Transforming To The Next Stage in Our Evolution.

We all are a bridge into the Unknown.

I cannot believe its nearly a month since I last did a post and tuned into my WordPress site. This has to be the longest ever absence since I transferred my whole blog here nine years ago.

For those of you who have had comments pending, I thank you for your patience and thank all of you for your loyal follows, comments and encouragement.

So why did I feel the need to disappear and close the door?

I just needed to quiet my mind, de-clutter from the chaotic chatter of the world and focus on my own energy management within my own being.  And this sometimes calls us to step away and turn off from all of the out-worldly distractions.

Shutting One Door, allows us to walk through others

Weeks prior to my last post, I had felt the urge to disconnect from all types of media and just re-align myself back into my own sanctuary bubble of solitude.   As most of my regular friends here know, I follow my inner gut and heart, so I focused more on just being creative. I used this time to complete several craft projects where my mind was totally immersed on the projects in hand, with no outward distraction.   

Since doing so have felt a huge shift and transformation process taking place as I digested information previously absorbed that I had gathered through years of research and ‘knowing’. So, when new information came into my orbit that I needed my head to get to grips with. I stripped back the information and rebuilt all that I had come to understand over the years and I have come out the other side more knowledgeable than before for now I can see a clearer ‘Bigger Picture’ of who I am and why we are on this journey. And just how important we all are right now in making our choices as we endeavour to help Gaia and ourselves transform through these frequency changes, we are all experiencing.  

(So what is this information? You just wouldn’t believe me if I told you, so suffice to say, we all come across the pieces we need when we are ready. We store it away, shelving that which we at the time cannot absorb or comprehend. But sooner or later we dig that little deeper and this final piece made all the rest make perfect sense. We all of us wake up in our own time via our own trigger mechanisms, nothing is  ever by chance.)

Flower of Life Chest ~All Knowledge lies within~

Stepping back and becoming the observer rather than being the pawn whose energy was being manipulated and sucked via the structure of the media of this world has allowed me to see just how deep our programming within this matrix really is.

And by stepping away its also shown me how important a role we are all playing and its also shown me just how easily we are being programmed by the systems in place that aim to divide us with their labels and side taking.  

You know, when we wake up to this reality and understand its nothing at all like we have been taught, it doesn’t mean we instantly have that enlightened experience and know all the answers. Far from it, I have found the more I learn over the years, the more I question as I dig deeper to discover the truth. Discerning the truth from disinformation at times may also lead you even further down the rabbit hole.

But I am in inquisitive rabbit, and I like to have information verified from several sources before I believe, and even then, I have to go to my own inner compass to digest and feel within my heart what is truth.

 And here is the key, the key is in our hearts. So many people right now are going through their own energetic shifts, as turmoil and confusion arise to surround them. But this is all part of the clearing process as patterns which we have carried throughout our ancestral history is at last being given the chance to be cleared away that no longer serve us.

And what became very clear to me is just how our thoughts are being manipulated and divided right now, as our opinions are being targeted into taking sides that are generated to cause conflict. Be it from the political arenas of the world, to the subject of climate change, it all has one aim… And that aim is to lower your vibration.  To make you feel helpless, and doomed. As the Darker side of this Matrix fight to keep us held within this Third Density frequency of the ‘material plane’.

But we are far from being doomed, we dear friends are Light-workers, and many I know who visit and read here, are on this same journey with me. We have all struggled on an emotional level and have had to clear out and let go of many aspects of ourselves as we have pulled ourselves up out of the negative pits of depression that have threatened to drag us under. But we rose up as we opened our hearts to ourselves and others.

 And we are now ready for that next stage within our evolution. I feel it, don’t you?

Understanding this as we shed that which we no longer need, we allow room for growth as we shift our perception. And the world is now shifting its awareness and beginning to wake up too, as these old systems of government and the old programming that have held us in the same old ruts.  People are beginning to see through them and its important that we also understand it’s all about OUR choices.

New information is now coming to the surface because we are ready to listen, because we are waking up to the disinformation of these old systems that we are seeing crumbling before our eyes. And once you become aware, you also see the humour of it all, as people jostle and battle for power and control as they hang onto their egotistical energy. 

Our reality is that which we have created, so nothing comes into our sphere of existence without us first allowing it within our creative minds. And again, I speak here of the manipulation of our mind and the controlling systems which have programmed us with its constant violence which we amplify by giving it our attention.  

That which we place our attention into we manifest it into being

That is why its so important to stay within your hearts space and reconnect with your heart chakra and send love into the world and so important to love and respect yourselves.  

We are all of us holding the Magic Key, its held within our hearts

We are not just ordinary people; we are extraordinary in that we hold so much power within our minds if we would only learn to channel it in a positive direction, through our hearts, in love and respect to all on this planet.

So, whatever is going on within your personal world dear friends, know you are far from alone and you have the greatest tools available, and that is your mind and your choices and your intention.

What we each choose to give our attention to, is what we create.

So, I just ask you take a deeper look into your own rabbit hole and see just what sort of magic it is you are creating.

Are you creating Light or Shade?

Are you creating Peace and Calm, Love and Balance?

 Or is it Conflict, Confusion and Judgement?

Remember the Choice is Ours!

Happy  Samhain to you all.


All Photos are taken by Sue Dreamwalker on location at: Haddon Hall Bakewell Derbyshire. 

Are You Tuning Out to Tune In?

In nature we never see anything isolated, but everything in connection with something else which is before it, beside it, under it and over it.
~Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Have any of you felt a shift in your reality lately? I mean, do you feel like you just want to disconnect from all the chaotic chatter and confusion in the world?

Those who tune into their daily news channels, I see energies being channelled into taking sides, as anger, judgement and shear frustration is instigated to divide the viewer.  I too have become acutely aware of where I am placing my energy as I try to hold Peace within, and not get caught up in the cross-fire of emotions being projected out onto society.

For every which way you turn, be it TV or radio, we are constantly bombarded with Negativity. So, turning off, and tuning out is the only way to disengage from the feeding frenzy of creating more negative food for those negative vampires of this world!…    

Never before have I felt such intense energies that are brought about to trigger such responses in all of us,

….for to divide us, is to conquer us.

Those who are awake and are waking understand that we are on the cusp of great changes, not only in the energy of our own evolution and transformation, but the planet herself is being subjected to major earth frequency changes.  I keep abreast of the plasma bursts and solar energy and understand in ways I cannot explain in words the deeper multi-dimensional layers that hold this Matrix together.

I can only tell you it is how we each of us perceive and react and it how we each use our own energy which will determine our future reality.

We forget we are first and foremost Energy Bodies, and as such we are picking up those frequency changes that affect our moods and our behaviours patterns along with our energy levels and health.  More and more people now are feeling this collective energy as these frequencies increase, as the vibration of the planet and ourselves accelerates. More and more we need to regain our own balance.

The World is changing, change is inevitable in all of us, as we see old systems crumbling and breaking down. They have to in order for new ones to evolve.

Yet we hang onto those same repeating patterns that we go over and over again and again, never seeming to learn from our mistakes, because that is all part of the plan. To repeat, tear-down, destroy, rebuild, while never moving forward spiritually.  As we are recycled and are trapped within this illusion of a reality, that we ourselves have created via our own energy thought patterns.  

What I have come to learn is that there are old time lines that are now failing, which are braking away, as we shift in consciousness as a people and as a planet.  Time itself is spinning ever faster within our perception of it. And as the frequencies change, we may well begin to perceive differently the reality that surrounds us as the veils are thinning between the densities which surround our planet in our 3D Matrix.

As these energies begin to affect us all differently, there are those who are waking up who are no longer wishing to be controlled and manipulated. But instead of channelling peace and harmony, I am seeing more disturbances as Anger bubbles around so many issues within our world as people  protest and rebel. Maybe this is all part of that breaking down process to which we have all been programmed within. Maybe the structure of our society also has to breakdown before it can be built anew. But here is where we all have a choice, as to how we want our society to be rebuilt.  

I have been observing, absorbing, and listening to my own inner compass as I am guided to write.

Are we playing into the hands of division and anger?

Are we being played into behaving in ways which are not uniting us in Harmony, but causing yet more negative vibrations and divisions that keep us separate as our emotions are played upon?

What better way to sabotage the worlds transition than to lower the vibration by getting every one riled up and agitated, as we see this Game we are all a part of is being turned into more confusion, mistrust, and frustration on our political doorsteps around the world.

So, I cannot speak for anyone other than myself. I cannot change the patterns being set by the agenda of those in high or lower places, depending upon which view you are looking from.

We Rise From Muddy Waters, As We Detach And Let Go!
 ~Sue Dreamwalker

The only thing I can change is my own pattern of behaviour, my own perception, and my own energy frequency, and I do not wish to be adding yet more negativity to these programmes which are designed to drag us down and keep us in this state  lower vibration.

So the next couple of weeks my dear WordPress friends I am conducting my own inner experiment, of detachment, as I concentrate more upon my inner world as I go into my own creative mode.

I wish to create a more Harmonic Frequency from within, and wonder if we all did that, and create our own inner calm, peace and harmony instead of  condemning and blaming, and pointing our fingers at others.. It’s time to look in the Mirror at our own actions as we find our own balance to Unite and be more caring of each other and our planet.

I wonder what outer-world we then would be projecting from our creative thoughts?.. 

I was looking for a suitable link to explain this Urge, this feeling so deep within that I feel I need to follow and as always as if Divinely guided, this one popped up and is a perfect example from the Late wonderful Dr Wayne Dyer on following our life’s purpose and heeding those inner promptings we each of us get yet so often ignore…


💕Much love to you all and stay blessed.💕


 Photo Credits: Sue Dreamwalker’s Garden Pond.


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