Imagine the Ingredients for the future.

As we draw to another year ending, I got to thinking about our future. We are each of us finding ways of connecting via this Web as we connect our thoughts together. Our circle of ‘Light-workers’ are increasing as we share like-minded thoughts as we send out healing for our Earth Mother and All upon her..

We need to be mindful of what we are creating via our thoughts, and so as we move into 2014, I would ask you to project out your Dreams. What world do you envisage for our Children and Grandchildren..  Stop and clear out the clutter of negativity, and try to create via our thoughts positive outcomes to help heal this world.

What we think! We Create! remember..

I write this snuggled up with a cold as the last of the years remnants of negativity are expelled from me.. In a cleansing of sorts to start afresh a New Year of Positive Intentions..

My Daughter bought me a beautiful Diary for Christmas called Earth Pathways Diary  and I was inspired to write the poem below as I came across a website about our Dreams for the Future..

What are Your Dreams for our Future Earth?

Dare to Dream

Imagine a world of tomorrows with abundance of Peace
Look beyond where all Fear will cease
Think with your hearts and let’s dare to Dream
And collect the ingredients, Can you picture the scene?
Let’s be optimistic, inspiring with flare
Imagine Harmonious, Compassionate Care
As together we Join let Love be your Theme
And envisage a tomorrow where All dare to Dream
Lets Dream of Unity, a world free of war
A place where no one suffers anymore
Imagine the ingredients if we had to bake
What sort of a world would you wish to make
Have you got the ingredients as love you spread out?
Did you let go of prejudice and stop all your shout
Did you let go of Anger and Bitterness bite
Are you speaking your truth and sharing your Light?
What sort of Future do you wish to live?
Are you willing to share are your willing to give?
If we don’t dare Dream, then what will we then reap?
We create our tomorrows
Let Love
Our Speak
As we go into 2014, let us Dream of the Future we wish to create..
I Came across this website  Please explore and enjoy and share Your Dreams for the future
Love and Blessings to all for a wonderful Enlightening 2014.
Happy New Year! to ALL who visit..
Love and Blessings
Sue ~ Dreamwalker~

Peace and Justice my final Award

As we leave behind this Year of 2013 I want to share a final award with you which I was awarded some time ago by a dear blogging friend Lois.  If you haven’t already visited Living Simply Free, then I strongly suggest you do, you will be delighted and captivated in how you can recycle, and live more simply with the many ideas and links Lois shares as she brings us ways in living more eco friendly lives with her unique blend of posts.. So thank you Lois for this wonderful award ,I am very honoured to receive this  wonderful Award of Peace and Justice from Lois atLiving Simply Free  And thank you to Barbara Mattio for creating it..


There are rules for this award as like with most, but these rules are a bit different. They are as follows:

1. Recipients should frequently write about Peace, Justice, Love — the goodness in the world, or putting goodness in the world.

2. Recipients may also frequently call attention to the bigotry or racism that happens in the world.

3. Link back to whoever nominated you and, since this is about goodness, politely thank them.

4. Spread the love to whomever and however many you believe deserve it!”

5. Sharing ONE video to show feelings on Peace and Justice, Click the Blue Link PLEASE TRY AND PASS THIS VIDEO ALONG ALSO!! It’s called, “A MESSAGE FOR ALL HUMANITY by Charlie Chaplin” and speaks from the past but is relevant now. 

As we move from 2013 into another New Year, I would like to share the Video below with you all for my own contribution..  As the Film says Pay it Forward,  This is what the world needs, as we think of others rather than ourselves…

I want to share this award with some amazing people who I think Pay it Forward and who stand for Peace and Justice in their thoughts, lives, and blog posts..  Its been very difficult to choose from the Very many I support, and for those not mentioned, I love each and everyone of your blogs but I will just let these blogs  posts speak for themselves as I try to acquaint you with some new blogs perhaps you have not visited before.  


I wish I could share even more heartfelt blogs that I visit who bring Peace and a sense of Justice to this often troubled world, there are many out there.. These are just five of the blogs of many who grace my blog list with their inspiration as they share their hearts…

I hope you will visit them as I say thank you as I nominate the following  5 blogs for their contribution as I give them the chance to pass this wonderful award along to those whom they think fitting to receive it..

Congratulations to the following..  Joss shows us not only her compassionate skills through her wonderful Poetic verses, but she is a true Worker of the Light..  Thank you Joss for sharing your heart and inspiration with us..  Shakti’s  wonderful posts always make us think as we go around our busy modern day lives . He never fails to make me think ever deeper into how we can help create a better way to bring harmony and peace to our future world..  I so admire Shree, or should that be Dr Shree, as she shares  not only her quality time with us at WP but also her wonderful thoughts and findings through her heart and sharing of thoughts of philosophy  via various teachers who offer wisdom along with her humour..  Miro is a Warrior whose words really do offer Wisdom… I hope you go read them he shows us through his volumes of verse he has published as books not only his strength, but Grace, and Patience and more..…  And I am sure you will be inspired by his words. Dilip’s Blog is another delight and its purpose is to spread inspiration and and Joy on interests of what is important in life… I hope you will go along and visit..


“Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for “fair use” for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favour of fair use.”



12 Days of Christmas ~Gratitude~

A few days ago I took up the Prompt from Sindy over at  BlueButterfliesandme the 12 Days of Christmas prompt. I chose to write about


Gratitude Love and Blessings.

There are so many things I am grateful for. So many things as I wake each day I give thanks for.. Being relatively pain-free of FMS, walking, seeing, a roof over my head, Family,  Self Healing~So many things we take for granted each and every day of the year..

This year I have had an abundance of Gifts, which are too numerous to mention I am eternally grateful for. I look around the world and see so many people’s lives in disarray, disharmony, as their worlds are seemingly coming apart.  So  I make a special effort as I put my feet on the floor as I get out of bed in a morning to thank the Universe for the day and what it will bring.. We often take each day for granted  as well as the people within our lives..

So on my 12 Days of Christmas I am thankful, Thankful too for being able to share here on WordPress my thoughts and Feelings and express them and share with so many more like minded wonderful people I have met in Cyber Space. And Thankful if someone should stumble upon my pages I hope my thoughts may at least leave them thinking or that they too become inspired to spread some love and Light… 

So Thank you all for your Love and Support over 2013 

I often leave everyone I visit with the greetings of ‘Blessings’!..

So Many Blessings we take for granted each day..

So as this Season of Goodwill to ALL Men is on its countdown to Christmas Day…   I will leave you with a Poem I wrote a few years ago now..


‘Season’s Gifts’

Our Season’s greetings now begun,

And gifts we give and songs we’ve sung

Of Peace on Earth Goodwill to men

Well I had to write and hold my pen

butterfly divider

And tell you of the Gifts we hold

They come not of the Christmas Story told

But each and every day we see

The True gifts heaven sent to you and me

butterfly divider

The ones of shelter from a storm

A roof and food and Healthy baby born

To walk to see and smile happily

And share the love of family

butterfly divider

Let’s remember those who have no one

The orphan’s beggars and lonely ones

Those who are lost and those afraid

And those who are abused and dazed

butterfly divider

Let’s count the Gifts of being warm

And pray for those who come to harm

Lets also remember the war torn spots

Where our soldiers lives are not just maps and dots

butterfly divider

So when we unwrap our gifts this year

Let us remember with a tear

The Gifts we hold each and every day

To Give our thanks and Blessings say

butterfly divider

Peace on Earth Goodwill to all men

And hold them in our hearts ..


Love and Blessings Everyone

 In Gratitude,

Sue ~Dreamwalker~

The Next Post of the 12 Days of Christmas is to be found here at

Bluegrassnotes~ Leigh 





December~24~Julianne Victoria


And The Greatest Gifts Are These


Christmas time is always a busy time of year, and as our awareness opens us up to more  giving as we buy presents and visit loved ones whom we perhaps haven’t seen all year, as that closeness that bond of love  which builds up in what we term the ‘Christmas Spirit.’ We smile and wish everyone a Happy Christmas, we  also leave tips and good wishes for their New Year to come to those who have served us through out the year, as we wish them well. 


At Christmas time our senses are heightened, for once we have to stop and think about others instead of ourselves as we madly rush around thinking of that perfect gift to give them.

And yet what is that perfect gift? It can never be found within the  material gifts we toil all year long to attain.

My elderly Aunty who is 86 summed it up perfectly when I went to visit on Friday. As she thanked me for the gift I had taken, she said the gift she misses most is the gift of her eyesight.. For she is too ill to have more operations on her cataract eye problems. I took some photo’s and she enjoyed viewing them through a huge lens which had a light inside to help enlarge the images she could see.

Often we take so many of our Natural Gifts for granted, the gift of seeing, hearing, and our health.

The perfect gift for me comes absolutely free. Its the gift of ‘Giving back’ giving of yourself to serve your fellow man, and it may come as simple as a smile to a stranger or a helping hand to a young mum getting on the bus loaded with shopping, pushchair and toddler in tow. Just showing courtesy and respect.  Small things I know, but they mean a lot to those receiving.

These are the gifts we should share all year round. Yet we have become so caught up in the wheel of toil and debt in this so called ‘Modern Age’ of keeping up with the Jone’s, we rush around in our own little worlds blinked to others needs.

I often think back to what maybe termed the ‘Good Old Days’ when things were much simpler then. Friends have often said to me there was nothing ‘Good’ about those days without the time saving gadgetry we rely upon today.

But I say this; to me they were the ‘Good Old Days’ for we knew who our neighbours were, in fact whole communities came together. We didn’t lock our doors behind us as we entered our homes or view every stranger with suspicion. We pulled together helping each other out, We used to have time for one another.

The Gifts we have forgotten in these so called Modern times is that we have forgotten how to give of our time to each other.

And time is a gift we should all give ourselves. For time is running faster for every one of us. Just where did  this year go? And what, as you look back did we actually achieve?

Isn’t it time we ALL gave ourselves that perfect gift?

As we move into yet another year. Let us spend time with ourselves if only for Five Minutes in our busy days. Go into that sacred space of silent thought. Spend time with yourselves, and listen to those inner most promptings that ‘Inner Voice’ .

Stop and think of all those material possessions we all have, and think for 5 minutes of your day which one you prize the most… Not one of them do we take with us when we pass from this life..

We only take that which we have gathered within our Hearts

And then give thanks for the Gifts you’ve had with you all your life which have cost you absolutely nothing to buy, but without them all the toil and sweat of your labours would mean nothing.

That is the Greatest gift of all..

The Gift of Life.

The Gift of Health.

The Gift of Happiness.

And the Gift of life our Earth Mother gives us Free Every Single Day of the year.. She gives us our very breath every day!

Love and Blessings And Enjoy each of your cherished Gifts!

And Thank you for reading


Just ‘Being’


Nature is so magnificent just  ‘Being’

Are we looking, are we seeing?

Heavens glory in Mother Earth

Flora, Fauna, She shows her worth.

Breathe in the Life, Breathe in the Sun

And Listen to Earths Music Song

And let your Heart sore way up high

For I am Joyful, as I look at sky

Sunset 3

I came home from work Sunday evening and this was the sight that greeted me, so I wrote a short poem above… I have been enjoying not only the Sunset, but time with my Granddaughter as it was her 3rd Birthday on the 3rd Dec.  Below is her Birthday Cake that her clever Mum made, with the Peppa Pig family 

My Son and Granddaughter on her 3rd Birthday

My Son and Granddaughter on her 3rd Birthday.

Birthday Cake

l was also busy in the Kitchen making a few stocking fillers of more Apple and Blackberry Chutney~  recipe can be found here under my Home Cooked Recipes Pages in top header.

Apple and Blackberry Chutney

And you may like to try this Beetroot Chutney too  Recipe can be found here on my Home Cooking Recipes Page.

Beetroot Chutney

And to finish off, I have also been looking into the Benefits of Turmeric Spice and have made a special page for this under Herbs and Healing under the header of The Power of Turmeric

 I thank you all for your wonderful comments and support of Dreamwalker’s Sanctuary

And Welcome to all those who are new who have clicked the follow button recently and the Like Button…

I will over the next few days endeavour to catch up with some of your amazing posts.. 

Blessings and Catch you all really soon..

~Blessings Sue~


More Awards Accepted with Love and Gratitude




 I just have to say thank you for three more awards which some have sat patiently waiting while others flew in only recently.. I have still a very special award which I will share later with you, As I perhaps need to post this on its own…  You may have to bare with me on letting you all know who has been nominated. And you will have to forgive the length of this post also but I thought I would try to do them all in one post.

I so dislike this next bit of having to choose.. But I am going to try this time and stick with the rules, so while some of you will be delighted others may be disappointed. No slight intended, for ALL your blogs bring me Joy and light up my life as I read your many topics and posts. Ok so here goes ! Smile



Thank you to oawritingspoemspaintings For this generous nomination back in October. Its taken until now to gather my thoughts together and pass them on.. 

So the rules of this award are the following:

1) Use the logo above in the post.
2) Link to whoever nominated you.
3) Write ten pieces of information about yourself.
4) Nominate ten fellow bloggers “who positively and creatively inspire others in the blogsphere.”
5) Leave a comment on the nominees’ blogs to tell them of the award.

  • OK ten things you would think would be easy.. lets see,
  • 1, I failed my11plus exam aged 11.
  • 2, that same year I won a village art prize for my painting of a biblical scene. 
  • 3, I learned to ride a horse aged 12, but still never learnt how to ride a bicycle.
  • 4,I didn’t learn to swim until the age of 13.
  • 5,  I left school age Fifteen.
  • 6,  I started Work one week after leaving school in a Textile factory, where I stayed until  I got married and left the area.
  • 7, I sang in the school Choir, and got a music prize when I was in my last year at school..
  • 8, I am the eldest of 5 siblings.
  • 9, I used to make my own dresses, skirts, blouses, and my daughters dresses when she was very young.
  • 10,I believe if we put our mind to it, we can achieve and do anything, I have learnt how to sew, knit, crochet, paint, decorate, garden, cook and master a computer, all through trial and error… There is no such word as can’t if you try!

Nominees Are..

  1. For bringing Sunshine and humour among his News items he shares of events around the world. Shaun Scottish humour  smiles through his pain, And I thank Shaun for other award nominations which have been past on.
  2. David’s blog writings have a spiritual twists and his beautiful writings and poems are truly inspiring as they ask you to think beyond the self..
  3. at Mirrors of Encounters. Julien helps us wake us up to ourselves as his often short one liners make us think deeper into the meaning of our lives as we look at our reflections!
  4. Dr Rex uses her blog to post her thoughts and reblog posts with topics we should all be concerned with.
  5.  Here you will find many insightful posts about Zen Buddhism along with his own photo’s
  6. Jack you will love.. His blog line says ‘Try even if you fail, but never fail to try.. Jacks unique blog brings you not only the Australian Sunshine, but his smile and posts light up my days I am sure they will light up yours.
  7. always brings Sunshine with her wonderful art and music.. check out her blog and allow the Sunshine in
  8. Debs art is unique as she gifts us with her digital art creations which leave many a smile upon my face.. You will not come away without a smile I promise you.
  9. Mark whose posts bring upliftment and insights  about his own Spiritual journey with many enlightening posts.

10. Lizzie is another artist with creative flare, she links her artwork with soul messages… a must see blog and those who feel creative can join in the fun..

Link to this award

Keep Scrolling more to come


Thank you to Shaun for the first of these Blog awards over at


The rules for this Award are

1-Select the blog(s) you think deserve the Blog Of The Year 2013 Award.

2-Write a blog post and tell us about the blog(s) you have chosen- there are no minimum or maximum number of blogs required- and ‘present’ the blog(s) with their award.

3-Let the blog(s) that you have chosen know that you have given them this award and share the instructions with them- (please don’t alter the instructions or the badges!)

4-Come over and say hello to the originator of the Blog Of The Year 2013 Award via this link:

5-You can now also join the Blog Of The Year Award Facebook Page. Click the link here:

Share your blog posts with an even wider audience!

6-And as a winner of the award- please add a link back to the blog that presented you with this award-and then proudly display the award on your blog- and start collecting stars!

So There are a few Blogs I enjoy which I think deserve award which are the following. I have picked out 5 for Blog of the Year Award….. But I could have picked out many more… If time would Allow I would mention you all as I love each and every blog I visit…

Thank YOU! for Making my 2013 such an enjoyable year..  


  1.  I have chosen Lois’s blog of the year because it is so full of great finds and eco friendly saving ideas, as she recycles some amazing finds as she restores what other have thrown away.. Her Friday Favourites is a must see on its own as she brings together interesting’s ideas and posts links she has visited over the week..  Lois you deserve this Blog of the Year 2013  As you inspire us to live simply respecting Nature and our environment.
  2. Christy’s Poetic Parfait is a blog well worth the visit. She has recently published a book of her poems Called  Pathways to Illumination.  Christy is a special Lady ..
  3. Maryrose’s poetry has to be read to understand her unique ability in capturing our Imagination and Magical wisdom of connection to the Universe, Love, and Nature.. I go there to unwind as I read her beautiful words..
  4. Eric’s Blog was a wonderful find, even though I have not followed him for long, his inspiring posts realign us to what really matters in life..
  5.  Zendictive is full of Wisdom, I have been fortunate in following some wise and wonderful Zen stories here upon my friend blog..


boty-1starAnd  Lastly Thank you to Mike from Eye Dancers  for his award too on Blog of the Year award which means I have collected 2  nominations and so 2 stars and can now proudly show this award.  Mike site is a site devoted to the Young Adult sci-fi/fantasy novel The Eye-Dancers. Thank you Mike for allowing me to now pick up Two Stars…

The above rules apply…. and I am going to pass onto 3 more wonderful Blogs.

Link to award:

  1. Rumpy, is  an Alaskan Malamute. And his Mum/Mom/Jen does some fantastic work with animal rescue and is committed to animal welfare. Rumpy lives with DeDe , and June Buggie the Cat who can be very vocal…. So I would love you to go visit them and give them your support…
  2. Gislinde is my special German Friend, she has been following me and I her for some time, and you will be delighted with her wonderful and colourful blog…
  3.  Extinction Protocol keeps us informed with the many environmental things which are happening around our world.. Such as Volcanic activities, weather and other informative information..

So Thank you so much to those who have nominated Me.. And enjoy your Day and weekend…

Much Love and Gratitude

~And Thank you for reading~


Born to be Great

“Some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrust upon them”

~William Shakespeare~

Nelson Mandela

Who among us can deny the Greatness of this man and his achievements in bringing his nation to a better understanding of Unity and Peace as he put behind him his own personal oppression of imprisonment of 27 yrs.

I have been inspired throughout my life with this  great man,

Nelson Mandela 

who forgave his oppressors and whose wisdom directed his followers to follow Peace and unity and that all were equal…

His wise words here speak for themselves..


“No one is born hating another person because of the colour of his skin, or his background, or his religion. People must learn to hate, and if they can learn to hate, they can be taught to love, for love comes more naturally to the human heart than its opposite.” From his autobiography, Long Walk To Freedom, published 1995

He also went onto say in this same book..


“I have walked that long road to freedom. I have tried not to falter; I have made missteps along the way. But I have discovered the secret that after climbing a great hill, one only finds that there are many more hills to climb. I have taken a moment here to rest, to steal a view of the glorious vista that surrounds me, to look back on the distance I have come. But I can rest only for a moment, for with freedom comes responsibilities, and I dare not linger, for my long walk is not yet ended.

Yesterday the 5th December 2013 A Great Man’s journey ended as he passed from this Life into his next Great Adventure.

He said speaking of Death in an interview for the award winning documentary ‘Mandela’ in 1996


“Death is something inevitable. When a man has done what he considers to be his duty to his people and his country, he can rest in peace. I believe I have made that effort and that is, therefore, why I will sleep for the eternity.”

Thank you Nelson Mandela

~Born July 18th 1918 ~ Died Dec 5th 2013~

Age 95 years

In Love and Gratitude for All you have done in the name of Peace for our World

May you rest in Peace



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