Safely Gathering In

Whats behind the Shed

“Don’t judge each day by the Harvest you Reap, but by the Seeds you Plant”

~Robert Louis Stevenson~

Above you can see what is behind our Garden shed, as the onions and shallots were hanging out to dry. The barrels collect the rainwater from the roof, nothing is wasted. A roof which needs more tarpaulin to see it through the winter, another job still waiting to be done, but that’s one for Hubby. 

Our days always fly by with speed as we are always finding something or other to keep us busy.. This week we brought the Onions back from the allotments to finish off drying and to clean up,

This was the job I elected to do with the shallots as they were fiddly, you allow them to dry off for a few weeks as you see them above and then you clean them up by peeling a few thin layers of skins back until you get to the cleaner layers ensuring there are no bad ones, keeping the long stalks in tact. These damaged ones are put to one side to be used up sooner or if too bad discarded to the compost heap.

Shallots outer skins removed, polished and now drying

Shallots outer skins removed, polished and now drying

I then us a clean duster and dry and shine them off and again these are left to air dry to allow the skins to harden and turn to that onion colour again.

Then after a few more days its time to hang them… I expect every gardener has their own ways of hanging onions, But this was how I saw both my Grandparents and Parents preserve their onions…

Onions that are cleaned off and drying before hanging for final storage

Onions that are cleaned off and drying before hanging for final storage

I got a long length of strong string and doubled it up into four with the loops at the bottom and tying a knot at the top, suspended from a hook.. You then work from the bottom to the top twisting the onions dried stalks in-between the string until it looks like this , Leaving the long ends for later.

Once you have done the whole string with your onions you then can trim back the dried stalks. Above you can see the ones I have hung on strings that will continue to dry off for storage 

Behind the shed  also is a huge rambling Blackberry Bush so we have been gathering in these wonderful Berries also and Freezing them after cleaning them. Also made some Apple and Blackberry crumble for desert on Sunday.

These Blackberries were picked from behind our Allotment Shed,

These Blackberries were picked from behind our Allotment Shed,

I have made more broccoli soup, and baking Fruit Scones too. Recipe can be found here as I followed a Mary Berry recipe, they are Light and delicious.

Fruit Scones with added cherries

Fruit Scones with added cherries

The Tomatoes in the Green house are still ripening and I hope they do soon or else there will be a lot of Green Tomato Chutney made 

Green House Tomatoes, still waiting for them to ripen

Green House Tomatoes, still waiting for them to ripen

I still have one other project still waiting to do and that is to paint a mandala, You can see Here on Heartsong Blog I chose one from Shree’s selection that she has created and generously offered to share which can be found Here  Shree, if your reading, its now half way done painting in watercolour paints. I set up my easel outside in the sun and low and behold a Butterfly landed on the corner of my painting as if giving me its blessing and stayed there for at least 3 minutes until I moved, as I am sure I held my breath as I examined the Peacock Butterfly in detail. Such a Delight  Smile .

Please click onto the pictures to enlarge and to see more details And I will leave you with some more Wonderful Butterflies which visited us over the past few days too.. Our Buddleia Bush is still in flower and seems to be attracting many as they stop off for a drink… And here are some of our flowers in bloom I thought I would share.. I hope you enjoyed what I have been up to.

 Love and Light ~Sue 


My Truth as I See it.

My Truth as I see it. What is your Truth?

Geraniums with Buddha

The below I wrote in 2010, as Time has been short over the weekend. I hope to show you what I have been up to in my next post . Since  I wrote what you see below, even more Truths have been revealed as we have seen corruption and Lies unveiled around our world. 

Now it is even more important to send out your LOVE and HEALING thoughts into the world, 2012 may have come and gone, But THIS is the Change… WE are in it NOW…  Help make it a PEACEFUL one.. You can Add so much just by not getting embroiled in FEAR and keeping yourselves centred in LOVE and Compassion as we live from our Hearts not our Heads,  for WE ARE THE CHANGE! WE are all ONE…

Love and light


How do you explain a truth that you know beyond doubt exists, and yet for many that Truth is rejected.  Because they see only their truth… That is fine, for each of us are on our own journey, each at a different level of perception of what our reality is.

For many years my own perception of reality was like many more on Earth today, We are born, brought up to believe in one kind or other’s Faith, ‘God’.. Follow his commandments/rules, work hard and you shall prosper, Say your prayers and be good, you will then go to Heaven, or be bad and you’ll go to Hell.

So for a lot of my early childhood/teenage years I did just that, I went to Sunday School/Church, read the Good Book, worked hard and hopefully was good!…. But even as a child as I looked into the night sky with the billions of stars I knew…. I Knew that there was something more, something unexplained, just out of reach of my memory. And so my search for ‘Myself’ began..

I knew that there was more to life than I had been told, so I questioned and I read.. Something’s I absorbed in, while others things I discounted, believing at the time that they were far-fetched ideas from Wacky people… But over the years, even the things that I had once discounted, kept cropping up again and again, with little bits of evidence to back them up, making more and more sense as the pieces of the puzzle came together, slotting in the missing links, making sense of the whole picture of ‘Life on Earth’ and my origins and proving that the Gut Feelings from that child, Me… who had looked upon the night sky were right all along.. We are Far greater than any of us would believe possible..  

For some who take the trouble to read my words they may agree, for others they may think I’m the Wacky one, well that’s fine also. For once upon a time there were those who thought that the world was Flat, as they told others they too were crazy for they would sail off the Earth as they disappeared over the horizon..

Our perceptions alter with the knowledge we gain, and what was my truth yesterday is not my truth today, and it may alter again tomorrow, for one thing I always keep is an open mind, for everything is possible.

Its 3am as I write this, and yet I am wide awake as I need to speak my truth as I see it, and I will try to keep it simple. For when we came to Earth in our original form it was supposed to be a simple experiment..

This planet was originally created to teach balance between the physical and the Spiritual world. In order for the Universe to evolve it is also important for Planet Earth to evolve also.. But the souls who came to experience in physical bodies, this became the planet of Desire, and like quicksand were swallowed up in the density of their thoughts and emotions, which hold us in a continuum of reincarnation. For this is the Karmic Wheel. Holding us within the circle of Karmic debts, for many desire, greed, hate and enjoying the physical pleasures consumed them, and they no longer wished to evolve, creating a kind of bottle neck.. So around and around we go…

It is important that we evolve, It’s important for the level of consciousness of this planet to be raised. We have forgotten that we are Energy beings..  That we are all vibration and that we the Earth and all living things upon it, and the Universe are all interconnected. We have for so long now thought ourselves separate beings as we forgot why we came, and where we are from..

Because when souls came to Earth they began to feel they had substance, which they didn’t ‘FEEL’ on other Planets. And so in their soul recycling and reincarnations they refused to leave Earth..

This planet was meant to be a living library to experience the physical form. When we understand our connection with the Universe through our minds, and disconnect from holding onto the ego, we release the veils of illusion. This disconnecting goes through stages, and when enough souls become enlightened, leaving their density of negative energy, then the critical mass in humankind also shifts and in doing so also moves the Earth forward into her next phase in evolution as we transcend up a level, escaping the bottleneck we created.

That is why many ‘Light-workers’ are here now helping to bring about this shift.. For if this shift doesn’t happen then the contamination from Earth will spread to the Universe. That is why those from other planets are watching, and will assist if necessary.

Transcendence is the releasing of souls from the bondage of being trapped within this cycle.

Planet Earth will not be totally destroyed as a Planet, but our life-force is destroying it, and our life force is what is bringing the downward spiral of destruction of Earth, as it’s our negativity that is dragging our Earth Mother to destruction, along with our Greed as we plunder and rape her over and over again. Never giving back, always taking… Our very thought process which many don’t realise is the Energy that is creating the problems we are all facing. We drag ourselves ever further down by our negative thinking. 

Many think how can we help Nature and Mother Earth to heal, we forget that we are so much more than our physical bodies, we with our Minds, Our thoughts are energy in creation, as we think so we create. When we realise and understand the Truth of ourselves- we help raise our consciousness and contribute to the Whole..

We have to understand we are reaping what we have sown over hundreds if not thousands of years. Within the acceleration of the Energy shifts now, new truths will immerge lifting the veils of illusion as we address that balance once again. For the darker side/negativity is gaining its foothold and we have to remember who we are and lift ourselves back into that positive frequency whereby we help ourselves and Earth to ascend to a higher vibration and ultimately connect back to the source of our Divine light once again.. Bringing the Balance back to the Earth plane.

Many Truths have been hidden from us, from our governing bodies, scientist and religious faiths, they too will slowly be revealed as we become more enlightened, and once again our perception of the world we live in will be re-evaluated.

When we truly understand Who We Are. And WHY we came to Earth and have the courage to speak our Truth we help not only ourselves in our progression but many other souls also to transcend in this transformation of Earth to our rightful place as Spirit beings  to once more to be at One with All… 



Friday Facts~ Prayer- Emotion – Healing

Prayer Circles..

Photobucket  Photobucket

Photobucket Photobucket

Prayer Circles are now global phenomena and possibly the main means of bringing people together in unity for the purpose of healing and reconciliation.


I believe that the power of our thoughts/prayer works. Our thoughts in them selves are living energy, and if used in this collective way, can bring about an amazing energy shift to a person or situation it is then directed to.


If we could but realise, that surrounding what looks to us like empty space, are millions of tiny particles of energy which react and conform to the expectations and beliefs that we have about our world.

If we could all but realise that all of us are connected to this intelligent field of energy the Matrix.

And that by attuning our thoughts, or directing them, we then create our own reality. Which is our experience.


If we could all accept with out any doubt, that this energy surrounds all of us, Miracles Can Happen take a look here how Thought cured a Cancerous Tumour 


And if we could allow our thoughts to change from our perception of a world where we are limited in our beliefs of what is not possible, to one where anything is possible, we could change our lives, to become healthier, and fuller in every sense. By manifesting by that power of thought.


I now try very hard to manifest the positive into my life. This is the most difficult. For each of us are conditioned by our belief systems that have been indoctrinated into us since early childhood.

But scientists are now discovering that we are not limited to the laws of physics and biology as we know them today. And that our very DNA of life, is a code that may be changed by choice.




At this moment many places around our globe are in need of healing prayers. And at the forefront of my mind at the moment is to the People of Syria especially to the children who are suffering so much 

The next place is Egypt another volatile place for pending disaster to occur on a huge scale. 

Please send these places your love and compassionate thoughts as we ask for the healing of these lands and unity and stability as we ask for peace for their peoples and those of the whole world.

For we are not separate we are One  

 All of us are Connected 


Use the power of your own prayers, your thoughts, to bring about that change to your own, lives also which will  ultimately affect the whole world.


Peace and Health to you all and please spare some time to listen to Gregg Braden who shows us how on that terrible day of 911 our thoughts ALL Connected and Science saw how it affected the Energy of our World 


Seeds of Truth~ I am sowing

Our Sweetcorn is almost ready for harvesting in another couple of weeks , as the cobs are filling out nicely,.. Here is me a little windswept among the corn. You can see how high it now is.   Hello everyone!

I felt like I was dancing in the wind as the corn swayed back and forth reminding me of the Native American Indian’s Corn Dance Native ceremonies help people to remember their responsibilities to nature around them and to the Universe. 

In Australia the Aboriginal people speak of ‘Dreaming’ and again these stories are passed down word of mouth through generations. When Western science meets the stories of the indigenous peoples of both cultures, the Western approach fails to understand that native stories are stories of origin, which are a creative interpretation of the experiences of peoples within places, which are interwoven with metaphoric meaning.

We tend to not understand, because many refuse to open their minds as to any other possibilities than their own meanings of man’s origin. It is time we opened our Minds again to the Truth of what is happening in our world.

To the Native everything is considered to be “alive”, and imbued with ‘Spirit Energy’ even the pebble has its own form and energy. And everything is interrelated to everything around us.  They understand the relationship of Time and Space between living and none living things. Understanding not only the physical, but the psychological and Spiritual , which involves ‘Dreams’,‘Visions’ and that ‘Knowing’. And they Know that life is a circle of learning. And to help remember and create harmony, between Earth, Sky, and its peoples, many ceremonies and  blessings of gratitude took place and one of these is the Corn Dance .. 



The Corn Dance rituals were performed at particular times of the year during various growing cycles, bringing their community together to celebrate and remember the sacredness of Corn and all plant life upon which they depended.. In which we all depend upon today..  The indigenous not only expressed the relationship between plant and animal world, but they built great canals.. The Hohokam people built these canals in the Tuscan Valley, long before the arrival of Europeans. The Hohokam systems were able to supply the irrigation needs of over fourteen thousand acres of cropland.   They understood agriculture and how to maintain key plants such as corn. The ceremony associated with Corn showed the community how important it was for all to work together in order for survival. Native People loved their gardens and grew Corn, Tobacco Aramanth and Quinoa and were spiritually symbolic of  Native myths and cosmologies.

The Following Story is of the Tuscarora Corn Spirit.

In a time long ago, in a village that was well known for its plentiful corn harvest, became negligent of respecting the Corn Spirit. The people had become so used to the bountiful harvests they took them for granted. And they let the weeds grow  in their gardens, and didn’t store their seeds correctly, nor did they give thanks for their harvest to the Corn Spirit.

They soon found that the mice ate the Corn they had carelessly stored. So the men began to hunt, but found they could find no game, and so soon the people began to starve.

There was only one man who kept the covenant of respect to the Corn Spirit, his name was Dayohagwenda , and his garden produced rich harvests of corn.  One day when Dayohagwenda was picking herbs, he came upon an old man dressed in rags and weeping. He asked the old man what was wrong. The old man said.” Your people have forgotten me, I am the Corn Spirit and I will soon die”

Dayohagwenda returned to his village and told them that the Corn Spirit would soon die if they didn’t return to their ways of honouring him, through careful planting, weeding and harvesting and storing their corn. So they immediately began to do this and their corn once again thrived in abundance, as they gave thanks to the Corn Spirit for blessing their food..

  Morden Native peoples and farmers are today under threat by huge corporations that are genetically altering seeds  This move is to gain control over the Worlds Food supplies.. You can see one such Farmers Fight here….. And Here  and how another 75 year old farmer lost his fight in the high court… HERE   Below is an interesting Fact on some of todays Sweetcorn on the cob..This Genetically Modified Corn modified by Monsanto which has the substance Bt-Toxin, This toxin is a pesticide designed to break down the stomach of insects eating the crops.  Now this  Dangerous Toxin has been found in the blood of Pregnant Women  Listen to this Two minute Video which is informing us of its sale as Corn on the cob in Walmart which is Asada here in the UK.. 

To see what Bt-Toxin has done in India to the Cotton Crops which this Toxin is in, then I urge you to look at this Video Below just over 3 minutes long which will make you THINK  what effects Monsanto is having around the world.. Here in India the farmers and pickers of the crops are suffering flu like symptoms and are experiencing sores and itching and their animals are dying from eating the crops after harvest.. And where farmers who have bought the seeds and failed crops and lost their herds the Suicide rate among farmers is extremely high as they can not pay back their debts.

  If we do not start and open our eyes now to the Seeds of Truth there will be no more seeds to sow left worth sowing… Please look at what you are Eating, and look at your processed Corn products. In fact please Look into the facts for yourselves .. Thank you for reading Sue ~Dreamwalker  

Friday Facts~ Sound Healing

SoundHealingHave you ever wondered why we so enjoy Music? and why various styles seem to either lift our mood or sooth our spirits?or some grater on our nerve endings!  

Sound Healing comes in various forms,  I have personally received healing from various sources. Crystal Singing Bowls, Tuning Forks and the Mighty Gongs. The Gong Bath  in particular shifted something within my being as I physically felt something leave my aura to be replaced with a new found peace within.

Sound Healing isn’t new, and if you research back to ancient times many ceremonies were done through sound.

I know in the 90’s when I was going through my own major self healing after listening to some tapes by Deepak Chopra called Magical Mind Magical Body In which he speaks about our vowel sounds, I remember driving to work, and on occasion still do chant out Very Loudly the vowel sounds in a chant, each vowel holds its own frequency…  Chanting brings an awareness of our own voice, as we express outwards our feelings, and there are some interesting theories as how certain frequencies are powerfully connected to our body. This includes the frequency of 528hz,referred to as ancient solfeggio frequencies which has been researched for its proposed ability to heal and resonate with human DNA I did my own research on the net, and came across this site and post here called ( Forgotten in Time: The Ancient Solfeggio Frequencies ) 

Interestingly too the Author of this post went on to explain How Deepak Chopra was a big inspiration and listened to the same tapes I did where Deepak Chopra explained saying “ "Quantum physics has found that there is no empty space in the human cell, but it is a teeming, electric-magnetic field of possibility or potential.” this made me smile as it seemed as synchronicities seemed to be playing their roll. 

Within that same article the author went on to say- how music makes waves which produces shapes and patterns and quoted a passage from a book by the first to make that connection who was a German scientist, Ernst Chladni who in 1787, detailed his findings in his book "Discoveries Concerning the Theory of Music." These patterns and figures are called Chladni figures . Each note has a corresponding pattern or vibration.

My Drum I paintedMy own tool is the Drum, And if we look back through time we see how the Drum beat has been used not only in rituals but also within our military as we march to its beat!.  The Drum is very powerful and many join within Drumming circles, My DrumYou can find out  how to call Healing  within a Drumming Circle from an article in the magazine Sacred Hoop of 2003 in an article called Healing Power of the Drum Circle 

Sound Healing works, because we are all vibration, we all resonate with our own frequencies,  for those wishing to learn more the links are below and of course there are many many articles covering this subject upon the web..

For those who have not much time I will leave you with this one note of vibration from a Singing bowl.. if you go to the YouTube site you will find more about this One note and how it heals…


And for those who have 5 minutes to spare this Om Meditation.


 Have a Wonderful Weekend, and I will visit and catch up with you as soon as I am able..



Let Our Children Grow

I have been short on Time this week, and so I am reposting one of my old poems.

I wrote this poem back in 2009, in a break at the Ocean looking on as children played in the sand, our children learn by example…. Lets set them some good foundations to Grow with. They are our future. 

Let Our Children Grow

I breathe deep breaths of salt sea air

The breeze does blow, playing with my hair

Children’s laugh and play in sand

A moment’s pause, in make-believe land.


As time stands still, I watch unseen

As families join this loving scene

Where sandcastles are built, with children’s smiles

The ocean is clear and smooth for miles


All so innocent, all so young

Unaware of life to come

Moments so precious, never to return

As memories of yesteryear I yearn.


A time when my children full of life

Not knowing that heartache could cut like a knife.

A time when life was simple and plain

Not knowing we each carry this pain.


I see so much, yet dare not tell

Shaking away dreams, I must not dwell.

So for now I freeze this moment in space

Sending out prayers for the Human Race.


These children whose laughter echoes in my ears

Are our future and hopes for all we hold dear.

So teach them to live, to love, and be free

We each play our part, meaning you and me.


Teach them to follow what lies in their heart

For material possessions we shall soon part

The values of life are not kept in the bank

For soon they will know, to the depth man has sank.


Disarm them with kindness, make them aware

That the future is in their hands, we need to share.

Let them know this Earth needs to heal

That All things Are possible, where nothing is real.


Help heal our world, Let our children grow

With knowledge of Love.. Let hatred go.

Tomorrow comes around, to those who wait

Help Our Children, Let’s not leave till too late.


Friday Facts~ My Hobbies

I have taken a few days  annual leave off from work this last week to enjoy some more ME time, and apart from catching up with some much needed chores I have also had the pleasure of sitting in the sun and relaxing with one of my hobbies.. ~Knitting.~ Below is one nearly completed except for the sewing on of 4 buttons I finished this morning.

knitting Cardigan for my Granddaughter

So for my Friday Fact I thought I would look up how knitting began, I am sure you can find out more facts for yourselves and to be honest I didn’t know that much of its origin’s either until I started to click on the Net.

So when did knitting proper begin, Well I found out it dates back to the Middle ages and the Middle East, dating to the 11th century in Egypt where the yarn used for knitting would have been cotton or silk, not wool that we mainly knit with today ..

It later crossed over into Europe where between the 14th and 16th centuries its popularity spread, but still wool was not being used.. Most items were knitted using imported cotton and silks .. Fine gauges were very expensive, so knitting was done for the wealthy as stockings, shirts and jackets were made.. In Sweden it is said that King Eric owned 27 pairs of knitted stockings made from silk imported from Spain in 1566 each cost the same as his valets annual salary…Image that in todays monetary value!.

All the needles then were still often made of materials such as Ivory or Walrus tusk and were still at the time double pointed.. It wasn’t until the middle of the 16th Century that the Purl stitch was invented, apparently until then only garter stitch was used. Stocking stitch was created by knitting on the round then cutting the garment open to make it flat.

Ordinary working class people began to learn how to knit for themselves using Wool, and Cottage industries sprang up. In the Renaissance period in Europe men knitted as well as women, in fact only men were allowed to join the knitting craft guilds..

Click the Picture for the Link Shepherds would knit while tending their flocks, and Sailors would knit on their long voyages.. But it was in Britain’s Fishing villages where women knitted the now famous ‘Ganseys’ or Guernsey’s for their husbands using patterns handed down from generation to generation.





In the 19th century knitting ‘Pins’ the long bobble ended type we know of today for flat knitting were first invented, and the old English needles sizes from 1 to 26 were introduced. The higher the number the thinner the needle.. Click the picture for the link

The other day  I was knitting as my granddaughter came to visit, She picked up some yarn and I allowed her to use my crocheting hook, (( Under my supervision)) as she wanted to knit too..She only wrapped the wool around and around, but it kept her quite for half and hour. Give her a few more years as she is only yet just a little over 2 and a half she will soon be picking up the skill as I did from my Grandmother ..

Many more are finding themselves drawn to knitting and its becoming again more popular to learn how to knit.. And who knows when we may need these basic skills again in the future?

If you are new to my site you may like to see more of my knitted items Here on my Hobbies Page links..

And may I take this opportunity for all those who have clicked the follow button recently.. Welcome,Lovely to have you here..  

Below are simple steps on how to start knitting..

Casting On stitches

Knitting Stitches

Purling Stitches

For more Instructions on how to knit and cast off and various stitches Go Here

To find some Free Knitting Patterns, then Go Here

I hope you enjoyed some of these facts about Knitting, And Do you Knit? and have you ever tried? and if you have what have been your favourite knits or failures?

I once spent a whole winter knitting a long sleeve jumper for my hubby when we first got married,He never wore it Lol as the sleeves were too long and the length too short… It took a day to unravel it, It then made my daughter and my Son two school jumpers as it was in Navy.. They did fit! Smile We live and learn that not all patterns fit our hubbies, since those days I have learnt to use my tape measure more often!!!Winking smile

Thank you for sharing one of my hobbies with me today I hope you all have a wonderful weekend and I hope to now get around to returning your kind comments upon my last post

~Sue Dreamwalker~

Please Click the links below and also the pictures will take you to the original sources.


Fly to Freedom~ A poem Spinning Threads

Spinning Threads

I’m spinning a spiral of threads to catch the light

And each one I weave brings new insights

Many years in this cocoon I’ve been caught

But soon my wings will fly fearing nought


For the life that I led has been transformed

All will be revealed in this New Dawn

Freedoms at last as we all escape

Flex your wings don’t hesitate.


We shake off the shell of the cocoons grasp

To become that which we are at last

For once more we return to that from which we came

As this is the finish, the End of the Game


A mortal serpent coiled in its ring

To spiral on out to leap up and Sting

Look to the skies for your answers lie their

Which were always within you so do not despair.

To unlock the spiral hold light in your eye

Let go of illusion be ready to fly.


For this world that we know will soon spin a web

To stop all the hatred that’s killing her dead.

To combat the Fear spin your own nest

Out of love and forgiveness just trying your best


Help up your neighbour don’t be selfish or mean

For the chaos around you is soon to be seen

Believe not the powers but follow your hearts

For WE spin the web and make a new start


Free your Mind of the indoctrinate thought

Break free from the shell in which you are caught

And embrace the threads of goodness and Peace

And Help Mother Earth and ourselves to release


A new Dawn is coming be ready be brave.

For your web of thoughts will set a new stage

And we are the people with one common theme

So live from the heart and follow your dreams.

By Sue Dreamwalker

Today I had the pleasure of seeing lots of Butterflies upon my Buddleia Bush I ran outside and although many were high up out of clear shot, I caught these images upon the Tree…and within my garden.  There must have been at least 20 at one time of various species of butterflies above the bush.

 Caterpillars spend so long among the cabbages and nettles of life, We too fail to see how we can emerge and free ourselves from the constraints of our perceptions and thoughts. By allowing our minds to release from the threads we get caught within we see how we can weave a new way of being here on Earth… But we all have to set ourselves Free and learn again how to fly.. And embrace the Positive Peaceful ways of living together in harmony.. Its up to each of us… in our bid to help change and preserve our Wonderful Earth .. 

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