Happy 2016 and Beyond!


My New Year Wish.

 The bells have rung the New Year in.

And so our New Year resolutions begin.

For this New Year one wish do I make

In the hope that all mankind will partake.


A wish for peace to dwell on earth.

For man’s progression, to learn self worth.

But before there can be peace on distant shores.

We first must make peace, within our own doors.


Lets look at our selves lets look deep within.

Lets start with our families, and bury our pride

At the jealousy we harbour, for brothers and neighbours.

So quick to condemn, yet too proud to ask favours.


We may not have guns that kill, or can maim

Our weapons are words, they wound just the same.

Some words are like daggers, to the ones that are close.

They cut like a knife; they’re the ones that hurt most.


And so my wish to the world is learn to tolerate.

For anger and hatred will destroy and obliterate.

So let love and harmony be your families song.

Side by side together they mould and make you strong..


In that strength of unity, as a family together.

Like the ripples on a pond, lets hope they spread forever

And so my message is, to give a helping hand.

Then perhaps my wish for peace

Will spread across the Land

By Sue Dreamwalker


The Poem Above is an old one of mine.. But it’s message is still one we need to remember.

We are One Family, and I so thank you ALL who participate here on Dreamwalker’s Sanctuary for being part of my on-line family. 

I so appreciate each and every one of you.. 

I wish you ALL a Very Happy and Harmonious New Year 

May you be Blessed with Joy, Happiness, along with Love and an abundance of Good Health and Good Fortune.

May 2016 be your best Year yet..

Love and Blessings

xx Sue xx 

Happy Holidays to you All

 photo 2b2jyngpum6bzffxwc9l.gif

Wishing you All A Very Happy Christmas and all the very best for 2016 and Beyond.. Thank you all for adding your Light here at Dreamwalker’s Sanctuary.

I so appreciate you all. And Let us Dare to Dream of a Beautiful New Dawn of a world filled with LOVE and PEACE!..  
 photo Christmas-4.jpg

Imagine a world of tomorrows with abundance of Peace
Look beyond where all Fear will cease
Think with your hearts and let’s dare to Dream
And collect the ingredients, Can you picture the scene?
Let’s be optimistic, inspiring with flare
Imagine Harmonious, Compassionate Care
As together we Join let Love be your Theme
And envisage a tomorrow where All dare to Dream
Lets Dream of Unity, a world free of war
A place where no one suffers anymore
Imagine the ingredients if we had to bake
What sort of a world would you wish to make
Have you got the ingredients as love you spread out?
Did you let go of prejudice and stop all your shout
Did you let go of Anger and Bitterness bite
Are you speaking your truth and sharing your Light?
What sort of Future do you wish to live?
Are you willing to share are your willing to give?
If we don’t dare Dream, then what will we then reap?
We create our tomorrows
Let Love
Our Speak

By Sue Dreamwalker

Happy Christmas a may we all join in Unity for a Peaceful and Harmonious

2016 and Beyond 

Love and Blessings 




 photo christmas-1.jpg

Listening within the Heart of Gaia~ Part Two


A favourite woodland walk

For days the woman was slightly dazed, floating around trying to verbalise her thoughts, yet each time she sat down to write nothing would come.

In the meantime our Earth Mother Gaia was speaking; she blew her thoughts through the creaking of branches that snapped beneath her breath. Her tears fell so hard upon the hilltops, that her storm was given  the name of Storm Desmond   Her tears filled the rivers which broke their banks to touch more lives with her sorrow… It seemed our Earth Mother knew not when to stop her tears as so much fell in one place .She broke bridges, roads and many hearts that day..

But  the Earth Mother’s plan although not clear to many brought our yet more ‘Compassion’ that was so lacking upon this stiff upper lip Island that once had conquered an Empire.. She was teaching us through compassion and showing us how much attachment we put upon all we possess, that within the blink of an eye can be taken.. 

The Woman looked deeper at her Earth Mother as she felt the weight of Gaia’s task.. The woman walked in nature in silence taking note of how the seasons were changing. The wind was so warm for December and spring bulbs were already pushing their way through the earth some already in bloom


Bulbs in my garden last year.. But I have seen daffodils out already in bloom.. So warm Gaia’s breath right now..


The woman listened to Gaia and sat in long silent meditations seeking the words that would not come.  She told her friends she needed time to think and would visit them by the magic of technology only to find many were feeling the same as she, as the energies spread out to ripple around the world..

She was amazed at the synchronicities of thought, telling them she would explain her own soon.. Old friends upon the web of magic got in touch, one leaving her a gift of a meditation.. She knew this was not by chance..

So she sat that afternoon and went deeper within the magical visions of the mediation and went to bed that evening feeling fine.. Yet she awoke with a fire that scorched her dry throat, glancing at the clock which said 3:33…  So painful she could hardly swallow. For 3 days she nursed herself with herbs and tinctures knowing her body was now releasing that which had been held within her throat chakra for so long… She coughed and spluttered gasping for breath as her thoughts began to unravel that which had been tangled and strangling her voice like the ‘Yarn’ in the poem  Unravelled Yarn   which had spoke so clearly to her heart a few days prior.. 

The Woman is healing from within and has more to share from her insights given, she knows her journey is joined by many Sisters and Brothers who are also feeling the Shift that is gathering momentum..

And she gives thanks for their hearts in standing by her side..

In Love and Gratitude

More to follow Soon  


Listening within the heart of Gaia~ Part One

Selenite Towers and Selenite crystal ball.. The largest tower stands 14 inches tall.

Buddha and Selenite upon my landing. 

Sometimes you just have to Listen to that Inner Voice, and since the beginning of December I have been in need of just sitting in my quiet time, meditating and breathing in the peace I so needed..So how do you explain? 

So I will embark upon a story…. And hope as the narrative is guided we may both emerge wiser from reading.


For weeks the Woman had found herself crying at the least little thing, her nerves shattered as the world about her seemed to dissolve into yet more madness. She would take herself off to her favourite places and talk to the trees as she pressed herself close to their strength, they absorbed her fears and she would return home feeling brighter.


But her nights were tormented by a sea of faces; she felt the cords of long ago pulling and weighing her heart down. Her empathy reached out and joined a part of everyone, she knew she needed to let go, learning to detach from outcomes, for she also knew within her being that ALL things were meant to pass, and that her journey was like many others was all part of the Universal plan. She needed to remember others too had chosen their path along their own particular road.

Her sleep was fitful, filled with dreams, which seemed to contain so many children’s faces. Large sad eyes, haunted with fear. The children were in the ocean, shouting for help, she would dive deep to pull them up one by one, but there were too many to save… She would swim to shore with jagged rocks, and lift the children up to those stood on the shore to be saved. But they folded their arms and turned away, saying they were not their responsibility.  She trod water pleading for them to hold out their arms to take the children, but all looked away…. She sunk back into the ocean, into the cold blackness and would awake with the taste of salt upon her skin..

Her waking hours she would read many others thoughts and find so many synchronicities of similar emotions being expressed and she knew the energies right now were gathering momentum for Change.. And those who were in tune were also feeling the need to withdraw and send out love and compassion… She also knew from her guides that she would be tested, to keep her patience and hold her peace, as others would try to sap  and unbalance her energy…. So she would walk, and garden and keep her own council.


Autumn Home Garden

It was while the woman was in the garden one morning that she was trying to interpret another dream and again the message was about the state of the world and her role within it.. She felt so heavy so sad that she could feel so many hearts all at once… She continued planting the plants that would bring forth the flowers in Spring.. But the tears blinded her and her hands shook. She collapsed to her knees in great sobs, as the world closed in on her shoulders… She knew she had to let go of all the past hurts, all the past injustices, and she knew she could not carry the weight of others. She cried out as if in pain asking the Universe to take away the burdens she was choosing to carry..

She looked up as a ray of light broke through the misty gloom of the Grey overcast December day and couldn’t believe her eyes… For there fluttering right above her head was a Peacock Butterfly, it hovered over her for maybe a minute flying around in circles.. She was motionless, speechless and watched as it disappeared as it flew into the Sun…

Peacock Butterfly

Peacock Butterfly taken Last year.

She cried even harder, but now her tears released something inside that had long been held within.. She opened her heart and understood…  We need the Compassion, and only through such pain can compassion be felt.. So many souls choosing their paths, each within their own journeys within this time frame going through their own experiences. Choosing to release and let go too of possessions of this Material World.. 

 The butterfly the symbol of Transformation.. She knew within her inner knowing Now was the time of Great Change..

And it was time to LET GO, and TRUST in the Universal Plan..

To be continued .. 

Evolving through Tough Times

I am still in the process of trying to capture my thoughts into a post.. In the mean time, here are a few thoughts I posted last year which are running around my head again right now… I hope to soon translate into words more feelings and why I needed time out to meditate..
And please remember if you have the time to send keep sending out your own thoughts of Peace into the world..
Enjoy your Sunday and Many thanks for all of your kind comments, I hope I have caught up with most of you who left me your thoughts.. Love and Blessings Sue xxx

Dreamwalker's Sanctuary


In order to survive in the coming times of earth changes, it’s important not to get caught up within the Fear, Whether we realise it or not we are here to help the shift of mass consciousness, by enabling the light to permeate into our lives embracing those forces which bring positive changes, peace and love into our world, not destruction and darkness.

We have to remember that Thoughts come first and experience comes second, and our experience is a direct reflection of what we are thinking. We have to understand the power of our own thoughts within our minds and our thoughts create our world all the time..

As we think, so we create. So it’s important to choose our thoughts wisely, we always have the choice, we either can allow ourselves to indulge in emotions that hold onto to pain and anger or we can embrace emotions and…

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Unravelled yarn

This wonderful Poem from my dear friend Nadira spoke to me today … We are all of us weaving about ourselves such a tangled web.. And many at the moment I feel are unravelling the yarn and all it’s knots right now.. Many are sensing Change, and the need to find order out of the chaos.

.. I ask that you take a little time to read Nadira’s post in full.. I am sure you too can relate to her thoughts..

On a personal note I am at last getting time to repaying the kind comments you have all left me.. One by one.. So if you are not yet visited you will be shortly.. as I work down my comments list..
Have a Blessed Weekend.. And thank you all for being part of my WP family of wonderful friends..
Love to you All..
Sue xxx


I sat  unravelling a mass of wool

As tangled as my identity.

One strand at a time, from the vicious loop

Towards a  possible harmony.

I am my country,

My colour , my creed

I am my gender,

My language, my breed

I am  wha t ” I” think

I ‘m what “You” see in me

A  prisoner enchained,

A  spirit that’s free.

I am my bones, my muscles, my cells

I am my genes ,  my chemistry

I ‘m  my  own compass to chart my seas

I’m  nothing but my destiny.

I am joy, I ‘m  sorrow

I am guilt, I am greed

I am what they taught me

I am what I read

I ‘m my past unfolding

I’m the seed, I’m the tree.

I am limitations

I am possibility.

I am the expanse of the  limitless sky

I’m  the mystery of the abyss  deep

I am the…

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Sending You Peace

Hello my lovely friends.. I have logged into my PC today and found so many of your wonderful messages.. I thank you ALL from the bottom of my heart.. I was intending to only be absent for a week.. But due to how I have been feeling I am giving myself a little more time to regain my Centre..
I Feel all of your love and energies that you have sent my way, and I am so thankful for having such a wonderful Friends on WP.. Your love is Felt. And is returned to you with many hugs..

I would ask that you join me today, in some time to send out for 10 minutes or more some thoughts for Peace.. So I have reblogged a poem of mine in light of what is happening around our Globe right now.. The more of us who can hold our Light and Centres, and send Peace and Love out into the world.. We need to bring back Balance and counteract the Fear right now..

I will see you all very soon..
Love and Light..

Dreamwalker's Sanctuary

Confucius Sue Dreamwalker

The world once more seems to whirl around war

I wonder why man is driven to wield such claws

That gouge out the hearts of many in sorrow

I pray for our future and our children’s tomorrows


You would think by now Man would learn

Instead Nations join, sending missiles to burn

Crimson is the colour of all who bleed

No distinction made, as a mother’s heart pleads


Who IS the terrorist with evil intent??

I ask as the hearts of many lament

We go around in circles War after War

‘War to find Peace!’, we all know the score


War is contrived, planned and staged

War creates Power for the Dark one’s


Can you not see the tunnel we are being led?

Wake up People, Don’t feed into Fear and Dread

Send out your Light, the Gift of your Hearts

Join in a Prayer, for…

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