Golden Paths~ Taking Time To BE…

Golden Paths

Hello my friends, So what has been happening in Dreamwalker’s World..   Well I have been surrendering to the higher power and those intuitive feelings we are all a part of..

I am seeing many of my WP friends who are also embracing their intuitive feelings as they too step back to go within their own space to BE.. 

For me I am no longer feeling the urge to be communicating here as often..  Why is that?… I am uncertain.. Whether it’s the changes within me, or the collective needs to regain its balance..I am not questioning it… I am just following the flow of my own compass, concentrating upon my Inner Being… I am playing my part in finding my own inner balance.. After all, the only thing is this world I can change is ME. 

Maybe if we all of us took responsibility and went within, followed our Heart’s calling other that what we think others expect of us, and spoke our own truth rather than what we think others need to hear. Maybe our paths would be less complicated as we make detours in others expectations of us. We often  seek approval of others rather than approving of ourselves, and I know from my own journey in peeling back the layers we come to a whole new level of self awareness when we finally acknowledge, we are perfect as we are..   

So I am following my own intuitive changes in living in the moment of my own flow..Which may mean I spend weeks in silence away from the internet, and at other times I plunge back in with enthusiasm ready to share my experience and knowledge..

Tuning out of the world wide web doesn’t mean I am not aware of what is happening in our world.. But it means I am no longer allowing my energy to be taken.. Being an empathic Being I can share my compassion and my concerns, but how am I helping the whole if I allow that to drag my energy into the negative frequencies being projected..

I am trusting my own inner being as  I simplify the changes to just Be within my own creative space 

We are all responsible in this world, to find our own way, our own balance and seek out our own truth.Within each of us we have a huge responsibility in following our hearts, to promote the beauty within and the beauty of the world..  And not promoting the negativity and fear.. The choice is always ours. 

So I have been reconnecting in the NOW of the moment within my creativity activities and when we change our perception and our way of life, we enhance that joy within. Attracting those around with the same frequency..  What we focus upon is what we create..

We all are here right now for a  purpose, it may not mean we can all remember what that purpose is, but if we all embrace our level of awareness in that we are all worthy, we all have a mission to play in awakening each other.

More of us can feel that time is getting closer and closer. And we need to unite our hearts in that harmony of  sharing and caring for each other..

Here in the UK we have had so much rain in the last few weeks rivers are flooding and whole villages have been flooded under rivers that have broken their banks..  Many area’s both near here and further away have had properties flooded.  One thing that stood out among these communities was how everyone pulled together in the face of these disasters  and how they helped each other out.. Isn’t it sad that it takes us to experience a disaster before we pull together to get on, learning the names of our neighbours before we pull together…

But dear friends, this is what our Mother is showing us, she is shedding tears as we have abandoned her and nature as we have swapped our priorities in protecting nature to protecting our ‘Things’. She is showing us we all of us need to co-operate both with Nature and each other.. Things are Temporary… But we are eternal and we have come here to remember who we are on our final leg of our journey.  

And sometimes we we are being shown that we all need to step back in our hearts… and trust… I am just following the Magic of Being..  As I step back into my heart to BE…  

A poem I wrote When ‘Magic begins to Happen’


Magic begins to happen without a sound,

When you walk barefoot in nature upon the ground

Connecting back to mother from whom we have been lost

You then begin to see and count the cost


Of how each generation has lost its way

As you sit beneath the trees golden canopy

The Silence becomes your friend, the only music from the birds

With the occasional swishing as the branches are disturbed


While below the Golden Carpet is lifted from the floor

As the Enthral swirls the leaves, as it dances through the door

A Portal of unseen worlds that exist within our dust

We are ONE, and cannot separate, for in the source I trust.


Watching the whirling circle, as the invisible energies dance

I’m here at this time to witness, and nothing is left by chance

The Voice inside my heart, speaks loudly to my head

The Magic has never been lost, its only fear that made it dead


Each if us are Magical, supreme, creator sprites

Suppressed into submission of forgetting all our Light

Our Mother is calling us, as her tears land upon our shores

For us to remember our roots as we all confront our sores


The wounds now need to heal as we unite in times of need

It’s time to come together, by planting caring seeds

Divided we shall fall, united we will stand,

It’s time we come together, in love across our lands..


Written 13th November 2019..

© Sue Dreamwalker

Much Love To You All 




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