s as though I am going over the same ground once more. As I am giving a demonstration tomorrow with in a Spiritual Centre. And I am doing philosophy. And the date tomorrow celebrates Mothers Day.

Now you know the relationship I have had with my mum. So as a friend said. It’s hard to not bring one’s own even though unintentional prejudices forward.


When ever have you been stuck for words on your philosophy talks at your services.? We say never. You may have wandered a little in subject matter on occasion. But the theme has been overall complete has it not?

What we wish to say to you is this. Touch upon the subject of love yes love.

For love have many forms.

Understand that all are loved, whether they are in your ego’s eyes, criminal, evil, jealous, greedy, or the like.

All in Gods eyes are perfect.

Now this you find hard to except. We see your brain kicking into its thought pattern.

But wait and hear what we have to say upon the subject. For I see another lesson developing for you to take and ponder.,

All have come from God, the source of unconditional love. God has allowed, but allowed is not the correct word for in saying that God allows implies that he disallows also and that is not the case.

You have chosen to live separate from God, and experience all that there is. You see your selves as separate. And yet you can never be separate, for you are God.

And God is every thing and in every thing.

‘And God so loved the world he gave his only son.’ So that they could see the error of his ways.

Now we say this.

Jesus came to the earth to show mankind that he should love. ‘Love thy neighbour as thyself’

He taught that as he could create miracles, so can mankind also shall go forth and do the same.

‘By the power vested in me.’

You all have the same power. You hold the same key to unlock the Devine wisdom and power within all of you.

You have but forgot. And in forgetting. You build walls; you put limits upon your miracles. You do not believe you are worthy of such miracles.

But we say this. All are God. As God, all are capable of such fetes of miracles.

Love is natural, and love has to come from within .

You cannot measure love.

But it comes in many forms.


You have your physical love.

You have the love for a child,

The love of a Mother and Father.

You have the love of the animals, your pets.

You have the love of your hobbies,

You have the love of Nature of Mother Earth.

You have love in all these different themes.

Tell me this.

How do you explain the feeling of love?


It’s a feeling inside of you that overwhelms you or makes you feel good inside.


Exactly, Inside. In side of me is love. In side of everyone is love. Inside the criminal there is love, in side of those who you label as evil there is love. In side of every one is Love.

It just doesn’t always show on the outside.

You have learnt to send your own mother love.

You send her a kind thought and a pitying thought. For she finds it hard to show her love. This does not means however that she loves you any the less.

Again the ego takes control. For the ego wants to take control. To feel important, to help them cope with guilt and their feelings.

The ego will blame and resent and finely tune the mind to trick it into believing they are right and every one else is wrong.

In some respects you too have been like this. With many situations with in your life.

‘Those with out sin cast the first stone?’

All have come to your plane of existence to experience love. And the emotions of life and its illusions.

You create your own pain, and you create your own happiness.

For all are states of mind.

You chose to Love, you chose to feel the emotions, of jealousy rage anger hatred, Joy happiness peace.

This is why we have said before. Know thy self; to thy own self be true.

This is why it is important to Love thyself.

For the emotions that you will find reflected back at you are very often the emotions and difficulties that you your self have problems releasing or dealing with. That is why they reoccur again and again.

Trust little one that you are loved. And that we love you.

Love thy self. See the qualities with in and believe in them. For we know that your path is strewn with love for others. That is not the problem. Learn to look within and love yourself.

For then you can truly Love.

It matters not what you think if others love you or not, for you will have within your soul love everlasting that knows no bounds. And you will rejoice.

We leave you in love

We bathe you in that light and fear not for your philosophy will be loved.

Your Brothers in Love.

xxx Dreamwalker xxx


Gaia—– The Earth Changes..


Tonight I have been once again re-reading back through some of my automatic writings that I typed up last year.. I have still many more that need transferring to my Pc from my journals..

As I read this piece once again, this was transcribed on October 28th 2006. It occurred to me that what was said, has since come to pass.. and/or is still in the process!

Below are some of the excerpts from the transcript.. and further below still is the Communication in Full.



“The first wave has begun. A cleansing, a baptism of fire,” This I thought back to the fires that swept the USA and other parts of the world..

“Followed by storms”,How many storms of more powerful magnitude do we now get. The Tornados the Hurricanes and the Cyclones… Burma came into my mind..

A stirring deep within the core, and a bleeding of hearts, shall pour forth and shake all to dust. China so fresh in my own bleeding heart I thought of instantly.

“Gaia shall then reform and after clearing her throat, shall drink of the waters, drowning her sorrows. But emerging a new virgin land. For the Light to shine forth and blend once again in All things. For ALL for each to be as one”. Is this yet to come I ask my self…  as the waters rise, the Poles Melt?.. Or could it be a Flood that we could not envisage?

I will leave you my friends to Ponder… But this is what I received it is unaltered except for punctuation and paragraphs as the writing came all joined together..

This I received on the date below.



I welcome those from the world of light, as I sit and await your communication from the realm of spirit.


We welcome you again amid the clutter of your thoughts.

Your desires and wishes are at this time beginning to materialise much quicker, have you not been aware of that?

We ask that your thoughts be monitored for the frequency of the energy waves of thought are magnified 10 fold at this time.

Many times we speak of Earth changes and we say you are aware of them. But in discussion amongst ourselves, you know very little, only that change is upon you, and your planet.


Throughout your Earths History the world as know it has gone through many changes. This is no different within the evolution of the Earth.

However the difference comes because at this point in time the Earth’s evolution, mankind is also at the point in the Earth’s evolution.

Mankind is also at a point of change within his/her evolution. And like all humans—when confronted with change, it creates fear. For fear of the unknown change leads one to be fearful, afraid of the unknown.


As a child within the human form—you are, if you are born within your civilised society, protected and nurtured. Fed and clothed. Sheltered and schooled are you not?

 Feeling the umbrella of Love and comfort of family surrounding you at most times.

Only a minority of humans are left to fend and defend themselves in childhood.

It is accepted that as a human—children need that protection and love, to help their development.

And for centuries now as humans, you accept and have become accustomed to your way of life. You have adapted to the modern developments that are labour saving and assist in your living life at a faster pace. This includes your method of travelling, to your communication with each other across the vast distance, and your technological developments.

You have become wrapped up in these processes, moving forward in your technology, but stagnating on the whole, in regards on not developing on the spiritual.

You have as a race—become to regard your possessions as your priorities. Your possessions have taken president over Life.


Your regard for Life as expendable, to gain Property. You take Life, for Control, you abuse Life, for Power. This you do not only to yourselves as a species of the human race, but you destroy the Life of your co-habitants; That of your animals with out whom yourselves or the earth need to exist.

For the earth to be balanced needs the flora and the fauna in order to flourish.

As a species, you were meant to progress. You were allowed free will. But in the process you have forgot the nature of the experiment upon the Earth plane.

You have forgotten who you are, from whence you came, and where you are going.


More are awakening, more are remembering, and saying I Am, I Am All that there is. I Am a Devine being, I Am Eternal. More are recognising who they are, whence they have originated from, and to where they will return.

And that Light permeates All things.

The stages of evolution once again are set. Mankind will be witness to this next stage. For many this stage will be Transition, for others Transformation, for others it will be Travesty.

The earth changes have begun. And for many it will be the end. But for those who are awakened and truly embrace who they are, and say I Am, and know beyond doubt, I Am All. They shall receive the Light of God in ALL things.


Be not fearful of the Earth’s changes, be not the Child. But behold, bear witness, that you little sister will help spread the Light. Do not doubt your part, have we not stated previously. We gather our warriors of Light to do battle with the negative?


The first wave has begun. A cleansing, a baptism of fire, followed by storms, A stirring deep within the core, and a bleeding of hearts, shall pour forth and shake all to dust.

Gaia  shall then reform and after clearing her throat, shall drink of the waters, drowning her sorrows. But emerging a new virgin land. For the Light to shine forth and blend once again in All things. For ALL for each to be as one.


And  so it is.



A Special Communicator.

None was more surprised than I, when I realised who this communicator was. I have posted it for its message is clear..  As those from the Ethers are sending their vibrations of Light into the Negative spots around or globe..

October 18th 2006.

Upon waking up I felt very refreshed, unusual for me, as I can still wake feeling drained. I thought I needed to continue doing some clearing exercises, so went to town on my aura clearing for half an hour. At the back of my mind all the while was the thought I need to write. So I started by writing these words..


 I wanted to start our communication again last night, but decided upon some sleep as I was tied. So I’m here first thing, this morning if you wish to add anything from yesterday? The pen then as usuall started its journey across the page.


“Welcome child of Eternity, you have another who wishes to speak to you at this time. Because you have cleared your energies they are now awaiting in the outer realms to draw close. Are you ready to receive their vibration?”


The above writing was like I have had before not the usual link. As the writing was more scrawled and each letter and words were all joined together with out a break in them.


I wrote,

Yes thank you I am honoured.


“It is I El Morya,”


Good morning, I’m honoured.


“Honour matters not, to honour myself. But to honour one another is very important. For to honour the life you have been given, you honour the pledge you make to your own soul.

            For at a soul level you came to this plane to assist the progress of the planetary system and allow the necessary changes to take place, by par taking in those changes.

            Gather together your thoughts, and clear your mind of impurities. We upon our realm are sending the needed frequencies to dilute the build up of negativity. But our problem arises as you all have been given free will. And that must not be interfered with. However the waves of light are helping bring positive changes even though not apparent to you at this time.

I El Morya along with others, who have been assigned the task of bringing knowledge and Truth to your plane, will endeavour to open up the portals of communication with the astral plane.

WHERE THESE PORTAL OPEN, WE ALSO SEND TO EARTH NOT ONLY knowledge, but we are able to alter and transmute energy. Therefore changing the frequencies of the build up of what you term negative pockets of energy.

We say transform or transmute, because in truth your negativity is still prevalent.  But the Light particles as such will transmute it into higher frequency.

            To use a term you upon your earth can visualise, we give you this analogy.


We give you a piece of black cloth. And upon it we put it within a form of liquid. The cloth is then soaked within a bowl. The liquid is the energy surrounding all. A part of the cloth is then impregnated with a drop of your detergent, bleach (light). The black cloth then becomes white where the source of the bleach touches it.

But the cloth is still the cloth is it not?

The colour of the cloth has disappeared, but is still within the water / energy surrounding the cloth. And so too is the detergent bleach is still within the water. The rest of the black cloth may eventually turn a little lighter shade of grey.

            You follow our meaning?

We could not upon our realm pour in the whole bottle of bleach. For this would eventually rot the cloth. For too much of either vibration at this stage would cause the ruin of the cloth—your Earth. The balance is required at all times.

            We would ask that all cleanse their cloth regular, and then await the pouring of knowledge from within. For we can work only with those whose frequencies are suitable.


The Dawn is breaking, you will pour out our message.

And Bring Calm Before The Storm that is about to break, in the changes ahead on your planet.


This is El Morya.”


Thank you El Morya, for bringing this message.



* Note the capital letter was not deliberate but I have left, as that is how it came when typing up.( Back in 2006)..

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