Disconnect, Invest in Yourself to Illuminate Others

Bluebell wood, a walk this week.

There often comes a point in one’s life, when you need to disconnect and just take stock of what really is important in your life. I came to yet another juncture within a path on my road of learning this past couple of weeks, as I found the energies of April so overwhelming in that I just wanted to slide down deep within myself and not resurface to face what I know is to come.

I spoke briefly of my vision many years ago of the Dragon, and since the beginning of this year more information has been entering my orbit as to the meaning of this vision I had many years ago but its image within my mind is just as clear today, as it was the day I received it. I was shocked then, but as time has passed, and knowledge has also come to fill in the blanks, I understand now why this cycle we are now within needs to sweep and cleanse this planet. The Native American Indians called it a time of Purification.  

We are all on the same Path, we just take different routes.

Those understanding the influx of energies right now, I need not explain, why it is that we on Earth seem to go in cycles. For others who are not awake to how this Matrix works, it’s harder to put into understandable words. Even I at times have no words, only a knowing that permeates my being, so deep that I feel sick with its knowledge.

Yet I also know I chose to be here at this time of Great Awakening and I have often said within my writings before, that I feel this driving force, a mission, to illuminate others that we are all so much more than we perceive ourselves to be. And I also hold a responsibility to share that which I have come to understand. 

 It is no good me squirreling away knowledge and not share my thoughts. But it is also a time to go within face my own great fears of what is to come. I almost, deleted my whole blog, because I just wanted to run and hide..  I still might, that is how fragile I feel.. but for the moment I am just going to write from my heart and those who have eyes to see will see.. And those who don’t were never meant to. 

A Young Squirrel on my walk today, I came prepared with grain and nuts and he almost ate from my hand, but got scared at the last-minute. A little like all of us with issues of Trust!. 

 I had been in my own dark space for a while, as I digested, and contemplated how best to share my thoughts, because some of what I know is not pleasant for the world’s future. But then this morning, another synchronicity came my way as I logged into my computer, a notification loomed larger than life on a YouTube channel, and I sat for 15 minutes and listened.. And his words felt familiar in that many of the words I had wanted to express were in fact  similar  of thoughts within my journal this past few weeks, which I intend to share soon. It was remarkable to listen to his words  as I they echoed my own thinking as I sort to write and share out how best I could communicate this knowledge to inform others that it is NOW TIME.. Showing me again its Time, and how we are all of us linking into the Universal Consciousness as we prepare for the next phases of our Transnational journey within our Light bodies. 

I found myself smiling as he even mentioned the numbers many of us have been seeing in triplicate, such as 111, 222, 333.. etc.. 

I hope you have 15 minutes to spare for his words of wisdom..  As I continued to follow my heart and share that which is in my heart..  And really Listen to his wisdom.. 

Today is Easter Sunday,

 And we all now need to raise up with Christ Consciousness within, and lift our vibration higher and share our Love and Light that was Christs Message.

May we all  spread and sow the seeds of Knowledge, Love and Harmony. 

Together we will Unite and rise up in Unity Consciousness.

Love and Light to All 










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