What Perceptions Do We Have of Ourselves and Others?

The Needles Isle of Wight

The Needles Isle of Wight


Coming back from our vacation takes time to settle back in, being waited on and being chauffeured around beautiful sights, over indulging on beautiful food all of it spoils you.  Then you arrive home put everything in the washer, catch up with the garden, and its like you have never been away, and two days later, you feel like you need another holiday to get over the first.

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Except you return home holding those wonderful memories of the peace and the beauty of your surroundings, as well as the companionship of those new acquaintances you have met for such a short time whom you will never see again. But for that short time their energy and humour enriched your own experience and you hope your own company enriched theirs.  

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You get back into your routines and before long our vacations become a distant memory with photos stored in folders soon to be forgotten.

It got me to thinking. What if this was the last vacation ever, what if this week was the last week ever in this reality, how would you spend it? Would you be more adventurous, dare to do things a little differently? Would you laugh more and tell those that surround you how much they mean to you. Would you stand up and be more assertive, would you find your voice to speak your mind?  Would you be kinder and more Giving? Or would nothing change, as we sit within the protective layers we build up around ourselves. 

The Walled Garden at Osborne House


We spend so much of our time in fear, fearing how we look as we fuss over our hair, fearing what other people may think of us, fearing what if this or what if that. It often stops us from enjoying the moment. It often stops us from being spontaneous, and joyful. Doing things like getting up on an empty dance floor when your feet tap along and are itching to dance to the rhythm of the music, yet you are afraid you may look a fool.  

Osborne House Queen Victoria’s Holiday retreat

We’ve all been there I am sure, pointing our fingers, sniggering at someone’s moves or how they are dressed.  It’s so easy to judge, and we ALL of us do it all of the time in small ways, we often aren’t even aware we are doing it.

We met a man in his mid-forties travelling with his aged mother for the briefest of conversations, he and his mother were staying at the same hotel. He had obvious learning difficulties, yet the joy he brought to everyone in his presence was obvious, and what a gift for all who received his spontaneity.

Working as a support worker for nearly 12 years with such people within mental health I saw how his mother had not mollycoddled him through life, but how she had taught him to find his own personality and independence. He would go to the bar, buying drinks, he would often sit by himself while his mother had retired for the evening, but it wasn’t long before others gravitated towards him and he would join in perfectly intelligent conversations. And all the while his smile was infectious, as was his laughter.  His JOY in life spread out and made all who met him joyful as well.  What a Gift!.

Young Queen Victoria

We need no status, no title in life to be great. This man lived in each of his moments, he paid perfect attention to those in conversation, his eyes shone with his inner beauty and by the end of our trip he had made many new friends, whose lives I am sure will be forever touched by his presence.


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Observing others is something I often do, sitting in my own quiet space I see perhaps deeper than many into the hearts of strangers. I had been asking my own internal inner questioning as I sought to regain my own inner balance from the things I know are to come in this world.

And upon my returning to the world at large, it seems the plan is now well under way that is going to shape All of our lives in the future.

The Starting Guns at Cowes for the sail boat races.


But sometimes our answers come in the strangest of ways, I got my answer. I cannot, we cannot change others and certainly not the world.  The only person we can change is ourselves.  We can change our own perceptions of reality; we can look for the good in others and not focus upon the bad. We can see the beauty of the world and focus in on that. That man saw beauty in everything around him, and he became that beauty. He shone so bright with his inner beauty.

If we only touch One other with Joy to uplift their spirit, for them to see the beauty within themselves our mission may already be completed.  But neither can we turn a blind eye to the evil in this world or the destruction of our Earth Mother.

There is a time to speak and a time when we should be silent. There is also a time when we don’t have to hold back, a time for everyone to speak out, and not be afraid of speaking out.  We are living in times when those of us who are seekers of the truth are being silenced.  You have to ask yourself why?

Why be afraid of Truth?  Unless you have been led to believe a Lie!! 

Casper the White Lion. Tigers too are rescued from circus’s at Isle of Wight Zoo 

 We who have been caged within this Matrix system too long are now waking up to this reality. And the gift we all need to be sharing is that of Love, Unity and Harmony.  


We are responsible for ourselves and we have to share our creative passionate energy by first going deep within ourselves as we sort out the wheat and the chaff within our own lives before we condemn others.

I am far from perfect and still need to do much more internal work. But I am getting there, I am now comfortable within my own skin, but we have to put the work in, it may take years to clear away the hidden layers we build up throughout our lives. 

Creation has given birth to us because we are a living essential part of creation, with a responsibility to ourselves as well as others.

Use your own Gifts and Wisdom wisely as we perceive and create our future reality.

Keep Walking your Path and Seeking Your Truth. 

Love and Blessings.  

Which World are You living in?

 More and more of us are Waking up to be aware both externally and internally.

We are all on our own personal journeys of awakening, learning to forgive others and to forgive  ourselves. But more importantly is we need to Learn to LOVE ourselves..

More and more are finding ourselves as we begin to heal the wounds that have held us prisoner within ourselves.The Earth is also shifting, healing, regaining her balance as we heal and begin to love ourselves….When we dare to go inside and connect to our hearts the voice inside knows it’s time to awake. More and more of us are feeling Now is that time..  It is a time of remembering who we are.

We are on a path of choice.. I feel the door to ascension lies within each of us, we are learning to die to self, as we learn to reconnect  to self..

If we wish for changes within our society we all have to take responsibility for birthing our New Earth, and that means changing our ways as we embrace more sustainable ways of living that do not rape our earth. To live in harmony and unity, to Care and Share.. 

When you read this, I will already be on a blogging break  to dip my toes in the ocean of Mother Gaia, when I return I hope to share more thoughts about Changes to ourselves and our world..

The comments will be left open, but I may be a while in getting to answer them, as I will be away from my computer for a while, so please be patient, I will get back to all who leave comments as soon as is possible..   See you all soon… 

I hope you find this video enlightening, upon your own quest for knowledge..

Much love to you all..


Changes within Ourselves and Our World ~Part Two.

This is Part two, which has sat waiting patiently in my drafts.. I hope as you delve deeper you can begin to explore how vibration affects us all.. And how we all need to regain our balance to help the world regain her balance..

We are ONE..  And what we Send out into the World Comes Back. 

We often may feel unsteady as we lose our Balance. But sometimes we need to fall over to pick ourselves up again.  

The ego is strong and takes a lot to override.

So many of us experience emotional turmoil and doubts, along with distractions, and all the while the outside world is projecting fear and suffering to which those of us who are already on this path feel more intensely, by our emphatic natures.

This is the plan by the elite. For if we were to truly discover the Power Within, and our potential to self-heal on all levels as Quantum Physics is teaching us, We would not be so easily controlled and dumb-down by the mechanisms that medication induces which is not only via prescription drugs but within our water supplies also .

Those who are Wide Awake, to the realities of this Matrix, also know the agenda to create fear, to keep wars going, and to allow suffering to continue. Its all part of the big play we are trapped within that I have spoken of previously.

Learning who we are, Light Beings, Eternal Beings, who have become trapped within this merry-go-round within this matrix is a hard concept for many to grasp. Because we are Energy Beings, and have become so weighted in this 3D reality its so very hard to raise up our vibrations, because there are those who let’s say, run this show, this play, by keeping us subjected to the negative for control purposes. These are the not so benevolent beings on this planet.  And I am speaking here of those behind the rulers of the world not always those who govern it.

And here I may lose some of you, as your own perception kicks in, and that is fine also, I do not ask anyone here to believe me. I am not here to change anyone’s belief systems, we all of us are entitled to our own perceptions. In fact I actively ask you to go and seek out your own truth, your own answers, research your own knowledge, for it is only when you wake up and seek knowledge for yourselves and not blindly take the word of others that you begin to see the great deception of this world. And when you really start to Dig deeper, what you uncover you may find shakes your core belief systems that have been ingrained within each of us over the generations within our own upbringing and traditions.   Truth also changes with Knowledge, what was perceived as truth yesterday may change today as new knowledge and awareness begins to take hold.

We owe it to ourselves to be Truth Seekers, not blindly take what others say as truth!..  So Challenge that which you do not understand and seek to find Answers.   

Many of us now are aligning our souls, for we have woken up to this reality, and many now are in our various stages of alignment, as these energy fields, solar winds, Plasma, CME’s there are many names, as the Sun pulsates through our earth’s magnetic grid, it is also affecting our Light bodies. It is all part of our natural evolution and the cycles we go through within the Universe. 

It is time to start loving our bodies, and making conscious choices, embracing love, and learning not to judge others as we let go of lack and fear-based emotions.

Many of us felt a great shift in the Spring Equinox, these are gateways which are all about reprogramming our belief systems and thoughts. We are seeing the world breaking apart from the Group mind. This is why we are seeing our systems now breaking down in our governments, and why so many now are resisting being told what to think and what to  do, and why we will see more conflict as people wish to break away from those controlling systems.

It is why we chose to come here at this time, it was never going to be an easy ride, its been a roller coaster of a ride as we have all had to over come some deep emotional trauma along the way, as we have travelled upon our inward journey. 

The voice inside knows, and it knows its time to awake. It is now a  time of re-remembering to come back to ourselves our true selves..

Our Higher selves are calling to us to remember who we are. 

The Children being born today and the youth are becoming our teachers, they are daring to stand up and speak up for our Earth Mother like never before.

Greta Thunberg spoke to many hearts, as she tells it how it is.. The Truth Needs to Heard how ever painful.  She sees this system is broken, and it needs to Change..

And Change is Coming! 

We need to learn to live as the ancient elders did.. In harmony with our Earth Mother.

Respecting our Earth Mother..

And as more and more of us wake up and speak our various findings and expose these truths, we are also seeing how those in control are restricting the freedom of speech and  shutting down channels that are exposing certain information that enlightens us to information about our reality. Those who are speaking truth are being silenced by the algorithms that sensor certain topics. 

Those who speak about Spirit are labelled as Entertainment!  All of us are from Spirit,

All are vibration.   

Many are not aware, especially those who do not understand we are ALL Vibration, just how The Gamma waves, are affecting our light-bodies,and brains, affecting our awareness into a higher vibration, which is why we are feeling its time to relocate, move job, alter our ways, be it our habits, our diets, or relationships.  Those who are following the Schumann Resonance, or understand about this frequency will see it has been changing periodically to levels not seen before by those understanding it. I found this a very interesting video in explanation below.  But more can be found if you take the time to research. 

Speaking personally, I know these new frequencies hitting our earth, which are being recorded in that they are actually altering the Schumann Resonating frequencies of our Earth, are affecting my own energy levels. I sleep and sleep like never before, even during the day.

I feel these frequencies affect us all in different ways, some are not coping, and for a time too I felt depleted, drained and so off balance, depressed.  I had to take a step away from everything. To go deeper within and re-calibrate my inner centre. Others experience Anger, as their emotions come to the surface in overload. And as people feel suppressed, uprisings begin to happen not only within themselves but it over-spills into society as we see rebellion begin to take form. 

Be it in protests to alert our governments to the Climate changes we all are experiencing, or the Yellow coats of France, to Brexit in the UK.. To other political events we see around our world as the people rise and say enough. 

As Gregg Braden and others have said, we are living in times of Extremes, and remember we and nature are mirrors of each other, what we think, we create. And if you read part one, you already have seen how our emotions affect the worlds own frequency. 

Something to think about.  

To be Continued: 




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